Police Conspiracy to kill me foiled but will Burnett LCJ Rescue me again?

Burnett LCJ 2ndBurnett LCJ

Lord Chief Justice’s Annual Press Conference 2017


Machine gun aspx sm

Police repaint gun to try and fool 2010 machine-gun jury but not before frantically driving the antique almost 2000 miles around the UK, often with only one or two unarmed police in the vehicle , contrary to regulations because the Chief Constable had bloody well known from the start, the gun was recorded in aircraft CAA log books as decommissioned and proved , before trial by the new owner.

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

Last time, in February 2016, His Lordship had asked me to leave the public gallery and address both he and his colleague, Mr Justice Sweeney,  over my application following Mrs Kirk having been banned from ‘note taking’ on my behalf  by the South Wales judge, HHJ Crowther.

Welsh courts invariably hold me behind bullet proof glass to protect me BUT primarily to make sure I hear as little as possible in the hope their blackmail may lead to my confiding in my defence information  to one of their lawyers

Their Lordships bluntly quashed this one of manywicked practices carried out in the Welsh courts with gay abandon.

Will Their Lordships come to my rescue again , we all wonder, over the police’s attempt to having me shot on Barbara Wilding’s door step as one of the top most dangerous individuals in the UK?

Extract of email to my 112th law firm asked to protect me from incessant  South Wales Police bullying

Can you please confirm you are still acting for me in the case AND ATTENDING WITH QC I briefed in London with a witness?

I now have new information for the judge, HHJ Tracy Lloyd-Clarke for the lawyer, from a fortunate civil hearing only yesterday, 1CF03361 (machine-gun/murder conspiracy), that should lead to the release, at last, of police MAPPA and MACHINE  GUN CONSPIRACY RECORDS TO GET  MY POLICE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS FABRICATED.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also helped stop my civil claims, following their 33 failed malicious prosecutions aimed at me. Now,this week ,this machine gun judge refused to order specific disclose just as in the first 33 failed prosecutions or the wrong people would go to prison.

The police QC was made to admit to HH judge Keiser that HH judge Seys LLEWELLYN  QC refused to release those MAPPA minutes even when they had been delivered to court in  the proverbial ‘brown envelope’ in front of me containing their plan to having me killed.
South Wales Police were now ordered to disclose HH Judge Thomlow’s documentary evidence as well that he had used at secret HH judge Bidder QC hearing in Cardiff Crown Court to have me sectioned to Ashworth for rest of my life.
Their yet to be disclosed forensic history  of me contained their Caswell clinic I had diagnosed, with PROF RODGER WOOD OF Swansea university lying,  that I had a brain tumour making me so dangerous….MAPPA LEVEL 3 CATEGORY 3 (top 5% most dangerous) … I must not be told…….and never have been since.
Police, this very week, were made to allow my box of records, created from my near eight months in Cardiff prison during the scandalous 2010 trading in machine-guns trial fiasco, suddenly to appear after  about 5 years of apparently missing
Remember , HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had quickly ordered the destruction of my BS 614159 etc  court records, to block a RCJ appeal, relating to my first of many substantive claims for over two  million pounds,  after he had refused need for both standard and specific disclosure arising from over 40 police incidents.
I had dutifully released 50 odd arch lever files for BS case and they produced not one of relevance and I am now expected me to release my  intricate 2009 collated prison records of their daily criminal conduct.
Now, am I morally obliged to accommodate all these delightful people with disclosure they already have and appear to have gravitated to Cardiff’s so called law courts, civil and criminal?

The lying little bastards, in 2014, again told the court there were no bail hostels available, a habit of theirs to keep me in prison, just as they did this time , for next week’s court, ‘cannot find a welsh forensic psychiatrist to assess your fitness’.…. as South Wales medics are all too bloody  scared to counter any other South Wales doctor as it is NHS (Wales) controlled and NOT NHS (England).

My sister, Celia  and another, quietly made their own enquiries as to bail hostel availability, that January in 2014 both to be told there were plenty.


. “I am just going outside and may be some time.”

Let us, before boarding, start considering HHJ Tracy Lloyd -Clarke’s Cardiff Crown Court’s hearing this week on Thursday or Friday, I forget which for the moment.

