Drama at Cardiff Crown Court No. 9

Professor Nicholas Read has written:-

“The conclusion that Maurice has brain damage was based on MRI evidence of a localised lack of perfusion in the right frontal lobe possibly caused by a brain tumour. This abnormality was no longer present when the scan was repeated. Brain scans are notoriously difficult to interpret and I am reminded that after trauma and during intense emotion the right frontal lobe can go off-line while victims may behave irrationally. In other words, it is likely that appearances of hypo-perfusion might come and go.”

Another observer’s point of view:

My understanding is that the factual version of events are more as follows :-

In August 2009 the Crown Court asked/Ordered that psychiatric evaluation and reports occur. The Caswell Clinic went further and specifically asked for an assessment to be done by Maurice being under what was, in the end, three one month Mental Health Act Sections to Caswell Clinic Wales’ ABM NHS in order for Maurice to be subjected to an intrusive medical procedure known as a SPEC scan requiring the use of radio isotopes intravenously.

On 28 August 2009 the Wales ABM NHS Caswell clinic transported Maurice down to the local ABM NHS Princess of Wales Hospital for a brain scan, the result of which was normal (please see attached both 28th Aug 09 reports).

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans

That means ABM NHS records show, as of 28 August 2009, a brain scan result that there is no evidence to suggest Maurice has brain damage.

This was withheld from future courts where Maurice kept applying for bail concerning his being held on remand in Cardiff prison for the alleged trading in ‘machine-guns’ and being in possession of live ammunition.

Back in 2008 the Handbook of Forensic Mental Health was published. Ch 19 was on the subject of being an ‘expert witness’ and the author was Dr Tegwyn Williams from the Caswell Clinic. (Please see attached how he makes clear that expert witnesses must not go beyond their expertise when reporting to a Court).

Extract Dr TW Ch19 Handbook of Forensic MH0001 (3)

As we are aware neither psychiatrist Dr Tegwyn Williams nor psychologist Professor Roger Wood of Swansea University are medically qualified to interpret the presence or absence of brain damage from brain scans and then report their opinion to a Crown Court. That is the work of a neuro-radiologist who has training and qualifications so to do.

Maurice, however and unbeknown to the authorities, had obtained such a report from within Cardiff prison via a certain ex MP’s wife for the Vale of Glamorgan also the son of a famous veterinary surgeon. This neuro-radiologist’s report had been sent to Cardiff Crown Court before his 2nd December 2009 bail application. He, in fact, did not know at the time this following report was already before his same court and in clear rebuttal to that what Dr Tegwyn Williams had submitted prior to the hearing.

This fact made the transcript of proceedings (attached below) even more significant.

9 12 1 medical Kemp

The doctor’s application, along with those of the then HM Crown Prosecutor for the ‘machine-gun’ allegations, listed to be heard on 25th January 2010, were heard ‘in chambers’ by the forced absence of Maurice and that he be further sectioned to Ashworth high security hospital for an indefinite period.

09 12 02 Crown BidderTranscript

Maurice has never been informed, to this day, of either Dr Tegwyn William’s or HM Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow’s findings from his 28th August 2009 NHS (Wales) brain scans. He has been goaled more than once, since, for arguing with  Cardiff judges to order the release of that medical information used in an attempt by the South Wales Police to have their victim locked up without the need for a jury trial.


The police’s urgent need to blackmail Dr Tegwyn Williams into writing Maurice’s forensic reports and for him to appear in Cardiff Crown Court, as an expert in brain damage,  was primarily to stop the imminent machine-gun trial but also, long term, the considerable the number of civil damges claims arising from over forty failed malicious criminal prosecutions brought against him whilst he was practicing veterinary science in the Vale of Glamorgan.

1CF03361 MG 6th Action

So, it would seem Maurice’s claims that both Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Wood are not medically qualified to do as they did are correct.

By Dr Williams’ own Chapter 19 in the Handbook of Forensic Mental Health 2008, if Dr Williams suspected Maurice had brain damage he should not have gone beyond his expertise and if he wanted to comment on the presence of brain damage he should have instructed a medically qualified expert to report to the Crown Court.

