Royal Charters: the ticket to Immunity from Prosecution

Suzon Forscey-Moore had sent me 7 documents that relate to her invaluable research into Royal Charters. In her introduction, she refers to the book The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better.

  1. The Role, True Nature and Extent of Royal Charters
  2. Evidence
  3. Lloyds of London
  4. Aristocrats Defend Privilege
  5. Royal Charter Survey
  6. Privy Council Office List of Charters
  7. Bibliography

Here is the Royal Charter given to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, which makes them (and their agents, i.e. lawyers!) immune from prosecution. Unfortunately, that was NOT part of Maurice’s training on how to become a veterinary surgeon like his father and wife…

And here’s the link to the 834 Royal Charter Companies currently in the UK.

50 Responses to Royal Charters: the ticket to Immunity from Prosecution

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  14. Peter Hayward says:

    This hidden constitution that overides everything that one might value in this country must be exposed, pubisized, and challenged. I know that when Suzan FM approached the BBC concerning their charter (which at that time contained this provision absolveing the BBC from the normal provisions of the law) they (The BBC) immediatly produced her another brand new one hat excluded it. This was in 2006. It is obviously a sensitive matter and one the Establishment should be thouroughly ashamed of. It is a deception on the public..


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  31. ombudsmans61percent campaign says:

    The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (The RICS) have their very own Royal Charter given to them in 1881. In return they were expected to,
    “promote the usefulness of the profession for the public advantage in the UK and other parts of the world.”
    They set up a company – formerly The Surveyors Ombudsman Service, now OS:Property – to “investigate” complaints brought by the public against their Members and Regulated Firms.
    The company claims to be entirely independent but has two RICS executives sitting on its Board.
    Their ombudsman finds overwhelmingly in favour of RICS Members and Regulated Firms.
    Most worringly for “fairness” and “justice,” DJS Research and independent company report that many of the ombudsman’s Final Decisions are not, “arrived at in a logical manner.”
    Who regulates all of this? The RICS do.
    Where is the public advantage in all of that?
    This Royal Charter would seem to protect incompetent surveyors. It is little better than a protection racket.
    Please join the Ombudsmans61percent Campaign in calling for a public inquiry into OS:Property and the role of The RICS.
    Best wishes,
    Steve G.


    • This is an EXCELLENT example of what I’m waking up to:

      1. ‘Corporate responsibility’ doesn’t exist

      2. Companies are used to deny and absolve personal responsibility

      3. Companies with a public purpose are set up only to serve the individuals concerned…

      4. Organisations for Complaints only serve as a firewall to fob people off and to gather statistics.

      It couldn’t be worse!


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  40. mymouths2big says:

    It appears that we, the people are denied justice by Royal Charters, that the Judiciary, which also boasts on immunity from prosecution for committing criminal acts while presiding over a trial, are not independent, but bound to favour corporations, over the individual.

    It is a national disgrace, all Royal Charters should be declared void.


    • Yes, an English friend told me once that the ‘class system’ is like an invisible line in this country: a law for them who ‘process people’ and a law for ‘us’ who are being ‘processed’ by them the ‘professionals’…

      Long live institutionalised hypocrisy!


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