How police can withhold the truth, for eight years, surrounding my machine-gun incarceration now set up in both my T20170239 criminal & 1CF03361 civil cases to maximise world publicity of accepted routine deceit and corruption in the welsh law courts, alas, still part of the United Kingdom 


my stolen property out of spite

extract from 2009 court transcript:

my mistake.jpg

“My mistake” lying Thomlow mutters.

Lying welsh judge, Richard Thomlow, in my forced absence in cells below, informed the July 2009 court that both the seller and purchaser of my Lewis machine-gun were known to the police more than 6 months before my trial but kept me locked up to cause maximum disruption in my civil proceedings against them for their losing the first 33 malicious prosecutions, at that time, aimed against me.

As nine of the jury commented after acquittal , “Why were they not both also in the dock with Mr Kirk?”

Answer, because the court was presided over yet another corrupt welsh judge , Paul Thomas.

11 06 11 Paul Thomas QC

09 06 23 Foxy mg11.jpg

more extracts later




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Machine Gun Panic in all UK Air Museums

After the South Wales Police’s June 2009 armed helicopter raid on my airfield in the Vale of Glamorgan to having me shot as a MAPPA 3/3 most dangerous individual (Operation Chalice), while also deploying scores of police throughout the country side looking for machine guns,yesterday I am again police interviewed but in Taunton.

All to cover up 14 Welsh judges, so far, having lied to my face over the botched police attempts to have me locked away ‘indefinitely’, IPP, as the the alternative gaol for a mandatory 10 year term for ‘trading in machine guns’ you lot also failed to do. Your level of spite never ceases to surprise us in England but it did not end there either.

Old Warden airfield, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, is the latest museum cutting off its phone to me as witness summonses are required for January’s Cardiff court hearing. Numerous illicit weapons were found on their historic flight on the day I was unlawfully remanded in prison. Gaoled for 8 months until acquittal purely to stifle the decades on going BS614159 civil damages claim from then 40 odd failed police malicious criminal prosecutions.

Well, you thoroughly deceitful lot in Wales, I am out for a few days and if it takes to my last breath in my body I will be working day and night to publicly expose, by names and addresses if need be, those culpable for my loss of health, wealth, life, wife and oh so near sanity. It could only be the inherently deceitful welsh to have fabricated I had convictions of ‘child abuse’, firearms, ‘ABH’ and ‘narcotics’ to have doubled my last prison sentence and denied parole board hearings.

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Civil Aviation Authority 1CF03361

Gatwick Airport

5th Dec 2019

Dear Sir,

South Wales Police Machine Gun Conspiracy

  1. I have the police in Cardiff County Court on 24th January 2020 for fraudulently altering a decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun whilst attempting yet another unlawful 5year term in custody for me.
  2. The same Welsh police had me interviewed today over the various UK RAF and civilian aircraft museums now housing ‘weapons’ of war visited following my arrest and incarceration in June 2009 for ‘gun running’.
  3. In order to save a witness summons can you inform me, please, of the ‘panic’ caused when no less than 30 ‘guns’ had to be confiscated from the museums when many found to be in breach of the 1968 Firearms Act?  

Police Helicopter Chase of WW2 Cub G-KIRK re Eire Pig Smuggling into Wales

I enclose your last unacceptable letter as my research, whilst in prison, has indicated that your department knows much more on these unlawful incidents including, for example, when my Auster 6A, G-GARGI, pranged the roof of a welsh police car unlawfully obstructing a night flight to Ireland.

[Dear Mr Kirk I am writing in respect of your recent request, of 23 February 2016, for the release of information held by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Having considered your request in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, we have conducted a search within the relevant business areas and can confirm that we do not hold any of the information you have requested. If you are unhappy with how we have dealt with your request in the first instance you may approach the CAA in writing at:- Caroline Chalk Head of External Information Services Civil Aviation Authority Aviation House Gatwick Airport South West Sussex RH6 0YR Caroline.chalk@caa.co.uk Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you can contact the Information Commissioner at…].

