A Thoroughly Corrupt Judiciary Seeking Autonomy?

Yesterday, despite ever dirty trick they could muster, South Wales Police eventually had to allow release, after 24 years of my ruined life by it, the correct transcript and audio recording of my interview when ‘found in possession of a ‘garrotte type instrument’ on The Prince of Wales’s property.

17 08 15 extract of 93 05 20 SWP bike theft

My 2013 trial judge refused me disclosure of both relevant police records and relevant eye witnesses in this incident as he did  in 32 other similarly failed police malicious prosecutions. In 1993 the arresting officer, PC Phil Thomas, had contacted Guernsey police, re my ‘stealing’ my own motor bike. The Guernsey police, aprt from telling him I used to go to court in full Nazi uniform asked him to ‘put the boot in’.

Nazi loose in Guernsey

Nazi loose in Guernsey

The full transcripts and CD of this English independent extract  will be put along side the South Wales Police version on web sites, world wide, so as to indicate to the tax payer as to what really goes on in our welshing law courts.

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC93 05 20 Interview Tape

Is it, then, to anyone’s surprise, following my yesterday’s published article about Cardiff court having  illegally confiscated ‘my’ copy of the interview tape for 16 months, that it suddenly turns up and available a on the very same day.

My extract of draft submissions, now to be re written, for my filed appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice, itself blocked by London since October 2015!!!

AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

The content of police and court records of this incident culminating in my being locked up in prison for four days, the court was told , ‘as unidentified’, was because senior police officers of the South Wales Police force had desperately tried, in vain, to have me extradited back to Guernsey, Channel Islands that uses an even more out dated corrupt judicial system, if that can be imagined, on the pretext of an outstanding warrant for my arrest in the Bailiwick.

This unique piece of evidence only came to be disclosed  in as late as 2013 while I was cross examining the arresting officer before His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC

Is it any wonder neither HM Cardiff court nor HM trial judge now refuse, when previously promised, to release any of their joint records of BA614159 etc civil claim , itself denied a jury despite His honour Nicholas Chamber QC ordering one.

It was precisely that court order, in 2008 with his instruction for Barbara Wilding to confirm, by affidavit, I had received her complete disclosure of police records that needed Dr XX to be blackmailed at Caswell clinic over a ‘menage a trois’ involving a Dr Janis Hilyar and Mr XYZ.

The police’s ‘spot of bother’ led on to this:

17 08 15 Parole Part 18 Request Response