Maurice Kirk Defence Statement

My preliminary application to yet another Cardiff court for disclosure of their original court records, of a service on me of a 1st December 2011 restraining order, when the deceitful bastards very well know that is now impossible to achieve.

The Cardiff Cabal very well know no Cardiff judge could successfully order their production as they have either been clumsily redacted or hurriedly shredded on 4th May 2012 when the first jury asked to see them after hearing the clears , from cross examination of the original clerk of the court and custody manger in the court cells.

In any event HMC&TS (Wales) had already hidden the audit rail, in question, of what remained from both Lord Justice Leverson and Mr Justice Male 14th March 2012 enquiry into why they had been denied the knowledge of the existence of the 1st jury’s written requests in open court!

It stinks, doesn’t it?  All routine stuff around here like the police plant on my machine-gun jury and switching one police officer’s gender, giving evidence due to, I  assume, maternity leave.

17 08 18 Maurice Kirk Amended Defence Statement


Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

Tape recording of the tail end of one of many typical South Wales Police stitch-ups I have experienced, over 25 years, whilst in custody on an initially fabricated allegation while the police try  to provoke another.

Unbeknown to me, until 20 years later, found out in a civil damages court, it transpired the police had succeeded in getting me locked up in Cardiff prison as ‘unidentifiable’ while my extradition to Guernsey was being attempted.

The officers were told to use ‘failure to give my name and address’ and when that failed accused me, in an obtuse manner, of stealing my own motor bike.

When that failed they tried resisting arrest and assault on police .

When those also failed I was left with ‘being in possession of an offensive weapon’–a piece of dehorning wire for cattle just used on the farm of the Prince of Wales.

A Monty Python sketch in the making if it had not been so deadly deceitful.

The tape recording

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Found in Possession of Garrotte Type Instrument used on HRH Prince of Wales’ Farm

Both to correct my false medical reports in Scandanavia

Now, at this late stage I understand this shit NHS lawyer was the cause of the loss of my life, wife, health, wealth and profession also at Barbara Wilding’s dinner table of Cardiff’s cabal… later

High Sheriff 4

So, that explains why Wilding as past or present High Sheriff had the HM go ahead in having me shot, in 2009 and if not sectioned by Judge Tohmlow’s lies, another with his ‘snout in the HM trough’ . Oh and what a joke,  no wonder their Lordships down from the court of Appeal over lunch with High Sheriff in Cardiff Crown Court ‘never knew about the jury note and request of my 4th May 2012 jury to see clerk of the court’s notes that would have confirmed no one had served a restraining order on me as it was not even printed when all four guards opened my cell door…….A thoroughly corrupt judiciary once again proven to be protected by HM Conspiratorial Partnership

17 01 25 Gladys in welsh High Court dress

The European Court of Justice is what these daft brexiteers are so really frightened of  as all their daily incestuous conduct behind court room doors is in peril


high Sheriff 3

I have decided, therefor, to release, prior to my 12th September 2017 Cardiff jury trial, the last few minutes of my lengthy interrogation, back in 1993, by the South Wales Police who had received instructions to detain me in custody on any old pretext but long enough to have me extradited back to Guernsey for the ‘attempted murder’, it was rumoured, of de Vic Carey, the then Chief Prosecutor of the Bailiwick.

Last 17 minutes of my hidden, until now, 1993 police custody interview tape which ia riddled with their usual deceit and senior police officer intrigue to such a pitch, this time, even HM Crown Prosecution Service refused to stay in the in the court room when the police inspector told the two fellow devil worshippers ‘I could not be identified’!

The other part of this taped interrogation shortly


Barbara Wilding bitch

Regularly at supper with Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, Judge Richard Thomlow,  the shit prosecutor who pleaded, on 2nd Dec 2009 in Cardiff Crown court during my forced absence, to have me sectioned IPP into Ashworth. Oh, oh and off frame we have hat very same judge presiding, HM Judge Neil Bidder QC also a regular at the soirees of past and present members of ‘HM Conspiratorial Partnership’ High Sheriff dinner parties for Cardiff’s cabal comradery.

When this failed this bitch not only set me up to be ‘lawfully’ shot after being found out over her falsely drafted affidavit by Dolmans solicitors, of course, she went on to have me falsely sectioned under 1983 Mental Health Act by blackmailing Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams to further having me section to Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, IPP, meaning indefinitely.

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

This tape extract is an example of just how low some bitter welsh will stoop with their unexplained hatred of the English. What is primarily of significance in this particular tape is not just the evilness it personifies but was one of many required exhibits I was  unlawfully denied in the therefore meaningless 2013 civil damages claim hearing.

Not just has this full tape has been circulating the corridors within Bridgend’s police HQ  since 1993 but also the in the bowels of the welsh judiciary at least since march 2016.

All knew for a very long time, long before the ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy hatched by the bitch, that this police interview tape proves perjury committed by numerous police officers and a lot of flagrant lying within the judiciary and lawyer’s offices over the excuses as why it was not brought to the notice of a criminal court of law decades ago.


Arrogant Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University put Tegwyn up to this Barbara Wilding induced scam, to permanently lock me, by deliberately informing him and other Caswell Clinic clinicians, in writing, my significant but permanent brain damage  was the result of:

  1. having flown  to Australia without a map
  2. having ditched in the Caribbean
  3. having been a long term drinking companion of the actor, Oliver Reed.
14 01 23 Bautiful Brain

HMP Swansea Brian Scan


Well, stuff your thoroughly rotten South Wales court cartels, now my engine is back on Liberty Girl11, I am going back to Africa sadly still, in this day and age, with far too many deprived communities but, unlike South Wales, most appreciative of small mercies witnessed, to my horror, in both poverty stricken South Sudan and North West Kenya.

17 08 22 cub engine on

Cape Horn here we come!

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24 Year Late Released Police Interview Tape Reveals Police Perjury on a Grand Scale all protected by Welsh judiciary

 Interesting, I can find no one who can show  the way to turn up the right WAY UP THIS fabricated police transcript of an interview  to delay my extradition to Guernsey



 AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.


email to CPS

I enclose a statement of complaint the police refuse to accept



(Criminal Procedure Rules, r. 16.2;

Criminal Justice Act 1967, s. 9)

STATEMENT OF  Maurice John Kirk    


Age of witness (if over 18, enter “over 18”):     …72 years old……………….


This statement (consisting of three pages) is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it anything which I know to be false, or do not believe to be true.

On 20th May 1993 I laid complaint of police harassment with Inspector Trigg at Barry police station both verbally and in writing and complaining of previous complaints being ignored.

