Cardiff Court MAPPA Cover Up

I am shortly to be subjected to the stench of yet another so called law court in Cardiff where he or she will, no doubt, be promising me disclosure of its own court  and police records ordered time and time again by successive judges, for me, over the past 20 years.


Judge Hughes

A Judge Hughes refused me my legal papers and relevant witnesses in Cardiff court on 1st March 2012 to appeal a trumped up harassment conviction against Dr Tegwyn Williams.

Maurice caught re Dr Teg Williams house on fire

Maurice caught, red handed, ‘fire bombing’ Dr Tegwyn Williams’ South Wales home to cause him to flee, apparently, to New Zealand.

Can you spot Maurice’s rabbit gun, his trusty WW1 Lewis machine-gun tucked under his arm in this passer-by’s snapshot?

The latter’s wife, Janis Hillyer, physically fought my main witness, Eifion Edwards on his crutches, from gaining entry to the court room and thus prevented , with a little help from her friends, to deny me my main witness.

Witness  concerning poor old Tegwyn having to write a police dictated psychiatric report to have me immediately sectioned and goaled under the 1983 Act without the need for even a medical examination!

Fabricated to block my civil damages claims coming to a quick and decisive conclusion in July before both memories and evidence was lost of over 30 failed malicious prosecutions to put me out of business (income) to fight the torrent of litigation

 The cabal has to intention of doing it, of course, as with this typical individual below who has lied to my face time and time again since he and his mates allowed the concoction of the 2009 malicious Machine-Gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA conspiracy by withholding Crown Court transcripts.

Successive Cardiff courts continue to cover up their illegal use of MAPPA legislation to frustrate the Claimant’s civil claims against the South Wales Police’s countless malicious prosecutions as HMCTS must preserve its lucrative income.

Similarly, despite recent Crown Court promises being a repeat by a past Recorder of Cardiff, Nicholas Cooke QC, I am not holding my breath for release of the evidence still under the control of the court, police and Dr Tegwyn Williams.

In Judge Cooke’s case he said I would receive similar such court documents needed for any thinking jury and would include my NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Dr Tegwyn Williams instigated medical reports. That promise was in 2009 and he repeated it in 2010 when police had refused to take my complaint surrounding NHS Glanrhyd Hospital Bridgend Caswell Clinic misconduct on medical evidence.

Cooke’s now proven lies to my face, despite the recent collapse of the cabal’s vindictive ‘prohibited weapon’ prosecution conspiracy,  was based on new evidence as to how the South Wales Police had painted my machine-gun, just days prior to trial,  a different colour in the hope of fooling the jury.

She was returned to new owner in yet a different botched-up colour when police, in Bridgend HQ,  had tried to match it to the original colour before their unlawful seizure to be transport nearly 2002 miles in breach of their own regulations.

That was how frantic Barbara Wilding was and Cardiff law courts right now.


After the collapse of the gun trial, requiring no defence, the cabal put their snouts back into their trough to dream-up another way of wrecking their victim’s lawful civil processes to sue other members  feeding off the tax payer funded ‘gravy train’.

All a pack of lies from Judge Cooke of course but who cares? Remember, no less less than seven Cardiff Crown Court Judges, so far, have knowingly deceived the general public over the truth surrounding Tegwyn Williams when  South Wales Police illegally blackmailed him into all this.

M KIRK CALLS: 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, JAN ’14 from HMP CARDIFF  (just before 3rd Dr Tegwyn Williams Jury trial)

STOP PRESS- one of the witnesses to 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrates harassment hearing, leading to the prosecutor being arrested, reminded me today that DR TEGWYN WILLIAMS had written at least five police  statements before Christmas 2012 and in some that I had been threatening to ‘fire bomb’ his house- this I have to see or may I suggest, more to the point, the jury needs to see!

I apply to the Crown Court for those documents, previously refused,  to be also disclosed to me with the DVD custody tapes for each and every restraining order breach allegation and machine-gun one, also always refused of course.

The last Cardiff Crown Court (4th alleged Breach of a Restraining Order) hearing,  a few weeks ago, again promised, as they do, I would receive some of the still withheld court transcripts relating to Dr Tegwyn Williams and even, possibly, record of the evidence recorded by 1st December 2011 magistrates court rodeo.

