Cardiff Court MAPPA Cover Up

I am shortly to be subjected to the stench of yet another so called law court in Cardiff where he or she will, no doubt, be promising me disclosure of its own court  and police records ordered time and time again by successive judges, for me, over the past 20 years.


Judge Hughes

A Judge Hughes refused me my legal papers and relevant witnesses in Cardiff court on 1st March 2012 to appeal a trumped up harassment conviction against Dr Tegwyn Williams.

Maurice caught re Dr Teg Williams house on fire

Maurice caught, red handed, ‘fire bombing’ Dr Tegwyn Williams’ South Wales home to cause him to flee, apparently, to New Zealand.

Can you spot Maurice’s rabbit gun, his trusty WW1 Lewis machine-gun tucked under his arm in this passer-by’s snapshot?

The latter’s wife, Janis Hillyer, physically fought my main witness, Eifion Edwards on his crutches, from gaining entry to the court room and thus prevented , with a little help from her friends, to deny me my main witness.

Witness  concerning poor old Tegwyn having to write a police dictated psychiatric report to have me immediately sectioned and goaled under the 1983 Act without the need for even a medical examination!

Fabricated to block my civil damages claims coming to a quick and decisive conclusion in July before both memories and evidence was lost of over 30 failed malicious prosecutions to put me out of business (income) to fight the torrent of litigation

 The cabal has to intention of doing it, of course, as with this typical individual below who has lied to my face time and time again since he and his mates allowed the concoction of the 2009 malicious Machine-Gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA conspiracy by withholding Crown Court transcripts.

Successive Cardiff courts continue to cover up their illegal use of MAPPA legislation to frustrate the Claimant’s civil claims against the South Wales Police’s countless malicious prosecutions as HMCTS must preserve its lucrative income.

Similarly, despite recent Crown Court promises being a repeat by a past Recorder of Cardiff, Nicholas Cooke QC, I am not holding my breath for release of the evidence still under the control of the court, police and Dr Tegwyn Williams.

In Judge Cooke’s case he said I would receive similar such court documents needed for any thinking jury and would include my NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Dr Tegwyn Williams instigated medical reports. That promise was in 2009 and he repeated it in 2010 when police had refused to take my complaint surrounding NHS Glanrhyd Hospital Bridgend Caswell Clinic misconduct on medical evidence.

Cooke’s now proven lies to my face, despite the recent collapse of the cabal’s vindictive ‘prohibited weapon’ prosecution conspiracy,  was based on new evidence as to how the South Wales Police had painted my machine-gun, just days prior to trial,  a different colour in the hope of fooling the jury.

She was returned to new owner in yet a different botched-up colour when police, in Bridgend HQ,  had tried to match it to the original colour before their unlawful seizure to be transport nearly 2002 miles in breach of their own regulations.

That was how frantic Barbara Wilding was and Cardiff law courts right now.


After the collapse of the gun trial, requiring no defence, the cabal put their snouts back into their trough to dream-up another way of wrecking their victim’s lawful civil processes to sue other members  feeding off the tax payer funded ‘gravy train’.

All a pack of lies from Judge Cooke of course but who cares? Remember, no less less than seven Cardiff Crown Court Judges, so far, have knowingly deceived the general public over the truth surrounding Tegwyn Williams when  South Wales Police illegally blackmailed him into all this.

M KIRK CALLS: 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, JAN ’14 from HMP CARDIFF  (just before 3rd Dr Tegwyn Williams Jury trial)

STOP PRESS- one of the witnesses to 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrates harassment hearing, leading to the prosecutor being arrested, reminded me today that DR TEGWYN WILLIAMS had written at least five police  statements before Christmas 2012 and in some that I had been threatening to ‘fire bomb’ his house- this I have to see or may I suggest, more to the point, the jury needs to see!

I apply to the Crown Court for those documents, previously refused,  to be also disclosed to me with the DVD custody tapes for each and every restraining order breach allegation and machine-gun one, also always refused of course.

The last Cardiff Crown Court (4th alleged Breach of a Restraining Order) hearing,  a few weeks ago, again promised, as they do, I would receive some of the still withheld court transcripts relating to Dr Tegwyn Williams and even, possibly, record of the evidence recorded by 1st December 2011 magistrates court rodeo.