But in 2009 there was no evidence from a medically qualified person to say there was brain damage to report to the Crown Court in 2009 because the officials’ ABM NHS result of 28 August 2009 was normal – all clear.

Furthermore all subsequent brain scan results since the one in Texas USA, in 2008, Brittany in 2002, HMP Swansea in 2014 and Cardiff in 2017, all say the same, that of normal findings.

Caswell Clinic Medical Records Leak REDACTED

Maurice’s HMP Swansea 2014 medical records reveal that the South Wales Police not only blocked his urgently needed endoscopy under general anaesthesia, not once but twice but also the prison’s psychiatrist, Dr Seely’s recommendation of the immediate need of a neurologist. HMP Swansea’s Dr Tegwyn Williams’ medical records recorded his opposing any follow-up examinations or his release from prison to an outside hospital despite his and CPS’s fear of a brain tumour.

14 11 06 Medical Update

14 03 03 HMP Swansea medical report.jpg


A sample Cardiff Court erroneous FOI and DATA PROTECTION ACT supplied records

14 11 25 CPS FOI Result

So how did Dr Tegwyn Williams say as a certainty in his October 2009 report and at Crown Court on 2 December 2009 that Maurice has significant irreversible brain damage?

Why does Dr Tegwyn Williams not simply correct his report to just say an update is there that there is no brain damage?

Why Does Dr Tegwyn Williams continue to allow his forensic report with incorrect information to be sent, today, to authorities far afield as to include both the Civil Aviation Authority and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons?

Why did Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams allow the South Wales Police to send his reports to FTAC in January 2009, IAG South Wales Police HQ on 1st June 2009, level 3 MAPPA (South Wales Police) Barry police station meeting on 8th June 2009, the CIA in Texas USA in August 2009, the Metropolitan Police in 2011, and both the French Breton police and Maurice’s trial judge, in his extended civil damages proceedings against them, in 2013?

Why did Dr Tegwyn Williams allow the South Wales Police to continue sending his reports to the Crown Prosecution Service for four criminal jury trials, so far and arranged in Cardiff despite Maurice’s argument of ‘a real risk of bias’?

So, why then were two trials convened in Cardiff in 2012, the 3rd in 2014 and now the 4th in 2017 and possible 5th alleged ‘breach of a restraining order’ prosecution next year if it is not a plain indictment, in itself, of a police doctor free to continue harassing his victim with the guarantee of immunity to any likelihood of receiving a civil or criminal prosecution in Wales?

1st October 2009 Cardiff Crown Court Incident

Cooke QC (2)


This earlier first page of a September 2009 letter from Professor Read was read out to a Cardiff Crown much to my anger but notice the official transcript of those days of proceedings makes to mention of it or the appropriate comments made to the judge by my then MacKenzie Friend, Norman Scarth Esq, before he, also, was ejected  from the court by His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC

09 09 27 Dr Read letter (2)

 Ollie Reed induced brain damage
Another observer in the recent Cardiff criminal trial for Maurice’s alleged 4th breach of a restraining order, never served in the first place, could not but notice the NHS (Wales) doctor on the  jury reminding him of the police plant on  the jury in the 2010 jury trial when nine of them, after the acquittal, so complained about such a charade.
Fast Moving Consequences from the 4th Restraining Order Verdict now on Appeal
The Cardiff court judgment is handed down, on the next working day, in under three minutes for ‘striking-out’, hearing heard all day, concerning Maurice’s civil claim for damges against police, parole board and Ministry of Justice for them jointly causing the doubling of his prison term all based on the supposed belief Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams’ interpretation on his laboratory guinea pig tests with radio isotopes were correct.
No wonder The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees and Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke, refused all defence witnesses or allow the set of relevant defence exhibits, especially prepared by a barrister to go before the jury.
For an NHS (Wales) doctor to sit on the jury was also predictable after the plant on the machine-gun trial fiasco being so quickly identified by the remainder of the jury BUT there was one other, had Maurice barred the doctor from taking part?
Claimant’(s) name(s) and address(es) including postcode


Defendant’(s) name and address(es) including postcode


102 Petty France,      London




52 Queen Anne’s Gate,

London        SW1H 9AG


3.  South Wales Police  (added as the 3rd Defendant once it was realised the claim rested on Dr Tegwyn  Williams and CPS, the latter acting on behalf of the Chief Constable to an attempt to also snuff out any other civil claims arising from collateral damage caused by the outcome of His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC’s 2nd December & 17th December 2009 hearings having Maurice’s MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration expunged from the court records).

