South Wales Police Corruption

Dear Rebecca Pow,                                                                                   17th February 2020

South Wales Police fabricated criminal allegations including ‘Child Abuse, Firearms (Trading in Machine Guns) Narcotics, ABH and FTA (failing to attend courts) etc

I am grateful for your seeing me concerning the police denying my Taunton GP my medical records.

My recent blog extract, below, on the decades of suffering under ‘South Wales Police Corruption’, affecting so many, points to proof of rampant criminal conduct when accountable to no one:

Re-elected Taunton MP, Rebecca Pow, inadvertently caused my imprisonment in March 2019 for seven more months and only released due to the fortunate intervention by a clearly irate HM Parole Board member from London that had been lied to for two hours with my sister witnessing it all.

The Chief Constable of South Wales Police had not only allowed the fabrication of seriously damaging criminal convictions, to cause me hell in his police controlled Parc, Bridgend prison but had also ensured the list included ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘ABH’, FTA and ‘narcotics’! Police convinced my parole officer that I had sent to Stoke St Mary village, Taunton, possibly deadly anthrax spores in a prison cell letter causing it to have the village cordoned off from the public!

Would this ongoing conspiracy have anything to do with the then Barbara Wilding’s emergency 2009 MAPPA level 3 Category 3  ‘Operation Chalice’  meeting in Barry police station on the 8th of June in order to register me amongst the top 5% most dangerous in the UK in order I may be shot?

When an armed police helicopter, with 20 odd officers, had raided our house in St Donats, while we were enjoying afternoon tea in the garden with the springer spaniels, why was I then NOT arrested?

Was this to do with my being set up to be ‘shot’ (see leaked MAPPA category 3 memos) or their failed attempt (Operation Dandelion) in snatching our 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, to forced council care? It was to try and stop my civil claims, BS614159 etc, following the police’s 50 failed malicious prosecutions often denying me liberty during those decades of deliberate persecution.

South Wales Police Corruption ‘Ups a Notch’

I am arrested at my Cardiff veterinary surgery for theft of my own motor bike and gaoled in Cardiff prison for 4 days.

Poloice concoct charges of being in possession og a ‘garrotte type instrument in the pannier (embriotomy wire used on cattle dehorning on HRH Prince Charles farm and from ‘assaulting PC Philips who had thought I was possibly an escaped psychiatric patient.

This wicked police interview was deliberately withheld from all my civl proceeding for compensation with the final presiding judge refusing disclosure of any of the substantivre trial court records as they covered over 50 failed malicious criminal prosecutions. This tape was leaked revealing the level of SWP routinde corruption for which they are k nown world wide.

Police interview  20th May1993

Would it have had anything to do with the police then transporting my decommissioned WW1 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun 2000 miles around the UK, contrary to s5 of the 1968 Firearms Act, had they not, first, unblocked the gun barrel and having her painted a different colour to fool the jury to secure a mandatory 10 year prison term for ‘trading in machine guns’?

Who out there on cyber space would like a copy of the official machine gun trial transcript for a view on the trial judge , PAUL THOMAS QC, to see how internal ‘taffy politics’ command my destiny?

[South Wales Police ref 1900195556 ‘alleged Heroin sent to Alun Cairns MP’] [I900180883 ‘alleged anthrax spores to Rebecca Pow MP]. To whom do I complain?

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Police Conspiracy to kill me foiled but will Burnett LCJ Rescue me again?

Burnett LCJ 2ndBurnett LCJ

Lord Chief Justice’s Annual Press Conference 2017

Machine gun aspx sm

Police repaint gun to try and fool 2010 machine-gun jury but not before frantically driving the antique almost 2000 miles around the UK, often with only one or two unarmed police in the vehicle , contrary to regulations because the Chief Constable had bloody well known from the start, the gun was recorded in aircraft CAA log books as decommissioned and proved , before trial by the new owner.

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

Last time, in February 2016, His Lordship had asked me to leave the public gallery and address both he and his colleague, Mr Justice Sweeney,  over my application following Mrs Kirk having been banned from ‘note taking’ on my behalf  by the South Wales judge, HHJ Crowther.

Welsh courts invariably hold me behind bullet proof glass to protect me BUT primarily to make sure I hear as little as possible in the hope their blackmail may lead to my confiding in my defence information  to one of their lawyers

Their Lordships bluntly quashed this one of manywicked practices carried out in the Welsh courts with gay abandon.