All those at that original 1st December 2011 magistrates harassment conviction know, full well, that I will never get those documents, what ever the present Recorder of Cardiff may believe when Her Ladyship promised transcript disclosure etc, as more crime committed by those in positions of privilege will be further uncovered.

Filmed at the House of Commons is an example of how dangerous it is to find misconduct in our law courts. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons had accepted so called ‘evidence’ from the South Wales Police, when nothing what ever to do with animals, sufficient to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

When the Registrar of the college, despite state law contradicting contained in the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act, refused to entertain my application for my name to be put back on the register I had appealed to HM Privy Council.

Likewise, that registrar refused to put my appeal before Their Lordships contrary to law.

Likewise, the European Court of Human Rights  notorious Scottish clerk,Ms Reed,  wrote back refusing my application, out of hand, by saying that any further application in the future relating to the RCVS then it will be refused

So much for HM Partnership, a subject to become far worse if Brexit succeeds.

Recovering from being beaten up by Geoamey Custodial Services, all caught on CCTV, for being unable to serve the restraining order because district Judge John Charleshad prematurely  released me for fear of a fight breaking out in his ridiculous court room.

Shortly all of the doctor’s police witness statements, implicating the true ring leaders in all this but also promised immunity to prosecution, may be named with their home addresses for proposed peaceful demonstrations.

Defence Evidence

Today’s email to Cardiff Crown Court

I enclose an HMP Cardiff tape recording telephone record  (already with the police) of part of the audit trail of the 26 years of disgusting South Wales Judiciary conduct when reliant on  their agents  to bring in the money to guarantee all your  continuing employment
Contrary to anybody’s court directions, over the past 25 years, the South Wales Police and your courts continue to refuse to disclose even your own records relevant to the 4th jury on the matter.
 A restraining order was deliberately not served on me in the first place in order to have me quickly gaoled again, for breaching it simply   to prejudice my civil claims against the Cardiff cabal currently being defended.

Successive judges have refused to question my effective arrests of HM Crown Prosecutor David Gareth Evans, HM Crown Prosecutor Stan Sofa and Police Inspector Hall, as examples, to expose the Cardiff culture of covering up the truth if their is the slightest risk to any one of their pensions.

2010 Cardiff Court MAPPA Abuse

MAPPA Legislation ABUSE

MAPPA Executive Summary

RCJ Provisional Grounds Appeal Annex A etc

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also refused all police Visor records, not already disclosed, of in excess of thirty of their malicious prosecutions to be allowed t be used by the Claimant in recent court hearings now subject to appeal in The Royal Courts of Justice

HHJ Seys Lewellyn QC refused disclosure of the MAPPA conspiracy by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding despite the unambiguous 2008 HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC court order order for the above disclosure of police records.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC achieved further delay of much of this by blocking the 2009 Machine-Gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams conspiracy, for seven years, in order to have this Claimant locked up , indefinitely without trial or being ‘lawfully’ shot.


“And now for something completely different”, as Monty Python would say…..

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Ministry of Justice Barristers Investigated

On this police incident(s)  the police in Barry were waiting for me to drink far to much wine and waited in the hope that I may drive but instead, to their chagrin, I had simply gone to bed.




With senior police having set the plan in motion I am soon woken up from my slumbers in my house by a female caller from 101 police general enquiries office  at HQ.

She had been instructed not to let me be put through, on the telephone, to a police officer on any account as they continued their overarching agenda, since 1992, to ignore my complaints but instead to provoke, if they could, an arrest…….the well trodden ladder to promotion.

My query with the police or court was simple.

Her Ladyship, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees, had just granted me bail from prison on a ridiculous matter the police soon were made to drop as ‘stupid’ following the CPS’s initial investigation of the facts. I had been deliberately kept locked up, in prison, for months pending trial to ensure that I could not obtain the police audit trail still in existence needed for the jury.

I was due to come before Her Ladyship to consider a court ordered medical examination due to the fabricated 2009 police medical written without the patient, myself , having even been examined by the doctor.  Dates were changed leaving the medical appointment clashing with court date.

His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC’s apparent castigation of this Dr Tegwyn Williams related matter failed to achieve my bail to prepare for trial as I was arrested on the following morning for ‘making a threatening telephone call’. The police had rang me whilst technically drunk, the night before, purely to obtain a further 18 months false imprisonment to harass my ever mounting police damages claims.

