G4S Refuse Disclosure of Prisoner’s Complaints

8th March 2020 

Maurice Kirk v G4S Custodial Services 

Years of Failed Defendant Disclosure of Claimant’s records of abuse of process in HMP Park – Breaches of Article 3 

Adrian Oliver, from Dolmans Solicitors, who is defending South Wales Police, is continuing to enjoy the gravy train of public funds paying for their fictitious  ‘services’, including lying and perverting the course of justice.

  Two Million Pounds, alone, of tax payers  has been slipped under the Cardiff County Court table by a series of jproven corrept welsh judges not even investigated.

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The Director of Caswell Clinic, who tried to get MAURICE KIRK imprisoned for life by pretending he suffers from ‘significant brain damage’ and ‘possibly a brain tumour’ was , at least deported.

1. The Claimant has asked for inspection of his original G4S Comp1 & Comp 2 etc complaint forms, submitted while in HMP Park South Wales but is refused. 

2. The Claimant may have overlooked but cannot find where the Defendant has offered the Claimant to visit and examine the relevant documentary evidence. 

3. The Claimant has asked, in the alternative, for a memory stick of all his G4S records of complaint but this also appears to be refused. 

4. Alternatively, what is that cost for Defendant’s printing off the 1400 odd pages alleged? 

 Meanwhile, the Claimant is deliberately obstructing ‘due process’.for the Claimant to re submit his Particulars of Claim 


Maurice J Kirk


All this continuing mischevious Welsh Authority  conduct is to cover-up their very lucrative ‘in house’  daily scams by lawyers and court officials to steal many millions of pounds of tax payer’s money with impunity.

Dolmans, solicitors, South Wales

An example of this daily fraud conspiracty followed my BS614159+ others civil claims following their over 40 failed malicious criminal prosecutions brought by South Wales Police

My farcical court suppressed civil claim resulted in a legal bill by Dolmans, on behalf of the South Wales Police, to me far exceeding a million pounds.

I was refused a detailed bill, of course, as it was proven fraud without the tax payer knowing.

Then, with full support from the Welsh judiciary, the police again arrested and gaoled me for even months for yet another malicious prosecution– ‘Trading in machine gun’s!!!

That police prosecution also resulted in farce with eight of the jury, in a Cardiff pub afterwards, saying it was obviousthe prosecution was fabricated fromthe start.


A sample extract of a comp1 found recently

xxxxxx to follow

The English police had already examined the prosecution exhibit 1 submitting a report, ruthlessly withheld from both me and the jury by Judge Paul Thomas QC ( quaintly corrupted), that the item was smply an open ended pipe with no other holes screwed to a piece of wood to look like a machine gun!!!

My crooked Cardiff civil court hearing, perverted by Judge Timothy Tippetts, also resulted in a Dolmans false legal this time well exceeding a million pound now paid by the taxpaer

Little imagination is needed by the taxpayer to realise this huge untaxed cash was , again, shared out within the co-conspirators under complete immunity to prosecution

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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5 Responses to G4S Refuse Disclosure of Prisoner’s Complaints

  1. Gareth Jones says:

    I am very sad to know what you are going through. I myself have been punished by courts social services and police. Despite the hell they put me through to STOP child abuse My son suffered the most and has done so through out his life. I was able to Prove social services covered up my son’s child abuse and forced him to live with the child abuser. Also Thousands of other cases being covered up by social services. The two judges were wanting to send me to prison for trying to stop child abuse.
    My son was begging for help aged 5 at age 8 he was then kept in a house sedated and kept away from me his father and schools and hospitals and doctors. He was suffering with scoliosis and never was treated until I seen my son for less then an hour after 7 years when I got him help which he had an operation in Cardiff hospital. The rest of the story to date is very bad. I continue to suffer police harassment and at present charged with offences I did not commit but I was the victim. I am looking at a prison sentence. My next court case is due at the end of March 2023. I wish you all success with your cases. P.S. Social services have never paid a penny for the harm the caused and the courts have made it impossible for me to take them to court again. I have never had good legal representation only corrupt.
    I wish you all the best in success with your cases.


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