The South Wales Police, following appropriate disclosure of their records will indicate the then Chief Constable had other ideas on how to illuminate her problem over pension rights.

1CF03361 ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy  blocked, so far , for eight years needed to also quashed at source.


Brief details of claim

Damages for misfeasance in a public office and/or unlawful imprisonment and/or under section 8(1) of the Human Rights Act 1998 for wrongful and/or unlawful imposition of licence conditions under section 244 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 and/or the Criminal Justice (Sentencing) (Licence Conditions) Order 2005 dated on or about 4 July 2014, in breach of article 10(1) ECHR as incorporated under schedule 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and/or the Treaty on European Union, and/or wrongful and/or unlawful revocation of licence under section 254 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 on 11 July 2014, and/or subsequent unlawful detention and/or imprisonment and/or failing to make arrangements for an oral hearing before the Parole Board with all due expedition and/or failing to provide the said oral hearing eventually set for hearing on 4 February 2015 in respect of his release from custody, in breach of article 5 of the ECHR as incorporated under schedule 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and/or under the principles set out in R. (Haney, Kaiyam and Massey v. Secretary of State for Justice; R. v. Robinson v. Governor of HMP Whatton and Secretary of State for Justice [2014] UKSC 66 until the Claimant’s final release from HMP Swansea on 28 March 2015.


Damages for HMP Cardiff’s withholding of the Claimant’s passport in order to prevent his retrieving legal papers.




Damages limited to £1000,000

You must indicate your preferred County Court Hearing Centre for hearings here (see notes for guidance)
County Court at Bristol
Defendants’ name and address for service including postcode  

1. Secretary of State for Justice,

Government Legal Department,

One Kemble Street,




2. Parole Board for England and Wales,

52 Queen Anne’s Gate,



First that was needed was to be quash by swift summary conviction was Maurice’s clearly embarrassing claim on his own government due to the Welsh authorities stubbornness in simply refusing to have Dr Tegwyn William’s to amend his Maurice’s original seriously erroneous medical records now his being, apparently, free from any further black mail by the current South Wales Police Chief Constable,
Robert Vaughan.
Recorder of Cardiff
No wonder both The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Honour Eleri Rees and trial judge, Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke, refused all relevant defence witnesses and defence exhibits especially prepared by a barrister
Of course, that would leave any jury in the UK with not a chance believing such an incredible story of high level deceit being metered out to an Englishman only wishing he had never crossed the old Severn Bridge in the first place.
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Tws [it was] the Police Oo Done it!

[‘Tws’, old Zummerset for ‘it was’]


In Cardiff Crown Court, last week, I asked a jury to believe my story as to why I had now spent over three years just trying to clear my name and having corrected my police/NHS(Wales) medical records written by both Dr Tegwyn Williams of Caswell clinic, Bridgend and the evil little shit, Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University.

So I gave evidence from the witness box but I was considered a blatant liar.

All this wickedness had been originally hatched by a Barbara Wilding with the full blessing of the Cardiff law courts (NOT magistrates from Barry, I must emphasise).


Her plan was to block the 2010 jury trial, over my trading in machine guns………

So I have had to appeal to the our London’s Criminal Court of Appeal in the Royal Courts of Justice.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

GROUNDS OF APPEAL                                                                               T20170239

4th alleged Breach of a Restraining Order

The Alleged offence

One indictment of infringement of 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act in that the Appellant was in breach of a 12th April restraining order.


The trial judge refused anything to be introduced that, in any way, related to the 2008 police machine-gun conspiracy first requiring the fabrication of his NHS (Wales) medical records to have their MAPPA victim locked up in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital for life.