All those at that original 1st December 2011 magistrates harassment conviction know, full well, that I will never get those documents, what ever the present Recorder of Cardiff may believe when Her Ladyship promised transcript disclosure etc, as more crime committed by those in positions of privilege will be further uncovered.

Filmed at the House of Commons is an example of how dangerous it is to find misconduct in our law courts. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons had accepted so called ‘evidence’ from the South Wales Police, when nothing what ever to do with animals, sufficient to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

When the Registrar of the college, despite state law contradicting contained in the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act, refused to entertain my application for my name to be put back on the register I had appealed to HM Privy Council.

Likewise, that registrar refused to put my appeal before Their Lordships contrary to law.

Likewise, the European Court of Human Rights  notorious Scottish clerk,Ms Reed,  wrote back refusing my application, out of hand, by saying that any further application in the future relating to the RCVS then it will be refused

So much for HM Partnership, a subject to become far worse if Brexit succeeds.

Recovering from being beaten up by Geoamey Custodial Services, all caught on CCTV, for being unable to serve the restraining order because district Judge John Charleshad prematurely  released me for fear of a fight breaking out in his ridiculous court room.

Shortly all of the doctor’s police witness statements, implicating the true ring leaders in all this but also promised immunity to prosecution, may be named with their home addresses for proposed peaceful demonstrations.

Defence Evidence

Today’s email to Cardiff Crown Court

I enclose an HMP Cardiff tape recording telephone record  (already with the police) of part of the audit trail of the 26 years of disgusting South Wales Judiciary conduct when reliant on  their agents  to bring in the money to guarantee all your  continuing employment
Contrary to anybody’s court directions, over the past 25 years, the South Wales Police and your courts continue to refuse to disclose even your own records relevant to the 4th jury on the matter.
 A restraining order was deliberately not served on me in the first place in order to have me quickly gaoled again, for breaching it simply   to prejudice my civil claims against the Cardiff cabal currently being defended.

Successive judges have refused to question my effective arrests of HM Crown Prosecutor David Gareth Evans, HM Crown Prosecutor Stan Sofa and Police Inspector Hall, as examples, to expose the Cardiff culture of covering up the truth if their is the slightest risk to any one of their pensions.

2010 Cardiff Court MAPPA Abuse

MAPPA Legislation ABUSE

MAPPA Executive Summary

RCJ Provisional Grounds Appeal Annex A etc

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also refused all police Visor records, not already disclosed, of in excess of thirty of their malicious prosecutions to be allowed t be used by the Claimant in recent court hearings now subject to appeal in The Royal Courts of Justice

HHJ Seys Lewellyn QC refused disclosure of the MAPPA conspiracy by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding despite the unambiguous 2008 HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC court order order for the above disclosure of police records.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC achieved further delay of much of this by blocking the 2009 Machine-Gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams conspiracy, for seven years, in order to have this Claimant locked up , indefinitely without trial or being ‘lawfully’ shot.


“And now for something completely different”, as Monty Python would say…..

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TWO of LLANGUNOOR SIX in CARDIFF Crown Court 4th Jury Trial with Fascinating Result re Dr Tegwyn Williams

17 07 23 Llangunnor 2 in Cardiff Crown Court

A fascinating Abuse of Process hearing today.

  1.  (1st jury trial xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssscccxcccccccccx|fsVSASSZXXXXZX\XDBF\FB\XCDSDWQ][LQWSACX.

switched WANTED014


This was a proposed prosecution exhibit in my 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrates ‘harassment’ of the blackmailed police doctor but District Judge John Charles refused it being produced ……(see clerk of court’s copious contemporaneous notes the CPS now admit they have with the CCRC’s original copies but  both, yes, both refuse their disclosure as when before both Lord Justice Leverson and Mr Justice Melling, in my March 2012 appeal, when the CPS withheld the jury notes  from Their Lordships as well!

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WW1 Machine- Gun/MAPPA 3/3/Dr Tegwyn Williams Cardiff Hearing Tomorrow 10.30am – ALL WELCOME

South Wales Police used both armed police and an armed helicopter in an attempt to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, into Vale of Glamorgan Council care as I was so dangerous but to whom?


