Maurice John Kirk has learned more about police surveillance than he ever wanted to know.

This blog is meant to complement his site and blog from the perspective of a mathematician and system analyst who has learned more about victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression than she ever wanted to know.

On September 7, 2010, Maurice will have to be in Bristol Count Court when, really, his hip should have been replaced on July 20. But doctors won’t release his medical records, and surgeons won’t operate without them.

Meanwhile he is on morphine and other pain killers…

In February 2011, Maurice eventually had his hip replaced in … France!

However, in his attempts to help the Musa parents whose six Nigerian children were kidnapped by Haringey Council, he got himself unlawfully arrested and nearly “sectioned” into a mental hospital. The seventh child was taken in prison.

It is hoped that “public online pressure” has helped get him out. But the Musas are in HMP Holloway and Pentonville respectively since 28th November 2011, while their children have not been seen since August 2010 (the eldest daughter) and May 2011 (the other five). The Council refused consular visits to the Nigerian Embassy.

Since then, Maurice is in HMP Cardiff again, this time yet more cruelly treated, but with the ‘trophy’ of an ‘all clear’ brain scan. IF there is the ‘right judge’ and IF there is enough public support, he hopes to have most of the charges dropped.  [2 January 2014]


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