Police Conspiracy to kill me foiled but will Burnett LCJ Rescue me again?

Burnett LCJ 2ndBurnett LCJ

Lord Chief Justice’s Annual Press Conference 2017


Machine gun aspx sm

Police repaint gun to try and fool 2010 machine-gun jury but not before frantically driving the antique almost 2000 miles around the UK, often with only one or two unarmed police in the vehicle , contrary to regulations because the Chief Constable had bloody well known from the start, the gun was recorded in aircraft CAA log books as decommissioned and proved , before trial by the new owner.

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

Last time, in February 2016, His Lordship had asked me to leave the public gallery and address both he and his colleague, Mr Justice Sweeney,  over my application following Mrs Kirk having been banned from ‘note taking’ on my behalf  by the South Wales judge, HHJ Crowther.

Welsh courts invariably hold me behind bullet proof glass to protect me BUT primarily to make sure I hear as little as possible in the hope their blackmail may lead to my confiding in my defence information  to one of their lawyers

Their Lordships bluntly quashed this one of manywicked practices carried out in the Welsh courts with gay abandon.

Will Their Lordships come to my rescue again , we all wonder, over the police’s attempt to having me shot on Barbara Wilding’s door step as one of the top most dangerous individuals in the UK?

Extract of email to my 112th law firm asked to protect me from incessant  South Wales Police bullying

Can you please confirm you are still acting for me in the case AND ATTENDING WITH QC I briefed in London with a witness?

I now have new information for the judge, HHJ Tracy Lloyd-Clarke for the lawyer, from a fortunate civil hearing only yesterday, 1CF03361 (machine-gun/murder conspiracy), that should lead to the release, at last, of police MAPPA and MACHINE  GUN CONSPIRACY RECORDS TO GET  MY POLICE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS FABRICATED.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also helped stop my civil claims, following their 33 failed malicious prosecutions aimed at me. Now,this week ,this machine gun judge refused to order specific disclose just as in the first 33 failed prosecutions or the wrong people would go to prison.

The police QC was made to admit to HH judge Keiser that HH judge Seys LLEWELLYN  QC refused to release those MAPPA minutes even when they had been delivered to court in  the proverbial ‘brown envelope’ in front of me containing their plan to having me killed.
South Wales Police were now ordered to disclose HH Judge Thomlow’s documentary evidence as well that he had used at secret HH judge Bidder QC hearing in Cardiff Crown Court to have me sectioned to Ashworth for rest of my life.
Their yet to be disclosed forensic history  of me contained their Caswell clinic I had diagnosed, with PROF RODGER WOOD OF Swansea university lying,  that I had a brain tumour making me so dangerous….MAPPA LEVEL 3 CATEGORY 3 (top 5% most dangerous) … I must not be told…….and never have been since.
Police, this very week, were made to allow my box of records, created from my near eight months in Cardiff prison during the scandalous 2010 trading in machine-guns trial fiasco, suddenly to appear after  about 5 years of apparently missing
Remember , HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had quickly ordered the destruction of my BS 614159 etc  court records, to block a RCJ appeal, relating to my first of many substantive claims for over two  million pounds,  after he had refused need for both standard and specific disclosure arising from over 40 police incidents.
I had dutifully released 50 odd arch lever files for BS case and they produced not one of relevance and I am now expected me to release my  intricate 2009 collated prison records of their daily criminal conduct.
Now, am I morally obliged to accommodate all these delightful people with disclosure they already have and appear to have gravitated to Cardiff’s so called law courts, civil and criminal?

The lying little bastards, in 2014, again told the court there were no bail hostels available, a habit of theirs to keep me in prison, just as they did this time , for next week’s court, ‘cannot find a welsh forensic psychiatrist to assess your fitness’.…. as South Wales medics are all too bloody  scared to counter any other South Wales doctor as it is NHS (Wales) controlled and NOT NHS (England).

My sister, Celia  and another, quietly made their own enquiries as to bail hostel availability, that January in 2014 both to be told there were plenty.


. “I am just going outside and may be some time.”

Let us, before boarding, start considering HHJ Tracy Lloyd -Clarke’s Cardiff Crown Court’s hearing this week on Thursday or Friday, I forget which for the moment.