Like those that may be found on the proverbial ‘Clapham omnibus’ the facts upon which the Defendant had to rely, to put before the unsuspecting jury, must have sounded quite fantastic without the relevant corroborative evidence by way of witnesses and their documentation.

So, the Defendant was REFUSED,

  1. all relevant defence witnesses including even a character witness, Norman Scarth Esq
  2. all defence exhibits, bar one, from the Defendant’s barrister prepared bundle for the jury


  1. Defendant’s defence statement
  2. Chronology of relevant historical events (8 pages)
  3. WANTED poster with NHS (Wales) psychiatric report extract
  4. Ministry of justice MAPPA level 3 category 3 forensic record
  5. 30th September 2009 NHS (Wales) medical report
  6. 19th Oct 2009 NHS (Wales) medical report extract for sectioning to Ashworth
  7. 1st Dec 2009 Dr PM Kemp report on Defendant’s brain scan
  8. 16th June CAA psychiatric report
  9. Two August 2009 brain specialist reports from NHS(Wales) PEH Bridgend
  10. 3rd March 2009 HMP Swansea Dr Marnell brain scan report
  11. 1st Dec 11 CPS amended harassment charges
  12. 30th April 2014 HHJ Rowlands transcript
  13. 2 July 2017 M of J’s Defendant parole licence extract
  14. Defendant’s 30th Jan 2013 police/ NHS/ Ministry of Justice damages claim
  15. Defendant’s defence witness’s email
  16. Defendant’s Lewis machine gun particulars of claim against the South Wales Police
  17. Defendant’s machine gun 6th damages claim against the South Wales Police
  18. Defendant’s 4th damages claim against the South Wales Police
  19. Defendant’s Parole Board/ Min of J 7th damages claim against the South Wales Police
  20. SWP affidavit re 1st Action 8.6 garrotte tape incident affidavit
  21. Defendant’s 1st action 8.6 position statement
  22. 22nd Feb 17 1st Action court order
  23. 11th May 17 Defendant’s claims against police consolidation application
  24. 4th May 17 Defendant’s 1st 2nd & 3rd civil damages claim application notice
  25. 16th Feb 17 Defendant’s Notice of Appeal in first three police civil claims

The presiding judge also refused:

  1. any relevant records from previous restraining order convictions and acquittals despite directing the jury it ‘could take previous convictions into account’
  2. explanation of just which restraining order was allegedly breached as was it the 1st Dec 11 or 12th April13 one as neither were served on the Defendant at the time
  3. to identify who was the Complainant?
  4. was there need for a Complainant when investigating officer said there was a need?

The learned trial judge failed:

  1. to clarify which restraining order the Defendant had been applying to be amended
  2. supplying the jury with a copy of the videoed interview of Defendant under caution
  3. to accept a guilty plea for remaining indictment on condition Her Honour ordered the release of his forensic history from the South Sales Police and NHS (Wales)
  4. To allow the Defendant any misunderstanding of the wording within the said indictment

This list is not exhaustive and will be extended if disclosure from the South Wales Police is achieved.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                  19th September 2017

09 09 27 Dr Read letter (2)This letter was refused as evidence

And another way of looking at …..if you want to stop going mad:

I’m off to eat…..more later

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest.png


Extract from 18th September 2017 correspondence re ‘Strike Out’ of civil claims against ministry of Justice, Parole Board & South Wales Police.

It is apparent, at least to my friends who witnessed the criminal trial, that the learned judge was ordered not to allow either my relevant defence witnesses nor comprehensive lawyer prepared defence documents proving ‘reasonable cause’.

All were aware that the defence bound bundle was ideal also for today’s civil proceedings together with witnesses also  refused by The Recorder of Cardiff.

Similarly, my application for HM key documents for my next jury, if not for an RCJ appeal, are again required today to prove malice.

‘Reasonable excuse’ must therefore be given to the 3rd Defendant’s conduct in my today’s embarrassing civil proceedings, against HM, to have concocted their shambolic malicious prosecutions riddled, yet again, with fictitious HMCTS (Wales) altered court records for some poor prosecutor from England expected to ‘pick up and run with’..

