Maurice John Kirk has learned more about police surveillance than he ever wanted to know.

This blog is meant to complement his site and blog from the perspective of a mathematician and system analyst who has learned more about victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression than she ever wanted to know.

On September 7, 2010, Maurice will have to be in Bristol Count Court when, really, his hip should have been replaced on July 20. But doctors won’t release his medical records, and surgeons won’t operate without them.

Meanwhile he is on morphine and other pain killers…

In February 2011, Maurice eventually had his hip replaced in … France!

However, in his attempts to help the Musa parents whose six Nigerian children were kidnapped by Haringey Council, he got himself unlawfully arrested and nearly “sectioned” into a mental hospital. The seventh child was taken in prison.

It is hoped that “public online pressure” has helped get him out. But the Musas are in HMP Holloway and Pentonville respectively since 28th November 2011, while their children have not been seen since August 2010 (the eldest daughter) and May 2011 (the other five). The Council refused consular visits to the Nigerian Embassy.

Since then, Maurice is in HMP Cardiff again, this time yet more cruelly treated, but with the ‘trophy’ of an ‘all clear’ brain scan. IF there is the ‘right judge’ and IF there is enough public support, he hopes to have most of the charges dropped.  [2 January 2014]


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  9. Anonymous says:

    The police allow their inspector and her big beast of a 6ft 1 husband and her Daughter to harm other women

    The daughter 8 years younger than her target the older woman they hurt for
    The conviction for their thieving inspectors daughter

    The plan the inspector and her evil daughter had was to get women to live In her daughters flat to get Money to fund her bitchy daughter they had a mad dangerous pakistani the daughter turned her welsh snobby nose up at the daughter wanted to use women for money

    The police said their patronising pigs said the pakistani wanted to harm white women the police want to harm as the woman’s own father hated her the inspector wanted her Husband the beast to harm women that the pakistani bastard hated

    The police place the needs of others above as they kidnap and force older women naked their daughter fully clothed saying it’s justice to harm others and do perjury

    The police force women naked and said their inspector gets away with a rape as part of unlawful eviction

    The jealousy as the police said they harm women they want naked she’s a criminal the inspector and the mad pakistani said out to harm women

    The Police Dias their inspectors daughter said other women copy her the jealousy as the police plan women to rape
    And harm as Their inspectors are jealous their daughter said take her computer and rape her for me and the mad pakistani

    She’s too ugly and unemployable and the police and mad pakistani want to harm her as the daughter does Her unlawful eviction.

    The police said their daughter gets money out of women and they rape and gift a conviction the jealousy as the police harm
    For their daughter
    Smearing like a cancer the arrests in Gatwick as the met share her plan to murder

    The police said their inspector targets women to harm with mad evil men that her daughter wanted to support

    The police Allow their disgusting daughter to live arrest free as they harm older women the jealousy as the police said the mad daddy and his daughter and pakistani said the dream was to force her naked and make her hang as the daughter of an inspector did her unlawful evictions in a dirty lying way.

    The police lie and Harm
    Make her hang the police said hurting women is what they did for their devious daughter

    The police said she’s a Director and they take Lives off others rape her the pigs daughter said

    The police gloat their daughter is fully clothed their dirty hands rape other women for the face of evil
    To get a conviction that the police want

    Women they hate as their daughter said justice is her being allowed to Harm older women

    She’s 8 younger the police said they harm and Rape for their daughter
    The rapist pig and her mad sharif ali he’s a wonderful. Man they smear women with their wonderful pakistani the police said her father hated her and now a mad pakistani and the police and landlord Daughter have a rape planned it’s justice
    For their evil daughter that raped to get ahead she’s a Director the police said full of jealousy and spite and evil


  10. Anonymous says:

    All because Shirley Barry’s daughter the inspector who cried her bottom was groped gives sham tenancies with no serviceable address

    The gloating face of the bitchy dangerous daughter as they do their unlawful evictions as Gwen said the police said dirty landlords like their Thieving inspectors issue tenancy’s that are fake to protect themselves being sued when the brat of a copper is a dirty landlord

    The police said they rape for their police inspector and her daughter the men who groped mummy’s bottom said the police won’t support the target

    The police know her father hated her and now the inspector and her husband wanted her raped for their daughter

    The inspector said it’s justice to harm women her own bottom must not be groped but other women Its Justice

    The police and judges said forced nakedness
    When their inspector is a landlord is justice to fund their daughter dirty pigs in action

    The toxic Evil as the police said they protect their inspector they do unlawful evictions and blame naked women they harm

    The jealousy as the inspector said they harm women for her daughter the evil of jealousy bullying pigs


  11. Anonymous says:

    The police arrest Women in Gatwick their inspectors want to harm as their daughter did an unlawful eviction

    Their daughter gets away with unlawful eviction as they harm other

    The inspector and her husband as they hurt women for their daughter rape is justice the Daughter who’s mummy’s bottom
    Was groped and the police supported mad pakistani men to harm women she’s too ugly the police said as the men did rotherham Shirley said their wonderful men the daddys who rape

    Daddy hated her and now daddy the inspectors husband wanted to harm her for l his princess she’s a Director the police said as they snap bones of women the jealousy is like a cancer spreading its spite as she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden a vindictive bully