I had again been deliberately kept locked up, in prison, pending trial to ensure that I could not obtain the evidence and witnesses needed.

My earlier call that day to a police officer and court was to no avail, of course but had sparked off the conspiracy for later that evening.

That following morning, when a ‘little worse for wear’, I went to the police station to sort out, I go to court only for it to be futile or do I keep the medical appointment?

Also I had now traced the name of the thief of my £1,500 and just caught his car registration in time for his blue BMW to be traced.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had by then, struck out in perfunctory manner,  my civil claim for this particular loss due to blatant police malfeasance despite the police having admitted refusing even to interview yet alone arrest the villain, at the time of the incident, already known to them!

Clear CCTV footage filmed by someone who had tipped me off was confiscated by the police so I could not use it against them in the civil court or by private prosecution catching the criminal fraudulently cashing cheques stolen from my veterinary hospital.

The other reason to go to the police station has to register complaint so far ignored by the police , namely the whole Tegwyn Williams /MAPPA/ machine -gun conspiracy and to obtain copy of my earlier statement under video in April 2010 at the very same police station.

By refusing to connect me to a police officer, on the telephone that night, on a serious matter of new crime was why I needed to up date the NHS and police authorities on Dr Tegwyn Williams’ conduct, he having been their very own police psychiatrist before being sacked needing to leave the country.

Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood of Swansea University had conspired to concoct my medical report following promise of police protection if jointly they could get me locked away in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital.

As I explained at the police enquiry desk the police had other I ideas and had me locked up for an hour in an office having been given no PACE arrest /caution procedure what so ever!

Guess what? The police had been on the phone to Teqwyn’s London solicitor, in a nearby office for best part of an hour trying to get his reluctant client to fabricate yet another complaint of harassment when all clearly knowing by now, third time round, you cannot harass someone when either detecting or trying to prevent further crime. ( Prevention of Harassment Act 1997).

This week, out of sheer spite, the South Wales Police dragged in two Ministry of Justice barristers from London to join their own QC, on his annual £100,000 retainer, clearly unaware of either ‘motive’ or their true ‘intent’, an essential ingredient in my case,

The police, alone and despite clear well documented evidence to the contrary, caused my being maliciously recalled to HM Swansea prison within days of my release and the doubling of my 2014 prison term without even the need of either a HM Parole Board hearing or criminal court ruling!……..Not a bad day’s work, eh?

So my little sister, a retired magistrate and who had actually been an eye witness to much of this atrocity was contacted by Tony Gosling of Bristol Dialect radio who had often interviewed me, over the years, on the weird goings on across the Seven Bridge!

Complaint to the Police re Perversion of Justice

My continuing application to simply make police/1CPS and Courts to hand over copies of many found to be public documents

17 06 25 CPS appl




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Dafydd, I don’t Like This a Little

I like it, rather a lot:

Llangunnor Six

Did you forget some one that started all this for me in Wales?

16 05 07 Norman Abbeyshrule

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Barristers Caught Lying Again in Cardiff Courts

Extract of doctored Cardiff Magistrates aingle pageOne of CCRC’s clumsily altered Cardiff court records to cover-up the truth for 4th jury


FAO                                                                                                                                            C90CF012

The Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary

Police HQ

South Wales

24th June 2017


Dear Mr Vaughn,


           Perversion of Justice by even more barristers in your HM Cardiff Courts

On the 22nd June 2017, in Cardiff County Court, not by the occasional barrister but this time by more barristers at the very same time when they deliberately misled the presiding judge, His Honour Judge HH Keyser QC, when lying over facts as each one knew them at the time.

Clearly their motive was to take advantage of my failing health and loss of memory and again being forced to be unrepresented in the dozen damages claims currently in process for the same reason.

I therefore returned to my Brittany ‘safe house’ to examine intricate records of the appalling forensic history behind my false imprisonments, over 25 years, in your Cardiff, Park and Swansea prisons.

The latter prison attempted to investigate a complaint but was blocked by you police disallowing, for example, my bail or my right to speak to a number of witnesses and helpers by telephone for my civil damages claims against yourself and 1st 2nd, 3rd and now 4th alleged breaches of a restraining order never served on me in the first place.

HMP Swansea staff repeatedly admitted, in writing and orally, that their HM Parole Board could not convene to grant my immediate release as no psychiatrist was ‘available’ between July 14 and February 2015. It was then ‘considered’ too close to your proposed release of me in March 2015.