20 minutes later right outside my Cardiff veterinary surgery a police officer now known to me assaulted me in the misconceived belief, he may say, I had stolen my own BMW motor bike. A second police officer known to me deliberately knocked me to the ground and put in handcuffs leaving me with a significant injury.

No one had asked for my name up and until I had arrived at the police station as I had been addressed throughout with my name as the local veterinary surgeon for the local community and as a designated 24/7 emergency veterinary surgeon for the south Wales Police.

I asked why they had legal right to demand my name and address but refused say why or identify any allegation that my give them that right.

The arrest was at about 2pm and at around 4 pm I believe it was Inspector Trigg, himself, who came over and identified me through the door flap and shouted down the corridor “that is Maurice Kirk”.

At around 9 pm two police officers in my cell informed me I was arrested under s25 of 1984 PACE but again refused to explain what this was all about.

It was about the police holding me for extradition to Guernsey but they never told me of this thus depriving me of legal redress by rebuttal.

At about 11pm I was led through the police station to be interviewed under caution but on the way stopped the duty solicitor to also see what the police had written on their ‘day book’ attached by paper clip—–‘Maurice Kirk believed to be extremely violent’ and underlined twice in red ink.

The interview has by a police officer and the arresting officer with the obviously nobbled duty solicitor also present. This took over an hour but the official tape transcribed in an English forensic laboratory only last month, would you believe, records a total length of only 45 minutes. The audio copy given to me by Cardiff’s county court, due to a new judge intervening in this outrageous delay of court proceedings, contains several periods of time on tape that are silent for some unexplained reason.

I am now in possession of the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre’s CD after 24 years of trying and also in possession of a copy of that original police interview transcript concocted by the South Wales Police as far back as in May 1993.

The 2017 English version is at gross variance to that original version by the welsh police concocted and served on me to defend the indictable offence, before a jury, of ‘being in possession of a garrotte type instrument’. I was only cautioned at the beginning and not when this new idea of an indictable charges was dreamed up.

The arresting police officer admitted before my being charged with the offence that he personally believed it was a piece of veterinary embriotomy wire as he had seen similar used on his uncle’s cattle. This one had just been used on HRH The Prince of Wales’ farm in the Vale of Glamorgan but not for embriotomy, for dehorning beef cattle.

That night I was not charged with theft as the interrogation intimated it may be with both officers pretending no prior contact had been made with the Guernsey police. They had, of course and had satisfactorily established the ownership of the Guernsey number plated bike as mine.

The bike I had originally been bought off a Guernsey police officer, the son of Geoge Farnham the music composer.

I was charged and refused police bail for the offences of assault on police, resisting arrest and two charges of ‘being in possession of a garrotte type instrument’

The absence of CPS in court, next day, was palpable with the police asking for custody in prison, indefinitely, in order that my identity be established. They again all knowingly lied. My veterinary staff in the public gallery recorded the lies.

In 2013, whilst under cross examination in the County court all police in this incident knowingly lied to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC who now refuses to release the records of the hearing, allow copy of the tape recordings (CDs) or the copy of evidence collated by Dolmans, solicitors.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC refused me my right to call inspector Trigg, Barbara Wilding Dr Tegwyn Williams and many more witnesses of fact with relevant evidence to give evidence at the trial

In particular he refused release of the contemporaneous notes taken by the clerk of the court, solicitors clerks at the back of the court room or from the bevy of defence barristers who all witnessed and understood the blatant lies made on oath, each day, by over fifty police officers or their staff.

Barbara Wilding was ordered by the court to personally sign her own affidavit that I had been given full relevant disclosure of evidence under her control but knowingly lied knowing she and Adrian Oliver are immune to prosecution in Wales.

Police lied and can be proved in all 33 failed malicious prosecutions that were deliberated upon by the judge.

I again ask that an outside of Wales police force make seizure of existing plethora of incriminating documents that will prove perversion of justice on a grand scale.

Records of my civil and criminal cases relating to the South Wales Police sre needed from the courts, prisons, Caswell clinic, law courts and in particular from the offices of Adrian Oliver of Dolmans who personally instigated the armed police raid on our home, in June 2009 with helicopter, when just failing to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, to be taken into council care as my being registered MAPPA level 3 of category 3 victim of the state.

Evidence seized, please, before they are further tampered with any more as has been proven before during my 25 miserable years in the Principality when simply attempting to practice veterinary surgery.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

20th August 2017





Signed: …………………………. ………………. (witness)


Date: …………………………………………….


(To be completed if applicable:  ………………  ………………………………….  being unable to read the above statement I, ……………………of ……………………….., read it to  before  signed it.


Signed: ………………………..   ……………..      Date: ……………………..   )

This audio of the interview will be played world wide shortly as a warning to anyone thinking of setting foot in South Wales and assuming it is safe.

16 12 03 BS audio orderHHJ Seys llewellyn QC

17 0815 Mr Kirk Audio Forensic (1)

17 08 15 Mr Kirk Audio Forensic (3)




AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

Ely May 1993 incident     PC Thomas

PACE s 2 & 3

Provisions relating to search under section 1 and other powers (2) If a constable contemplates a search, other than a search of an unattended vehicle, in the exercise— (a)   of the power conferred by section 1 above; or

(b)   of any other power, except the power conferred by section 6 below and the power conferred by section 27(2) of the M2Aviation Security Act 1982— (i) to search a person without first arresting him; or (ii) to search a vehicle without making an arrest,

it shall be his duty, subject to subsection (4) below, to take reasonable steps before he commences the search to bring to the attention of the appropriate person— (i) if the constable is not in uniform, documentary evidence that he is a constable; and (ii) whether he is in uniform or not, the matters specified in subsection (3) below; and the constable shall not commence the search until he has performed that duty.

(6) On completing a search of an unattended vehicle or anything in or on such a vehicle in the exercise of any such power as is mentioned in subsection (2) above a constable shall leave a notice— (a)      stating that he has searched it;

(b)      giving the name of the police station to which he is attached;

(c)      stating that an application for compensation for any damage caused by the search may be made to that police station; and

(d)      stating the effect of section 3(8) below.


PACE s3   Duty to record

(2) If— (a)  a constable is required by subsection (1) above to make a record of a search; but (b)  it is not practicable to make the record on the spot,  he shall make it as soon as practicable after the completion of the search. (3) The record of a search of a person shall include a note of his name, if the constable knows it, but a constable may not detain a person to find out his name. (4) If a constable does not know the name of a person whom he has searched, the record  of the search shall include a note otherwise describing that person. (5) The record of a search of a vehicle shall include a note describing the vehicle. (6) The record of a search of a person or a vehicle— (a) shall state— (i) the object of the search; (ii) the grounds for making it; (iii) the date and time when it was made; (iv) the place where it was made; (v) whether anything, and if so what, was found; (vi) whether any, and if so what, injury to a person or damage to property appears to the constable to have resulted from the search; and (b) shall identify the constable making it


PACE s 24

(2) If a constable has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an offence has been committed, he may arrest without a warrant anyone whom he has reasonable grounds to suspect of being guilty of it. (3) If an offence has been committed, a constable may arrest without a warrant— (a)………….. (b)       anyone whom he has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be guilty of it.

