12th Sept Machine-Gun/Dr XX Trial

Jersey Video including the Judge Paul Thomas/Judge Curran/ CPS David Gareth Evans/ Dr XX /Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University Conspiracy

But before that…..”and now for something completely different”

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The police first had to cripple my source of income, once the chief constable was in receipt of my first of many civil damages claims against her, by having my name removed from the veterinary register.

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

When that failed to slow me down she dreamed up the machine-gun conspiracy once given the ‘thumbs up’ from so many like minded HM Cardiff Crown Court judges and HM Crown Prosecution lawyers.

The corrupt machine -gun judge

11 06 11 Paul Thomas QC

The corrupt 1st Breach of Restraining order judge that was never served in the first place

Judge John Curran

The equally corrupt civil court trial judge, Seys Llewellyn QC, who refused my rightful damages following his police losing well over 30 malicious prosecutions with his jibbers judgement due to police failed disclosure.

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC



Despite at least four other of Viv Bellamy’s 1970’s decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine guns on the air show circuit or in RAF’s Hendon museum, for example, also bolted to similar biplanes as to my DH2 I had flown in the 2000 Farnborough air Show, she still failed to slow me but when she then conspired with  Dr XX of Caswell clinic, Bridgend, to do her dirty work that finally did the trick.

The cause of my being nearly incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, IPP, was down to this seriously dangerous man below, now fled to Eire for his own protection from HM.  I refer to a Norman Scarth Esq when has evidence close to mine

. The other labelled by the courts as a terror of our streets was the late Patrick Cullinane Esq, another legend in his time as a pariah to UK’s corrupt judiciary.

My favourite shot I took , from a safe distance of course, of this very dangerous man to the South Wales Police and Dr XX who elevated him to such a level of a MAPPA victim to be even be registered off the scale!

16 05 07 Norman@home

Norman is world famous for his tuition in the general handling of the troublesome equine others have given up on and that  ubiquitous problem of tacking one up for the very first time!

16 05 07 Norman Abbeyshrule

11 06 28 Contempt Appeal & Norman MF 2

Patrick taking on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons also riddled in ‘devil worship’ we both sadly realised after the 4th or was it 5th attempt to have my name returned to the register.

In law the college was clearly in breach of The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, lawyers taking my money each time would confirm, for its refusing me a hearing each year  but, as is the case now in South Wales, with so much judicial corruption proved within the HM Partnership would one expect an alternative?

Any organisation with ‘HM’ or ‘Royal’ prefixed in its title rarely lose a court case or made to conduct CPR procedures such as ‘disclosure’. I spent well over a six figure sum attempting to return to my beloved profession, as so many witnessed, until I finally ‘threw in the towel’.

RCVS Royal Charter Suzon Affidavit


RCVS 1967 Royal Charter




Cullinane P RCVS Hearing

Patrick as my McKenzie Friend at HM Privy Council’s judicial hearing in Downing Street

The 12th September 4th trial, re fabricated forensic evidence should, subject to which judge the Cardiff cabal chooses, reveal the elusive, until now, Dr XX psychiatric reports especially created, under blackmail, for my 2nd December 2009 machine-gun hearing for the doctor’s, Barbara Wilding and Richard Thomlow application for Ashworth, IPP, incarceration deliberately in my absence but caused, some believe, by a Mr XYZ’ increasingly having complicated matters for the doctor, to also become a victim of the state.

When the State get it wrong it is dangerous to be late


09 12 02 Crown BidderTranscript

[How on earth did Maurice com e into possession of this hot transcript? Ah, the family Jenkins/Morgan (Captain) welsh connections and a milky flake and chocolate buttons thrown in  may have played a little part in all this with his quick thinking little sis on a Cardiff prison phone during ‘lock down’].


The above explains as to just why the Welsh authorities, CCRC and a string of judges were prepared to be so thoroughly dishonest for the jury during his evidence on oath and in particular Caswell clinic’s forensic history that also doubled my last prison term on the matter. It was first used to get me to Ashworth by  a Richard Thomlow now a judge and rumoured to be the presiding judge on my 4th jury trial in under two weeks.

My 4th jury trial on 12th September in Cardiff Crown Court is again over the South Wales Police’s attempts to cover-up their original HM supported numerous conspiracies to try and block my civil damages claims against them after they lost so far, the first forty odd fabricated malicious prosecutions when under full HM immunity to prosecution.

The police plot, to having me ‘lawfully’ shot, was hatched when ‘mutual exchange’ of witness statements was to take place on or before 19th June 2009, by order of HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, a key player in this disgusting affair.

Police set it up to be done at Barbara’ home, near Bridgend, as Dolmans, solicitors, had repeatedly refused it being done at their Cardiff offices for the obvious reasons.

Not at police HQ either, the day before, despite  my managing to get into her private office with the file before being escorted off the premises by a tin hatted armed flack jacketed squad of angry men all bearing stun grenades.

Adrian Oliver o Dolmans had, of course, drafted the notorious HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC ordered ‘Barbara Wilding only to sign his false affidavit’ that  I had received ‘full disclosure’ of my custody records from their thirty three failed malicious prosecutions.