Will Their Lordships come to my rescue again , we all wonder, over the police’s attempt to having me shot on Barbara Wilding’s door step as one of the top most dangerous individuals in the UK?

Extract of email to my 112th law firm asked to protect me from incessant  South Wales Police bullying

Can you please confirm you are still acting for me in the case AND ATTENDING WITH QC I briefed in London with a witness?

I now have new information for the judge, HHJ Tracy Lloyd-Clarke for the lawyer, from a fortunate civil hearing only yesterday, 1CF03361 (machine-gun/murder conspiracy), that should lead to the release, at last, of police MAPPA and MACHINE  GUN CONSPIRACY RECORDS TO GET  MY POLICE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS FABRICATED.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also helped stop my civil claims, following their 33 failed malicious prosecutions aimed at me. Now,this week ,this machine gun judge refused to order specific disclose just as in the first 33 failed prosecutions or the wrong people would go to prison.

The police QC was made to admit to HH judge Keiser that HH judge Seys LLEWELLYN  QC refused to release those MAPPA minutes even when they had been delivered to court in  the proverbial ‘brown envelope’ in front of me containing their plan to having me killed.
South Wales Police were now ordered to disclose HH Judge Thomlow’s documentary evidence as well that he had used at secret HH judge Bidder QC hearing in Cardiff Crown Court to have me sectioned to Ashworth for rest of my life.
Their yet to be disclosed forensic history  of me contained their Caswell clinic I had diagnosed, with PROF RODGER WOOD OF Swansea university lying,  that I had a brain tumour making me so dangerous….MAPPA LEVEL 3 CATEGORY 3 (top 5% most dangerous) … I must not be told…….and never have been since.
Police, this very week, were made to allow my box of records, created from my near eight months in Cardiff prison during the scandalous 2010 trading in machine-guns trial fiasco, suddenly to appear after  about 5 years of apparently missing
Remember , HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had quickly ordered the destruction of my BS 614159 etc  court records, to block a RCJ appeal, relating to my first of many substantive claims for over two  million pounds,  after he had refused need for both standard and specific disclosure arising from over 40 police incidents.
I had dutifully released 50 odd arch lever files for BS case and they produced not one of relevance and I am now expected me to release my  intricate 2009 collated prison records of their daily criminal conduct.
Now, am I morally obliged to accommodate all these delightful people with disclosure they already have and appear to have gravitated to Cardiff’s so called law courts, civil and criminal?

The lying little bastards, in 2014, again told the court there were no bail hostels available, a habit of theirs to keep me in prison, just as they did this time , for next week’s court, ‘cannot find a welsh forensic psychiatrist to assess your fitness’.…. as South Wales medics are all too bloody  scared to counter any other South Wales doctor as it is NHS (Wales) controlled and NOT NHS (England).

My sister, Celia  and another, quietly made their own enquiries as to bail hostel availability, that January in 2014 both to be told there were plenty.


. “I am just going outside and may be some time.”

Let us, before boarding, start considering HHJ Tracy Lloyd -Clarke’s Cardiff Crown Court’s hearing this week on Thursday or Friday, I forget which for the moment.

How police can withhold the truth, for eight years, surrounding my machine-gun incarceration now set up in both my T20170239 criminal & 1CF03361 civil cases to maximise world publicity of accepted routine deceit and corruption in the welsh law courts, alas, still part of the United Kingdom 


my stolen property out of spite

extract from 2009 court transcript:

my mistake.jpg

“My mistake” lying Thomlow mutters.

Lying welsh judge, Richard Thomlow, in my forced absence in cells below, informed the July 2009 court that both the seller and purchaser of my Lewis machine-gun were known to the police more than 6 months before my trial but kept me locked up to cause maximum disruption in my civil proceedings against them for their losing the first 33 malicious prosecutions, at that time, aimed against me.

As nine of the jury commented after acquittal , “Why were they not both also in the dock with Mr Kirk?”

Answer, because the court was presided over yet another corrupt welsh judge , Paul Thomas.