(4) But the power of summary arrest conferred by subsection (1), (2) or (3) is exercisable only if the constable has reasonable grounds for believing that for any of the reasons mentioned in subsection (5) it is necessary to arrest the person in question.


PACE s 28 Information to be given on arrest. (1) Subject to subsection (5) below, where a person is arrested, otherwise than by being informed that he is under arrest, the arrest is not lawful unless the person arrested is informed that he is under arrest as soon as is practicable after his arrest. (2) Where a person is arrested by a constable, subsection (1) above applies regardless of whether the fact of the arrest is obvious. (3) Subject to subsection (5) below, no arrest is lawful unless the person arrested is informed of the ground for the arrest at the time of, or as soon as is practicable after, the arrest.

[ At NO POINT did Thomas or Beer inform MJK anything related to stolen/theft, nor offensive weapon, it was wholly & exclusively related to failure to provide name & address for purpose of producing documents, and they had ample time from the moment they sat on his back to the 20mins or more faffing about over transport – van or car? ]


PACE s 30

(7) A person arrested by a constable at any place other than a police station must be released without bail if the condition in subsection (7A) is satisfied. (7A) The condition is that, at any time before the person arrested reaches a police station, a constable is satisfied that there are no grounds for keeping him under arrest or releasing him on bail under section 30A.] (8) A constable who releases a person under subsection (7) above shall record the fact that he has done so.

PACE s 31 Arrest for further offence. Where— (a)     a person— (i) has been arrested for an offence; and (ii) is at a police station in consequence of that arrest; and

(b)        it appears to a constable that, if he were released from that arrest, he would be liable to arrest for some other offence, he shall be arrested for that other offence

Extracted from the notes of   

                                                                                                                     Charles Caspar Kirk








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HRH Prince of Wales Garrotte Incident 1993 Police Interview Tape Finally Disclosed

Incident site

garrotte 1993 Ely Grand Avenue site


This travesty of justice led to a private prosecution as it was obvious, while recovering from this unexpected encounter with a bunch of lying bastards from both police, Dolmans and judiciary, that I must expose the ‘welsh way of doing things’ on an unsuspecting visitor to Wales.

By launching a private prosecution would prove the point and soon, sure enough, I had lots of little minded louts, as in Guernsey, seen scurrying around in ever decreasing circle, not unlike the Ouslem bird, desperate to protect their cosy and lucrative life style when clearly answerable to no one.

09 09 09 Barbara Wilding & A Oliver Private Prosecution to Barry Mag (2)

16 12 03 BS audio order

17 0815 Mr Kirk Audio Forensic (1)

17 05 12 Newey J refusal re tape


13 04 10 Tape Destruction


93 05 20 Interview Tape

This eventual release of the South Wales Police interview tape of their victim, in custody and under caution, has taken no less than twenty four years to achieve.

Maurice’s horrific experiences when suddenly thrown in prison, as ‘unidentifiable’ while Guernsey Authorities were considering his extradition quite unbeknown to him, may explain one of the reasons why the 2013 trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, deliberately further delayed this already mysterious release if it into court in the April to do nothing until almost to the day of his retirement.

Meanwhile Maurice is not just refused the right to buy the 100 odd witness trial transcript for his appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice but access to the court log and exhibits originally lodged with the court.

It may surprise no one, now, to know that His Honour’s ‘order’ continued to remain dormant on the dusty shelves of Cardiff’s notorious ‘Civil Justice’ Centre until July 2017 without it going for any forensic analysis, as ordered in the previous year as all are just waiting for Maurice to die.

‘And now for something completely the same’……the power of ‘devil worship’ in our Christian community.

.HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

His Honour sat on my machine-gun damages claim for seven years, why?

Only premeditated by Barbara Wilding, this malicious hopeless from the start malicious prosecution? No chance, simply to interfere with our civil court proceedings, yes was, of course, her motive in fear of losing her pension.

‘Dark forces’ took control that night the moment PC Phyl Thomas, now a sergeant and a damned good I would bet, made contact with that notorious corrupt channel island.

His Honour delayed the forensic examination of the ‘tape’ for  a year, why? Bloody obvious.

RING this number 07708586202 and I will tell you why or email but your laptop may smoke a little.

‘The tape’ content, to be published later, reveals another side to the incident deliberately withheld that the masonics knew all about hoping this tape may never be ‘found’ or eye witnesses eventually could be traced.

[ Has some grandson or granddaughter  of one of my old Cardiff or Vale of Glamorgan  veterinary clients ‘slipped’ this controversial tape my way for saving their mother or grand mother’s cat after being scraped off the road at 3 in the morning?  That’s the usual reason for my accumulation of leaked sensitive  police and court docs have taken’]

What actually happened was a passing police officer came to the apparent aid of another he may have believed, at that moment in time, was being assaulted by Maurice in order to resist arrest, arrest, it turned out twenty four years later, for the theft of his own BMW motor bike. The contents of both bike panniers, their prisoner’s pockets and information from a crowd of angry waiting clients, outside his veterinary surgery, were all ignored as the police soon had their own agenda.

93 05 00 Grand Ave Surgery Arrest

Their prisoner’s copy of the police tape was deliberately withheld from him as he had now been charged with an indictable offence, that of ‘being found in possession of an offensive weapon’.

Further detail currently blocked at the Royal Courts of Justice for obvious reasons:

AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

93 08 04

Barrimore ParkervChiefConEssexPressSummary


18th August 2017

Crown Court

Dear Sir /Madam,

Further to the police and its bed fellow, HM Crown Prosecution Service, refusing to disclose relevant court records as they will clear my name, I again refer to my 4th June 2014 CPS unanswered letter on the matter, as it is required for the 4th jury’s deliberations and possibly 5th, as previous juries have been systematically denied them due to the obvious consequences‘ should all be revealed’.
14th March 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal judgement records even Their Lordships were denied the knowledge of the very existence of a ‘jury note’ and the 1st jury’s obvious need to see these records.
Cross examination of both Michael Williams contrary to Lee Barker’s version of the bizarre events, while my being a ‘shoot to kill’ Barbara Wilding MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, no clerk of the court ‘hiding’, as instructed, in the 1st December 2011 court cell could have possibly seen anything being served on me or attempted again at 17.05 hrs when I was being dragged across the cell floor with my crutches to the waiting police for my ‘gate arrest’ to the London.
The 2011 Nigerian Musa ‘seven child snatch’ by the Haringey Council compounded the reason for my unlawful conviction of harassment concocted by  Dr Tegwyn Williams while under blackmail by the Chief Constable of the South Wales Police.

