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Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

In the UK,McKenzie Friends were born in 1970, out of the need to help pro bono as ‘litigation friend’, when a ‘Litigant in Person’ could not afford to pay a lawyer.

Since then, they emerged mainly from victims of white collar crimes who were learning by doing – generally after bad experiences with the legal profession, e.g.:

And a book as well as mainstream media articles:

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18th Sept 2017 Ministry of Justice ‘Strike Out’ Trial re concocted Machine-gun Malicious Prosecution

POLICE REFUSE TO HAND OVER CHIEF CONSTABLE’S FALSIFIED SWORN AFFIDAVIT that triggered the machine-gun conspiracy & fabricated forensic history  in the first place


Dear Mr Kirk,

I refer to the below email which you have sent before midday on Saturday.

I have taken my client’s instructions in respect of the same.

I anticipate your request to be on the basis that you might have mislaid the affidavit which was filed in the civil proceedings regarding actions 1 – 3 against South Wales Police and which were conducted before HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC. You will appreciate that the affidavit was filed some years ago as an interlocutory step in proceedings which have now been concluded, save for the issue of costs. It is difficult therefore to understand the relevance of your request for further disclosure of the same but as the proceedings have now concluded, there would be no entitlement to further disclosure and there would be costs implications if I were to continue to provide you with documentation arising out of this concluded matter. You will appreciate that I am instructed by South Wales Police to deal with the civil actions which you have instituted against the police and not the matter to which you make reference.

I therefore have to decline your request on this occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian P. Oliver

Senior Partner

Dolmans Solicitors

17 07 07 Min of J

Tomorrow, in Cardiff County Court, the current Chief Constable will yet again refuse disclosure of his previous conspirator’s  court ordered affidavit, lying that there had been full disclosure of their relevant records, including those of my custody, in my £1,000,000 damages claim starting with the first of their 33 failed malicious prosecutions.

17 09 01 Cl response to 3rd Def amended defence

17 08 15 Parole Part 18 Request Response

17 08 31 1st Def response to amended claim

The lawyer’s six weeks late drafted document, to be sworn and signed by Barbara Wilding, was miraculously signed within the hour after I had entered Dolman’s solicitor offices, in Cardiff but not without thumping Adrian Oliver’s desk with my fist until it was done.

Oliver then personally advised the launching of the armed police helicopter, out of shear spite, to aid the armed police, 3 days later, surrounding our home in Llantwit Major with 20 odd police, many also armed, in order to snatch our then 10 year old Genevieve to a Vale of Glamorgan council ‘care home’ ……..evil, evil little bastards.

Extract from my email to him yet again :


Llangunnor Six

Watcyn Richards passed away last night, yet another victim from South Wales Police bullying…

Dafydd Morgan

Watcyn Richards passed away last night

——– Forwarded Message ——–
17 September 2017 at 13:00

14:07 (22 minutes ago)

to Dafydd, me, MEIRION, LINDA, Siriol, PETER, ladyl.cooper
UK Column Tribute

Thank you for letting me know and very sorry to hear the news.

He was placed under great strain by what the corrupt state did and it’s shame to lose a man prepared to stand up and be counted

Brian g


11 Sep (6 days ago)
LET us also not forget Patrick Cullinane Esq

Cullinane P RCVS Hearing

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Dr Tegwyn Williams Trial Day 4 – JURY OUT – Refused Police, Court, Medical and Witnesses Records

Cardiff Crown, Case Progression
4 Sep (11 days ago)

Dear Mr Kirk

Your application for a witness summons was referred to the Recorder of Cardiff, who has made the following decision:

Maurice Kirk has written to the court seeking witness summonses in relation to eight people:

1. Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams
2. Dr Janis Hillier
3. Eiffon Edwards
4. Barbara Wilding, former Chief Constable
5. Judge Seys Llewellyn QC (retired)
6. Judge John Curran (retired)
7. Counsel for the prosecution, M  Smyth.
8. HHJ Rowlands

Although the applications are not in the prescribed form I have considered them, without the need for a hearing and I make the following ruling:

I have applied the two criteria set out in s.2 of the Criminal Procedure (Attendance of Witnesses) Act 1965 i.e.

  1. Whether they are likely to be able to give material evidence and
  2. Whether it is in the interests of justice to issue a summons

The current proceedings relate to the alleged breach of the restraining order by Mr Kirk through posting material relating to Dr Tegwyn Williams on his website. The grounds provided by Mr Kirk, in support of these applications, refer to what occurred during earlier criminal and civil proceedings, in this and other courts, and have no direct relevance to the issue of whether he posted this material in breach of the order. Through these applications, Mr Kirk seeks to widen the ambit of the trial way beyond the issues the jury has to consider in relation to this particular indictment. The offensive language used by Mr Kirk, to describe some of these witnesses, leads me to conclude that Mr Kirk’s motive in seeking their attendance, is to cause them at least unnecessary inconvenience and, in the case of Dr Williams and Dr Hillier, to cause them further harassment and distress.