11 06 11 Paul Thomas QC

09 06 23 Foxy mg11.jpg

more extracts later




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South Wales Police Further Corruption

A month ago my 10 year running 1CF03361′ Trading in Machine Guns’ civil claim was in yet another welsh judge with his speciality in avoiding an independent police enquiry of multi-million pound fraud by Dolmans solicitors, the proceeds of which are already earmarked for similarly corrupt senior police officers. Incidentally, the Lewis is an excellant choice for rabbiting in the Vale of glamorgan also armed with my gun dogs and a ferret.

Thoroughly evil Judge Paul Thomas Q uantly C orrupted allowed this video, below, to be played to the jury (spot the magazine content?) such was the welsh judiciary’s avowed intent to hush-up the 30 year scandal of losing 89% of the 113 criminal allegations brought against an English veterinary surgeon all based on a Guernsey police phone call also oozing with malice, spite and plain old fashioned jealousy from losing 75% of all their prosecutions against me. (in an incestuous environment of where the permanent jury are voted on by each other and the two prosecutors!

Welsh police dirty tricks included having me ‘struck off’ the veterinary register with a sack full of lies as almost all motoring allegations were at night , when on animal emergency calls, whereby avoiding independent witnesses for a therefore predicted welsh magistrates success.

Their vast volumes of undisclosed damaging prosecution evidence has been systematically withheld throughout all my 1993 to 2020 criminal and civil claim proceedings (eg BS614159/1CF03361) despite local judges ‘going through the motions’ of ordering disclosure of their clearly identified false incriminating MAPPA/RCVS/HM Parole Board/ Court used data .

For example, just how many years have I had the following false convictions fortunately slipped to me by my own parole officer on 4th December 2018. Deliberate to double prison terms and deny early release on parole:

  1. Child abuse
  2. Firearms
  3. ABH
  4. FTA
  5. Narcotics, supply and use!

I had , as per CPR, submitted all my known evidence from the 33 odd failled police criminal cases in the BS civil claim amounting to 27, yes, 27 full arch lever files!

All 27 finally returned by Dolmans, corrupt solicitors, having deliberately blanked off all my indexing records on the spines of each full file making it almost unmanageable. In return the welsh police only disclosed 2/3 leaver arch files AND in this current police machine gun conspiracy fraud the welsh judge has again repeated the BS judge, Seys Llewellyn QC, directions for police not to disclose the obviously needed data for a jury for a fair trial……but I am denied a jury, of course.

Such was the beginning of Article 3 breaches over a sustained 40 years of pre planned bullying if the many flying incidents are included causing CAA enquiry but no successful prosecutions. Barbara Wilding had even lied when judge made her signing her own affidavit that there had been FULL RELEVANT DISCLOSURE under CPR.

That was the moment, in 2008, when the government should have stepped in but Blair had, in 1998, deliberately excluded ECHR convention clause 1 expunged so victims of the judiciary couold turn to government for help.

South Wales Police failed and fictitious criminal prosecutions now exceed fifty with their latest false convictions, on parole board Oasys Assessment records and allegations of my supplying Alun Cairns MP, then HM Sectretary of State for Wales, with heroin and my new MP, Ms Rebecca Pow, with anthrax spores is all concocted out of plain malice.

For HM Crown Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, to be swiftly elevated to a fully flegged welsh judge for bringing so many cooked prosecutions against me, is how potentially errant lawyers are controlled here in South W

My son and I quietly smiled in thsee wicked machine gun proceedings as Thomlow, for example, frantically tried to hide the DH2 aircraft log books by deliberately pushing them under his prosecution papers spread all over his desk!

This had been sparked when I had indicated to the judge the trial could be so easily stopped by just him simply inspecting the CAA/RAF documentation clearly stating the ‘gun’ was decommissioned in my ownership.

But no, the case had to continue for the 10 year mandatory prison term awaiating me as this deceit riddled Cardiff Crown Court could not stomach that sort of exposure to the truth over the police withhheld equally damming BS614159 civil claim data due to Wilding’s 1st 33 failed prosecutions from 1992 immediately after I had bought the veterinary practice. AND any way with an already vocally amused audience, with expulsions from the court from seeing the fraud (what did Lord Denning say?) what, out of control, would be next?

His Honour Judge Andrew Keizer QC, presiding, on 24th January 2020, caused the audience from all around the the public gallerysome new understanding as to the level of unabated criminal conduct by both senior police officers and Dolmans.

The unfortunate video, below, filmed after a somewhat ‘liquid lunch’ in the Prince of Wales pub in Cardiff, after yet another hearing to deliberately delay ‘disclosure of facts’ and prevent exposure of the truth is , at least a warning to the new reader should he or she dare enter a welsh court and be expecting a ‘level playing field’.