17 No case to answer Abuse of Process 4th RO

switched WANTED014.jpg

Auster Tugmaster Gen Dogs


chaffinch  Â500019.jpg



Our delivery of my ‘humble petition’, to have my name restored to the veterinary register at the UK’s Supreme Court building, in Parliament Square, for the Judicial Committee of HM Privy Council.

I was confidently reliant on the very simple legal argument in that the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and its associated amendments, state, unambiguously, that the Royal College must convene a hearing for any person applying for re-instatement to the veterinary register.

For purely for the ‘academic reader’, as opposed to the pragmatic ones who have witnessed as to what really goes on in our courts, pre Brexit, HM Government ‘plant’ at Strasbourg, a Scottish Ms Reed, wrote to me following the UK court’s ‘refusal’.

(Ha! my petition never even saw ‘the light of day’ at Her Majesty’s Judicial Committee’s court as numerous South Wales HM institutions, including s civil and criminal law courts, some judges, some prosecution officers and prisons, were complicit, in varying degrees, of evil conduct when knowing all the criminals are protected under UK’s quite out dated HM ‘partnership’.

(Brexit will only make things in UK courts even worse for the future poorer generations)

The Clerk to the HM Privy Council arrogantly wrote back to me stating she was refusing to even place my application, based on new evidence of South Wales Police and HM court corruption, even though correct in law, to Their Lordships for Their deliberations.

Again just for the academic reader, Ms Reed appeared to have a certain pleasure in then  writing back to me to stating no future application to the European Court of Human will be entertained from me if it related to (The HM Partnership) Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.



30th June 2017

Crown Court


                  Falsification of Public Court Records


Dear Sir/Madam,

Application to Strike Out the now sacked Dr’s ‘Restraining Order’ Nonsense

I have written to the authorities before on this and over other many outstanding issues before, to no avail, wishing clarification on the reasoning behind the apparent clandestine court hearing, for an example, in April 2014? possibly 30th, when I again (10th time?) was neither informed as the victim in the conspiracy or allowed to attend.

Rumour has it that there is a reason why the court will not be able to amend/clarify or prosecute the 4th alleged breach of 1st Dec2011’restraining order’ because court records, despite being re fabricated, for the second or third time, still indicate the decision by the 4th May 2012 jury specifically asking, in writing, to see proof one restraining order was ever served on me in the cells of Cardiff Magistrates.

The CCRC confirmed the clerk’s notes were in their possession, since February 2013 without me knowing and were now for me but now refuse despite my having to come from France to just collect them. Do you need the tape recording of the hearing?

CCRC said it would only give them to a lawyer but now even that is refused.

Two Cardiff judges, at least, have directed I have them, the CPS have admitted several of their barristers have them but no one will give for fear of consequences.

I apply for an oral hearing, if it cannot just be so directed for the third time, to make someone (CPS, Magistrates court &Crown Court clerks, CCRC, police or Uncle Tom Cobly) to simply hand the ‘harassment’ court file over to a designated English based solicitor with no more mucking me about by the lot of you.

I apply for Cardiff Crown Court to order Geoamey Custodial Services to disclose its 1st Dec 2011 records of its purported receipt of said 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrates ‘Restraining Order’ from court officials, date, time and by whom did the ‘service thereof? A bunch of five dragged me out of the cell for awaiting police, all recorded.

I apply for Cardiff Crown Court to order the South Wales Police to disclose its custody records, for 1st Dec 2011, of my ‘gate arrest’ at Cardiff Magistrates when I was arrested for ‘failing to attend’ the MUSA Nigerian family snatched Haringey Council criminal hearing when HMP Cardiff had had instructions from the South Wales Police not to have me produced.

I thank both your patience and willingness to expedite this matter.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                   (Ref CPS ‘throwing in the towel’ June 2017 letter)

Tel 07708586202

My 1st Dec 2011 ‘gate arrest’ at Cardiff magistrates generating a string of South Wales Police refusals to my numerous defence solicitors, in both Wales and England, to disclose my custody records to confirm I WAS NEVER SERVED either a draft or final copy of a ‘restraining order’.

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

South Wales Police have repeatedly refused disclosure under Data Protection Act/Freedom of Information  as I am classified within the top 5% most dangerous in the UK but to whom?