In a civil case with no ‘disclosure’ from the perpetrators of crime is no different to  that bemused jury without the 3rd Defendant’s vjdeo of my interview, under caution or the relevant witnesses clutching the relevant HM unlawfully altered documentation.

22nd Sept 2017 claimant email to Cardiff County Court

Please confirm, for my intended RCJ appeal, you had handed down to me, via Mackenzie Friend, my18th Sept17 Parole board/police C90CF012 false imprisonment judgment within 2 minutes 41 seconds of the judge leaving the court now causing me to wonder, also, whether the court were also aware, before my getting out of bed that morning, it would have also known I would not be applying, as is the custom, for your court’s permission to appeal on anticipation of a perfunctory reply?  
today’s email extract:
I was never quite locked up in Ashworth only because no psychiatrist in Wales could be ‘found’ needed as the 2nd level 12 forensic psychiatrist signatory for the prison’s application form .

Also you missed a right  ‘cracker’ in civil court on Monday…..against same police , parole board and HM Ministry of Justice.
I HAD TO SUFFER nonsense excuses by all the above defendants all day that led to a swift ‘strike out’ of all three of my claims.
 The local judge appeared  to have not only drafted and typed out the judgment before hand but had it also handed down to me within two minutes forty one seconds from his leaving the room!
Ironic, while I think of it, when the claims had arisen from all of them having contributed to my time in Swansea prison having to therefore be doubled.
DOUBLED as no welsh psychiatrist was prepared to sit on the parole board and welsh on Dr Tegyn Mel Williams simply needing to correct my medical records for my immediate release
Roll on my 5th alleged breach of a ‘lawfully’ ‘handed down’ restraining order jury trial
 Claimant’s email to Cardiff County Court and official court reporters
Please quote cost of judgment described in enclosed application needed in 3 days when I propose visiting RCJ with appeal for ECHR
also price, please, the cheapest in common law you and your court company rules may allow
I will remain your obedient servant on the day I see the lot in Wales one day acting in accordance to our Magna Carta’s interpretation of ‘common law’ that what ever else Brexit may destroy in its wake hell bent on what two World Wars were fought for.
If we do not get an essential re vote for ‘remaining in a ‘make do’ family’ that has grown even before the days I was a prefect, albeit for only a week or two, in Taunton School back in the 60s.
Email to HM Min of Justice to day where, it is hoped, the ‘buck’ will finally stop.
South Wales Police are still refusing to release the original Barbara Wilding’s Feb 2009 false sworn affidavit that caused Dr Tegwn Mel Williams needing to be blackmailed in the first place.

Police under Morgan Cole & Dolmans’ legal joint advice told Dr TW again recently and why he could therefore not give evidence last week in my criminal trial, NOT to simply correct his 2009 fabricated Caswell Clinic forensic reports, in any event or senior police,  Dolmans,  Morgan Cole and a dozen Cardiff judges may find themselves still further up to their arm-pits in the proverbial stuff that that lot use in the Principality to also stick to a very dirty blanket.
Please also send me copy of affidavit required for RCJ appeal. Tanya’s witness statement and exhibits and police request for ‘further and better particulars’ as , yes Dolmans refuse to ‘resend that simple email either, no doubt to generate more easy cash
I would be most grateful and will deliver both the flowers and box of Yeatmans special chocolates next time I am in  town

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
Tel 07708586202


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#Judge #Jury or #Internet: who delivers #justice in #PublicCourts of #PublicInterest? @MoJGovUK @SWPolice

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

In the UK,McKenzie Friends were born in 1970, out of the need to help pro bono as ‘litigation friend’, when a ‘Litigant in Person’ could not afford to pay a lawyer.

Since then, they emerged mainly from victims of white collar crimes who were learning by doing – generally after bad experiences with the legal profession, e.g.:

And a book as well as mainstream media articles:

View original post 432 more words

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18th Sept 2017 Ministry of Justice ‘Strike Out’ Trial re concocted Machine-gun Malicious Prosecution

POLICE REFUSE TO HAND OVER CHIEF CONSTABLE’S FALSIFIED SWORN AFFIDAVIT that triggered the machine-gun conspiracy & fabricated forensic history  in the first place


Dear Mr Kirk,

I refer to the below email which you have sent before midday on Saturday.

