South Wales Police face Criminal Proceedings in England


Welsh police confiscate my Caswell Clinic medical Records due to Dolmans’ Fraud

Appellant’s 22nd April 2020 Position Statement

1. Notwithstanding the fact that this Appellant’s contentious court cases primarily originate from South Wales with its unique jurisdiction it is never too late for a little truth, honesty and sense of fair play to prevail.
2. Notwithstanding the fact of a serious injustice concerning the division of the family’s assets, taking full advantage of his emotional mental state at the time and absence of proper legal representation, the current removing of the Respondent’s name from French property deeds was always the prime responsibility of the Respondent from the moment the UK property deeds were settled.
3. Notwithstanding the fact that the Appellant had abided by 26th March 2013 court order, within the 48 days, the other party has not possibly due to there having been no financial incentive. This has left a substantial loss for the Appellant due to his inability to sell off the French properties.
4. Notwithstanding the fact the Welsh authorities had fabricated Appellant with false criminal convictions, including child abuse, firearms and narcotics, on 1st November 2019 had the Appellant violently evicted from the largest welsh prison with his arms viciously manicalled behind his back.
5. And for what purpose? It was for interested parties, in current Cardiff litigation, to obtain an unfair advantage by the seizure of all his legal papers and not even his clothes returned to the rightful owner.
5. The South Wales Police not only unlawfully controls HMP Parc by using both extreme and unusual bullying it has ensured nothing is done about its breach of Article 2 etc and theft of Appellant’s property.
6. Despite written complaints to both Avon and Somerset or Devon and Cornwall constabularies, to even recover his legal papers for this case, he is ignored.
7. Behind this travesty of justice is their notorious 10 year ongoing 1CF03361 police machine-gun conspiracy case (T20097445). This originated from the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to save her pension, having ordered the unblocking of the barrel of an alleged WW1 Lewis machine gun previously in alleged Appellant’s possession.
8. Not only did the welsh police ignore the advice from other police forces in England but also RAF and Farnborough Air Show previous scrutineers all confirming it was NOT a firearm and so, in desperation, even painted the film prop from film ‘Gunbus’ a different colour in the hope of fooling the jury!

Thee Breton Houses FOR SALE £80,000

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202

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G4S Steal My Medical Records and Wheelchair

Still no returning of my property in the prison so not unlike the £20,000 worth of police raid only for Chief Constable to steal in 2009 mycollection of antiques including a number of shotguns and .22 rifles all legally held and safeguarded.

10 HMP Commandments


13th May 2020

Managing Director


Registered Office


105 Victoria Street



Dear Sir/Madam


I write to request the delivery up of all of my medical records, wheelchair case and legal papers that officers and agents of your company wrongly seized and removed from me on my discharge from HMP Parc on  (here give date). 

These case and legal papers belong to me and I have previously requested their return.

I now demand their immediate return under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 and await confirmation of this at a time and venue to be arranged. 

Failing which, I shall apply to the County Court for an order for the delivery up of my medical records, wheelchair, case and legal papers without further notice.  In addition, I will seek an Interim Injunction for the return of the medical records, wheel chair, case and legal papers and will also seek compensatory and aggravated damages from G4S.

I would also be grateful if you could inform me if your company requires service at your registered office above at Southside or at the UK Office in Sutton?  

If you have instructed solicitors, I would also be grateful if you could inform me whether they are agreeable to accept service on behalf of your company?

Yours faithfully

Maurice J BVSc 

cc UK Office, GP & Taunton MP 

Dolmans solicitors                                                  Machine gun case 1CF03361
Dear Sir/Madam, Feb 2020
South Wales Police’s Continuing Criminal Conduct
So, just when and by whom those false malicious criminal convictions were first fabricated now proven by my October 2019 Parole Board hearing witnessed by Celia?
How much cash do you now need simply to have returned my property from G4S Parc, Swansea, Cardiff , Bristol prisons and countless police stations & hospitals?
Despite Wilding’s 1st June 09 AIG HQ meeting did it take over three weeks to interview so dangerous MAPPA registered man brandishing a prohibited Lewis machine gun?

  1. Judge Keyser QC, apparently, is yet another one of Taffia’s hand picked replacements to  Judge Seys Llewellyn QC. My 64 page 19th June 2009 BS614159 Claimant damages claim statement, to the latter, sparked off the spectacular police Operations ‘Chalice’ and ‘Buttercup’ using armed helicopter and 20+ raid on our home in Llantwit Major. Why, simply to take both our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve and myself into custody. (see secret MAPPA leaked notes on plan in having me shot).
    2.BOTH refused to apply their judicial powers to either cause your client to have my G4S confiscated machine gun legal papers returned from HMP Parc prison or to have an outside or English police force come over the bridge and investigate this three decades of your solicitors law firm promoting nefarious criminal conduct.
  2. HM Parole Service (Wales), despite similar such promises to help, has also ‘failed’ to retrieve any of my property following my brutal exit, in hand cuffs by 8 G4S officers from your client’s controlled ‘gravy train’. “Only acting under orders” was the reply at the time (see cctv/G4S body camera film now seized, I hope, by your police).
  3. Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke, I now understand, only doubled my prison term to two years in 2017 upon your client’s deliberate withholding of favourable psychiatric reports from her and the 10 + judges preceeding. Tracy will, no doubt, say that she, with theirs, had only relied on the fact I had falsely notified Cardiff ‘s Crown Court, HM Parole Board and G3S that I had criminal convictions including:
    a) Child Abuse b) Firearms c) Narcotics d) ABH and e) FTA  and therefore had imprisoned myself as HHJ Keiser QC was heard to repeat only this month.
  4. Judge Neil Bidder QC, on the other hand, had ordered, in your client’s wickedly secret Dec 2009 Crown Courts, that there be immediate removal of my name on your client’s category 3 level 3 MAPPA register (top 5% most dangerous). Also, my 17th Dec 09 hearing was enough for him to see why the Judge Paul Thomas trial judge had continued the nefarious conduct as far back as October 2008 when the gun was actually sold! Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, on retirement, had tried to thwart this conspiracy by ordering Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to sign her own affidavit, would you believe.
  5. The notorious 2010 ‘trading in machine guns’ jury trial, remember, from the police ‘plant’ amongst the 12 jury, was daily reporting back to you or one of your many minions. You knew that ALL in court had made up their minds by the end of police ‘evidence’ tendered, that all three indictments had been  doomed from the very start.
  6. BUT you, Adrian Oliver, with your ‘in house’ police HQ and G4S prison lawyers to unlawfully interfere in my custody continues to conspire for the cash as the general public, will never know ‘what really goes on in our UK law courts’.
  7. Barbara Wilding’s promise, in her 20100 six week late signed affidavit, that all CPR/ MAPPA/MG6D and PII ‘disclosure of evidence’ had been disclosed for the first of the 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions. You had drafted that ‘affidavit’, another string of lies.
  8. Remember, Adrian, your fellow brethren’s December 2009 proposed trial judge had reneged on your evil plot by overturning that wicked Judge Richard Thomlow’s deliberate multiple attempts (see all trial transcripts to be serialised on cyberspace shortly) to have me locked up for life.
  9. YOU lot there for had that1st judge removed from any future ‘machine gun’ conspiracy hearing. What a witness that judge and jury would make in this imminent civil court trial you personally helped to concoct to avoid you and others’ deserved long prison term.
  10. In having me locked away for life either in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric prison or some welsh similar, again, wll only highlight still further, may I suggest, to those thinkers around the world that your client’s now exceeding 60 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions, so far attempted, may promote a new problem for the obvious.
  11. 90s Judge Griffith’s Williams QC, remember, had deliberately lied to my face simply to have my name removed from the veterinary register and therefore income. He had boasted by ignoring the FACTS. Bridgend magistrates’ contemporaneous court note had so clearly recorded– that the security guard at the Vale Show had repeatedly assaulted me before thirty odd witnesses before I had to then ‘brush off his hand my arm’ ‘construed’ as assault!
    13.So, just when and to whom were those above listed malicious criminal convictions first fabricated, proven by my October 2019 Parole Board hearing witnessed by Celia?
  12. Just how much cash do you need from me and my faithful  cyber space followers, for your ‘back pocket’, to simply have returned of my property from G4S Parc, Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol  prisons personalty from countless welsh police stations & hospitals?
    15, Why, from Wilding’s 1st June 09 AIG HQ meeting did it take three weeks to arrest a MAPPA 3/3 very dangerous man brandishing a prohibited lethal Lewis machine gun?
    15 So, who else was influenced these fabricated convictions (see my paid for transcripts)? Do they a include judge in my ‘smuggling pigs, in the dead of night from Ireland by Pi[per Colt and wife, to a Cowbridge farmer’s field or included the couple of Judge Hugheses, Seys Llewellyn QC, Nicholas Cooke QC, Vosper QC, Eleri Reece, Jones, Morgan, Lewis or Williams was it, in NHS Wales? Were false convictions implicated from Taunton’s farcical Judge Neville ‘didicoy fraud’ acquittal, ‘low flying’ acquittals or Bristol’s similarly irrate judge over a purloined Taunton police officer’s personal note book from his office acquittal or Bouremouth ‘pilot in command’ conviction?  Not to forget Exeter, Oxford, Japan, Texas, Breton and Newport judges iniquitous acquttals all due to your local judges to allow SWP ‘s old habits  keep fuel the ‘gravy train that keep you all in licrative employment
    Did these now HM Parole Board proven police fabricated malicicious criminal prosecutions also influence the RCVS, CAA, FTAC and President Bush’s authorities?
    Maurice J Kirk BVSc
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South Wales Police Corruption

Dear Rebecca Pow,                                                                                   17th February 2020

South Wales Police fabricated criminal allegations including ‘Child Abuse, Firearms (Trading in Machine Guns) Narcotics, ABH and FTA (failing to attend courts) etc

I am grateful for your seeing me concerning the police denying my Taunton GP my medical records.