Try it, I dare you


17 06 19 CPS Disclosure Refusal


Just one of the HMC&TS (Wales) botched re-write pages of my 1st December 2011 tape recorded ‘Harassment’ conviction of Wales’ chief forensic psychiatrist, Caswell Clinic’s ‘Clinical Director’, in anticipation of yet further corruption in the pathetic attempt by bitch and attempted murderer, Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable, following her court ordered February 2009 six week late sworn affidavit–that I had been given full police disclosure of my police failed 33+ malicious prosecutions.

15 05 03 altered 1st Dec 11 court log



Wilding’s and Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams’ 8th June 2009 MAPPA level 3 Barry police station meeting was purely set-up to having me ‘lawfully’ shot on ‘exchange of witness statements’ at her home as Adrian Oliver, of Dolmans, solicitors, refused to comply with His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC’s order for exchange by 19th June 4pm.

Part of ‘leaked’ MAPPA Judge Seys Llewellyn QC refused to have disclosed as clearly knowing this was only going to be the ‘scratching at the surface’ of a ‘can of worms’

10 09 27 Medical MAPPA 4 pages

Adrian Oliver Dolmans.png


“What really goes on in our UK Law Courts”  MJK quote 1972


The heart of the matter for Her Ladyship, tomorrow, is that numerous Cardiff judges have already been bluntly refused police, CPS and their very own court records, each time I raised my right, under ECHR Article 6 etc.

Recorder of Cardiff

There has been so much apparent deceit within the Cardiff courts since the 1993 ‘garrotte ‘/HRH Prince Charles’ incident , still blocked due to its simplicity for proving ‘an over arching’ campaign of police harassment.

My still Cardiff court confiscated 1993 reel-to-reel police interview tape, because no prior ‘caution’ is recorded on it for an indictable criminal offence (charged later for being ‘in possession of an offensive weapon’, the idiots, a piece of embriotomy wire just used on the Prince of Wales’ farm).

93 05 20 Interview Tape


All for their registered police veterinary surgeon’s extradition back to Guernsey but keeping him in prison for four days as ‘unidentifiable’ to later using it their despicable clandestine police 2002 court conspiracy to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

These vermin, without my knowing, wrote to the RCVS and later,  to HM Privy Council/HM Partnership, when failing to have me registered as a ‘vexatious litigant’.

Now, with only a few left standing in their defence, to fight both myself and my family now their side of Offa’s Dyke, long after me, if need be, for all the evil things the current welsh authorities  have so far conspired to achieve, again when driven, as usual of course, by deceit and avarice my old school boy hero, Owain Glyndŵr would be thoroughly ashamed of.


If only I had listened to my dear old Mum, in July 1992, who’s look of shock and horror on her face still haunts me to this day when she leant, with a mother named Morgan and her father named Jenkins, one of her sons was not just contemplating crossing the Severn Bridge from England but was seriously

intending to buy a veterinary practice in notorious South Wales.


Time I get back to Africa







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Lawyers evidence on Monday in Cardiff Crown Court re Dr Tegwyn Williams & Professor Rodger Wood Police MAPPA Machine-gun Conspiracy-all welcome