Maurice Kirk BAFTA performance “Prince of Wales” Cardiff 24 January 2020 Visited

The incriminating data of the police/Dolmans multimillion fraud, in order to hide their 50 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions is currently snatched on police orders and remains in Parc prison Bridgend. Remember, concocted against me (BS614159 etc) to have me either shot and if that failed, sectioned for life in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric prison, is all in my 1st machine gun draft of ‘particulars of claim’, in May 2010, filed in court 10 years ago and will appear on this blog once I have mastered the technicalities

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My Medical Records Police MAPPA Confiscated TO Hide Their Crime

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Police Machine Gun Conspiracy Trial (Day 1)

This concocted criminal allegation by the South Wales Police of my ‘being in possession of a prohibitive weapon’ C:\Users\Owner\Documents\MG Charges &MG5 was simply to stop my civil claims against them following their lost 50 odd malicious prosecutions over some nine years with no indication of abetting. Not only did the welsh judiciary ooze inherent deceit it also lost me a chunk of my life, my wife, my health my wealth and almost my sanity.

It was obvious by the 2nd day of evidence being given, to the remaining jury left in that restururant near the Cardiff Crown Court after my acquittlal, that both the trial judge, Paul Thomas and HM Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, were thoroughly deceitful and ‘hell bent’ on getting me a mandatory 10 year prison term now that getting me sectioned in Ashworth had failed.

http://09 01 25 MG Transcript

They noted  my not even being allowed my legal papers, confiscated by the custody staff and that the WW1 Lewis machine gun (Exibit1) had been simply brought in and out of court each day slung over the shoulder of some police sergeant off the street!

While the police officer ‘in charge’ of the case, being last to give evidence, was quietly slipping in and out of the hearing each good moment, over the two weeks, obviously to keep the next prosecution witness well briefed on how to modify their dirty scheme!

Now, last week, Judge Andrew Keyser QC completely ignored my application for my return of all my legal papers, stolen by the Defendant in the case, when I was violently ejected out of the prison in October 2019.

Full Title: His Honour Judge Keyser QC
Category: Ordinary Bencher
Bench Call Date: 28.11.2017
Call Date: 25.11.1986
Bio: Andrew Keyser was educated at Cardiff High School and Balliol College, Oxford. An Astbury Scholar of the Inn, he was called in 1986 and practised from the Chambers at 34 (later 9) Park Place in Cardiff, initially in general common law work and latterly in Chancery and mercantile work. He was appointed a recorder in 2001. In 2006 he took silk and was approved to sit in the Technology and Construction Court. In 2008 he was authorised to sit as a deputy judge in the Queen’s Bench Division and the Chancery Division. He was appointed in 2011 as a Circuit Judge in Leeds, where he was the principal TCC judge. In 2012 he returned to Cardiff as the Mercantile (now Circuit Commercial) judge. He is the principal TCC Judge for Wales and also sits in the Chancery Division and the Administrative Court. He is the Chairman of the Legal Sub-Committee of the Church in Wales’ Governing Body and was installed in 2017 as Chancellor of The Diocese of Llandaff.

Whereas my imprisonment had been originally fabricated, ten years ago, to hide the then Chief ConstableBarbara Wilding’s conspiracy to have me shot she had to settle for my being sectioned and incarcerated for life on known false psychiatric reports and false Lewis machine gun forensic data.

Judge Keyser simply turned his eyes to the ceiling and ignored my applications in another decade of welsh police criminal conduct so far achieved by his similarly thoroughly corrupt predecessors too many to name.

Judge Keyser was fully aware that two South Wales Police officers had, very reluctantly, been in my kitchen in England for 4 hours pretending to take doown my statement of complaint of eight, no less, G4S prison guards having so violently assaulted me to show off to hundereds of prisoners in Parc prison, Bridgend.

So, we have, ladies and gentlemen from around the world yet another welsh judge ignoring the Articles in the Human Rights Act 1998 with their hatred of the English.

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Applicaton to Police Lawyers for My G4S Prison Property Back

In the Cardiff County Court                                                                                   1CF03361 etc

To Chief Constable                                                                                          4th February 2020

                               South Wales Police’s Continuing Criminal Conduct

By whom and just when were those false malicious criminal convictions concocted?