My recent blog extract, below, on the decades of suffering under ‘South Wales Police Corruption’, affecting so many, points to proof of rampant criminal conduct when accountable to no one:

Re-elected Taunton MP, Rebecca Pow, inadvertently caused my imprisonment in March 2019 for seven more months and only released due to the fortunate intervention by a clearly irate HM Parole Board member from London that had been lied to for two hours with my sister witnessing it all.

The Chief Constable of South Wales Police had not only allowed the fabrication of seriously damaging criminal convictions, to cause me hell in his police controlled Parc, Bridgend prison but had also ensured the list included ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘ABH’, FTA and ‘narcotics’! Police convinced my parole officer that I had sent to Stoke St Mary village, Taunton, possibly deadly anthrax spores in a prison cell letter causing it to have the village cordoned off from the public!

Would this ongoing conspiracy have anything to do with the then Barbara Wilding’s emergency 2009 MAPPA level 3 Category 3  ‘Operation Chalice’  meeting in Barry police station on the 8th of June in order to register me amongst the top 5% most dangerous in the UK in order I may be shot?

When an armed police helicopter, with 20 odd officers, had raided our house in St Donats, while we were enjoying afternoon tea in the garden with the springer spaniels, why was I then NOT arrested?

Was this to do with my being set up to be ‘shot’ (see leaked MAPPA category 3 memos) or their failed attempt (Operation Dandelion) in snatching our 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, to forced council care? It was to try and stop my civil claims, BS614159 etc, following the police’s 50 failed malicious prosecutions often denying me liberty during those decades of deliberate persecution.

South Wales Police Corruption ‘Ups a Notch’

I am arrested at my Cardiff veterinary surgery for theft of my own motor bike and gaoled in Cardiff prison for 4 days.

Poloice concoct charges of being in possession og a ‘garrotte type instrument in the pannier (embriotomy wire used on cattle dehorning on HRH Prince Charles farm and from ‘assaulting PC Philips who had thought I was possibly an escaped psychiatric patient.

This wicked police interview was deliberately withheld from all my civl proceeding for compensation with the final presiding judge refusing disclosure of any of the substantivre trial court records as they covered over 50 failed malicious criminal prosecutions. This tape was leaked revealing the level of SWP routinde corruption for which they are k nown world wide.

Police interview  20th May1993

Would it have had anything to do with the police then transporting my decommissioned WW1 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun 2000 miles around the UK, contrary to s5 of the 1968 Firearms Act, had they not, first, unblocked the gun barrel and having her painted a different colour to fool the jury to secure a mandatory 10 year prison term for ‘trading in machine guns’?

Who out there on cyber space would like a copy of the official machine gun trial transcript for a view on the trial judge , PAUL THOMAS QC, to see how internal ‘taffy politics’ command my destiny?

[South Wales Police ref 1900195556 ‘alleged Heroin sent to Alun Cairns MP’] [I900180883 ‘alleged anthrax spores to Rebecca Pow MP]. To whom do I complain?

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Police Conspiracy to kill me foiled but will Burnett LCJ Rescue me again?

Burnett LCJ 2ndBurnett LCJ

Lord Chief Justice’s Annual Press Conference 2017

Machine gun aspx sm

Police repaint gun to try and fool 2010 machine-gun jury but not before frantically driving the antique almost 2000 miles around the UK, often with only one or two unarmed police in the vehicle , contrary to regulations because the Chief Constable had bloody well known from the start, the gun was recorded in aircraft CAA log books as decommissioned and proved , before trial by the new owner.

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

Last time, in February 2016, His Lordship had asked me to leave the public gallery and address both he and his colleague, Mr Justice Sweeney,  over my application following Mrs Kirk having been banned from ‘note taking’ on my behalf  by the South Wales judge, HHJ Crowther.

Welsh courts invariably hold me behind bullet proof glass to protect me BUT primarily to make sure I hear as little as possible in the hope their blackmail may lead to my confiding in my defence information  to one of their lawyers

Their Lordships bluntly quashed this one of manywicked practices carried out in the Welsh courts with gay abandon.

Will Their Lordships come to my rescue again , we all wonder, over the police’s attempt to having me shot on Barbara Wilding’s door step as one of the top most dangerous individuals in the UK?

Extract of email to my 112th law firm asked to protect me from incessant  South Wales Police bullying

Can you please confirm you are still acting for me in the case AND ATTENDING WITH QC I briefed in London with a witness?

I now have new information for the judge, HHJ Tracy Lloyd-Clarke for the lawyer, from a fortunate civil hearing only yesterday, 1CF03361 (machine-gun/murder conspiracy), that should lead to the release, at last, of police MAPPA and MACHINE  GUN CONSPIRACY RECORDS TO GET  MY POLICE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS FABRICATED.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also helped stop my civil claims, following their 33 failed malicious prosecutions aimed at me. Now,this week ,this machine gun judge refused to order specific disclose just as in the first 33 failed prosecutions or the wrong people would go to prison.

The police QC was made to admit to HH judge Keiser that HH judge Seys LLEWELLYN  QC refused to release those MAPPA minutes even when they had been delivered to court in  the proverbial ‘brown envelope’ in front of me containing their plan to having me killed.
South Wales Police were now ordered to disclose HH Judge Thomlow’s documentary evidence as well that he had used at secret HH judge Bidder QC hearing in Cardiff Crown Court to have me sectioned to Ashworth for rest of my life.
Their yet to be disclosed forensic history  of me contained their Caswell clinic I had diagnosed, with PROF RODGER WOOD OF Swansea university lying,  that I had a brain tumour making me so dangerous….MAPPA LEVEL 3 CATEGORY 3 (top 5% most dangerous) … I must not be told…….and never have been since.
Police, this very week, were made to allow my box of records, created from my near eight months in Cardiff prison during the scandalous 2010 trading in machine-guns trial fiasco, suddenly to appear after  about 5 years of apparently missing
Remember , HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had quickly ordered the destruction of my BS 614159 etc  court records, to block a RCJ appeal, relating to my first of many substantive claims for over two  million pounds,  after he had refused need for both standard and specific disclosure arising from over 40 police incidents.
I had dutifully released 50 odd arch lever files for BS case and they produced not one of relevance and I am now expected me to release my  intricate 2009 collated prison records of their daily criminal conduct.
Now, am I morally obliged to accommodate all these delightful people with disclosure they already have and appear to have gravitated to Cardiff’s so called law courts, civil and criminal?

The lying little bastards, in 2014, again told the court there were no bail hostels available, a habit of theirs to keep me in prison, just as they did this time , for next week’s court, ‘cannot find a welsh forensic psychiatrist to assess your fitness’.…. as South Wales medics are all too bloody  scared to counter any other South Wales doctor as it is NHS (Wales) controlled and NOT NHS (England).

My sister, Celia  and another, quietly made their own enquiries as to bail hostel availability, that January in 2014 both to be told there were plenty.


. “I am just going outside and may be some time.”

Let us, before boarding, start considering HHJ Tracy Lloyd -Clarke’s Cardiff Crown Court’s hearing this week on Thursday or Friday, I forget which for the moment.

How police can withhold the truth, for eight years, surrounding my machine-gun incarceration now set up in both my T20170239 criminal & 1CF03361 civil cases to maximise world publicity of accepted routine deceit and corruption in the welsh law courts, alas, still part of the United Kingdom 


my stolen property out of spite

extract from 2009 court transcript:

my mistake.jpg

“My mistake” lying Thomlow mutters.

Lying welsh judge, Richard Thomlow, in my forced absence in cells below, informed the July 2009 court that both the seller and purchaser of my Lewis machine-gun were known to the police more than 6 months before my trial but kept me locked up to cause maximum disruption in my civil proceedings against them for their losing the first 33 malicious prosecutions, at that time, aimed against me.