Crown Prosecution Service                                                                                                              T20170239

Cardiff South Wales


28th July 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

12th September 2017 Cardiff Crown Court

4th Jury Trial for ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’ Never Served in the First Place


  1. Further to my 22nd Oct 2013 letter and my other countless applications since 2011 for disclosure of police evidence, neither unprotected by privilege nor PII for public records of my 1st December 2011 ordeal in Cardiff magistrates’ cells, I ask for them yet again for this 4th and possibly now, 5th jury trial, RCJ and ECHR.
  2. The 1st jury was flatly refused them by the Cardiff judge, as ‘irrelevant’, despite no less than four Geoamey custody officers having been required to open my cell door, as I was a MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, to serve the fictitious ‘restraining order’!
  3. Why are they not interviewed as they will confirm no ‘service’ took place as 1st jury suspected following my cross examination of the lying court clerk and Geo manager?
  4. Why will you not disclose my immediate ‘gate arrest’ in my wheel chair from those magistrates’ cells records? You knew why I ‘failed to attend’ the Musa Harringay Council snatched kids 28th Nov 2011 hearing because I was un lawfully locked up in Cardiff prison to avoid my evidence re ‘child trafficking’ witting the world media.
  5. My 2012 2nd Jury trial was also an ‘abuse of process’ and collapsed but you lot refuse to disclose relevant records for 3rd and now my 4th jury, those police records of Dr Tegwyn Williams evidence that I had been caught at his house, in the dead of night, with cans of petrol. His solicitors, tax payer funded Blake Morgan LLP, have buried those records to defend my blocked by Cardiff County Court damages claim.
  6. Today CPS again accuses me of ‘witness intimidation’ using proven false police data.
  7. Lord Justice Leveson and Mr Justice Males were successfully fooled by you lot at my March 2013 Appeal for my 1st jury trial malicious 9 month prison sentence. Para 9 —

“There is a complaint also that the jury requested sight of the original custody notes and court log…..but the judge refused……there is no trace of anything of that nature having been requested by the jury”        WHO, then, will be the bloody liar at my 4th jury trial ?

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Cardiff Court & Police deceive London Judges over Nick Hardwick’s 2014 bParole Board Conspiracy Investigation

Clerk of the court

Dear Sir/Madam,

Both Recorders of Cardiff , Judge Nicholas Cooke QC and Judge Eleri Rees have promised me free legal representation and for preparation of transcripts on the  then pending police fabricated Machine-Gun jury trial

Now is the time for Cardiff court to reimburse me for my payments for those transcripts as  without payment first I will be in further difficulties in the 12th September Jury trial. These were fraudulently made in Caswell Clinic as medical records instigated by Dolmans, solicitors simply to help its client hampering my civil damages claims against their private client, paid for by the tax payer, the then and now, the Chief Constable of South Wales Police.

All transcripts were purchased by me leaving around £3000 for the vindictive machine -gun substantive trial transcript involving not just a police ‘plant’ on the jury but  an illegal switching of two police officers, foxy under cover officers, mid trial to give false evidence.

The outstanding 25th February to 10th Feb 2017 transcript is needed in litigation flowing from the failed malicious prosecution and Dolmans attempt, for the chief constable, to have me incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, indefinitely.

The 2010 trial transcript is required for legal proceedings in RCJ to quash this current malicious prosecution and to order Judge Richard Thomlow to disclose his CPS material used in an unlawful secret court hearing, on the 2nd December 2009, using his fabricated Caswell clinic and Swansea University medical records primarily concocted by Professor Rodger Wood.

Transcript and Dr Tegwyn Williams/Wood still withheld medical records, proving my innocence,  is to be an exhibit in the forthcoming the 4th restraining order jury trial to indicate to all twelve just how evil the Welsh authorities are prepared to behave when harassing an Englishman that had done no wrong other than seeking redress by the rule of law.

I enclose both the 26th October 2009 transcript and 2nd December 2009 transcripts for starters



The Lying Bunch of Evil Bastards lied to Professor Nick Hardwick who was not told by HMP Swansea that South Wales Police had ordered my denial of two urgent hospital appointments and access to the high court whilst unrepresented  and trying to cover it up by the  blocking of  my prison wing telephone communications with key Mackenzie Friends, including Sabine McNeil, herself now Subject to a restraining order. Witnesses for pending civil and criminal courts arising from 25 years of welsh police persecution of plain bullying were also denied communication during my prison periods simply designed to blackmailing me into using a lawyer.

Professor Nick Hardwick

UK’s HM Parole Board Chairman

Nick Hardwick

Victims Unite Queen Bee


Unlawfully gagged Sabine McNeil, another victim of 1997 Blair badly drafted Prevention of Harassment Act just for the wife and others to coin in the easy tax payer’s money

14 10 07 P 10 HM Prison Inspectorate Redacted Complaint List

14 10 07 P4 HMPrisons Inspectorate Complaint List Part 2

14 10 08 P12 HMPrisoc ns Inspectorate Part 3

14 10 15 P12 HM Prisons Inspectorate Part 4

14 10 15 P12 BS Position Statement Part 5

17 07 12 Parole Futher Particulars Pt1 


Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 11:41 AM

Subject: Fw: Psychiatric report on Maurice Kirk by Dr Tegwyn Williams


This Maurice Kirk is yet another who seeks justice against a specific case of blatant judicial corruption in Britain. <SNIP> Here is the sinister report by a State psychiatrist being used to silence him.


—– Forwarded Message —- From: To: Various.

Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 4:07:49 AM Subject: RE: Psychiatric report on Maurice Kirk by Dr Tegwyn Williams



“Paragraph 32. Maurice Kirk’s history is complex, convoluted and difficult to understand. The clinical picture appears to be of a man who has always had a background of minor cognitive difficulties, (poor writing and spelling).. He developed a personality characterised by narcissism (abnormal sense of entitlement), grandiosity (believing that normal rules and regulations do not apply to him) and paranoia (believing he is the victim of persecution). He also shows evidence of poor judgement, impetuosity and a willingness to hold himself hostage by way of hunger strike in an attempt to manipulate his environment. Whilst these personality characteristics have undoubtedly overshadowed Maurice Kirk’s life, and probably had a negative effect on his social and family functioning, they appear to have been reasonably stable throughout his life. However, Maurice Kirk and the evidence both suggest that over the past two years his functioning has deteriorated and that his beliefs have become more intense and that his beliefs have become more intense and overwhelming and at times, to no others, and purely act normal. Maurice Kirk now shows clear evidence of some degree of neuro-cognitive damage (brain damage), probably as a result of a combination of normal ageing, previous heavy alcohol misuse and deceleration injuries following plane crashes. The specific area of brain damage affects his ability to monitor and control his behaviour, decreases self awareness, judgement and decision making abilities and have compounded his paranoid beliefs to the extent that when subjected to further stress, his beliefs intensify so that for periods they have a quality of paranoid delusional disorder (mental illness characterised by fixed false beliefs unamenable to reason of a paranoid nature).