The real fear of Brexit, is a real threat to my current freedom,  cutting us loose from the protection of the ECJ sounds rather like the ‘death knoll’ for the likes of me and McKenzie Friends prepared to challenge the wide spread corruption in our UK law courts. At least I will not be around here, if it happens, to suffer any more.

Autonomy for the welsh judiciary, already riddled with deceit and intrigue, is a sad certainty for the locals to face, shortly, unless Brexit can be stopped or an exit strategy, at least,  can be managed on better terms than currently envisaged.

In order to convince the jury, that I am not to be let loose back into  the community this time and just why both Barbara Wilding and Dr XX had to have me registered  MAPPA level 3 category 3, will be explained in the kind  Dr’s defence evidence.

DrXX will be my key defence witness who, apart from being my ‘character witness’ will explain to the court how he had to be police black mailed, wtire false medical reports, over the delicate matter of a Dr Janis Hillier another psychiatrist also working for the South Wales Police at the time when I was later arrested by armed police and helicopter surrounding our home to ‘snatch’ our then 10 year old , Genevieve.

Incidentally, armed police had to abort the armed raid, I later found out, as I was MAPPA dangerous and therefore sitting too close to my daughter also sitting at the garden table  having afternoon tea with me and our crazy springer spaniels.


Gen & top hat.jpg

Auster Tugmaster Gen Dogs

G-ASOC Gen Kirstie & Morgan


When I was obviously going to be acquitted of this machine-gun nonsense, despite the police ‘plant’ on the jury and police officer ‘foxy’s amazing sex change mid trial, I went to France to get the urgent medical attention needed refused by NHS (Wales) fo fear of angering the Cardiff cabal that control the sheeple.



Welsh police have blocked my main web site …www.kirkflyingvet.com now for over a year with the main facts, of course, proving welsh ‘HM conspiratorial Partnership’

9 12 1 medical Kemp



MAPPA is Multi agency public protection arrangements

FTAC?,,,,,,it will come to me!…..fixated threat….?

In February 2009, much to the chagrin and gnashing of Barbara  Wilding’s teeth, Dr Phillips of the Home Offices’ specialist medical team in Whitehall cleared me of any idea that I was a potential stalker on HRH Prince of Wales.

I simply went to Highgrove with a letter of complaint about His Highness’s  current state of the policing in His Principality.

The coming Cardiff trial may see the CCTV applied for to ,once again, indicate the Welsh authorities are congenital liars.

MAPPA level 3 category 3 is a rare species from the top 5% most dangerous walking our streets or already locked up IPP.  What each previous tribunal, on the subject of my MAPPA status, has deliberately avoided , here in Wales, is that the small print of Dr XX medical report (para 30 something) before a secret hearing without me to use to get my IPP, indefinitely, in Ashworth. Well. Barbara’s and a string of bent Cardiff judges and other lawyer’s pensions were in jeopardy.

That paragraph, alone, identified the three that had written to Dr TW that included WW2 Arctic convoy hero, star-fighter, McKenzie friend ‘extraordinaire’ warning of the adverse publicity for his medical colleagues in Caswell clinic if he continued with his power crazy, it appeared to the uninformed,  illegal conduct.


The prosecution’s approach this time has been varied with the police relying on the three You Tube videos, below and a mass of fabricated data which, if we could only ever get disclosure of police data on me amassed over the past 25 years from the moment my civil damages claims were filed at court, then I will have the trial stopped dead in its tracks.

I will pay a four figure sum, no questions asked, to any individual within the Welsh HM judiciary, South Wales police force, HM prisons or eg Geoamey Custodial Services for data to further expose the Taunton/Guernsey based conspiracy.


Whoever just leaked this damming police interview tape will be paid for exposing  the South Wales Police having had me locked up in Cardiff prison, 24 years ago, on the pretext of my not being  ‘identifiable”  and being in possession of a ‘garrotte’ type instrument!

Police 12th were actually trying to get me extradited back to Guernsey gaol without me knowing about it until it was done!

KIRK AFS  PART 1  [29 MINS] = https://vid.me/3ZRCS

KIRK AFS PART 2   [17 MINS] – https://vid.me/zKuVp

Why this link with Guernsey Police  is quickly explained  is in just one of many stories  of their appalling human rights history from De vic Cary, the then Bailiff identifying all the jews on the island to the Nazis to Gerald and Yvnne Gillow, of all people being prosecuted in the criminal courts for simply living in their own house on a soil of a dependant territory of the dreaded ‘HM’.

The 1993 ‘trigger’, with my unlawful arrest on a pretext of breach of PACE 1984 s25- ‘failed to give name and address’, as an afterthought 6 hours later, that I was trying to evade police capture!
Now the consequences of this police extradition conspiracy, instigated by Guernsey’s Insular authorities so long ago, leaves me with yet another ridiculous Cardiff jury trial unless, of course the jury has no police plant  as in the 2010 ‘machine-gun’ trial and mange too send copious ‘jury notes’ for the obviously needed disclosure of police MAPPA and court records

1st Prosecution video exhibit to be played to the jury

2nd Prosecution Exhibit for the jury


3rd Prosecution Exhibit for the jury also to indicate what? Sorry I am still scratching my head over the reason for these chosen videos……..am I going mad?