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SERIOUS TERRORIST or Common Criminal – is that the question? Maybe he knows too much!???

I know one woman who has changed from victim to starfighter and Super McKenzie Friend after “she knew too much”. Hence she was put away into HMP Holloway and released with a ‘community treatment order’, i.e. an injection every month. Maurice … Continue reading

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Testing London Police Stations from Inside

I can only “grasp” Maurice (without gasping) by comparing him with Clint Eastwood.  He just comes up with different “out of the box” ideas to tackle problems. And he thrives on adrenaline. Thus he put himself out for the Musas … Continue reading

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In Search of Girl, missing for over a year: knock, knock at the door of Coronation Street Actress

Trust Maurice to dare to do things that others wouldn’t dream of, let alone do: at 8.20am he knocked at the door of the actress who is shown with the M-children on his website here. All he wanted to know … Continue reading

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Maurice is not alone: “Corrupt” South Wales Police in the firing line

Here is an article in the Guardian from October 2000, that starts with “Britain’s worst case of institutionalised corruption involving a single police force”… So far, I had learned about South Wales Police through the bullying and harassment that Maurice … Continue reading

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Before Trial Day 12 in 2 weeks: Position Statement with New Witness

Position Statement Kirk v South Wales Police CF 101 741 etc 28th Sept 2010 Yesterday, His Honour expected me to talk for a week on law, as well, and on legal argument for not striking out the most relevant incidents … Continue reading

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Local Glamorgan Gem reports on the ‘fireworks case’

September 16: Evidence still to be called in case against police September 10: ‘Flying Vet’ Kirk v South Wales Police Previously, four more stories were published. They can all be found here.

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