McKenzie Friend’s Comments

In my new role as a McKenzie Friend, I wrote these comments, after having read all 82 pages with their 277 paragraphs of the Police’s Skeleton Argument (written by a lawyer of course) most carefully.

McKenzie Friends are crucially important for litigants in person. For they genuinely act in the interest of the litigant. Lawyers seem to act in their own financial interest above all else.

And judges ensure that they keep fighting each other, thus making sure they can make a living… For a critique of Our Corrupt Legal System – Why Everyone is a Victim (except Rich Criminals), do click!

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  1. Yolande Kenward says:

    In order to be a McKenzie Friend there first has to some experience of the law and the court system, Sabine McNeill. In January 2015 Sabine McNeill was sending a group of us emails including 2 solicitors asking for our advice as to how to do her first case ie the Russian Hampstead Case. The Association of McKenzie Friends was founded in circa 2010, fronted by Belinda McKenzie & Sabine McNeill, with John Hemming MP as a Patron & Sponsor – none of this group had any legal skills or experience whatsoever so should not have called themselves “McKenzie Friends”. This Association started with determination in January 2015 to wreck as many cases as they could via their involvement. For years Sabine McNeill sub-contracted all the children’s cases that came her way to me. In April 2016 I refused to take on any more cases from the Association of McKenzie Friends and have publicly disassociated myself with them in every way. They are a disgrace. Sabine McNeill knows my background very well and she kept myself and Maurice Kirk so that I did not realise that I could have helped Maurice Kirk with his problems back in 2010, and since. This case gives cheap publicity and credibility to Victims Unite where I am barely mentioned. A number of organisations have been involved in covering up for the avoidable run on the Northern Rock/the Banking Crash ie Brian Gerrish’s UK Column and his British Constitution Group aka England Take Back Control/the White Pendragons … and formed after the banking crash were the Kent Freedom Movement, the Association of McKenzie Friends & Victims Unite ….. to distract …The UK Column was at it again with Sabine McNeill’s mate, Eugene Lukjanenko, on 10.1.2018 … more fake news involving a Russian Jew who abused a child …today’s Eugene’s group, England Take Back Control/white pendragons disrupted the Fabian Society conference in London trying to arrest Sadiq Khan Mayor of London, Kier Starmer & 2 others – in support of their Judicial Review application to the Administrative Court for Brexit to mean Brexit (to protect the banking crash traitors from a trial at the International Criminal Court in the Hague) and their request that the Fabian Society is outlawed along with islam. I have learned by examining this website of Maurice Kirk’s today for the first time that it is linked to Sabine McNeil’s Victims Unite website. I did know that she managed both Maurice Kirk’s website and her own Victims Unite website, but not that they are linked

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