As nine of the jury commented after acquittal , “Why were they not both also in the dock with Mr Kirk?”

Answer, because the court was presided over yet another corrupt welsh judge , Paul Thomas.

11 06 11 Paul Thomas QC

09 06 23 Foxy mg11.jpg

more extracts later




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My Machine Gun Civil Claim Blows Up in Police’s Face!

South Wales Police have produced 16 arch lever files (over 8, 000pages) simply to defend my claim against them for 2009 malicious criminal prosecution that I had been ‘trading in machine guns! Remember, readers, when it was leaked by a whistle blower that the Nottinghamshire police had already decided it had not been a Lewis machine gun bolted on the front of my replica 1916 DH2 biplane I flew in at the 2000 Farnborough air show.

The police’s QC pleaded with the new judge in the case that I , personally, should not be allowed the 16 odd arch lever files of defence material, despite being the Claimant in the case, for fear that any one else, except a court registered UK lawyer, can read their content to understand the level of criminal conduct by senior South Wales police officers over the past 28 years.

I wonder if this is the moment of mutual benefit that I seek legal aid today in order to assit in the aspirations, yet unseen, from the welsh masonic brethren who, in reality, pull the strings?

The 3rd August 2020 Cardiff County Court heard from the QC and huge trailing legal entourage for the Chief Constable, that the judge, Keiser QC, had already indicated that I would not be allowed a civilian jury….oh surprise , surprise!

So someone had told the judge or had supplied the judge with the defence’s 16 odd files files but when? Was it last May when my prison correspondence was stolen by G4S that has now been proven as stolen by MG11 South Wales Police officers statements that I was told were working within the prison, would you believe? An abuse of basic human rights whether on remand or not.

Oh, is this prison authority deceitful as well? Oh Maurice, perish the thought. Surely not but court proceedings have revealed that my fabricated and leaked May 2020 OAsys report from police HQ, just over the wall, identied me , that I had previous convictions.

OASysis assessment had recorded falseconvictions including ‘child abuse’, firearms and a string of narcotic related ones. All fabricated around this month of May 2019 the timeI had sent urgent legal papers to Alun Cairns MP, my MP of some 10 years standing and Secretary of State for Wales.

Alun, prison officers told me in May 2019, had received from me a letter at that Wesminster staff had believed was heroin. Interesting, when I have now read drug sniffer dog officers’s statements.Interesting, is it not, that I cannot obtain the prison interview concerning the then secretary of State for Wales or copy of my statementsmadeat thetime.

Could this apparentlty unusual police interest in my personal welfare have anything to do wit almost two million pounds paid out to Dolmans, solicitors and their QC to defend my BS614159 civil claim arising from well over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions?

My next learned judge I get to see is going to be asked how the South Wales Police had managed to stop my release in May 2019 from Parc prison, Bridgend without my knowledge or permission from any court or parole officer?

Ah, Judge Seys LLewellin QC, of farcical BS614159 substantive trial all swept under the carpet in2013, late last week surprisingly emerged from retirement to block this already 12 year running machine gun compensation proceedings for yet another year! The QC and my self had been court ordered to ‘exchange witness statements on the 3th august 2020, yeaterday,’ which would of made publice of the nefarious conduct, if not criminal conduct, of Dolmans’ Adrian Oliver and QC Lloyd Williams simply driven, as usual, by avarice.

On 1st Novemeber 2019, remember, I had been ejected from prison by eight G4S bullies using hand cuffs behind my back purely to deprive me of myvital medicaiton ans Caswell Clinic fabricatedpsychiatric and Professor Rodger Wood’s reports for Ashworth incarceration. So, is anyone waiting for me to die?

Oh, Maurice, is this for fear that my next jury may have an inkling that the welsh police have been bullying and harassing me contrary to 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act?

Incidentally, my next possible jury trial will include 17 members of G4S police controlled Parc prison, staff, just for startes, to expose once and for all malfaesence on an epic scale because of the inherent deceit rife in welsh so called ‘authority and their unexplained hatred of the English.

The hearing is designed, partly, to inform the world wide web, on behalf of other members of the public who have suffered serious injustice, just how my being harassed , over 27 years, has taken wife, almost my life, my health, wealth and damned near my sanity!

The QC, on Monday for the Chief Constable, has been ordered, not by Mr Keiser, of course, to hand over the 16 odd archlever files, forth with, which will reaveal still more evidence, as if I need it , that 17 plus welsh judges, in the past decacade, had obtain ordered five years of my lifein gaol and had conspired, with malice aforthought, to having me shot (see leaked MAPPA records) and if that had failed , have me locked away, for life in Ashworth, reliant on the Professor Rodger Wood’s falsely written medical report, when totally unqualified.

“Dear Ms Enid BlYton, does any of this Taffia misbehaviour inspire you to write another mind boggling fairy tale “?

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South Wales Police’s Criminal Conduct is Exposed yet Again

On the top of the Quantocks where I camped with the cub just before flight to Africa

Thankyou supporters, yet again , for picking up deliberate abuse of process by ‘authority’. I have just read also, at 3 in the morning, a disgusting blog comment but need to know how to get it removed ?

The alleged blog may have been put up in a women’s prison and triplicated by error so I was able, at least, to remove versions along with common law video. I am not allowed to publish and so I have simply removed stuff which I assume I can do?

UK’s quite outdated judicial and penal systems,due to avarice, also excel in Devon’s prison for a cartel of ‘gravy train’ lawyers daily legal aid abuse. I met no prisoner in Exeter prison NOT on legal aid nor a prison officer available to liaise with CPS and law courts for a LiP in one month’s solitary confinement!

It has taken me thousands of pounds in borrowed money, so far and over a year’s South Wales Police disgusting delay, hiding the evidence, to delay my CPS data disclosure. I cannot even start considering an equally ‘Enid Blighton’ rebuttal defence while still the South Wales Police refuse to release to me the alleged Cardiff prison sent or received letters.

These letters to Alun Cairns MP and other MPs, all allegedly stuffed with heroin, is only part of the problem from the November 2019 G4S violent assault on me and robbery to simply to obtain, for the South Wales Police, my just sent by Caswell Clinic medical records. These were originally falsified by Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University for Barbara Wilding’s, in order to cash to stop the ‘machine gun’ trial.

Many prisoner letters (see ECHR Gold andSilver rulings) unlawfully stopped and/or destroyed is to abuse my right to sue, in the UK and European civil courts, from their last welsh 40 years of gross criminal interference in my family’s life originating from ‘a borrowed’ Taunton Chief Superintendent’s pocket notebook re my ‘firearms’ acquittal.

And here we go again
, the welsh police again ‘snatching’ an already Engligh police dropped criminal investigation. The last time was re ‘trading in machine guns ‘ welsh police conspiracy ( Cases 1CF03361 & T20097445).

Despite yet another anticipated acquittal, this time for the mandatory prison term for 10 years, the welshy police attempted to stop 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court ‘machinegun’ hearing with an application, in my absense and not even legally re-presented!

South Wales Police had applied to His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC that I be locked away for life in Ashworth’s high security’s psychiatric hospital. This was simply based on the fabricated medical report of the ‘little shit’ and quite unqualified Professor Rodger Wood forcing a doctor to ‘flee the country’.

The court was told I now suffer ‘significant irreversable brain damage’ and registered, with it, as MAPPA level 3 category 3 (terrorist lvel) in order to have the legal right in having me shot ( seeleaked 8th June 2009 MAPPA meeting minutes).

Wicked lying Wood wrote my ‘brain damage’ was due to a) my ‘ditching’ in the Caribbean sea in my D-Day cub b) flyingto australia without a map and for c) for my being a long term drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed Esq!

BUT the welshing Cardiff so called ‘authority’, with their inherent deceit, currently ignore the return of my G4S stolen medical records for my Taunton GP despite his last years pleas for them. Why? because in excess of 17 welsh judges and CCRC, so far, have covered up the ‘truth’, a word not easily rolled off the tongue if he or she is in welsh ‘authority’.

NOW, even my Devon MP, private solicitors and parole officer have all been refused , on my behalf, for the return of my relevant welsh medical records because they had been falsified in the first place. The police had also blackmailed a doctor.


It had been the 2009 Nottinghamshire police, last time, who had already fully investigated the machine gun issues as nonsense but the South Wales Police, in a panic as my civil claim was just going to trial (BS614159 etc (40 plus failed malicious criminal prosecutions) snatched the English prosecution ‘investigation’ to similarly fabricate.