I have taken my client’s instructions in respect of the same.

I anticipate your request to be on the basis that you might have mislaid the affidavit which was filed in the civil proceedings regarding actions 1 – 3 against South Wales Police and which were conducted before HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC. You will appreciate that the affidavit was filed some years ago as an interlocutory step in proceedings which have now been concluded, save for the issue of costs. It is difficult therefore to understand the relevance of your request for further disclosure of the same but as the proceedings have now concluded, there would be no entitlement to further disclosure and there would be costs implications if I were to continue to provide you with documentation arising out of this concluded matter. You will appreciate that I am instructed by South Wales Police to deal with the civil actions which you have instituted against the police and not the matter to which you make reference.

I therefore have to decline your request on this occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian P. Oliver

Senior Partner

Dolmans Solicitors

17 07 07 Min of J

Tomorrow, in Cardiff County Court, the current Chief Constable will yet again refuse disclosure of his previous conspirator’s  court ordered affidavit, lying that there had been full disclosure of their relevant records, including those of my custody, in my £1,000,000 damages claim starting with the first of their 33 failed malicious prosecutions.

17 09 01 Cl response to 3rd Def amended defence

17 08 15 Parole Part 18 Request Response

17 08 31 1st Def response to amended claim

The lawyer’s six weeks late drafted document, to be sworn and signed by Barbara Wilding, was miraculously signed within the hour after I had entered Dolman’s solicitor offices, in Cardiff but not without thumping Adrian Oliver’s desk with my fist until it was done.

Oliver then personally advised the launching of the armed police helicopter, out of shear spite, to aid the armed police, 3 days later, surrounding our home in Llantwit Major with 20 odd police, many also armed, in order to snatch our then 10 year old Genevieve to a Vale of Glamorgan council ‘care home’ ……..evil, evil little bastards.

Extract from my email to him yet again :


Llangunnor Six

Watcyn Richards passed away last night, yet another victim from South Wales Police bullying…

Dafydd Morgan

Watcyn Richards passed away last night

——– Forwarded Message ——–
17 September 2017 at 13:00

14:07 (22 minutes ago)

to Dafydd, me, MEIRION, LINDA, Siriol, PETER, ladyl.cooper
UK Column Tribute

Thank you for letting me know and very sorry to hear the news.

He was placed under great strain by what the corrupt state did and it’s shame to lose a man prepared to stand up and be counted

Brian g


11 Sep (6 days ago)
LET us also not forget Patrick Cullinane Esq

Cullinane P RCVS Hearing

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Dr Tegwyn Williams Trial Day 4 – JURY OUT – Refused Police, Court, Medical and Witnesses Records

Cardiff Crown, Case Progression
4 Sep (11 days ago)

Dear Mr Kirk

Your application for a witness summons was referred to the Recorder of Cardiff, who has made the following decision:

Maurice Kirk has written to the court seeking witness summonses in relation to eight people:

1. Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams
2. Dr Janis Hillier
3. Eiffon Edwards
4. Barbara Wilding, former Chief Constable
5. Judge Seys Llewellyn QC (retired)
6. Judge John Curran (retired)
7. Counsel for the prosecution, M  Smyth.
8. HHJ Rowlands

Although the applications are not in the prescribed form I have considered them, without the need for a hearing and I make the following ruling:

I have applied the two criteria set out in s.2 of the Criminal Procedure (Attendance of Witnesses) Act 1965 i.e.

  1. Whether they are likely to be able to give material evidence and
  2. Whether it is in the interests of justice to issue a summons

The current proceedings relate to the alleged breach of the restraining order by Mr Kirk through posting material relating to Dr Tegwyn Williams on his website. The grounds provided by Mr Kirk, in support of these applications, refer to what occurred during earlier criminal and civil proceedings, in this and other courts, and have no direct relevance to the issue of whether he posted this material in breach of the order. Through these applications, Mr Kirk seeks to widen the ambit of the trial way beyond the issues the jury has to consider in relation to this particular indictment. The offensive language used by Mr Kirk, to describe some of these witnesses, leads me to conclude that Mr Kirk’s motive in seeking their attendance, is to cause them at least unnecessary inconvenience and, in the case of Dr Williams and Dr Hillier, to cause them further harassment and distress.

