Still more Proof of Police Conspiracy

Found, at last, one of the earlier anonymous fabricated NHS (Wales) psychiatric reports that confirms Maurice Kirk was not the danger or ‘risk’ to the general public, after all, it was Patrick Cullinane Esq and Norman Scarth Esq both of of whom must be allowed to give evidence at Maurice’s sentencing on 17th November 2017.

Cullinane P RCVS Hearing

Patrick as my RCVS Mackenzie friend on my 5th application to be allowed to practice veterinary surgery again following excessive, even for the South Wales Police, perjury committed in the hearing in order to curtail my income whilst suing them for their loss of 33 malicious prosecutions against me.

As for the even far more dangerous man, Norman Scarth Esq, I quiver in my shoes at the mere thought of his name!

16 05 07 Norman@home

Dr XX even spoke of his apparent ‘fear and dread‘ as to what Norman might do, after the easy scaling the 14 ft Caswell Clinic perimeter fence, for having me unlawfully locked-up simply to do Barbara Wilding a favour.

09 09 Caswell Clinic THREAT of Maurice Kirk

This doctor’s fear to himself by others my successive law courts have been deliberately not been allowed to know about but I have just found the 2nd medical report of many still being unlawfully withheld from the IPCC, CCRC, four juries, so far and numerous high court judges including Lord Justice Leverson and Mr Justice Mitting. At least 13 Cardiff Crown court judges have have full knowledge of this existence but that is wales for you….Who am I to dare criticise Lord Justice Moses et al  refusing to even consider opening my well documented proven police corruption  file when I am not even a free mason?

Norman and myself before Lord videoed but only visible abroad  after outside the RCJ

The reason why Cardiff’s Crown Prosecution Service cannot , to save they jos for life, disclose both court and police documents so relevant to my innocencce in this mater.


This video sums up the situation for the ending of the 4th ‘restraining order’ trial

This next video is the history of the Welsh police force, in a nut-shell, of their conspiracy that led to blackmailing Dr XX to write such absurd false medical data  in order that the Chief Constable could first, have me registered MAPPA level 3 category 3 in order  to having me set up to be ‘lawfully’ shot.