Barbara Wilding had dispatched an inaproppriately armed police car, in the dead of night, to intercept the Nottinghsmshire police car in an English motor way station. the two police officers were to snatch the piece of water pipe and fire wood,as ‘gunbus ‘ film prop, so how did South Wales Police do it the next time as the Criminal Prosecution Service seem reluctant to disclose the evidence to me … May I suggest you ‘watch this space’.

Selaine Saxby MP’s 18th June letter to HMP Parc HM governor, Ms Wallsgove, awaits a reply as do so many requests from many others!

Dear Maurice,

As requested, please find attached a copy of the letter Selaine sent you in the post on the 18th June 2020.

Would you please mind confirming the contact details, so that we may ensure all future correspondence is able to reach you.

Kind regards,


MP letter to HMP Parc is posted with HM Governor’s reply.later but I suggest you do not ‘hold your breath’ as my past Welsh MP, parole officer and my private solicitors cannot even get a response due to the high level of criminal corruption in the G4S run SouthWales Police controlled Bridgend prison

My letter to G4S

13th May 2020

Managing Director


Sutton Park House

15 Carshalton Road



Dear Sir/Madam


I write to request the delivery up of all of my case and legal papers that officers and agents of your company wrongly seized and removed from me on my discharge from HMP Parc on  (here give date).

These case and legal papers belong to me and I have previously requested their return.

I now demand their immediate return under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 and await confirmation of this at a time and venue to be arranged.

Failing which, I shall apply to the County Court for an order for the delivery up of my case and legal papers without further notice.  In addition, I will seek an Interim Injunction for the return of the case and legal papers and will also seek compensatory and aggravated damages from G4S.

I would also be grateful if you could inform me if your company require service at your registered office at Southside, or the UK Office? 

If you have instructed solicitors, I would also be grateful if you could inform me whether they are agreeable to accept service on behalf of your company?

Yours faithfully

Maurice Kirk

cc UK Registered Office

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Maurice Released from Exeter Prison for Hospital

Today, 25th July 2020 English police have unearthed welsh police prison statements of a year ago identifying the welsh bstds already had evidence I had, as usual , posted letters to MPs around the UK that had previously indicated ‘concern’ receiving (unknown to me) ‘white powder’!

He has lost three stone in weight or, to you kids, 20 kilos but his hunger strike forced Park prison, South Wales, now admitting, previously denied, it has had his ‘trading in machine guns ‘ one million pound civil claim legal papers against the South Wales Policeever since robbed of them, despite his MP’s letter for help.

Please note, world wide viewers, this replica 1916 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun was sold by Maurice when registered ‘decommissioned’ by HM HomeOffice. The South Wales Police then frantically seized it from Nottinghamshire police (when film prop in film ‘gunbus’) and not only painted the magazine back to ‘blac’k, as Maurice’s advert on ebay was years before but even unblocked the peice of water pipe ‘barrel’ to try and fool the 2009 T20097445 Cardiff Crown Court jury. for a sought mandatory 10 year prison term! WHYY? False welsh police medical data, earlier before court, had just failed to secure Maurice’s incarceration, for life, in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital,

He is not allowed to publish what is of ‘public interest’ of course but is not, Taunton Crown Court ordered, not denied his breathing and also speaking on his telephone ….tel no 07708586202 ………..he anticipates the South Wales Police will have him back in prison within a week….his email is police blocked but a side ways court application being delivered to Taunton Shire Hall later may release one of his emaills,

Currently in very expensive holiday home accommodation in Nether Stowey nr Bridgwater ….you may see him upon the Quantocks in a few days on the back of a horse as only two ways to explore the most beautiful hills in the World …..the other way is by D-Day cub (he landed and parked alongside Wills Neck 40 odd years ago in his, apparently, reakless youth…..perish the thought! Will fly his Taylorcraft up there later next week. Grouse still in season (the trick is ‘trail’ the bird from the cockpit low level, not ‘lead’ as you would when shooting standing still. In Eire Mike and Maurice had trouble picking up their shot duck in Donegal, back in the 70’s from our £800 Sipa 901 G-ASXB with canopy left on beach.

Next court hearing I again buy lunch for all … witness as to ‘WHAT REALLY GOES ON IN OUR UK LAW COURTS……evidence of flagrant corruption in all directions driven, as usual , by plain old avarice.

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Rebecca Pow MP’s Silence requires Plan E

Is this a common law court issue…….refusing to recover a patient’s medical records stolen by the G4S HMP prison?

Re-elected Taunton MP, Rebecca Pow, caused my imprisonment in March with my release, only this November, being due to the fortunate intervention by a clearly irate HM Parole Board member from London that had been lied to for two hours. My sister witnessed it all.
The Chief Constable of South Wales Police had not only allowed the fabrication of my seriously damaging criminal convictions, to cause shear hell for me in his controlled HMP Parc, Bridgend but had ensured they included ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘ABH’, FTA and ‘narcotics’! Police had supported the belief that I had sent to Stoke St Mary village possibly deadly anthrax in a prison letter causing it, at the time, to be cordoned off from the public.
Would this three decade conspiracy have anything to do with their 2009 MAPPA level 3 emergency , ‘Operation Chalice’, when an armed police helicopter and 20 odd officers had surrounded our house in St Donat while we were enjoying afternoon tea in the garden?
Would it have had anything to do with my being set up to be ‘shot’ (see leaked MAPPA category 3 memos) or their failed attempt (Operation Dandelion) in snatching our then 10 year old Genevieve to be put into council care? Anything they have thrown at me to further frustrate my civil claims, BS614159 etc., following 40 odd failed malicious prosecutions while often denied liberty, a lawyer or even a little luck.
Would it have had anything to do with police then unlawfully transporting my WW1 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun 2000 miles around the UK, contrary to s5 of the 1968 Firearms Act, after having first unblocked the gun barrel and having painted her a different colour to secure a mandatory 10 year prison term for ‘trading in machine guns’?
Who wants a copy of the trial transcript for the blatant proof of presiding judge’s conduct?
Such is the inherent level of deceit within the welsh authorities, I first witnessed back in 1992 while working as a veterinary surgeon, that they had even denied me, this week, my right vote for my Taunton MP for fear of my instant recall back to prison yet again!
Their malicious police ‘licencing’ requirements for provisional prison release, coupled with the Cardiff’s court’s equally disgusting conduct throughout this 30 year running saga, would of had me incarcerated IPP as ‘guilt by association’ by my involving Miss Pow.
Yet another prison ‘recall’, requiring no facts relied on being disclosed or having been ‘put to the strict proof thereof’ are needed to delay, again, my ten year running 24th January 2020 1CF03361 machine gun damages claim to be heard in Cardiff. All on the whim of the same embittered criminals clearly answerable to no one within their welshing criminal justice system. Due to the election result they again seek autonomy. God help the locals!

Is it over South Wales Police’s 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions to have me ‘struck off ‘ as a veterinary surgeon? Did my alleged ‘trading in machineguns’ acquittal, implicating more than 17 culpable South Wales judges in this ‘devil worship’ conspiracy have anything to do with her conduct?

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Rebecca Pow MP interview

As I have had no response even from my constitiancy MP I am off to deliver to her directly

HISTORY 201704259 B4 JL
MAPPA Block Hospital Appointments re Machine-gun
Parole Board Caswell Clinic Attempted ‘Break-ins’ Hearings

As I have had no response even from my own constituency MP in Taunton I have asked for police assistance during my Stoke St Mary visit shortly

1. The Secretary of State for Wales was first approached by a Mrs Sabine K McNeill, McKenzie Friend and Website Publisher, in Oct 2010, alarmed over my HMP Cardiff incarceration following allegations by Dr Tegwyn Williams, forensic psychiatrist for the South Wales Police, for having ‘harassed’ him in a dispute over the content in his bogus NHS (Wales) medical reports now proven were written under police blackmail

2. I was arrested in 2011 under1997 Prevention of Harassment Act for publication of psychiatrist’s medical reports, ‘dreamed up’ between June and December 2009 under instruction of South Wales Police’s Chief Constable, then Barbara Wilding, to halt my ongoing civil damages claims following some 50 failed malicious prosecutions

3. Dr Williams had complained to police of my ‘harassment’ without ‘reasonable cause’, a standard defence in the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act. To this day he has never been allowed to be cross examination for the risk of the truth being known.

4. I had just been acquitted from nearly 8 months in prison, for ‘trading in machine guns’ when there had been no need for any ‘defence’ or as nine of the jury in the pub, after, had commented, “Why was the purchaser” of my WW1 decommissioned Lewis gun “instead of having been a prosecution witness, not in the dock with Mr Kirk?”,

5. The police had not only tampered with the gun’s mechanism before trial but had also painted it her a different colour to try and fool both the ‘gun experts’ and jury.

6. In utter frustration I had switched from complaining to the culpable authorities, over police fabricated forensic history in order to having me shot, to one of publicity of what was clearly the makings of a welsh version being dealt the Stalin ‘Gulag card’.