How police can withhold the truth, for eight years, surrounding my machine-gun incarceration now set up in both my T20170239 criminal & 1CF03361 civil cases to maximise world publicity of accepted routine deceit and corruption in the welsh law courts, alas, still part of the United Kingdom 


my stolen property out of spite

extract from 2009 court transcript:

my mistake.jpg

“My mistake” lying Thomlow mutters.

Lying welsh judge, Richard Thomlow, in my forced absence in cells below, informed the July 2009 court that both the seller and purchaser of my Lewis machine-gun were known to the police more than 6 months before my trial but kept me locked up to cause maximum disruption in my civil proceedings against them for their losing the first 33 malicious prosecutions, at that time, aimed against me.

As nine of the jury commented after acquittal , “Why were they not both also in the dock with Mr Kirk?”

Answer, because the court was presided over yet another corrupt welsh judge , Paul Thomas.

11 06 11 Paul Thomas QC

09 06 23 Foxy mg11.jpg

more extracts later




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Fighting Evil

This week in Cardiff’s County Court I was overwelmed by the tremendous turnout in the public gallery of extrordinary members of the general public. They ranged from ardent publicists of what the welsh media are so determined to hush-up to our ‘man on the street’ to an ex fellow prisoner I was so lucky to know when incarcerated for 5 years in HMP Cardiff , Swansea and Parc, the latter being the notorious police privately controlled G4S establishment in Bridgend.

Evil, yet again, oozed from the pores of many of these lawyers attending employed by Dolmans, solicitors, for the Chief Constable of the South Wales Police. There was Howells, solicitors for G4S and Dolmans’ trailing barrister for a QC (Quaintly Corrupted) Mr Lloyd Williams also on the ‘gravy train’, a senior female solicitor for absent Adrian Oliver but also knowing the truth behind this South Wales judiciary scandal. Not one with the moral fibre to stop this travesty of justice as far too many Cardiff judges (17 on my last count) are implicated to ‘snuff out’ my civil claims.

Almost all had been employed for the past 30 odd years by some Welsh ‘establishment’ all seeking ‘judicial autonomy’ from England. A regime riddled with inherent deceit and , incidentally in 2002, had already caused my name being removed from the veterinary register in order to cut off my income and passion for my professional qualifications. Why? Because I had won over 50 malicious criminal prosecutions.

SIMPLE as all were based on lies. Their last contrived jury trial, a fairy tale in 2009, had also collapsed in farce (please read the official transcript) when attempting to secure my 10 year mandatory prison term for ‘trading in machine guns’. Eight of the jury in the pub after acquittal confirmed the blatent deceit identified on the 2nd day of two week hearing but Judge Paul Thomas was under orders.

All convictions were doomed to failure by 22nd June 2009, the day the police helcopter armed raid surrounded our home in the Vale of Glamorgan to ‘snatch our then 10 year old daughter, so Stalin’s ‘Guelag Card’ was dealt in order to have me sectioned for life.

From the very start the criminal allegationns were flawed by the 2009 HM Law Commission’s findings when identifying my innocence for being in possession of a WW1 Battle of The Somme’ Lewis gun.

minuteertunim 4 1551 4 minuteetunim 155etunietunietunietetEtsit ListsstsiWhat has sparked me to write this, do you wonder? BBC’s Radio 4 account, today, of ‘The Remarkable Resistance of Lilo’ by my favorite Irish reporter, Fergal Keane, first heard of in my prison cell of his BBC4 account on how L had also miraculously survived a jump despite our parachutes having failed to fully open! My tel 07708586202 maurice@kirkflyingvet.com for next court hearing date.

Evil is rife in the welsh law courts my three decades of experience has so clearly witnessed and Judge Keiser QC’s conduct yesterday was nothing new to my family when deliberately denying relevant police held evidence, as it proved criminal conspiracy of no mean scale. Proof of this Welsh Authority’s nefarious conduct was all there in court on friday as it is well documentedin my Caswell Clinic, MG6D, PII, MAPPA and G4S records. Evilness personified but who cares?

Since my WW2 aircaft pushed the roof in of one of their police cars, over 30 years ago, the police in South Wales have bullied me on every opportinity when only few witnesses were around.