“Paragraph 33. With regard to treatment neither Maurice Kirk’s underlying personalities or brain damage will respond to medical intervention. Due to the transient nature of his clearly abnormal beliefs, as opposed to his general paranoid view of the world, it is unlikely that medication will make any significant impact, tough it is impossible to be certain. Appropriate medication has been offered to Maurice Kirk which he has refused.

“Paragraph 34. Clinically it is unclear whether Maurice Kirk’s brain damage is likely to progress. Should it be so his difficulties will become more marked and he will become more obviously disabled. Of particular concern is that this may well involve increasing impulsivity and poor judgement, features which are already apparent.

“Paragraph 35. With regard to risk, risk is always difficult to quantify especially in highly complex cases such as this and it is almost impossible to consider Maurice Kirk’s risk in isolation from those he encourages to act on his behalf. The risk of Maurice Kirk continuing his action against South Wales Police and acting in a way that he feels justified to achieve his ends is high, but whether Maurice Kirk himself would be involved in inter personal violence is less, it cannot be discounted nor is the risk that others would act violently with his encouragement. If Maurice Kirk’s condition is progressive, these risks are likely to increase over time.”


“Paragraph 36. I have been asked to give my mind to the issue as to whether or not Maurice Kirk is fit to plead and stand trial. Maurice Kirk clearly understands the nature of the charge and the significance of the plea. However, due to Maurice Kirk’s mental disorder described above, specifically his brain damage and its relationship to self awareness, judgement, decision making, self regulation of behaviour and control of emotions, combined with difficulty in organising and sequencing information, his inability to filter out relevant information and his problems with attention and concentration, his overwhelming perception of himself as being a victim of persecution by the system, all of which are clearly evident in discussions with him concerning the alleged offence, he appears unable to address a specific legal and technical area of law necessary to appropriately conduct his defence.”

“Paragraph 37. Should Maurice Kirk be legally represented in court, I would consider him a fit person to stand trial as a legal representation would be able to focus on the relevant features.

“Paragraph 38. Maurice Kirk’s current clinical presentation is clearly causing major problems for the criminal justice system, though is not of a nature and degree to warrant compulsory treatment. He would, however, benefit from continued contact with mental health services to both monitor his condition and attempt to establish a relationship which would allow other treatment avenues to be explored.

“Paragraph 39. I am aware that my opinion will cause significant difficulties for the court.. I am also aware of the difficulties that the court has had gaining further psychiatric evidence which to a degree is due to Maurice Kirk’s perceived ability to intimidate and threaten those who become involved in his case. Should Maurice Kirk request in patient hospital treatment. I have concerns that a medium secure unit would not be able to provide the degree of procedural security necessary to maintain the safety of its staff, because of the confidentiality of other patients and the necessary security. Should the court wish a second opinion, they may wish to consider instructing a psychiatrist from a high security hospital to assess Maurice Kirk both as to treatment and the environment in which that treatment should take place. I stress that the requirement for conditions of specific security are purely as a result of Maurice Kirk’s communications with the encouragement of others, rather than his clinical presentation.

“Paragraph 40.

Maurice Kirk can return to court for any disposal that the court sees fit.”

By 13th August 2017 Maurice had now spent over three years in prison from these MAPPA category 3 level 3 concocted lies. These concocted lies had been the result  of Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, having had to sign her false 25th February 2009 sworn affidavit if she was to save her pension.

Her fairy tale affidavit  stated that Maurice had received all the relevant disclosure of police records relating to her thirty three failed malicious prosecutions against him.

The South Wales Police similarly fabricated 2009 MAPPA Maurice Kirk medical records, to avoid the already doomed machine-gun trial that was all before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC on 2nd December 2009. These medical records continue to be withheld from their victim for fear of civil redress for substantial damages finishing up in The Royal Courts of Justice.

The Cardiff courts now, owing to some  of these medical records having been written without even examining their purported patient or written without appropriate qualifications, even caused the perversion of justice even at the Criminal Court of Appeal before Lord Justice Leverson and Mr Justice Males.

Judge Leveson

13 RO RCJ Appeal Page 1

RO RCJ Appeal Page 2

13 03 RO ECJ appeal Page 3

13 03 14 Cr Crt App Refusal.png

Blackmailed Dr Tegwyn Williams’ Maurice Kirk Caswell clinic medical  report

09 10 23 US Psychiatrist e-mail

Cardiff Crown Court deliberately misled their Lordships on their visit to sit in the welsh court by withholding  the part of the transcript recording when the jury handed the trial judge a ‘jury note’ in order to cover up the clerk, Michael Williams, immune to to prosecution as on the HM job for life’ payroll.

The jury specifically asked for sight of the recording of both the service of 1st December 2011 restraining order and also that Maurice  had been taken back to the prison due to severe rectal bleeding. ( damage resulting from the cache of essential legal papers stored per rectum due to successive corrupt Cardiff Crown court judges refusing my legal papers in court in the hope I may employ a local layer.

Cardiff courts are renowned for not just having police ‘plants’ on the jury, as in the 2012  collapsed machine-gun jury trial, as eleven of the jury were so convinced about but also bent defence teams being ‘leaned on’, for a favour or otherwise to slip any sensitive material to the prosecution. Their purpose is to warn and therefore avoid the exposure of either in their ‘gravy train’ scam, at tax payer’s expense, a police officer caught lying in the witness box or lawyer in the well of the court also doing what he was trained for.

Only this month in Isleworth Crown, London, in R v S Oraki & R Oraki, I watched this game of theirs being acted with three bent police officers, Nash, Harding and Furneaux, before Judge Hill-Smith QC, clearly protected from imprisonment.  All said, on oath, the rim of the wheel was no more than a centimetre from the road surface despite video, taken with other police present, proved no defect on the rear tyre, what so ever.

Its known as ‘what really goes on in our UK law courts’, daily and why our corrupt judicial processes, as above must gain a Brexit or their tax payer funded ‘gravy train ‘ will de-rail.