7. This was the nexus for the next 9 years’ litigation with its previous 17 in Cardiff courts, some say having been a fine example of police ‘harassment’ of their local veterinary surgeon just trying to go about his business when all originated all over a borrowed Taunton police man’s ‘note book’ and irate senior Guernsey police officers.

8. On 8th June 2009 the police doctor had been urgently summoned to attend with his NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic’s senior nurse, Ms Elizabeth Paul, for a level 3 category 3 Multi Agency (5% most dangerous) Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) meeting in Barry police station where plans were laid down to having me eliminated.

9. Sabine was aware of the MAPPA registration had been fabricated and now proven by ‘leaked’ MAPPA memos that I was to be ‘shot’ if doctor’s ‘medical reports’ failed to have me incarcerated in Ashworth, indefinitely. Harm by his diagnosed cancer and irreparable damage to my reputation and private life by his lies was of no concern to police and CPS agenda with her ‘shoot to kill’ policy planned on her own door step.

10. Both Dr Williams and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University’s joint medical reports, for Cardiff’s 2nd Dec 2009’s secret Crown Court hearing before His Honour Judge Neill Bidder QC, was for their ‘terrorist’ classified victim, ‘too dangerous’ to attend or be legally represented, to be made to stop any further damages claims.

11. This ‘acceptable’ police harassment arose from my ongoing civil claims so it is vital, to day, that investigation into the 2013 unadulterated tape-recordings of the weeks of evidence covering my 1992 started civil damages hearings, onwards, by some hundred or so mainly police officers, be now disclosed but courts refuse transcription for the Royal Courts of Justice in both my current 2018 St civil and criminal appeals.

12. The police doctor’s recommendation to the learned judge, was that I be sectioned for life based on HM Crown Prosecutor emphasising I was suffering from ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’, PDD, in my belief the police were ‘harassing’ me. Dr Tegywn Williams’ professional ‘opinion’ (contrary to opinions by so many who were actually qualified) was that the ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ was due to cancer.

13. This unusual HM Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) stance compared to its earlier evidence before the MAPPA meetings, when insisting I was no threat to the general public, may explain why the list below of unanswered replies may ‘speak volumes’.

14. Our current Welsh Secretary, The Honourable Alun Cairns MP, had duly counter signed Sabine’s 2012 Parliamentary Ombudsman’s form, identifying Mr Sissling, as CEO of ABM Health Board, for refusing disclosure of sensitive records, below, that has caused me so many years imprisonment, so far, his withheld data still include,

15. Texas’s 2008 Psychiatric hospital’s and Waco prison multiple reports, Dr Metter’s 2009 Bridgend hospital’s psychiatric report, Dr Philip James’ Jan 2009 Home Office FTAC psychiatric report, Dr Craddock (SWP) June 2009 ‘machine-gun’ psychiatric report, Dr Tahir (SWP) Sept 2009, Dr Gaynor Jones’ 2009 HMP psychiatric reports, Drs Roger Thomas, Clark, Sylvester (Godfrey/Leonard) also of Caswell Clinic, Bridgend police station’s 10th Feb 2010 psychiatric report, Dr D Seely’s request for neurologist’s psychiatric report and far more sinister since, post MG trial, Tottenham police 2012 psychiatric report from welsh police false data alone, France’s Jan13 psychiatrist’s report from welsh police false data alone

16 Since Sabine’s 2012 Parliamentary Ombudsman Complaint no medical reports have been ‘disclosed’ and nor will any authority report Dr Tegwyn Williams to GMC simply to have corrections made to avoid more serious harm. This letter to Mr Cairns MP, following his helpful 7th Jan 2018 letter, is almost my last hope

16. The following refusals by those organisations in 2009/10, originally designed to prevent such a travesty of justice, has resulted in not one proper investigation.

17. Authorities, below, are in receipt of my 2018 repeat applications but again failing to reply yet alone inform the General Medical Council if only to avoid the inevitable 5th ‘breach of a restraining order’ jury trial that may be now switched to New Zealand.

1. Prosecution CDs of machine-gun 2010 prosecution MAPPA medical evidence
2. 14th Sept 2009 SMHA Advocacy letter
3. 5th Nov 2009 Mental health Review tribunal letter
4. 13th Nov and 5th Dec 2009 MJK complaints to GMC
5. 3rd Dec 2009 GMC letter
6. 27thDec 2009 NHS (Wales) Independent complaints Secretariat Brecon Powys
7. Aug10 Vale hospital’s letter refusing to operate due to damage/brain tumour
8. 1st Sept 2010 MJK’s GP letter to Cardiff judge for ‘disclosure’ of Dr Williams’ 2nd Dec 09 evidence and medical report for Ashworth’s admission
9. 19th Sept 2010 HM Treasury Solicitor(Stephen Jones)
10. 17th Oct 2010 MJK to GMC (Wales)
11. 24th Nov 2010 (Wales) Mr Paul Jones letter
12. 8th Dec 2010 MJK to Mrs Bloomfield ( NHS (Wales) records)
13. Appellant’s14th Dec17 request to Cardiff Crown Court to cause investigation
14. Criminal Cases Review Commission (so another March 2018 sent)

18. Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales postponed a verdict on my Dr Tegwyn Williams’ MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration, (top 5% most dangerous) diagnosis without even examining me. He then caused police and courts to know I suffered ‘significant brain damage’ due to a possible brain tumour and PDD, (Paranoid Delusional Disorder). He wrote I was ‘no threat to the general public’ but was a serious ‘risk’ to then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, if I continued my civil damages claim for her 36 failed prosecutions.

19. 15 plus forensic psychiatrists, from around the world, have strongly contradicted my Dr Williams’ unqualified and seriously damaging Sept, Oct & Nov 2009 medical reports, written to bury the ‘machine-gun’ trial and civil claim also listed for Jan 2010

20. HMP say I need a neurologist before my overdue anaesthetic for biopsies but police stopped four times as I was MAPPA3/3and would ‘try and escape’ But HHJ Bidder QC had quashed my MAPPA registration but the hospital refused my hip replacement refusing for fear of the diagnosed ‘brain damage’ and 6months of my unnecessary morphine sulphate use for pain.

21. Cardiff Crown ‘does not have the authority’, apparently, for medical records to be ‘corrected’ and as its RCJ appeal is not until a year so, how much more is needed for someone to take to confirm on its 1st restraining order, the court now reluctantly confirms, 2nd also never ‘served’ on me!

22. More MAPPA abuse is disclosed in HMP Park by my ‘harassment of senior staff’, whilst ‘detecting and preventing crime’, aptly recorded in its 12thFe18 letter & NHS (Wales) solicitors’13th Dec12 letter admitting Dr Williams a liar to collapse 2nd trial.

23. Should the Australian & New Zealand Psychiatric Society have interest in having my 2009 medical reports ‘clarified’, a matter also raised by other complainant victims?

24. GMC(Wales) & ABM University Trust not only still ignore the consequences of my 17thOct 10 & 14th Oct 09 letters for help but now ignore my 23rd Feb 2018 letter by also arranging for it be ‘returned to sender’, yesterday!

25. By mid March I was denied ‘in possession’ medication for over 2 months and after witnessing a trail of prison chaos, incompetence and lies, I remain unfairly deprived of my own money, weekly allowances, urgently needed to fund ongoing criminal and civil proceedings due to the South Wales Police’s criminal conduct.

a. 9th time refused access to court, re failed ‘machine gun’ & ‘Caswell Clinic’ break-ins’ malicious prosecutions, 5th time MAPPA has blocked hospital appointments as ‘may try and escape’.

A My 23rd Feb 2018 letter

Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales, RCJ 201704259 B4 JL
Cardiff Mental Health Council Cardiff, RCJ A2/2017/2747
Caswell Clinic Glanrhyd Hospital Bridgend, NHS(Wales) 1CF03546
NHS(Wales) HQ Port Talbot (NHS (Wales) One Million Pound Claim)
General Medical Health Council for Wales
ref. Secretary of State for Wales 7th Feb 2018 letter
23rd Feb 2018 MHRT for Wales 5th Nov 2009 letter 12th Feb 2018 G4S Park MAPPA letter
South Wales Police 50 failed prosecutions
To whom it ‘may’ concern, (Attempted burglary of Caswell Clinic for my own records)

Dr Tegwyn Williams Fabricated Medical Records

1. Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales postponed a verdict on my Dr Tegwyn Williams’ MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration, (top 5% most dangerous) diagnosis without even examining me. He then caused police and courts to know I suffered ‘significant brain damage’ due to a possible brain tumour and PDD, (Paranoid Delusional Disorder). He wrote I was ‘no threat to the general public’ but was a serious ‘risk’ to then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, if I continued my civil damages claim for her 36 failed prosecutions.