I put you on notice that I will arrest these barristers, without further notice, if I again find my complaint has not been properly investigated and appropriate action taken.

At a time when the UK police have again shone brightly in the eyes of the world once more critics are asking why those unfortunates to find themselves residing in South Wales have to suffer senior officers in your police force driven by self-gratification and avarice at any cost.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Enclosed    16 09 07 amended Parole Board Particulars of Claim

Copy to Cardiff Crown Court & HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales)


Collins LJ.jpg

Is this the very same Judge Collins, I see in this week’s newspaper, who refused my right to apply to the Royal Courts of Justice, under JR, to make the RCVS convene a court, mandatory under the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act, when his lordship also only based his decision on what was before him—on what the South Wales Police chose to tell him as those very same lies as they used on the 29th May 2012 to have my name removed from the veterinary register for life and before HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

Pursuant to Judge’s note of 8th August 2016 re Para 8 judge’s note 7CF07345, actions to be heard in strict order, it is humbly contested by the Claimant as being ‘an abuse of process’ as the 1CF03361machine-gun case, already deliberately delayed by the Welsh authorities for over, not six but seven years, was a blatant criminal act condoned by too many Cardiff judges to number, countless CPS lawyers and senior South Wales Police officers only concerned for their pensions.

The repeated refusal of both Cardiff criminal and civil courts to disclose public paid court records, just because they do not stand up to scrutiny, is a further ‘abuse of process’ with the Claimant humbly submitting is such deliberate conduct to frustrate a litigant, seeking both punitive damages and exemplary damages, as stated at the time of each unlawful arrest.

Ref: Criminal Cases Review Commission ongoing investigation re Claimant’s Dr Tegwyn Williams 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrates harassment conviction the court records of same now seized and altered by the South Wales Police.

This small problem for the corrupt Cardiff courts is not going away, ‘not by a long chalk’…..

watch this space




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Maurice Awarded £100,000 by Default

Nota bad month for Maurice following Her Ladyship’s apparent suggestion he compose a ‘time-line’ of the police incidents, over the past 25 years, fabricated  by successive chief constables to harass him simply when seeking civil damages for his successfully defending the first 33 police malicious prosecutions of the hundred or so planned.

Texas Landing

His landing rather too near President Bush’s Texas ranch did the trick in exposing the Dr Tegwyn Williams conspiracy, world -wide as has his ‘landing’, last year, in the middle of a raging war in South Sudan!

17 01 27 Sharing a joke or two

Maurice is still waiting, however, for his £100,000 damages following his successful application for 5% of his final settlement sought for the sustained South Wales Police brutality over a quarter of a century.

As with his successful 5th Action against the South Wales Police when awarded £50,000 ‘HM Partnership’ never was ever to let the money lose to someone not a lawyer, perish the thought.

As Patrick Cullinane Esq would so often confirm, in our many London demonstrations against the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons , any one so stupid as to fight an injustice  against an individual under the protection of ‘HM’ is on a hiding to nothing.

HM Privy Council

The late Patrick Cullinane Esq attending one of many hearings RCVS hearings before the Judicial Committee of the HM Privy Council

This week in Cardiff’s corrupt County Court was a classic, if not a milestone, for what ‘remainers’ would have finally achieved by ECHR if not for the ignorant having been swayed on so many lies by those shouting ‘brexit’.

Not one but all three barristers, in court with Dolmans’ solicitor, Adrian Oliver (who personally had me goaled for nearly eight months purely for the money) edging them all on, clearly appeared to deliberately perverting the course of justice by misinforming the new judge, His Honour Judge HH Keyser QC.

The police QC said, the Parole Board barrister said and Ministry of Justice barrister in turn implied…..they knew nothing about Maurice’s judgment last year following his interim claim for £100,000 just for ‘starters’.

They said they ‘knew nothing’ about the continuing application, one amended and signed HM damages claim as it exposed, world -wide, no Welsh psychiatrist could be ‘found’ to sit on Maurice’s July 2014  HMP Swansea parole board hearing, for his instant release, as their evidence would contradict that of police psychiatrist, Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams and the arrogant idiot Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University both originally employed by Barbara Wilding to avoid the then imminent machine-gun jury trial she damned well knew was doomed for failure.