Returning to the stench of a Cardiff court room, Maurice was also deliberately denied the sight of a ‘jury note’ because of it’s incriminating content……note the cctv reference…..Maurice was specifically videoed 24/7 as a MAPPA 3/3 police victim .


Remember, Cardiff magistrates had deliberately never served the 1st December 2011 Dr Tegwyn Williams restraining order in the first place in order to have Maurice gaoled for 9 months for ‘breaching’ it.

A constantly repeated manoeuvre from Cardiff cabal’s thick book of dirty tricks is to cover up their original 1993 police conspiracy in order to have Maurice extradited back to Guernsey. That damages claim is only now with Cardiff’s corrupt county court, 23 years later, which quickly confiscated the reel to reel tape when Maurice was found to be in the position, now, to play his police interview tape that never carried a prisoner caution for their dreamed up ‘indictable offence’.

Maurice had been locked up for being in possession of ‘a garrotte type’ instrument jused used on HRH Prince Charles’ farm.

93 05 20 Interview Tape

Cardiff Court clerk with my confiscated property

To await Channel Islands extradition police lied to the May 1993 court, keeping him in prison for four days, by saying, “Kirk cannot be identified” despite being arrested right out side his veterinary surgery with clients complaining!

Numerous Cardiff civil and criminal judges have deliberately covered up this conspiracy,  ever since, when it only needed one to ‘come clean’

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

The Cardiff judge who buried my ‘tape’


This little ‘shit’, Judge Richard Thomlow, was the then bent HM Crown Prosecutor in the 2010 police concocted machine-gun jury trial. We watched him before the very amused, by then, jury while he frantically tried to hide the DH2 Farnborough flown aircraft’s log books under his court papers, on his desk,for know one to see immediately following my ‘gently touched on’ simple fact of the decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine gun being a lawful possession.

In 1997 Viv Bellamy, who married Mr Fairy’s daughter, also an old friend in those days, had decommissioned no less than five at the same time now on WW1 aircraft and at the time of the trial, one being even on a Sopwith in RAF museum Hendon. to add to the evilness in South Wales against the English even nine in the pub afterwards (for their £1000 each) remarked that 11 of the jury’s decisions were made up on the first day of evidence once four police officers had been cross examined and they heard, wait for or it, both the Dorset museum owner, who sold the aircraft and the museum owner in Lincoln, that bought her, were not locked up but would be ‘prosecution witnesses’

The ‘icing on the cake’, if further proof of the Cardiff cabal’s conduct against an Englishman was really needed, was when they used a male police officer behind a screen, for jury identity only, called ‘Foxy’  pretending to have been the female police officer who had telephoned both my then wife and myself when ‘attempting to by the relic.

Police, incidentally, had painted the gun all black for trial as I had owned her but the buyer, before trial, had painted her part grey. Police could not even get the right shade of grey back on her , all at Lincoln hangar laughed as they told me, when the gun had to be returned by the police having failed to goal me of the compulsory 10 years.

Post Brexit will allow this conduct to spread the length and breadth of the UK, mark my words, as there will be no proper protection from ECHR.

Apart from lying to judge Bidder QC, in that my brain was so damaged by a possible tumour, it had given his bitch chief constable the right, by armed helicopter on 20th June 2009, to raid our house with twenty odd police and snatch our 10 ten year old to be taken into care by the Country council……..anything to disrupt the civil damages claim against them for over sixty odd failed malicious prosecutions

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

Brittany March 275

Recently this conduct was crowned by the obviously HM ‘leaned on’ Recorder of Cardiff by her siding with the original 2012 bent trial and appeal judges, His Honour Judge John Curran, when ruling the jury note was not relevant and ‘harassment appeal judge, His Honour Judge Hughes, refusing obviously needed police, prison, Geoamey and court records disclosure in that no restraining order could have been in existence at the time both clerk of the court and goal manager stated the time service; took place,

The Recorder of Cardiff HHJ Eleri Rees


HHJ Hughes QC

Judge Hughes QC

As with Curran he also allowed my access to my witnesses or legal papers to be in court for the 1st March 2012 ‘harassment ‘ appeal when even my main witness on crutches was attacked by Dr Tegwyn Williams’ wife, anything to cover up the multiple conspiracy acted out in her Caswell Clinic psychiatric prison where , for three months, Maurice had never been so terrified and for so long.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster


Bloody Liar Judge John Curran caught on tape in my 1st jury trial, on 4th May 2012, after all having been subjected to the lies of the clerk of the court that, in the 1st Dec 2009 harassment trial, he saw the final version served in the corridor totally contradicting the evidence from The similar bloody liar, Geoamey custody manger Lee Barker, telling the jury he served the final restraining order in my cell!

That could not have been even typed at that time of day if we believe the evidence of the bent CPS barrister David Gareth Evans from the witness box in Bristol’s Crown Court three years later.  He said it had been  his part hand written restraining order taken to my cell for consultation as is always the case in ‘restraining orders’.

17 05 04 Judge Curren RO disclosure refusal

So what on earth were Their Lordships given in paperwork, in my 14th March 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal application, to deliberate upon if not knowing the jury, not only asked the obvious in writing but that they were lied to just as they were in my  machine-gun trial by Judge Paul Thomas and CPE now judge Richard Tomlow and to a jury since.


Founder member’s tie of the notorious Guernsey’s ‘Ragged Dissident Society’ who’s members like Gerald and Yvonne Gillow, Spencer and Janet Gelsthorpe and Paul Griffiths  exposed , so well, the wide spread accepted corruption in the administration from UK’s HM Partnership ultimately responsible for the Bailiwick’s good government.

So what really goes on in our UK law courts, as in  in Wales and not just in a corrupt tax haven where ECHR is not recognised?


President of the HM Parole Board

14th August 2017

Dear Nick Hardwick,

My Illegal Swansea Prison Incarceration

You may recall we met in HMP Swansea, in 2014, following my correspondence over the South Wales Police illegally ordering the doubling of my prison term as I was deemed, by Barbara Wilding, as a MAPPA level 3 category 3 registered very dangerous person.

My eight month prison sentence,, for breaching a Dr Tegwyn Williams restraining order never served on me, was identical to any IPP (imprisonment for public protection).

My favourite prison’s comment was by the Swansea prison staff  saying that no psychiatrist in South Wales was prepared to sit on my parole board, for instant release, to contradict Dr Tegwyn Williams police and Ministry of Justice prepare whether I could ‘safely’ be returned to society.

Your words on  that BBC program, back in 2014, predicting my destiny rang true.


14 09 11 MAPPA blocked Swansea Prison Tel Calls

17 08 16 T20170239 Disclosure and payment appl.