2. 15 forensic psychiatrists, from around the world, strongly contradict my Dr Williams’ unqualified and seriously damaging Sept, Oct & Nov 2009 medical reports, written to bury the ‘machine-gun’ jury trial with my civil claim also in Jan10, requiring 200 witnesses. At a secret 2nd Dec09 Cardiff Crown Court he had recommended I be incarcerated in Ashworth hospital, indefinitely.

3. HMP say I need a neurologist before my overdue anaesthetic for biopsies but police stopped both 3 times as I was MAPPA3/3 & would ‘try and escape’ But HHJ Bidder QC had quashed registration and Hospital refused my hip replacement with Cardiff hospital refusing for fear of the diagnosed ‘brain damage’ and after 6months of my unnecessary morphine sulphate use for pain.

4. Cardiff Crown ‘does not have the authority’ for medical records ‘corrected’ and its RCJ appeal is not until year so, how much more is needed for you lot to take your problem seriously? The trial judge had replied after handing down a two year prison sentence just for an accurate You Tube acount filmed in a police station. I invite you to watch it as being a ‘breach of a restraining order’ ‘with good reason’, entirely reliant on its 1st one also never ‘served’ on me!

5. MAPPA abuse is now disclosed in Park by ‘harassment of senior staff’, whilst ‘detecting and preventing crime’, aptly recorded in its 12thFe18 letter & NHS (Wales) solicitors’13th Dec12 letter admitting your mate was a congenital liar.

6. Should the Australian and New Zealand Psychiatric Society have interest in having my 2009 medical reports ‘clarified’ then that may be a matter for you?

Will GMC(Wales)&ABMUT Caswell now answer my 17thOct10&14thOct09 letters?
Maurice J Kirk BVSc Copy to Welsh Secretary

B Appellant’s 13th March 2018 update to Secretary of State for Wales letter

26. For 4th time your chief constable has cancelled my overdue hospital biopsy appointment and as in current ‘machine-gun’ civil proceedings from 1992, had me re-registered MAPPA to again influence a ‘sentencing’ judge without my knowing.

27. This time I had a ploy to book my private health consultation, in Vale hospital, from outside this privately controlled prison. Done before MAPPA even knew about it and now blocked by prison due to further evidence of sinister ‘dark forces’ from within.

28. My misguided belief this 4th jury trial would achieve correction of my Dr Tegwyn Williams severely damaging medical reports and so avoid a New Zealand visit for a 5th jury trial, there, to consider ‘new evidence’ for their own criminal investigation.

29. My trial judge anticipated my usual request, to direct someone to report this criminal conduct to GMC but replied, ‘the court has no authority’ and yet NHS (Wales)’ 13th Dec 12 letter to CPS admitted Dr Tegwyn Williams a liar to protect it’s own back! .

30. G4S has confiscated your 7th Feb18 letter and its own12th Feb18 letter resulting from its police liaison officer liaising with MAPPA. Remember them, in 2009, conspiring ‘to have me shot’ as a dangerous terrorist due to my ‘diagnosed’ ‘brain tumour’?

31. G4S caused my hunger strike in my 4th attempt to get a hospital appointment, privately, as it continues to deny me correct medical care, if at all and has punished my remonstrations by denying me access to telephoning courts or family to arrange it.

32. G4S has repeatedly blocked my legal papers in or out of this chaotic ‘holiday camp’

33. G4S opens my Rule 37 post, delays RCJ appeal mail, confiscated/lost RCJ appeals documents for photocopying and wiped off legal documents from only allowed ‘memory stick’ contrary to HMP rules due allowing local police to control this prison

34. Again, this prison is not just inadequate to prepare young kids back into civilisation the prison is significantly short staffed and lacks expertise you should know about.

35. A friend confirms GMC advised her I complain to ABMU NHS Wales Trust, Mental Health Review Tribunal, SWMH Advocacy and Cardiff Mental Health Council Wales but NOT ONE will reply re correcting my harmful medical reports so God help your locals or whoever is next from England to venture into your constituency.

DPA’s 2000 Act was originally designed to protect ‘vulnerable’ NOT conspiracy implicating your judges! Prison now refuse return of my RCJ exhibits ‘security’ took 16 days ago or my ‘in possession’ Omeprazole. Not even allowed NOMS records or call Legal Ombudsman re paid lawyers not attending my ‘sentencing’

C Many of Forensic Psychiatrists & Medical Professionals who have Contradicted Police Blackmailed & Sacked Dr Tegwyn Williams
For Attempted State Murder

Doctors who contradicted in Machine-Gun/MAPPA Conspiracy

1. Dr Phillips James of FTAC HM Ministry of Justice (not withheld) Jan 2009
2. Dr Graham/Coleman & Jones of Cowbridge Health Centre (withheld) 1996-2009
3. Dr Metters and another of Bridgend hospital (report still withheld) May 2009
4. Dr Craddock of South Wales Police Port Talbot (report still withheld) June 2009

HMP Cardiff and Glanrhyd Hospital’s NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic doctors included

1. Dr Gaynor Jones of Caswell Clinic, NHS (Wales) June 2009-2012
2. Locum Spanish forensic psychiatrist in HMP Cardiff July 2009
3. Drs Sylvester, Roger Thomas, Clarke, L Godfrey @ Caswell(still withheld) Oct2009
4. Drs Gareth and Tudor of Bridgend hospital (clear brain scans) August 2009

USA’s doctors’ involvement but only due to sent South Wales False Forensic History

5. Doctors at Waco prison &Texas local hospital (clear brain scans) April 2008
6. Drs at Texas State psychiatric hospital & Houston Deporting prison May 2008
(All these reports were withheld by MAPPA/Dr Tegwyn Williams’ direct orders)
7. Brittany casualty hospital France (clear brain cans) 2008
8. Dr Davies police confirmed even on day of machine-gun’s verdict 10thFeb 2010
9. Doctor D Seely of HMP Cardiff and again at HMP Swansea 2009-2015

Civil Aviation Authority suspend MAPPA victim’s Pilot’s Licences until Re-examined

10. Drs Hunter and Haydon-Smith of the Civil Aviation Authority June 2010
11. Drs Exeter, Salisbury and Gatwick all AMEs for cub’s global flights 2010-2016
12. Dr Nuala Sweeney Hull, Dr H Bright forensic psychiatrist Essex March 2010

More withheld MAPPA Records confirming Dr Williams/Professor Rodger Wood’s Lies

13. Dr Tahir of Cardiff’s psychiatric hospital & Caswell Clinic Sept 2009
14. Dr E Silva of Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital June 2009
15. Drs in Brittany’s psychiatric secure ward, France (clear brain scans) 2010

Collateral Damage by South Wales Police Distribution of Fabricated Medical Records

16. Forensic psychiatrist Tottenham police London (Nigerian Musa family) Sept 2012
17. Dr Rose Marnell HMP Park and HMP Swansea (clear PDD & brain scans) 2015
18. University Hospital Cardiff Casualty Unit (clear brain scans) June 2017

South Wales Police continues to circulate its fabricated MAPPA data world wide

Copies to: Secretary of State for Wales, The Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP
FTAC, CCRC, RCVS, GMC (England) Law Society, Bar Council
Sabine McNeill for Australia & New Zealand Psychiatric Society
Timothy & Celia Kirk
Janet M Kirk
Butlin Cat
LiPs r u next 4 their 30thth March 2018 u ‘Gulag card’?

D 9th April 2018 RCJ cases incl. 201704259 B4
Parole Board A2/2017/02747
Machine-gun case 1CF03361

Independent Monitoring Board HMP Park Wales
Help or Hindrance?

1. On 31st March I had my 1st IMB visit since 14th Dec17 entry to a welsh prison despite having written for help on countless occasions. I had even asked Swansea’s IMB after my 3rd ‘breach’ sentence there. Other ‘authorities’ also ignored my letters simply to have my damaging fabricated 2009 police medical report clarified by correction.

2. Rather like, ‘after waiting for a bus for an hour in the rain only for three to turn up all at once’, I had two more visits in quick succession. What the Secretary of State’s letter touched on was how police here can also block hospital appointments and why parole board re-call is now for ECHR on my same 09 MAPPA disclosure cover-up still being used by G4S in HMP Park re machine-gun case [see black cab rapist case].

3. IMB said prison had ‘no knowledge of my hospital appointments’ but ‘Health Care’ would have been consulted by MAPPA prison ‘Security’ first! Family arranged Vale Hospital is now my 5th appointment blocked for internal examination for biopsies.

4. IMB were told my MAPPA level 3 categories 3 status, within 5% UK’s most dangerous, meant I would try and escape! This will not stop because in South Wales the police wield control over its local courts & prisons by taffia style ‘devil worship’.