16 04 04 ps

16 04 10 Parole SWP req judgment

16 04 06 SWP FOI Response (1)16 04 10 Parole SWP req judgment


Despite Maurice’s disapproval of the manner in which both the FOI and Data Protection Acts are being used and abused so far, were Maurice’s court and police records  are concerned, the HM FOI replies has done nothing but prove the widespread corruption in Cardiff’s criminal and civil courts, again to protect their assured pensions.

16 09 07 amended Parole Board Particulars of Claim


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Police Fabricated MAPPA Data to Gaol Me

Case number T20170239

Application to the Clerk,

Cardiff Crown Court,


22rd June 2017

FAO: The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees

Dear Sir/Madam,

            4th Alleged Breach of Restraining Order Jury Trial

     Application to disclose evidence re my MAPPA Registration


The back ground of this application caught on Celia Jeune Ex Magistrate’s Interview

10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary

HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) and HM Civil Court circuit judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, both refuse to order the police to disclose, needed for my numerous Royal Courts of Justice appeals, their South Wales Police supplied fabricated evidence in order to support their having registered me MAPPA level 3 category 3.

)n the 8th June 2009 I became, in the eyes of the law, amongst the top 5% most dangerous individuals in the United Kingdom and with no intention of ever informing their victim.

Why? The sole purpose of her officers was to harass me to interfere with my right of civil redress though their very own law courts, over years years, that has ruined my family’s life.

Why such unlawful action? The police had lost in the region of 100 malicious prosecutions by then and my BS614159 original civil damages claim was a serious threat to senior police officers’ pensions.

Eventually, in 2013, my initial litigation collapsed in farce as, despite His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC having ordered both standard and specific disclosure of relevant records, the then Chief Constable, Ms Barbara Wilding, simply smiled uttering in effect, ‘in your dreams’ and rapidly set about a conspiracy for having me ‘lawfully’ shot if their chief forensic psychiatrist for Wales, a Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University failed in their evil task to having me locked away with out need of a jury trial for an indefinite period. (I now have the required details of the lying little Wood should I wish to pay him a visit).

Eight years ago, to this day, our home had been surrounded by armed police following a complaint by the Chief Constable’s privately funded law firm, Dolmans, on the understanding his fellow country man, Mr Williams QC, was put on a tax payer funded £100,000 annual retainer to simply ‘bury’ me.

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Dolmans had me gaoled on their one fabricated mg11 witness statement alone that, once their adversary was locked up in Cardiff prison for nearly eight months it quietly withdrew the complaint of ‘threat of criminal damage’.

All this was concocted due to His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC’s order for the substantive civil trial of over 100 witnesses to start in January 2010.

Instead, it was quickly substituted for the equally ridiculous doomed January 2010 ‘machine-gun conspiracy’ jury trial, carrying a mandatory 10 prison term. This  followed the HM Crown Prosecutor (Wales), now His Honour Judge Richard Tohmlow, lying little bastard, failed attempt in getting me further sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act when telling His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC.

This 2nd December 2009 hearing was just one of the seven clandestine  criminal court hearings heard in my absence, so far, anything to cover-up their repeated criminal conduct not just by their local police in South Wales but by some rotten apples in both  their judiciary and executive all Case striving for autonomy of all things!

14 07 11 pg 35 fbcted OASys MAPPA Prison Recall

14 07 11 pgs 36-37 MAPPA Restricted

These  Ministry of Justice pages of potentially best selling fairy tales of make believe requiring full disclosure to identify those culpable there by detecting and/or preventing further crime.

Those paragraphs with marked red crosses beside are, in particular, requiring disclosure or their may be an alternative tactic to obtain that to which my family is entitled.

pg 35 MAPPA OASys doc (2)

pg 36 MAPPA OASys doc (2)

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Unlawful Doubling of my Prison Sentence case today



17 06 12 C90CF012 Parole Release


My 1993 custody interview tape confiscated in  Cardiff court as this was really where  all THIS POLICE BULLYIG started from in South Wales (apart from the 1971 incident in Pembrokeshire when I put my old Burma war time Auster through the roof of a police car and in 1975 the  comical Manx kippers incident at Swansea airport when my 1945 Auster finished up being gutted of a hundred or so smoked fish from the Isle of Man races while the idiots were looking for something…a machine-gun , perhaps?