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Retired Judges & 31 other Witness Summonses sought for 12th Sept 2017 Dr Tegwyn Williams Cardiff Trial

Application for Witness summonses to be issued


Case ref 16th Sept 2017 Cardiff Crown Court  T2017 0239 and counting


Dear clerk of the Cardiff Crown Court ,


Please consider the following:


Case 272 – The Maurice Kirk Story And Somerset Police

This is the amazing story of police deceit and the hounding of ‘the flying vet’ Maurice Kirk, who was thrown about like a ‘punching ball’ from one police force to another, beginning with the antics of the Avon and Somerset Police….see the full story later on this page……”The Strange Case of Maurice Kirk and Police Victimisation”

From: Maurice Kirk [] Sent: 10 August 2017 09:39

More, much more later so come to Cardiff’s Crown Court and witness for yourself their ‘lying culture’ when trying to persecute an Englishman just trying to practice veterinary surgery.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Masonic devil worshipping firm of solicitors also police protected from prosecution, Dolmans solicitors. He is required to give evidence how he hatched with Barbara Wilding  the machine-gun gibberish for my  the sectioning, under 1983 mental Health Act, to Ashworth in order to avoid the embarrassing machine-gun jury trial, doomed from the start, as a failure.

May be that is why Seys Llewelyn QC blocked my one million pound civil damages claim for  aight years and now HHJ H Keiser QC for almost another year knowing it will not be long, now, before I die off and their problem will appear to go away.


HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

Retired now, His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC, as one of the many Cardiff judges (last count was 13?) ‘in the know’ over MAPPA/machine gun/ Dr Tegwyn Williams  ‘snatch’ Gen conspiracy but all too spineless, it would appear,putting it oh so politely, to do anything about it


Late Crown Prosecutor David Gareth Evans who is another ‘spineless example ‘ who simply needed  to confirm , as he did in 2014 Bristol Crown court, I could not have been given a restraining order, as described to the 1st jury, as it had not even been drafted at  that point! He confirmed it was, instead, his typed draft proposal written over by District Judge John Charles’ blue inked fountain pen.


Lee Barker 1st Dec 2011 Custody manager

This custody officer, needed as a witness for my defence, was there on 1st December 2011, in the cells, with Lee Barker and there in the dock with me before Her Ladyship, in my recent ‘abuse of process’ application carrying no right of appeal, of course, due to police/court/Geoamey/ HMP/ Justice Ministry rampant corruption which will be far worse if we manage daft Brexit.


prof liar rodger wood

The lying little creep Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, required as a witness, will confirm his Dr Ruth Bagshaw evidence, of Caswell Clinic, report was  false as he simply wanted to also jump on the ‘gravy train’.

ALL EIGHT are  required as defence witnesses

Auster Tugmaster Gen Dogs

Their June 2009 intended Machine-Gun/MAPPA  victim ‘snatch’

As my ‘character witness’ I am considering Gen’s testimony on growing up without her ‘crazy’ dad, her words not mine, entirely due to the rampant South Wales Police bullying, answerable to no one, reliant on an equally corrupt judiciary driven only by avarice.

Further to my today’s telephone call over my countless applications, including letter of 8thy May 2017 to you, I have still not received the where with all on obtaining witnesses into the witness box relevant for the 12th September 2017 4th jury trial on this public scandal that reveals so much accepted lying by officialdom.

I require the names and addresses of those 8+ who here present in the Cardiff Magistrates Court building when a paper or papers, purportedly to be a valid restraining order of same date, was ‘served’ on me in my cell or in corridor (‘while on my crutches’) or found on me following a police search immediately after the incident.

NOTHING was ‘served’ on me while in the building and well you know it except for a pair of handcuffs for my ‘failing to attend’ the Nigerian Musa six children Haringey Council ‘snatch’.

Your court and/or the CPS know the prison had received police orders I was not to be ‘produced’ to the London court due to my not inconsiderable knowledge proving UK’s illegal multiple ‘child snatching’ industry for the cash included that 21st June 2009 abortive attempt with 20 odd South Wales Police with police helicopter, some with automatic weapons, to ‘snatch ‘ our my own 10 year old, Genevieve.

All, again, driven by legal aid fraud so admirably exemplified by the six or so Haringey Council  lawyers, in the Musa scandal, portrayed before Mrs Justice Atkinson to deliberate upon not in the parent’s favour.

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

Re written botched fabricated court record that the 1st jury trial were denied as it di not exist on 4th May 2012 when both Judge John Curran and CPS prosecutor David Gareth Evans both, lied in the face of the court, all routine stuff in Cardiff courts, refused the jury as being neither ‘available’ nor ‘relevant’!

11 12 01 Cardiff Doctored Court Log


33 Witness summonses are to include:

  1. Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams who will give evidence that the police blackmailed him to fabricate numerous forensic reports about me, recommending me for Ashworth prison, indefinitely due to a brain tumour, will also confirm he fabricated the reason needed for the abortive 2nd Jury restraining order trial, in  that his civil rebuttal, by Morgan Cole, solicitors, who have all the records on the criminal conduct, ‘that I was caught around at his home, late one night, with cans of petrol but that the police simply moved him on’!
  2. Dr Janis Hiliar will support the above evidence and also confirm that the £10,000 counterclaim by her husband was also fraudulent. My then petty debt civil damages claim of £800,  for ‘out of pocket’ cost, of being denied access to a Caswell clinic prior appointment made by Dr Gaynor Jones and Ruth Bagshaw, was illegal.  He knew no doctor in Wales would support him in that I had ‘significant brain damage’ and should be registered terrorist MAPPA 3/3.
  3. Efion Edwards who was a witness to both  Dr Tegwyn Williams’ and the Defendant’s conduct in the matter as to there never having been a restraining order served on me in the first place and why this prosecution is an abuse of process
  4. Barbara Wilding the bitch that personally, as defendant in my 33 failed malicious prosecutions 25 year running damages claim, quickly resigned on full Chief Constable pension, when court ordered to give full CPR disclosure of police records but not before ordering for me to be ‘shot’, if possible, during the court ordered ‘exchange of witnesses statements’  by now retired judge HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC despite aware of the likely content.
  5. Retired judge, HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, who can produce the full MAPPA level 3 category 3 investigation documentation to show it was fabricated from the start to have me framed with a machine-gun fit to ‘kill the mayor of Cardiff’ as recorded in both Cardiff crown and magistrates records all need, of course , for an attentive jury, a rare event nowadays.
  6. Rtd Judge John Curran, during my 1st restraining order jury trial on 4th May 2012,  past what appeared remarkably like  masonic signals between  one of the jury and CPS prosecutor, David Gareth Edwards causing the latter to be arrested. The judge is required as a witness as he would of made diligent search, after being told original magistrates records were no longer available.
  7. Your current CPS prosecutor, M  Smyth did after my 3rd March 2014 3rd restraining order jury trial.  He is therefore required by the defence as he found relevant records within the Cardiff magistrates court previously denied to me me or the first jury (see jury note).
  8. HHJ Rowlands, who in turn examined those records in April 2014 then held a clandestine court hearing and quashed the restraining order.