5. Cardiff court’s failure to incarcerate in Ashworth’s high security prison for a brain ‘cancer’ or have me ‘shot’ was discussed with CPS and Dr Williams in absolute secrecy and why I am not to know nor given ‘palliative care’. If not ‘inherent deceit’ then why, on 14th Dec, did it also have ‘no authority’ to inform the GMC either?

6. The IMB representative assured me I would not be able to speak to the Legal Ombudsman even though it had specifically asked I ring them over my pending RCJ appeals when not less than four law firms had been paid £23,000 ‘up front’, had all failed to attend my ‘sentencing’ hearing also appearing to be ‘hushed up’ by court .

7. He, from IMB, had never heard of a prisoner ringing out from a wing office other than on entry to prison to next of kin or to some one as to where the prisoner was! This prison MAPPA blocked all of that, of course, ever since entry despite requests.

8. IMB had also spoken to HMP cashier who admitted it had ‘effectively’ ‘stopped’ my £40 telephone monies allocation from private ‘spends’ BUT not accepted as blocked! IMB now has a print-out denied me for over three months, BY ALL OTHER ROUTES, indicating ‘adjudications’ cover-up, to deplete tel calls, now vulnerable.

9. There is ‘no effective prison appeal system’ in a private gaol as it is too expensive explaining why this IMB visitor never experienced one in his many years amongst almost 2000 inmates. It came as no surprise, therefore, for the amused wing staff.

10. Staff said, ‘no knowledge of appeal forms’, I had been insisting existed for months and finished by one G4S officer saying, “the prisoner was always guilty, anyway”.

Since 2009 ‘authority’ has had a vested interest in continuing this ‘cover-up’

11. This ‘closing of ranks’ includes other medical services with Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales, Cardiff Mental Health Council, Caswell Clinic Glanrhyd Hospital, NHS(Wales) HQ in Port Talbot and of course, General Medical Council for Wales all, today, still ignoring my correspondence due to their criminal implications.

12. Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales had postponed a verdict on my Dr Tegwyn Williams’ MAPPA registration diagnosis without either examining me. Dr then caused police and courts to know I suffered ‘significant brain damage’ due to a possible brain tumour and PDD, (Paranoid Delusional Disorder). He wrote I was ‘no threat to the general public’, strange, when a serious ‘risk’ to Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, if I continued damages claims exceeding 50 failed prosecutions.

13. After His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC’s Nov 08 court order, she disclosed (MAPPA) records etc for the imminent civil trial, she quickly handed in her notice to protect state pensions and ensuring Cardiff court judges, 14 so far, upheld a ‘code of conduct’ laid down that had protected her officers from any risk of being prosecuted.

14. My last ‘sentencing judge’ was quick to point out she had ‘no authority’ to cause anyone to have the now sacked and living in New Zealand, chief police psychiatrist for Caswell Clinic, correct or at least clarify my damaging medical reports despite no less than15 forensic psychiatrists, so far, having expressed opinions to the contrary.

15. My G4S complaint in which I was blocked from medication, needed for the correct time of day, ran on for over two months and for days on end without it at all! This was despite hours spent each month in medicine hatch queues stuffed by prisoners never requiring their ‘medication’ in the first place and costing the NHS a fortune.

16. IMB is aware there’s a move afoot by police to have my Ministry of Justice laptop confiscated as its use is taken up by typing legible court data relating to their 25 years of incessant bullying that has generated, so far, well over 1000 court appearances.

17. 28th Jan18 court letter, asking prison for no delay in my pre-paid legible documents being printed, was smartly followed by it losing court exhibits and now clearly ‘losing’ my only memory stick again to stop exposure of this culture of corruption.

18. This conduct reminds me on how, back in 2014, I had just arrived at Park prison gates from HMP Swansea only to be refused entry by the awaiting HM Governor, no less!

My Taunton MP, Rebecca Pow, is due for a home visit later.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
Copy to Secretary State for Wales RebeccaPow MP

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So Who is ‘the Nigger in the Wood Pile’?

New evidence concerning the South Wales Police’s criminal conspiracy, to have me shot, is now in the possession of Judge Andrew Keiser QC which may account for his denying my 18th March 2019 ‘position statement’ going before the proposed 2nd ‘jury trial’ folowing my acquittal, in 2010, for ‘trading in machine guns’!

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED
Retired Chief Constable


9. ‘There shall be a further case management conference on the first available date after 17 July 2020. Time
allowed: 21⁄2 hours. The Court will give directions for trial, including the date and mode of trial’.

A string of welsh judges, informed of the truth, refuse to lift a finger to help me recover my wheel chair, stolen machine gun files or clothes from HMP prison, stolen as they all know, 17 + of the welsh bstds, dressed in judge’s paraphinalia, have each in turn lied to my face. These reptiles have no comprehension of the word, ‘truth’.

1. The Claimant shall be entitled to rely on the Part 18 Response dated 25 February 2019 as a statement of case.
2. The Claimant shall not be entitled to rely on the Part 18 Response dated 18 March 2019 as a statement of case’.


3. ‘The Defendant do file and serve any supplemental list of documents by 4 p.m. on 28 February 2020’.

BUT THE POLICE HAVE STILL NOT DISCLOSED previously ordered, under CPR, PII, MG6D and OASYS fabricated data , the latter used, incidentally, to have me persicuted for years in welsh prison as a (fictitious) wrongly convicted victim for ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’ and ‘narcotcs’, ,,,disgusting short arsed vermin.

4. ‘Any request for inspection must be made by 4 p.m. on 20 March 2020.
5. Either party may apply for directions in the event of a dispute regarding inspection, provided that such
application be made not later than 3 April 2020′

This appears to identify the ever increasing number of criminals amongst his collegues who regularly pervert the course of justice when answerable to noone

The presiding judge is aware he and Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, solicitors for the Chief Constable, are still preventing the undisclosed police evidence, gathered even before I was arrested on 22nd June 2009 following the armed helicopter raid, Operation Chalise to snatch our then 10 year old daughrt, Genevieve.

New information , due to my publicity on cyberspace of the stench eminating from west of Offa’s Dyke, reveals countless CAA enquiries, in 2009, had uncovered actual prohibited weapons on UK aircraft BUT NO ONE ARRESTED.

Such is the level of day by day deceit handed down in Welsh so called law courts with their still not understood hatred of the English.

The alleged ‘gun’ on my Battle of the Somme DH2 replica fighter was never anything of the sort!

Viv Bellamy’s 1970s acquired real WW1 Lewis machine gun, down at Lands End aerodrome had long gone been purloined, decades ago and a replica put on the fuselage.

Its valuable rifled was barrel quietly swapped for a piece of water pipe and automatic recoil parts, to re load the breach, not even replaced!

Such is the level of deceit to cover up the truth by Judges Paul Thomas QC and prosecutor, now a judge, god forbid, Richard Thomlow! Together, with much a forthought, thesetwo wicked welsh judges conspired during that ridiculous 2010 jury trial, to swing a ‘gulty verdict’ (see whole transcript published on an earlier blog on this site , facebook or

A ‘guilty ‘ verdict had to be fixed in order to stop any more embarassinfg evidence going public in my BS614159 civil claim case then imminent.

The same old bunch of welsh lying authorities had already lost over 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions against me , only stopping once having achieved their original aim, to cut my income to bring civil claims.

Barry police’s successful complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, was to stop all need for further fabricated criminal allegationsv until nine years when the substantive BS614159 trail on evidence was about to ‘hit the fan’!

New information now reveals the muli agencies had even tried to switch the alleged ‘prohibited weapon’ mid trial for another one!!!!

watch this space

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Substantial Financial Reward for Home Addresses of Judges Paul Thomas QC, Richard Thomlow and Dolmans, solicitors’ Senior Partners

I think the expression is, “Here we go again”!

Yet more unlawfully withheld police evidence comes to light, rising to the surface of their cesspit of deceit following my acquital over 10 years ago after my ‘Trading in Machine Guns’ South Wales Police conspiracy trial hit the proverbial fan……..

Just for starters,

I, Maurice John Kirk, confirm that this, my statement, is true to the best of my belief

South Wales Police unlawful conduct in ‘Operation Chalice’- My ‘Trading in Machine Guns’

I, Maurice John Kirk, confirm that this, my statement, is true to the best of my belief

On 1st Nov 2019 in Bridgend prison I was seriously assaulted by G4S staff in order to rob me of my Caswell Clinic medical records and legal papers, ref. case no 1CF03361, a claim for compensation for having maliciously prosecuted me for ‘Trading in machine guns’. I was gaoled for 5 years when the South Wales Police knew other police forces had already confirmed the film prop on my aircraft, from WW1 movie ‘Gunbus’, was not a Lewis machine gun, contrary to section 5 of the 1968 firearms Act but simply a piece of scrap iron.