I am not satisfied that any of the witnesses can give material/relevant/admissible evidence in relation to issues which can legitimately arise during the trial and in any event, I am not satisfied it would be in the interest of justice to issue the summonses.”


Michael Harris

Cardiff & Newport Crown Court / Llys y Goron Caerdydd & Casnewydd

Ffon / Phone: 029 20678755  Goldfax:0870 3240261 SecureEmail: Listing@cardiff.crowncourt.gsi.gov.uk

17 09 15 screen shot RO appl

Another Judge Refuses to Order an Outside Police Force Investigation

This application was blocked in Cardiff magistrates again and again yesterday when the judge was ordered to block it with all  my other records of evidence.

This included all my defence witnesses collected over the years witnessing doctor bullying in Caswell Clinic by Dr Roger Thomas  and Paul Thomas, head of the freemasons.

Their being in charge, when they had me arrested for ‘attempted burglary, is typical of what they could resort to.
Anything to block the real reason why Dr Tegwyn Williams was made to falsify my medical records by the South Wales Police for Ashworth incarceration.
The Clerk of the Court
Cardiff Crown Court
16th September 2017
T20170239 re Date to be fixed for 5th ‘Breach of Restraining Order’  Jury Trial
The convicted Defendant requests,
1. copy of his 15th Sept 2017 Restraining Order be  served on him in order he may understand it as he remains completely confused over 12th April 13 restraining order
2. copy of Cardiff Magistrates records re current court proceedings (4th RO Trial) are reliant on 1st Dec 2011 restraining order (c/f certs of convictions & ‘bad character’ data)
3. copy of Cardiff Magistrates  records that 2nd May 2014 Crown Court proceedings (3rd RO trial) were reliant on 1st December 2011 restraining order
4. copy of Cardiff Magistrates records that 4th May 2012 Crown Court proceedings (1st RO trial) were reliant on 1st December 2011 restraining order
5. copy within this current Crown Court’s trial’s rulings that the blocked defence/prosecution witness, who gave relevant evidence in 1st Dec 2011 ‘harassment’ hearing is now discredited and so removed as the prosecution witness, only this week, due to new evidence now disclosed from in 2012 2nd RO trial proceedings.
6. the earliest date available, please,  for his requested 5th restraining order jury trial  if it is not successfully transferred to Bristol Crown court due to the real risk of bias.
No prosecution witnesses will need attend from Wales as he will accept their MG11 witness statements as true and both Crown Prosecutor and himself reside near by.
peter vaughan
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Dr Tegwyn Williams Trial Day 3 – Refused Court, Medical and Witnesses Records

17 09 10 ws Sabine McNeill

I am of the view your summing up in this case, by simply assuming my evidence fits your last address to ROC, is the way forward.

There is a problem, however, of a real risk that this judge, like so many before her, will stop this nonsense before the essential disclosure of critical public records can go public on my websites.

Their proving the current widespread corruption in Cardiff’s law courts and police stations must remain a secret for those financed by the tax payer’s funded outdated HM ‘gravy train’.

17 03 17 Trans req re 2nd Dec 09

17 09 10 Witness Statement Parole Board

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Who’s Afraid of the #Internet? #MauriceKirk BVSc v Dr Williams [on behalf of @SWPolice]

It takes the observation of MANY cases to realise the depth of deception that is paraded in courts. That’s why one of my blogs is called We Who Oppose Deception, even though it focusses on the bigger picture of mass deception.

Going through the bundle of 135 pages that Maurice has to process for this case, I ask myself how many staff have been paid by the public purse to put him into Caswell Clinic, where Dr Tegwyn Williams was the Director, and / or in prison since.

At the time, Dr Williams was commissioned by South Wales Police to put him away to the high security mental hospital Ashworth for life. Hence he produced the false diagnosis that has been refuted by six documents on this blog post. Continue reading

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Dr Tegwyn Williams Trial in 2 Days – Refused Medical Records and Witnesses

Norman’s introduction was just before Maurice’s which is on this post, together with videos about the general context surrounding Maurice’s jury trial – as evidence of the systemic Evil in what Norman calls the ‘judicial mafia‘:

  • Multi-Agency Public Protection Agencies [MAPPA – the communication mechanism for ‘conspiracy reality’] protecting each other:
  1. South Wales Police
  2. Freemasons
  3. Psychiatry.