How much cash is needed for you to return my property from G4S Parc, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol prisons, police stations & hospitals?

Despite 1st June 09 AIG MAPPA HQ meeting why did it take over three weeks to ‘interview’ so dangerous a level 3 cat 3 brandishing a prohibited Lewis machine gun?

Years ago you were ordered you disclose 700 odd exhibits to me in your DEFENDANT’S EXHIBIT LIST but Judge Keiser QC has again delayed it for many months. Just how much do you pay him ‘under the table’ as I will double it?

He, apparently, is yet another one of Taffia’s replacements to  Judge Seys Llewellyn QC who, on receipt of my 64 page 19th June 09 BS614159 damages  statement had sparked off your Operations ‘Chalice’ and ‘Buttercup’ Trojan raids on our home with armed helicopter and 20+. So why to simply snatch  our then 10 year old, Genevieve?

BOTH judges refuse to either have my G4S machine gun legal papers returned from prisons or have an outside police force investigate this three decades of your solicitors law firm getting fat using such nefarious criminal conduct. Why is that?

HM Parole Service (Wales), despite same promises has also ‘failed’ to retrieve my property following my brutal exit, in hand cuffs, by 8 G4S officers from your ‘gravy train’. “Only acting under orders” was the reply. Can I have seized cctv/G4S film?

Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke and ten preceding her only doubled my prison terms by your deliberate withholding of favourable psychiatric reports reliant I had falsely notified HM Parole Board and G3S that I had serious criminal convictions including: a) Child Abuse  b) Firearms  c) Narcotics  d) ABH  and e) FTA and had therefore imprisoned myself as HHJ Keiser QC was heard to repeat in open court.

Judge Neil Bidder QC on the other hand, despite secret court hearings, had ordered Dec 09 Crown Courts that I be removed from your MAPPA register (top 5% most dangerous). Judge Paul Thomas was now the trial judge to continue your nefarious conduct. 2008 Judge Nicholas Chambers QC tried to thwart this conspiracy by ordering Barbara Wilding sign her own false affidavit. Will you correct it now?

Your 2010 ‘trading in machine guns’ trial, remember, from your jury ‘plant’ and officer i/c in public gallery were daily reporting back to your police HQ jury thoughts.

I was refused an investigation into Judge Richard Thomlow’s multiple attempts (see all trial transcripts) to have me locked up for life to save your Barbara’s pension.

In your recent attempt to again having me locked away for life either in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric prison or some welsh similar only highlight still further, may I suggest, to those thinkers around the world that your now exceeding 60 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions, attempted, may promote a new problem for you.

90s Judge Griffith’s Williams QC, remember, had lied when ordered to have my name removed from the veterinary register and therefore income too fight your authority’s inherent deceit. He had, by ignoring Bridgend magistrates court contemporaneously record that –‘the security guard at the Vale Show repeatedly assaulted the defendant before, despite a witness warning him that those were ‘assaults’ I was forced  to ‘brush off his hand judge construed  as an assault!

So, just how many judges in past 30 years were also influenced in your Visor fabricated convictions (see my paid for transcripts). Does it include my judge in my ‘smuggling pigs in the dead of night in from Ireland. Miraculously achieved  by 2 seat 1950 Pi[per Colt and wife to a Cowbridge farmer’s field. Did itinclud the 2009 couple of Judge Hugheses, Seys Llewellyn QC, Nicholas Cooke QC, Vosper QC, Eleri Reece, Jones, Morgan, Lewis or Williams was it et al  in NHS Wales conspiracy?

So, just how many judges in past 40 years were also influenced in your Visor fabricated convictions (see my paid for transcripts). Does it include my judge in my ‘smuggling pigs in the dead of night in from Ireland. Miraculously achieved  by 2 seat 1950 Pi[per Colt and wife to a Cowbridge farmer’s field? Did it include the 2009 couple of Judge Hugheses, Seys Llewellyn QC, Nicholas Cooke QC, Vosper QC, Eleri Reece, Jones, Morgan, Lewis or Williams was it et al  in NHS conspiracy?