Blue skies

Maurice J Kirk BVSc tel 07708586202

An account to our new 2019 readers on just how the current level of deceit within our HM PARTNERSHIP, for our UK law courts, is now under threat by Brexit


On 6th January 2001 the South Wales Police, in order to stop my income, wrote to the The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to have my name removed from the veterinary register on nothing what so ever to do with the welfare of animals. The bullying police had already lost 89% of their malicious criminal prosecutions and now facing civil redress through the welsh law courts.

Obviously I was promptly blocked from having either a jury or having the case (BS614159) moved to a more civilised part of the United Kingdom, namely, England for the substantive hearing. The rest you would of thought is history.

Well, not quite. In 2008 the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, had knowingly lied when signing her sworn affidavit that I had been given proper police disclosure of records for now 50 odd malicious prosecutions.

These culminated in their notorious Machine Gun Conspiracy to obtain a 10 year prison term to avoid the imminent civil trial requiring 300 mainly police witnesses.

To avoid this Cardiff claim, to be heard on 24th January 2020, I have been again gaoled but this time for ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘narcotics’ and ‘ABH’ to name but a few. As if that was not enough to stop my breathing an afterthought had also arisen last March. Allegedly, for my sending in the post from my prison cell an ‘unidentified white powder’ to my then Member of Parliament, The Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP Secretary of State for Wales, I was further detained in prison for another 7 months!

From a reliable source from the village pub I was told the police had even cordoned off the village streets for fear it was not heroin, as first thought, but anthrax.

It was blatantly obvious what a prisoner uses for gluing documents on his cell wall when it wreaks of the smell of toothpaste but you may not appreciate the general level of depravity found within some of the welsh authorities.

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Prison admit stopping my 30+ letters last year

1. Stopped letters returned only this week from 2018
2. HM Probation Service now admit police informed AOSys court data I have both ‘child abuse’ and ‘fire-arms’ convictions clearly fabricated during the 2009 machine-gun trial too block my bail for next 10 years of my life…..bl.ody welsh deceitful bastds
3. Eviction on Thursday back to prison unless I find a room etc in England by then tel 07708586202

4. Anyone with any ideas gratefully appreciated

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Police Machine-gun Fraud trial 28th Jan 2019 Cardiff County Court 10.30



CASE NO. 1CF 003361 B E T W E E N: 
CASE NO: D00 CF279 B E T W E E N: 
1. This matter is listed for further Directions to be given in two actions between the Claimant, Mr. Maurice John Kirk, and the Chief Constable of South Wales Police. The more significant action is that numbered 1CF03361. Both are based on Defendant fraud. 
2. This arises from the Defendant, having failed in having the Claimant shot on 22nd June 2009, as a falsely registered MAPPA cat 3 level 3 victim, in an attempt to stop the the already doomed T20097445 indictments relating to the Claimant allegedly ‘trading in machine-guns’. Concocted to block the already long overdue 1993 Claimant false imprisonment
3. The BS614159 etc Claimant civil damages claims, following 40 odd lost failed police malicious criminal prosecutions, was due that summer for the substantive trial requiring as many as 300 South Wales Police officers to give evidence on oath to bust the conspiracy.
4. The Claimant was therefore sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act without even a clinical examination while in Cardiff prison on remand. The psychiatrist had been promised immunity to criminal prosecution thought this now 10 year running corrupt proceedings.
5. This further travesty of justice, as with the BS and its associated Claimant civil claims, is also based, not just on police perversion of justice but lawyer and welsh judiciary fraud so hence the reason no outside police investigation can be obtained. Even proven with the proving the police had unblocked the barrel and had painted the Lewis a different colour, to also try and fool the jury, has ever or will ever result in independent investigation. ‘Devil worship’ dominates all aspects of the Welsh judiciary, its police force and local lawyers. 
6. A highlight in these cases is the retiring administrative judge’s last order, in November 2008, that the Chief Constable, herself, was to sign her Defendant affidavit that ‘full disclosure’ had been done according to the rule of law. SHE has also been proved a liar.
7. Since then just about ‘anything goes’ in either a Cardiff criminal or civil court, to cover-up, for example, that there has been no MG6D disclosure what so ever with criminal evidence concocted that the Claimant had been ‘served’ a 2011 ‘restraining order’. Lord Justice Leverson and Mr Justice Melling were told a pack of lies when even being allowed to know that the 1st jury (May 2012) had specifically asked, in writing, for written evidence there even existed a ‘restraining order on 1st Dec 20011 at Cardiff magistrates and served on the Claimant in the cells.