I am not satisfied that any of the witnesses can give material/relevant/admissible evidence in relation to issues which can legitimately arise during the trial and in any event, I am not satisfied it would be in the interest of justice to issue the summonses.”


Michael Harris

Cardiff & Newport Crown Court / Llys y Goron Caerdydd & Casnewydd

Ffon / Phone: 029 20678755  Goldfax:0870 3240261 SecureEmail: Listing@cardiff.crowncourt.gsi.gov.uk

17 09 15 screen shot RO appl

Another Judge Refuses to Order an Outside Police Force Investigation

This application was blocked in Cardiff magistrates again and again yesterday when the judge was ordered to block it with all  my other records of evidence.

This included all my defence witnesses collected over the years witnessing doctor bullying in Caswell Clinic by Dr Roger Thomas  and Paul Thomas, head of the freemasons.

Their being in charge, when they had me arrested for ‘attempted burglary, is typical of what they could resort to.
Anything to block the real reason why Dr Tegwyn Williams was made to falsify my medical records by the South Wales Police for Ashworth incarceration.
The Clerk of the Court
Cardiff Crown Court
16th September 2017
T20170239 re Date to be fixed for 5th ‘Breach of Restraining Order’  Jury Trial
The convicted Defendant requests,
1. copy of his 15th Sept 2017 Restraining Order be  served on him in order he may understand it as he remains completely confused over 12th April 13 restraining order
2. copy of Cardiff Magistrates records re current court proceedings (4th RO Trial) are reliant on 1st Dec 2011 restraining order (c/f certs of convictions & ‘bad character’ data)
3. copy of Cardiff Magistrates  records that 2nd May 2014 Crown Court proceedings (3rd RO trial) were reliant on 1st December 2011 restraining order
4. copy of Cardiff Magistrates records that 4th May 2012 Crown Court proceedings (1st RO trial) were reliant on 1st December 2011 restraining order
5. copy within this current Crown Court’s trial’s rulings that the blocked defence/prosecution witness, who gave relevant evidence in 1st Dec 2011 ‘harassment’ hearing is now discredited and so removed as the prosecution witness, only this week, due to new evidence now disclosed from in 2012 2nd RO trial proceedings.
6. the earliest date available, please,  for his requested 5th restraining order jury trial  if it is not successfully transferred to Bristol Crown court due to the real risk of bias.
No prosecution witnesses will need attend from Wales as he will accept their MG11 witness statements as true and both Crown Prosecutor and himself reside near by.
peter vaughan
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Dr Tegwyn Williams Trial Day 3 – Refused Court, Medical and Witnesses Records

17 09 10 ws Sabine McNeill

I am of the view your summing up in this case, by simply assuming my evidence fits your last address to ROC, is the way forward.

There is a problem, however, of a real risk that this judge, like so many before her, will stop this nonsense before the essential disclosure of critical public records can go public on my websites.

Their proving the current widespread corruption in Cardiff’s law courts and police stations must remain a secret for those financed by the tax payer’s funded outdated HM ‘gravy train’.

17 03 17 Trans req re 2nd Dec 09

17 09 10 Witness Statement Parole Board

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Who’s Afraid of the #Internet? #MauriceKirk BVSc v Dr Williams [on behalf of @SWPolice]

It takes the observation of MANY cases to realise the depth of deception that is paraded in courts. That’s why one of my blogs is called We Who Oppose Deception, even though it focusses on the bigger picture of mass deception.

Going through the bundle of 135 pages that Maurice has to process for this case, I ask myself how many staff have been paid by the public purse to put him into Caswell Clinic, where Dr Tegwyn Williams was the Director, and / or in prison since.

At the time, Dr Williams was commissioned by South Wales Police to put him away to the high security mental hospital Ashworth for life. Hence he produced the false diagnosis that has been refuted by six documents on this blog post. Continue reading

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