Were false convictions also implicated from Taunton’s farcical Judge Neville ‘didicoy fraud’ acquittal, ‘low flying’ acquittals or Bristol’s acquittal over a purloined Taunton police officer’s personal note book from his office  or Bournemouth’s fabricated ‘pilot in command’ conviction?  Not let us not forget Exeter, Oxford, Japan, Texas, Britanny and Newport acquittals all started because your local judges continue  to allow SWP ‘s old habits to pervert the course if justice in your South Wales courts.

Did these now HM Parole Board proven fabricated malicious criminal prosecutions also influence the RCVS, CAA, FTAC and President Bush’s authorities?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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Welsh Police Refuse Disclosure of My Machine Gun Medical Data or even G4S Medical Records requested by Frustrated Taunton GP

10​th​ Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff I, Maurice John Kirk, file complaints against HMP Parc, Bridgend, G4S custody staff for their seriously inflicting injuries, harassment and false imprisonment to cause numerous thefts of my possessions. Serious Assaults ​Incident 1900418801 1. After my Feb 2019 unlawful ‘recall’ to prison from a Cardiff parole hostel I was assaulted on numerous occasions in Parc prison with one incident already reported over the ‘floor buffer’ on A2 wing. All required medical attention and captured on CCTV & body cameras. 2. The 2​nd filmed significant assault was in June 2019 when I was forcibly removed from my 2​nd missing wheel chair by unnecessary force from seven officers carrying me back to B block. 3. The 3​rd main incident was in Nov 2019 when I was snatched from my cell by unprovoked excessive force using no less than eight G4S officers using handcuffs on my wrists behind my back. This deliberate pain was inflicted continued from B wing to the main gate where I was ‘released’ for Bristol Royal Infirmary attention. This included x-rays due to my hip prosthesis having suffered partial subluxation of my hip joint and prescription analgesics for a month. 4. The incidents have left me feeling severely intimidated, vulnerable and in constant pain.
Deliberate False Forensic History Yet Again

  1. In Sept & Dec18 G4S had inadvertently released Caswell Clinic medical data by fabricated police criminal convictions including ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘narcotics’, ABH and ‘FTA’. 2. Oct 19 HM Parole Board hearing, with evidence from a retired magistrate, had also revealed why a prison had needed such violent ‘constraints’. Both parole officer & prison supervisor had vehemently opposed release as I was,​‘violent and extremely dangerous’. T ​ o whom was I a danger, exactly, turned out to be only the Chief Constable? This caused my swift release. 3. That CCTV and more leaked 2009 Barry police station MAPPA level 3 category 3 data of Barbara Wilding’s conspiracy, to have me shot, is applied for to be disclosed at the ‘machine gun’ hearing on 24​th​ January as it all identifies the original culprit’s nefarious conduct. ‘Heroin’ to Alun Cairns MP & ‘Anthrax Spores’ to Rebecca Pow MP false Allegations
  2. My Feb 19 release was due so police concocted reasons to stop my mail in and out of Cardiff & Parc prisons to protract time in prison and delay my civil claims. The ‘white powder’ found in my two MP letters had simply been remaining traces of toothpaste originally used for gluing exhibits on to my cell wall when originals had been stolen by my key liaison officer.
    Further Deliberate Theft of my Possessions
    Despite my pleadings and requests by parole staff G4S continues to refuse to return my wheel chair and legal papers as the latter is needed, of course, for my 10am 24​th January 2020 civil court proceedings against both G4S and the South Wales Police. Today’s MG11 VPS written complaint to very patient South Wales police officers will, no doubt, end up in the police HQ shredder as did the ones, re police paint gun, to try and fool the 2010 jury!

Watch this space!

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Parc Prison Stopped Letters & Medication

South Wales Police are ‘hell bent’ determined to frustrate my ‘due process’ right of civil claims against bullying G4S Parc prison in Bridgend and South Wales Police last year.

All have withheld my critical Caswell Clinic medical records, now needed by my Taunton GP, my prison mail containing stamps and urgent court letters, all needed re processing their scandalous fabricated ‘trading in machine guns’ conspiracy for 1CF03361 damages claim currently stuck in a welsh court with a welsh judge, of course.

Why? The Chief Constable has spent two million pounds on legal costs alone before the many millions before considering the millions squandered, so far, in 30 years of imprisonments and bullying to cover up 50 odd failed malicious criminal convictions all allowed by inherently deceitful judges on a ‘cut’ to protect senior police pensions.

G4S Parc Prison even withheld the earlier Cardiff Prison’s urgent withheld court and family letters

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