What Norman, Maurice and I have in common is a ‘Restraining Order’ in the context of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

Subsection 3a says very clearly that

Subsection 1 does not apply when preventing or detecting crime.

However, in the devious and deceptive way of twisting words and their meaning, as opposed to using common sense, Common Law or straight logic, this Act is routinely being used by white collar criminals to:

  • imprison innocent citizens without investigating underlying causes and crimes;
  • misguide ignorant juries who will only be asked guilty or not guilty of one minor aspect at the end of a road of

How will the jury ever know about

  • years of false imprisonments;
  • torturous prison treatments;
  • unfair refusals of witnesses and
  • unfair refusals of the disclosure of documents?

No wonder that more and more people want transparency – whether in courts or the membership of secret societies such as freemasons.

  • But maybe the real reason for the evil acts of South Wales Police is the embarrassment of having to ask the Crown for compensation money, when there is no insurance cover?
  • Is Caswell Clinic insured?

In 2010 he authorised me to act as his McKenzie Friend and web publisher.

  • As a recipient of a Restraining Order in July 2016, I wrote this Witness Statement in support of Maurice and everybody else who has been subjected to this treatment beyond all human rights.
  • As a publisher of 33 websites and petitions advocating Open Justice I wrote this Witness Statement to evidence the systemic aspects of this Evil in Maurice’s cases.
  • As a victim of Dyfed Powys Police in cahoots with NatWest, Dafydd Morgan wrote this Witness Statement which suggests that a high up Police professional could give evidence in support of victims rather than public servants – at long last!

What Norman, Maurice and Dafydd have in common is the experience of a mental hospital with medication against their will.

But who cares about victims??? Criminals get their kicks from victimising, traumatising and punishing innocent people. And the whole ‘target culture’ creates corruption between lawyers and cops at un-fathomable scales.

The online Court of Public Interest and Opinion is our only hope! In 2010 we launched the petition to

  • Stop the Oppression of the British people which currently has 1,410 signatures, but I have hardly promoted it any more, especially since I had to save myself from secret UK imprisonment, defend myself after seven arrests, pathetic bail conditions and completely disproportionate retention of my property – besides cutting my pension payments in May 2015 to zero – and that Restraining Order which resulted in one trial, one arrest, two interviews and four adjournments of my ‘Return to Bail’ date…

I wish I could be in Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday, but I am physically not able enough. Can you, maybe witness what will be going on?

Imagine all court hearings being streamed over the net, if the parties agree…!!!

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Déjà Vu: Maurice @HouseofLords in 2009, Lawful Disobedience with #Freemasonry and #Psychiatry on Video @MoJGovUK

Here Maurice introduces himself to a meeting at the House of Lords where I used to organise the Forum for Stable Currencies. He says he’s only ‘free’ due to his friends, some of whom were there and his website which is not functional any more.

At the time we focused on the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act and Lord Sudeley had recommended to ‘group cases’ to change the Law. A year later I began to publish Victims Unite as well as Flying Vet Challenges South Wales Police which Maurice now maintains himself.

This award winning documentary shows the bottom up approach of a number of people coming together to overcome the Evil that has established itself in Courts.

And here is the real reason: Maurice’s father who was also a vet had refused to become a freemason. Maurice seems to have upset the brotherhood in Somerset and has suffered for it ever since. But he has stood his ground and keeps trying, even aged 72, stripped of health, wealth and family in the process…

And here’s what Norman Scarth [sitting to the right of Maurice] calls the ‘gulag card’ which he, Maurice and Dafydd Morgan have experienced: medication against their will.

  • One friend came out of prison with a ‘community treatment order’, i.e. an injection once a month for two years;
  • Melanie Shaw was recently released on bail – only to be re-arrested – with the expectation to be ‘sectioned’ into a mental hospital rather than prison;
  • Susanne Kellner-Johnson is another victim of this ‘industry of death’.

17 09 08 Irish Paper on MJKChris Fogarty writes in the Irish American News about Britain’s problem to be systematic injustice.

His article includes not only Maurice but also other victims of psychiatry, thanks to Patrick Cullinane RIP who escaped ‘sectioning’ by the skin of his teeth.

How can there be a fair trial, if the judge doesn’t allow the jury to google in our Digital Age?

How can a judge be ‘fair’ if s/he refuses witnesses to appear on behalf of a defendant?

What’s the difference between ‘fake cases’ in court rooms and ‘mis-information’ online?

Shouldn’t everybody have to decide for themselves who and what is more likely to be credible?

How come that Bent Solicitors and Cops needed to be published? And Judges Behaving Badly?

The rest is googling and sighing…

At least Maurice’s soul will be proud of him!

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