HMP Swansea release93 05 20 Interview Tape

16 07 29 Parole Board Particulars of Claim

Oh what a classic UK court hearing based on plain greed.

1.  TWO, yes, two barristers from the prison management section of the HM Justice Ministry and a QC I am told on £100,000 retainer to kill me off….

2.  EXACTLY their arguement in my 5th action against the South Wales Police and Home Office  when gaoled as the court had ordered cash but HMP Cardiff had other ideas….I was awarded, that time, with £50,000 only for Cardiff HMC&TS to side with their pay masters by stating that perhaps the summons for serving on them was ‘overlooked’. Would they give me my money back for the futile court fee? Of the deceitful shysters did not.

3. SO, they used the very same argument  as last week’s 1CF03361 machine gun case and the  first 33 of a 100 or so South Wales Police failed malicious failed prosecutions.

so who is harassing whom or are they again refusing to properly detect crime…..No disclosure of my records, I have decided without a reciprocal arrangement from the three defendants.

4.  Neither Ministry of Justice barrister was prepared to discuss any issue after the learned judge had retired……for fear of jeopodising their tax payer funded ‘gravy train’.

5. They both may be arrested next time for their conduct denying knowledge of service or is the court going to play their same game as in my ‘5th Action’ against the police and prison by shredding the certificates of proof of service?

16 01 21 parole claim form (2)

Note on original claim form Bristol court struck out, issue date 21-1-2016, fee paid 28-1-2016, SERVICE DATE of summonses on all three 25-3-2016, fee £5,000 AND Addresses of all 3 defendants correctly on the form but Min of Justice barrister (s) again denied receiving it as in my false imprisonment 5th Action, the lying bastards just because it is again all about HMC&TS (Wales) malfeasance when shredding my court records and personal files (proven in their pathetic 2004 ‘vexatious litigant’ registration attempt)

Watch this space if you can stomach the level of deceit daily witnessed in our welshing law courts.



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£2,000,000 Police Claim edges ever Closer

Draft Application Maurice J Kirk to amend pleadings in Machine Gun Claim

Crown Prosecution Service (Wales)                                                                                             T20170339


June 2017


Dear Sir,

Criminal Cases Review Commission’s investigation re Defendant’s 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrates harassment of Dr Tregwyn Williams conviction the court and custody records of same now having been seized and altered by the South Wales Police.


  1. Her Ladyship, The Recorder of Cardiff’s almost opening remark was with reference to the CCRC and its purported ‘investigation’ but you know why it refuses to disclose its copy of the court file or people under HM Partnership’s current immunity may risk imprisonment.
  2. Whereas the 1st jury was asked and denied no doubt the 4th jury, on the very same issue, as to whether I was ever served a restraining order may also ask but before someone else?
  3. I patiently await reply to a number of letters for disclosure of records, from original court, Geoamy Custodial Services and those of the police over my ‘gate’ arrest, all under your control as in HM Partnership as are needed at the next Crown Court hearing
  4. One of the mandatory four Geo officers on 1st Dec 2009 at my cell door as a MAPPPA 3/3 victim, to witness no restraining order was ever served, was in the dock with me last time for this 4th jury case. Can you find him?
  5. Successive Cardiff court judges have spinelessly followed suite and in particular in the manner Cardiff’s judiciary have covered up the truth as to what really occurred both in the cells of Cardiff Magistrates, on the 1st December 2009 and Crown Court fiasco, on 1st April 2010, when my main defence witness was physically prevented from giving evidence by being attacked on his pair of crutches by Dr Tegwyn Williams’ wife, Dr Janis Hilliar!
  6. The matters in my first four Actions against the Chief constable were aggravated by the conduct of the police above the ordinary as indicated in the fact of the unusual and extreme bullying of the Claimant when, from over one hundred police criminal allegations made within the first three of my dozen actions, well over 80% were quashed by common sense prevailing in subsequent courts, police stations or CPS offices now requiring a higher court’s immediate intervention if not by another police force well outside Wales.
  7. Barristers lying before His Honour Judge HH Keyser QC, this week, may be routine to you but it requires immediate outside Wales police intervention. Will assist me in that?
  8. The Claimant also claims exemplary damages as the conduct of the police was arbitrary, oppressive and unconstitutional again cited within the current facts and those court records.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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