14th May 2020

Managing Director                                                                                                          


Registered Office                                                                                                               

Southside  105 Victoria Street

London SW1E 6QT

Dear Sir/Madam


I write to request the delivery up of all of my medical records, wheelchair, machine gun case, and other legal papers that officers and agents of your company wrongly seized and removed from me on my discharge from HMP Parc on 1st November 2019.

These medical records, wheelchair, machine gun case and other legal papers belong to me and I have previously requested their return despite a South Wales Police official investigation.

I now demand their immediate return under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 and await confirmation of this at a time and venue to be arranged.

Failing which, I shall apply to the County Court for an order for the delivery up of my medical records, wheelchair, case and legal papers without further notice.  In addition, I will seek an Interim Injunction for the return of the medical records, wheel chair, machine gun case and other legal papers and will also seek compensatory and aggravated damages from G4S and its agents.

I would also be grateful if you could inform me if your company requires service at your registered office above at Southside or at the UK Office in Sutton? 

If you have instructed solicitors I would also be grateful if you could inform me whether they are agreeable to accept service on behalf of your company?

Yours faithfully

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

cc UK Office, GP, ex Parole Officer & Taunton MP



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Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) has Problems


It was in Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court with my father that I first met this fine gentleman. Battered and bruised but far from battle weary from the likes of those you will regularly find, in South Wales at least, in our UK so called ‘law’ courts. There to uphold the ‘truth’ and ‘justice’. How much further from reality can these two words mislead?

Incidentally, Dad was there to witness for himself how very diffent are the morals of many left in charge of the welsh judicial systems, not all I must emphisise!

Further down this page you will find a particularly revealing article, as TO WHAT REALLY GOES ON IN OUR COURTS written by Norman once again exposing the myth that only honest men and women are found passing judgements in our courts.

It was the spirit seen in the likes of Norman, Gerald and Yvonne Gillow (Guernsey), Patrick Cullinane and Sheda Oraki , as examples, who picked me off the floor during a particularly nastspell in my life when being perpetually persicuted by local police officers in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The latter are getting away with it due to the judiciary’s secret promise with them of immunity to prosecution. Many a time I have proven a police officer lying in the witness box only for the presiding judge to ‘look the other way’ but for all to see. The police, long ago, have agreed not to arrest members of their own judicary also perverting the course of justice, no of course not. ‘You scratch my back and I will scratch yours’.

Yet another reason why the 1997 Human Act was so hurriedly drafted, under Blair. to contradict the 1948 European Charter of Human Rights and Fundimental Freedoms.

We no longer have redress to those ultimately responsible for our own legislation

I, of course, refer to the notorious ‘Memorandum of Understanding’. A particularly evil piece of legislation much practiced in the South Wales courts and may be due to the high level of ‘devil worship’ practiced in the Vale. It takes a new arrival from across the Severn Bridge mere  nanoseconds to identify the underlying purpose of freemasonry.

Norman, a true horseman as he can read their minds, at home in central Ireland

Maurice, you digress. Gifted Norman knows more about the CCRC than I do as the police’s ‘machine gun’ conspiracy exposed too many corrupt Cardiff judges thereby baring me from their hand of friendship..

Despite clear documented proof of the routine nefarious activities of South Wales ‘authority’, surrounding the the ‘machine-gun’ jury trial, the CCRC even called the police on me when visiting the CCRC head office in Birmingham.

Investigate, please, our Norman and bombard to make similar ‘voice’ at the CCRC offices once known to be the pinnicle of publishing right from wrong.

(I am not a supporter of Mr Assange, putting the lives of both UK subjects and US citizens in jeopody but, by gad, his spirit was almost in the right place!)

From: Norman Scarth
Sent: 17 May 2020 04:25
Subject: PAT 150091. CCRC

To The Ministry of Justice, Public Appointments Team. (This text is also attached as a Word Document, for ease of printing). Ref:PAT 150091.

Fao Helen Pilcher, Chair of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) & Karen Kneller, CEO.

From Norman Scarth,

BALLINASLOE, Co. Galway, Ireland


Please accept this as my Application for the position of Commissioner with the Criminal Cases Review Commission, as announced in The Law Gazette

I make it in the assumption that it is a real position & not a ‘fantasy’, as indicated in the first sentence of your information pack, which says it is “A fantastic(sic) intellectually challenging and rewarding role playing a vital part in the Criminal Justice System.”
I am assuming that the reason for this strange statement is that the job of producing the pack was given to someone whose understanding of the English language was not all it should be, a fault which is all too common these days, even in official circles. A person who does not understand the difference between fantasy & reality. I suspect your convoluted ‘Application Procedure’ was drafted by a similar person, & though I have tried to follow that procedure, I ask that you overlook any minor deficiencies from me in that respect.

CV as regards my experience in the field of what are euphemistically known as ‘Miscarriages of Justice’.

Born in 1925, with a life far removed from law, not until 1994 did I become aware that all far from well in the British courts. Speaking at the Lord Mayor of London’s Mansion House Banquet in 1936, Lord Chief Justice Hewart said, “His Majesty’s judges are satisfied with the almost universal admiration in which they are held”.

Whether it was true then, I know not, but HER Majesty’s judges are certainly not held in such high regard now, nor do they deserve to be As is known by anyone with an inkling of what really goes on in our courts.

Much of the blame lies with Lord Denning, who was rated (BY SOME!) as the finest judge of the 20th Century. In his book ‘WHAT NEXT IN THE LAW’ he wrote about ‘Abuse of Power’. “Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State, Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy remedy. Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy. There will be anarchy.”

A most important warning to the nation – but it is notable that Denning excluded the judiciary from his list of those who might abuse their power!

Some of his earlier words were less worthy.

At one of his lectures to the Holdsworth Club at Birmingham University he said, “No British judge has been biased for 300 years”.

(Palpable nonsense, but even the ECtHR has swallowed it – see elsewhere.)

In Sirrus v Moore, 1974, Denning said, “No matter that (a judge) be motivated by the utmost malice, greed, envy & all uncharitableness, he is not liable to any action”. This self-proclaimed immunity was falsely proclaimed, but accepted as the word of God ever since.

I myself have knowledge – & evidence – of judges who were indeed ‘motivated by the utmost malice, greed, envy & all uncharitableness’.

(His words on The Birmingham Six are well known, & are universally condemned, yet he is STILL revered by many).

Elsewhere he said, “Better that innocent men should remain in prison than that the integrity of the judiciary be impugned” – in gross contempt of his own Judicial Oath, & that of the Sovereign, in whose name he purported to act. Those very words belie that ‘integrity’, & show him to be completely unfit for judicial office.

Outrageous though the words were, it is a dictum which is followed by the whole of the legal profession. No Judge, no appeal court (nor even the ECtHR – nor even the CCRC!) will ever accept that a judge acted dis-honourably.

They will accept that s/he “Misdirected the jury”, or that, “S/he misdirected him/herself on the law”.

They will never even hint that “the judge knowingly & deliberately acted in contravention of the law, or his Oath” (which, in either case means s/he was NOT acting judicially, & thus not entitled to whatever immunity he might otherwise be entitled to).

No lawyer would dare say that: Nor, sadly would any previous Commissioner of the CCRC.

Well, I AM prepared to rock the boat! (Which will, no doubt, ensure I am not appointed!)

The claim that ‘Miscarriages of Justice’ are rare is untrue. The fact that the prison population has doubled since Lawyer Blair achieved power is evidence that they are increasing rapidly.

Shocked by my discovery of the true state of affairs, 25 years ago I left my previous career behind, & became a self-employed researcher, activist, author & adviser in the field of Human Rights, &, particularly, violations thereof, continuing to the present day.

During this time I have been successful in the European Court of Human Rights (Scarth v UK, 33745/96), & a SUCCESSFUL reformer of law in the United Kingdom (see letter dated 1/9/1998 from Geoffrey Hoon MP, then Lord Chancellor Irvine’s spokesman in The House of Commons.)

You must surely accept that the public respect for the CCRC is not as great as you would like it to be? In fact, anyone with an inkling of what goes on in our courts sees it as the sop which it is, to placate the gullible. Most of the Commissioners are lawyers, & they are not going to rock the boat to do more than cause a little ripple. Even those who are not lawyers tend to support ‘The Establishment’ (& would not be appointed if they did not!)

What is needed is an eagle eye for malpractice, which I would be able to provide better than most.

I suggest my qualifications for the position of Commissioner of the Criminal Cases Review Commission are at least as great as any other applicants, & that my appointment could lift not only the public perception of the CCRC, but the actuality of its performance!

Now of advanced years, my physical activity is obviously limited, but I am fortunate that my brain remains as good as ever.

As referees, I give the names of Dr. XXXXXXXXXXXXX & Mr XXXXXXXXXX Signed electronically: N.Scarth

Maurice Kirk

18 May 2020, 16:53 (9 hours ago)

to Norman
well done Norman

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202

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