Sheda Oraki

And some one I witnessed from the start swindled by corrupt London solicitor immune to prosecution. https://www.byline.com/column/76/article/1901

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Come to Cardiff's 'Cacophony of Crime' County Court on 24th

I was on remand in prison in 2009 for ‘trading in machine guns’ only to receive a Cardiff County Court Judgement that I had won £50,000 from HM for ‘False Imprisonment’. officers of the County Court therefore dreamed up the scam, before its own court that the serving of the the summons for HM prison governor to attend that hearing had been an ‘oversight’!

The Taffia’s concocted fairy tale became a habit and a green light for Dolmans, therefore, to make up what ever they liked with immunity to prosecution. My rebuttal for this ‘habit’ to be challenged, again, resulted in my 4pm on the 21st January clear explanation behind dolmans now multimillion pound fraud as I was at liberty to gather damming evidence: http://20 01 21 Maurice Kirk 1CF03361 http://20 01 21 Maurice Kirk 1CF03361 so police QC, trailing barrister and Dolmans building responded at 9.30 to day, 22nd, with this: http://20 01 22 South Wales Police – position statement

The liars in Cardiff overturned the judgment saying someone on the public counter in court had possible failed to serve the summons but the police had received theirs, strangely! As with the 40 odd wins in the Cardiff corrupt criminal courts, in one of my many claims against Cardiff’s corrupt authorities, I was also refused the cash at the public counter or even for the court fee back!!.C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Dr Marnell_files Then I was banned from the counter for 10 years with their deceitful regime not even reimbursing me for any of the 9 years costs incurred when winning over 100 criminal allegations.

The police/judges/prisons/Dolmans, solicitors joint multimillion fraud, that ouzed out of all this welsh evilness, culminated in a black mailed doctor to knowingly write a sequuence, against his wishes, of unqualified false reports that I was so seriously brain damaged I had to be locked away for life (for police to avoid the 14 damges claims, costing to date , in over two million pounds.

I enclose with invitation for you to attend yet another iniquitous court hearing of deceit some of the key documents to be quickly shredded by Judge Keiser QC…later or see facebook etc or tel 07708586202

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Chris Daw QC takes Machine Gun Conspiracy Instructions Again

Just where did my full £5000 go to as nothing was done in my direction by way of either legal advice supplied or any court representation?

I have just been released from a vindictive two year prison term protracted only by further South Wales Police fictitious malicious criminal prosecutions. The lying Welsh judge, Tracy Lloyd Clarke, even boasted she did not have ‘the power’ for an outside police force, GMC or CPS obtaining the unlawfully withheld, by the police, MG6D, PII and MAPPA favourable evidence. Such is the state of the welsh courts for an Englishman so stupid to have crossed the bridge in the first place [see 17th Dec 2017 Cardiff Crown Court page 12C of official transcript].

None of your lot answered either Sabine McNeill’s or my communications or turned up to my Crown Court sentencing’ or clandestine ‘machine gun’ conspiracy 1CF03361 civil court hearings re scheduled for this Friday when knowing I would, again, not be allowed to attend.

Not only does Holborn Adams, solicitors,   https://www.holbornadams.com/team/chris-daw-qc/  refuse to return my brief with promised copies of the two meetings nor will the South Wales Police even allow G4S HMP Park to return any of my legal papers for this Friday’s further bloody nonsense despite promises from my parole officers, prison police liaison officers and Uncle John Copley and all. 

Into Africa?

My complaint to the Law Society, again about these lawyers, is a  fraudulent ‘set up, https://www.holbornadams.com/team/chris-daw-qc/  who will not confirm, again, if they will turn up to court, this time on Friday 24th Jan2020 at 10am for 1CF03361 Cardiff County Court’s hearing. You will recall the solicitors had eagerly snatched my money but failed to attend either the criminal or civil court hearings without any explanation!