I require the full Crown Court records on my breached restraining order nonsense, since 1st April 2012 Harassment appeal.

Also needed for my proposed 5th jury trial if I continue to be denied court public records and copy of my medical reports that both Dr Tegwyn Williams and prosecutor now a judge, HHJ Richard Thomlow, who both lied through their teeth to Judge Bidder QC in an attempt to have me incarcerated indefinitely in Ashworth.

Also as Leverson LJ and Males J at the Court of Appeal, while both being made ‘unaware of the unlawfully redacted 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown court transcript and very existence of the ‘jury note’ created, still left a remaining audit trail of ‘due diligence’.

This is the preliminary list of defence witnesses required to receive summonses in order, hopefully, the next application is dramatically shortened.

Yours truly.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc


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Welsh Police Courts & the Prisons hide their Incriminating Records yet Again


UK’s Ministry of Justice and taxpayers


Helicopter sex film officer Adrian Pogmore jailed – BBC News

Almost exactly the same scenario The South Wales did to me and a friend with their dangerous flying but at least I had a T shirt on the court later heard, with written on it, ‘I’d rather be flying G-KIRK’

If my false imprisonment enclosed particulars of claim were the version accepted by the Cardiff court on 31st July then we are all now ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ for a while until specific disclosure starts to leak out.

Parol Board amendedLeithleyParticularsofClaim

17 08 01 Parole Order

If, on the other hand, the other version of my particulars of claim, of same date, is the only version now before court then that is not correct.

The whole issue surrounding my three years in prison was due to a blackmailed police psychiatrist to falsify my medical records for MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration needed by the 3rd defendant’s 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court application for my indefinite incarceration in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

To achieve the above the 3rd Defendant, with a little bit of help from their friends in countless Cardiff courts, acted out flagrant breaches of Articles 6,10 and others with number10 omitted, in error or ‘by design’, from my first version of 7th September 2016.

I enclose response to requests for further and better particulars, for all three defendants as for my 1CF03361 machine-gun conspiracy to getting me shot, lawfully.

1686539 Particulars of Claim – 6th action – 1CF03361


I continue my two decades of quest to find a firm of solicitors to deal on my behalf.

In my considered opinion, if only for the tax payer’s sake, this should be adjudicated in a court the further from South Wales the better as local lawyers will milk it, for sure.

It is also my considered opinion and those of my many long suffering Mackenzie Friends, that my unlawful imprisonments in HMP Swansea, HMP Park, HMP Bristol and HMP Cardiff all originates from South Wales Police malfeasance reliant on my deliberately having not been notified of the existence of Cardiff magistrate’s chaotic 1st December 2011 conclusion.

The clandestine creation and botched attempts, ever since, to cover-up the police and Cardiff court conspiracy, over my ‘never served on me’ 1st December 2011 restraining order against Dr Tegwyn Williams, was concocted primarily by the 3rd Defendant in the first place simply to harass my attempts to sue it following their fifty odd failed malicious prosecutions that has destroyed my life, wife, health, wealth and right to commercially fly or practice veterinary surgery anywhere in the world.

I believe, owing to a court mix up as to whether I am or ever was legally represented in this Ministry of Justice case, I am in need of apologising to all three Defendants in not attending on 31st July 2017. I thought on our first meet, in June’s law court, I was legally represented and my attendance was therefore not needed last week.

I enclose my Cardiff’s court blocked machine-gun particulars of claim as an example of the aroma that, sadly, regularly emanates from South Wales law courts whether they be for criminal or civil cases as they are known to have police ‘plants’ in either.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc (Claimant in case number C90CF012)             8th August 2017

(There is an unwritten law within the  UK judiciary that neither lawyers acting in a civil or criminal case, illegally or police when giving evidence are proved liars neither must snitch on the other for fear of derailing their joint ‘gravy train’ funded by the uninformed tax payer).

London Met police officers, to my horror, Furneaux, Nash and Harding were proved liars on oath when stating that the car was being driven on a flat tyre by not telling the driver or owner. The owner, from her arrest and unlawful custody, immediately called in other police to witness her own videoing of a perfectly road worthy tyre driven on by Furneaux, most likely from the road side incident to the police compound without either need of a tyre exchange or a recovery truck!

Both senior police officers and CPS barrister Jones lied to the court by withholding the police car video taken of their victim’s stationary position outside her lawyer’s office to before and after the car was stopped despite countless applications by the aggrieved parties. Part of the journey the police did, in error, release video that showed no deflated tyre up until being unlawfully stopped. So why did the judge do nothing about their deceit?

The answer is within the small print of this article


Now, can I appeal the Recorder of Cardiff’s latest ruling before 4th trial as an abuse of process and will I finally be allowed to put in a defence, to a jury, refused so far as an embarrassment, that you cannot be convicted of harassment, under the badly written 1997 law, now that I have, not just detected the doctor’s crimes with Professor Rodger Wood who with Barbara Wilding, put him up to it, I have also prevented further crime being committed by him in the UK for the moment.

Recorder of Cardiff

wood R Prof

09 02 25 Barbara Wilding Affidavit Lies (2)

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

Meanwhile, who is doing the predicted ‘world tour’, at the moment, if not to avoid witness summonses instructed to be served on them both for my 4th farcical jury trial, on 12th September 2017 in Cardiff Crown Court?

A police blackmailed doctor who knowingly falsified their victim’s medical records neither examined his so called ‘patient’ nor qualified to interpret his Dr Gaynor Jones authorised brain scans, contrary to three experts in the field, to go on, would you believe, to recommend not just I be registered MAPPA level 3 category 3, in the top 5% most dangerous but stood in a clandestine court, I was later unofficially told, to recommend I be jailed for life in Ashworth without need of a risky jury trial.

The 4th jury may see paragraphs 35/36 of one of Dr Tegwyn Williams’ reports stating I was not actually a risk to society but was if I managed to instil the required level of paranoia from within his current medium security prison, Caswell Clinic Bridgend. Paranoia, he wrote for Judge Neil Bidder QC, in my aging three helpers, now deceased Patrick Cullinane Esq, 94 year old Norman Scarth Esq and another of similar age, I have met only once!  Real Enid Blyton stuff that ought to be put to musicmaurice milk fever

17 07 Screen shot wordpress

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