  12. Anonymous says:

    The hypocrisy as the inspector cried
    About her bottom grope and her bitchy daughter and her rape women for convictions with mad pakistani men as the police said your father hated you and
    Now Gwen
    Is going to get away with unlawful eviction make her hang daddy the police and Gwen had a plan

    The police said Gwen wanted to harm women get her naked and rape her for a convictions for me

    The police the men who groped mummy’s bottom said her daughter Gwen is a landlord and they rape off others and harm as the police said sexual abuse is justice their daughter is fully clothed

    She’s a racist rape her the daughter said they plan that pakistnsu men have more power and they belittle women

    The police soar their daughter is the face behind the rape of women the men who groped her mothers bottom said they want their inspectors daughter to get to Director as rape for her

    The jealousy as that harm women for gwen and shirley

    Bitchy women as they gloat the cops let us keep put clothes on as Shirley and Gwen said kidnap and harm her the female wayne couzens and Their narcisstic needs

    It’s not rape but justice as her own body is fully Clothed the police said their own daughters get women raped and their human rights taken down

    The police take
    Womens human rights for their Daughter make her hang Daddy
    The police said their daughter gets older women forced naked and raped for a convinction with her daddy the beast

    Bitchy rapist pigs and their warped toxic justice the jealousy as the police make
    Women hang for their Gwen Barry the brats whose mummy’s bottom was groped stupid bitchy hypocrites of evil


  13. Anonymous says:

    The police force naked and ridicule and mock women for their inspector and her daughters she’s a trustee of the lady garden the police said because of her other women are forced naked during the kidnap Gwen and her bitchy mother planned

    They get away with rape and unlawful eviction the bitchy spiteful bullies rape her daddy the daughter Whos mummy’s bottom was groped the police said it’s not inappropriate touching when it’s for their inspector part of her unlawful eviction it’s justice that evil force said


  14. Anonymous says:

    Finally some of those men are now getting sacked finally some justice after they gang bullied me for their inspector and her bitchy daughter


    Was gross misconduct and bullying sexual abuse as well. If not rape it certainly is inappropriate touching when they kidnapped me and forced me naked for their inspector who cried about her bottom grope at her daughters grooming flat 62 norbury road
    The mother deserved no money for her bottom grope and her daughter deserved no money for her flat rentals for the forced nakedness they did evil bitch who did occupancy fraud and didn’t
    Want to live with the pakistani herself

    But that is that gang inappropriate touching
    / raping / forced nakedness what ever terms you want to use it as they get money for themslevs and their own daughters are fully clothed patronising pigs who claim I have mental health issues and deny all complaints and prosecute
    For malicious communications when I speak of their bullying and forced nakedness what they did they say that none of it was true I made up being stalked and harassed as a tenant and forced naked and left on streets etc toxic pigs


    • Anonymous says:

      Force gwen naked kidnap her and see if she can take it

      The lying devious landlord and her mummy’s whos bottom
      Was groped as the daughter was born with a god complex and entitlement
      To kidnap and harm women

      The toxic rapist pig and her mad daughter

      Force naked your daughter keep your filthy hands off me pigs who rape


      • Anonymous says:

        Get Gwen and her mother the bitchy Inspector naked

        The police said Gwen wants money and convictions and power out of Women

        The men In power Said Shirley said
        Her husband was a wonderful man. And was entitled to abuse women for his princess

        The police said they use power to force naked other women for their daughter that’s how she’s a Director they harm and force naked other women

        That’s injustice the human rights of their own daughters upheld as they devalue and harm others

        He was a wonderful man and Devoted to his daughter so that makes perjury justice the inspector said as they tarnish women the inspector whos bottom was groped hates

        She’s not allowed freedom of speech either as the police don’t like it when people speak of their devious ways

        My daughter is more deserving and my husband is a wonderful man for doing perjury to harm women his daughter wants evicted

        Kidnap and harm
        In their thieving eyes is Justice the warped views of the police family who gang bully naked women and it’s not inappropriate touching when it suits


  15. Anonymous says:

    Sack judges too who side with the police


    Punish the men who attached my ovaries and touched me inappropriately first time
    When their bitchy daughter was my Landlord at Norbury rd special evictions done by arrest and forced nakedness no notice period required it’s their way only


  16. Anonymous says:

    Beware no boundaries Barry’s kidnap forced nakedness all “normal” behaviour being bundled into a van after paying rent money for safe accommodation is normal cos her daughter was doing occupancy fraud no need to show gas certificate or evidence of insurance you can just black bag up the tenant after you forced naked and evict that’s the modus operandi of swp just remember who is the one with the van kidnapping who and who did Lynette whyte who is more capable of harming who ?!

    That’s right

    They are more capable of harming me!

    That is correct


  17. Anonymous says:

    This is freedom of speech and 🤫in their eyes it’s malicious communications as we can’t speak out about dysfunctional disturbing behaviour

    It’s normal to lie to Kidnap women and then invade their body with forced nakedness after you paid money for safe accommodation and asking for a rent refund well that is something else they kidnap for

    Who is the one kidnapping who and where js the evidence for cctv of stalking London and Cardiff extensive cctv yet not one bit of evidence to support the allegation of being stalked for 10 years

    That’s right no stalking apart from of me had taken place

    All lies how she’s a victim and being stalked


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