10 11 04: Warrant for Arrest (for how long?) while Seeking Asylum in France

Hello once again, in the Spirit of Tackling Serious Oppression,

First the good news: together with our longstanding Chairman Austin Mitchell MP, I’m preparing a meeting in Westminster for the end of January. Stay tuned!

Bad news is that we had to say good bye to Suzon Forscey-Moore who passed away on October 14 – much too early for that fine legal spirit that helped so many people – “in common cause”…

Bad news is also that Lewis Nicholson, one of the Directors of CASIA, has been diagnosed with cancer. His story is the second that appeared on the Global Legal Network MAARS in the new “Victims Unite” category.

More bad news is the continued ‘treacle treatment’ that Maurice Kirk has to endure from the combination of NHS, Cardiff Court Services and South Wales Police: hoping to wear him down, until he runs out of steam and money, to go away by dying… Please drop a comment on his website to show your support! Of course, if you could forward one of the news releases about him to a media contact, it would be even better!

Everybody knows, including two Courts in Cardiff, that Maurice is medically unfit for courts, while waiting for his hip replacement. But they ignored his request for adjournment, asked for yet another medical report and went ahead with a hearing in his absence. The result is a WARRANT for ARREST. A one-page summary of his account of events with his questions to the Court is here. Since he does not know for how long they might keep him locked up, despite his pains that require morphine or other pain killers, he tells the police that he only will surrender, if he can see the judge in court who convicted him.

I am dreaming of “McKenzie Angels” to support him on that day: people who are like McKenzie Friends, lay legal advisors, hopefully all in special T-shirts… Meanwhile, however, he’s asked the Gendarmerie and the Mairie in Brittany for asylum, since he’s owned property there for more than 10 years.

Wars used to be faught by “the people” on behalf of governments. Now we need to ask one government to protect us from the ‘national authorities’ of our own: the NHS, the Police and HM Court Services, while the only people benefitting are… solicitors running up bills, whether the victims are in court or not…

Fortunately, visits to my various websites keep increasing, and many significant and interesting comments are left behind!

Tony Benn’s appeal for a Coalition of Resistance is also falling on positive grounds: his speech in Doncaster was heard by some 400 people, and the London Conference is scheduled for November 27th.

On Twitter I came across Gandhi’s quote: Thou shalt not be a Victim. Thou shalt not be a Perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander. Therefore, let’s make good use of all the opportunities that the web has to offer!

With many thanks again for your help and support,

Publisher, Victims Unite! and Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694
McKenzie Friend and Web Publisher, Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police
The Pilot and Veterinary Surgeon fighting for justice as litigant in person

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