List of Motoring Incidents

No less than 20 car incidents occurred between 1993 and 2002, during which Maurice was jailed 20 times.

Here’s a detailed summary.

2 Responses to List of Motoring Incidents

  1. Ben says:

    Can’t believe Maurice still rattling on….thing is what gives him the right to constantly drive with no mot, tax, insurance and as a disqual and I know often drunk?? Just because your educated does not make you above the law, your a danger on the roads to everyone and if you killed someone while driving would be terrible, your sealing your own fate by being a dick, give up this bullshit and enjoy what time you have left, you are costing you your family and life…ONLY YOU, you are dangerous to public and others and you should be locked up unless you can tow the line of life or go away peacefully BUT NO IM THE GREAT FLYING DOCTOR… rules don’t apply??? Clearly they do hence the shit your in


  2. viktor says:

    When a vehicle is not registered as commercial, the state has absolutely NO JURISDICTION over the keeper/user of that vehicle. PRIVATE MEANS PRIVATE. The state interferes because it is unable to accept that it has no charge on unregistered or any private vehicle.


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