to be continued

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28th Jan Police Machine-gun Fraud in Cardiff County Court

Clerk of the Court Cases no BS614159etc  &                                County Court
Cardiff 1CF03361/D00CF279

 18th January 2019                                                                                                                                                                    Maurice Kirk v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police

  Claimant’s Attempts to Appeal

  1. This week, after a dubious 10 year-ban, the claimant was allowed to attend your public counter in order to try and establish, at last, the actual ‘audit trail’ of the above joined cases. The BS case started in 1993 for an English court and on the strict understanding the claimant was given a jury and relevant police disclosure of the facts. He was denied all these things
  • His 1993 Cardiff imprisonment, on the pretext he was ‘unidentifiable’, was whilst charged for being in possession of a ‘garrotte’ type wire just used on The Prince of Wales’s farm. This triggered a Guernsey police call where the claimant had recently practiced veterinary surgery but described as both ‘extremely dangerous and likely to try and escape’.
  • Incidents, since 1993, exceed 100 with, by way of example, had caused the claimant to stop 7 times to ‘produce driving documents’. Despite his blunt refusal no convictions were achieved.
  • On 1st Dec 2011 the claimant was convicted of harassment in quite bizarre circumstances but never given or told of a ‘restraining order’ to ‘protect’ a police doctor. The defendant had told the 2nd Dec 2009 Crown Court the claimant had ‘significant brain damage’ and PDD, paranoid delusional disorder as he believed he was the subject of police persecution! The defendant had concocted the application for his adversary to be incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, for life, as BS disclosure of facts was now imminent in Jan 2010 civil court.
  • The BS cases covered 40 odd failed police malicious prosecutions and the start of decades of failed police disclosure (MG6D) of relevant evidence despite court orders to the contrary.
  • The defendant had complained, backed with false evidence, to have the claimant deprived of his veterinary income since 2004 and had caused his 4 years in gaol by an act of fraud. Its erroneous medical report was also to avoid the doomed Jan 2010 ‘trading in machine guns’ trial. The defendant’s unblocking of the decommissioned WW1 Lewis barrel and painting her a different colour, to try and fool the jury, was, with sex changed ‘Foxy’, also criminal conduct.
  • The ‘handing down’ of the 2013 judgment was not ‘court sealed’ for a further unexplained 16 months despite it having been taken to the Appeal Court office within the statutory 21 days. Why the ‘appeal’ was returned to Cardiff for a further 3 years remains a complete mystery. The defendant has orchestrated false forensic history, not just to MAPPA register the claimant but to obtain more than 2 million pounds in costs by delaying the claimant’s right to justice.
  • The Claimant is only now aware that his request to appeal was ‘struck out’ in 2017 and the ‘sensitive’ tape of the claimant’s 1993 police interview, hidden until 2016, will not be disclosed so he again applies for both BS transcript and list of exhibits disclosure. He again asks for ‘print out’ of the court’s ‘audit trail of events’ referred to, off screen, during his 4 visits this week.

It stinks, does it not? Copy to Secretary of State for Wales   

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Mrs Sabine McNeill

Sabine was one of the boffins in Cerne laboratories Switzerland, back in the 70s, who worked on to create cyber space/emails mobile phones…..do you know those?

Sabine was one of those, at 6 months of age in a pram being pushed for her life across the cobbled streets of Dresden in Feb 1945, by mum who I had the pleasure to meet, running to keep ahead of the 1000 bomber raid cock -up (no bank base of Nazi gold) ‘fire storm’ sucking the oxygen from the atmosphere that eventually kill most in such extreme explosions.

Sabine was surrounded by mainly female ‘nutters’, SHE TRUSTED, all now hiding under the furniture or coming to court to gloat.

Sabine was seriously misled, was stupid but never should be a political porn for the current cyber space situation in the UK

I bet she has never even had a parking ticket before this exemplary sentence but I did, purely by chance in Southwark Crown Court, see and speak to a key parent to be ‘enlightened ‘ as to what all this quite unnecessary mental damage has caused.

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Application to Vary/Quash Release on Licence Conditions

Application to Vary- Quash Release on Licence Conditions

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