I ask for your help again to find me anyone to represent me on 24th January as I no longer have I the mental capacity after 28  years in the stench of welsh court rooms and G4S ‘beat-up’ when so violently ejecting me from HMP Park, Bridgend, simply to show off to the prisoners and steal all my legal papers. G4S refuse to hand over, as promised, after a 6 week hunger strike for them,  either machine gun conspiracy data or even more urgently, Caswell clinic, Glanrhyd Hospital  MAPPA3/3 fanciful medical evidence as it would clear my name to be restored to the veterinary register.

maurice@kirkflyingvet.com or Tel. 07708586202

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South Wales Police Machine Gun Fraud reliant on False Medical Records

Claimant’s ‘Position Statement’ for 24th January 2020 Cardiff’s Civil Claim Hearing

1. On violent ejection from prison, by no less than eight G4S staff only acting under orders, he has a chance to see the official transcript revealing not just deceitful conduct by 2009 prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, throughout a near three week criminal trial transcript all read now for deliberate deceit by presiding judge, Paul Thomas, yet another wicked man hell bent on hiding the truth that the conspiracy had been originally based on fictitious unqualified medical reports obtained by police blackmail.

2. The proposed trial judge for the 1CF03361 civil claim trial for compensation, HHJ Keiser QC, appears to be no different, of course, to the past 17 judges so far in Cardiff, that have managed to cover-up this high level of deceit metered out by police HQ, prosecuting lawyers, prison and parole staff all in on the act . Read it on the official trial transcript.

3. In this past week, for example, the Claimant has travelled the length and breadth of England, well over one thousand miles for witnesses but not Wales, of course, as it is far too dangerous to enter for fear of yet another arrest on spurious grounds yet again.

4. Claimant’s gathered statements, of the first time, already given to police post acquittal, for a post-trial investigation have not been seen or heard of again, surprise, surprise.

5. One witness repeats his statement identifying the ‘gun’ having been bought from Claimant as all ‘black’ to be partly paint ‘silver’ only for it to be returned post-trial a third colour!

6. Another confirms the ‘gun’ in trial’ was brought into court each day by one policeman with it over his shoulder to 2nd week needing armed three police using a locked box to transport it!

7. Another witness again confirms he and his wife had been interviewed under police caution for ‘being in possession’ of a prohibited weapon contrary to s. 5 of the 1968 firearms Act.

8. Interesting, when you consider both he and his wife then gave prosecution evidence against the Claimant, facing a 10 year mandatory prison term, despite the South Wales Police having already known from the English police that the ‘gun’ was entirely a lawful possession.

9. Welsh police even knew Caswell clinic’s Glanrhyd Hospital staff, bar one, had confirmed Claimant displayed no traits of ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’ nor was he any danger to the general public or to himself as leaked in June 2009 MAPPA minutes. He was only a ‘serious risk’ to the then Chief Constable, very wicked Barbara Wilding, with her pet ‘shoot to kill’ policy as tested on attempting to ‘snatch’ our, then, 10 year old daughter, Genevieve.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc 19thJanuary 2020

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Invite to 24th Jan South Wales Police Fraud/Machine Gun Hearing

2009 Extract of T20097445 Machine Gun Jury Trial

His Honour Judge Thomas: “Mr Kirk, I’ve had a letter this morning from Mr Werren, again
about the medical notes. This seems to be in relation to an ENT appointment in Bristol. Am
I right about that?”

Mr Kirk: “I, during around about August, paid money to make the Caswell Clinic release
my psychiatric records for my legal advisers. They have deliberately withheld the important
psychiatric reports that relate to their attempts to have me sectioned under 37/41 to serve an
indeterminate prison sentence at a high security prison in order to prevent this case from
progressing and the civil action from progressing”.

“Now, in law the Caswell Clinic, Dr xxxxxxxxx, he will be one of my witnesses later,
should have released the medical records to my solicitor in, in Yorkshire. He used to be our
local Member of Parliament inthe Vale of Glamorgan, a grumpy old sod, ideal for the, our next
Home Secretary,incidentally. I am not employing him because he refuses to charge a penny
whenever I seeklegal advice. So I’m pursuing it through this Court that the report by professor
Roger Wood seriously affected the psychiatric report that the Royal College are using to overturn
a £1 million action in the local Court here that is on a deadline of 4:30 this afternoon”.

“The report is that His Honour Judge, is it Mr Judge North? North, I think it was, but you
would know who he is, has said that if I do not produce a psychiatric report to show that I
am fit to conduct the prosecution against the Royal College and South Wales Police in the
civil action, I have all the papers with me, they, the, the Reliance are refusing to produce my
papers for the fourth day, which is another matter …

His Honour Judge Thomas: “You’ve got the papers with you, haven’t you, now?” NO

FOR FRAUD TRANSCRIPT ring me on 07708586202 or maurice@kirkflyingvet.com

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Cash for South Wales Police Machine Gun Conspiracy Witnesses

On the 24th Jan 2020 in Cardiff Civil Justice Centre you have the opportunity, apart from a ‘free lunch’, witnessing the Welsh judiciary snuffing out clear evidence on Dolmans, solicitors’ fraud and also how the Chief Constable in 2009,Barbara Wilding, had personally orchestrated I be registered MAPPA3/3, top most dangerous in UK to serve, so far, 5 years in prison.

Her machine gun conspiracy at 8th June 2009 Barry police station meeting caused me to serve witness statements of proof in 2010, when acquited BUT today, police refuse to disclose those statements, of course, I had gathered in 2010 BECAUSE ‘their pensions are on the the line’. Such is the inherent deceit we english witness, when stupidly even communicating with the welsh authorities.

Now, who can be paid by me to confirm as to what YOU saw and heard at that scandalous January 2010 Machine gun Cardiff Crown Court conspiracy jury trial where I was acquitted without even bothering to call any defence evidence?

Remember, Barbara Wilding had set me up to be shot due to 50 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions. Even G4S prison staff told me last year this must be a UK record?


So just how alien is this welsh judiciary and private police solicitors to those in England?

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All Welcome to Machine Gun Dolmans Solictors' Fraud Exposure

10th Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff

I, Maurice John Kirk, file complaints against HMP Parc, Bridgend, G4S custody staff for their seriously inflicting injuries, harassment and false imprisonment to cause numerous thefts of my possessions.

Serious Assaults                                                                                                                Incident 1900418801

  1. After my Feb 2019 unlawful ‘recall’ to prison from a Cardiff parole hostel I was assaulted on numerous occasions in Parc prison with one incident already reported over the ‘floor buffer’  on A2 wing. All required medical attention and captured on CCTV & body cameras. 
  2. The 2nd filmed significant assault was in June 2019 when I was forcibly removed from my 2nd missing wheel chair by unnecessary force from seven officers carrying me back to B block.
  3. The 3rd main incident was in Nov 2019 when I was snatched from my cell by unprovoked excessive force using no less than eight G4S officers using handcuffs on my wrists behind my back. This deliberate pain was inflicted continued from B wing to the main gate where I was ‘released’ for Bristol Royal Infirmary attention. This included x-rays due to my hip prosthesis having suffered partial subluxation of my hip joint and prescription analgesics for a month.
  4. The incidents have left me feeling severely intimidated, vulnerable and in constant pain.

Deliberate False Forensic History Yet Again

  1. In Sept & Dec18 G4S had inadvertently released Caswell Clinic medical data by fabricated police criminal convictions including ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘narcotics’, ABH and ‘FTA’.
  2. Oct 19 HM Parole Board hearing, with evidence from a retired magistrate, had also revealed why a prison had needed such violent ‘constraints’. Both parole officer & prison supervisor had vehemently opposed release as I was, ‘violent and extremely dangerous’. To whom was I a danger, exactly, turned out to be only the Chief Constable? This caused my swift release.
  3. That CCTV and more leaked 2009 Barry police station MAPPA level 3 category 3 data of Barbara Wilding’s conspiracy, to have me shot, is applied for to be disclosed at the ‘machine gun’ hearing on 24th January as it all identifies the original culprit’s nefarious conduct. 

‘Heroin’ to Alun Cairns MP & ‘Anthrax Spores’ to Rebecca Pow MP false Allegations

  • My Feb 19 release was due so police concocted reasons to stop my mail in and out of Cardiff & Parc prisons to protract time in prison and delay my civil claims. The ‘white powder’ found in my two MP letters had simply been remaining traces of toothpaste originally used for gluing exhibits on to my cell wall when originals had been stolen by my key liaison officer.

Further Deliberate Theft of my Possessions

Despite my pleadings and requests by parole staff G4S continues to refuse to return my wheel chair and legal papers as the latter is needed, of course, for my 10am 24th January 2020 civil court proceedings against both G4S and the South Wales Police. Today’s MG11 VPS written complaint to very patient South Wales police officers will, no doubt, end up in the police HQ shredder as did the ones, re police paint gun, to try and fool the 2010 jury!

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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