22nd July 2017

Dear David,
24th July 17 Abuse  Application re 4th Breach of Restraining Order Trial 
1. Seeing you just before the hearing on Monday is of little use to me unless I know the Cardiff Cabal’s ‘end game’?
2. Without my Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA/ Caswell Clinic/ machine-gun files I am in difficulties addressing the Recorder of Cardiff on Monday
3. Having now heard the critical witness summonses have not even been served, as believed, on Dr Tegwyn Williams, his wife, Dr Janis Hiliar, lying Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University and Mr Eifion Edwards, means my application is rather pointless as none have given evidence on the police/Caswell Clinic/CPS conspiracy to have me locked away, if not shot, for life in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital
4. I rushed back from France last week when suspicious you would not attend the short scheduled hearing, a trick the Cardiff cabal so often play on me, only for it to have been cancelled!. You confirmed, yesterday, you knew nothing about it!
5. My one million pound Ministry of Justice/South Wales Police/Parole Board claim, re Dr Tegwyn Williams et al, also proceeded without you in court last last month as again they tried to trick me into thinking you would attend when you did not.
6. I left my aircraft in Kenya, in January, as I had to return to face the stench of yet more corrupt Cardiff court rooms to find you appear well and truly ‘nobbled’ this time. I appreciate it is my fault.
7. After my winning the 1990’s thirty three South Wales Police failed malicious criminal prosecutions the cabal, intent on preserving the integrity of their daily arriving ‘gravy train’, continue to block my RCJ appeals for years, with the 1993 Guernsey ‘trigger’ for police harassment especially yet unfinished for BS614159 +2 claims to progress. All contrary in law but who bloody cares in a welshing court room as world publicity, only this week, portrays in the Lynette Whyte scandal.
If in doubt, disclose
8. I have been side lined re May 1993 incident, the para 8.6 of Ist Action, re ‘garrotte type instrument/HRH Prince Charles ‘ farm,  as HM Partnership was found ‘wanting’, big time, when trying to have me extradited back to Guernsey on the pretext I ‘could not be recognised’…..anything to block my civil damages claims obtaining ‘due process’.
9. You have intricate personally obtained  evidence, for Her Ladyship on Monday, of the CCRC HM Partnership conspiracy that has ruined my life, similar to that which prematurely  killed Patrick Cullinane Esq  and many others, over the years but you are a lawyer trying to enjoy a living within the same system, a difficult one.
 10. The Cardiff courts criminal cover-up, with the CCRC, over the fact my original court/custody/prison records of the 1st Dec 2011 ridiculous hearing, before bent District Judge John Charles, caused me to have to arrest the spineless CPS barrister but proved my innocence in Bristol Crown Court.
 11. No restraining order, draft or otherwise, was ever ‘served’ on me in the cells and four Geoamey guards were witness to that (my being MAPPA 3/3) with CCTV and any written records, all refused the 1st jury, made of incident by both Lee Barker, custody manager and Michael Williams, the court clerk hiding in the shadows, will be confirmed by CPS barrister, Mr M Smyth, who is hopefully attending on Monday without the need of a witness summons.
12. I would suggest your evidence and mine, on oath, for Her Ladyship will result in a court order for an outside police enquiry with proper police disclosure of their Visor records, for example, something His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had been clearly ordered not to do.
13. It would be a real ‘eye opener’ to the UK tax payer with a barrister’s evidence, on oath, on the clearly scandalous manner in which the Cardiff cabal’s continuing conduct to block my appeals at RCJ, since 2013, while deliberately delaying my other seventy odd-police malicious acts of harassment either by still more failed malicious prosecutions or ignoring my countless complaints following criminal conduct either on my property or on my person by others given the ‘green light’.
Best regards,
 I do believe I see ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’.

Lord Chief Justice  uses  Nightjack case to warn lawyers who mislead court of “exemplary punishments”

Lord Thomas said misleading the court was  “regarded by the court and must be regarded by any disciplinary tribunal as one of the most serious offences an advocate or litigator  can commit”.

” It is not simply a breach of a rule of a game, but a fundamental affront to a rule designed to safeguard the fairness and justice of proceedings. Such conduct will normally attract an exemplary and deterrent  sentence”.




The Accused relies on Sub Section 1 (3) (a) & ( c) of The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 namely that he had a reasonable excuse on the 27th February 2017.

In 2010 the Accused was famously acquitted of the Possession of a Lewis Machine Gun at Cardiff Crown Court despite the police relying on both the seller and the buyer of the aircraft, sold over a year earlier, when neither of these prosecution witnesses ever being in custody…..Could such a thing of occurred in an English court room?

The Chief Constable, bitch Barbara Wilding, had me registered MAPPA level 3 category 3 in order to attempt a ‘snatch’ of our daughter, Genevieve, by armed police and armed helicopter, on 22nd June 2009.

She had deployed, with ‘shoot to kill’ orders, 20 odd police surrounding our home pretending to be looking for a WW1 decommissioned Lewis machine-gun relic they damned well knew had been sold a year earlier when attached to my 2000 Farnborough Air Show 1916 replica DH2 fighter aircraft. Flown by personal invitation from old friend of Bristol University Air Squadron days, at Filton aerodrome,  Brian Trubshaw, no less, 002 Concorde test pilot.

Brittany March 275

(Just caught her first huge carp in our Breton lake now up for sale to pay towards 25 years of court fees)

South Sudan Russian machine guns at my head and with North Kenya people devoid of most  has caused me to finally reluctantly accept the Welsh judicial system stinks17 01 27 Kenya.jpg

17 0714 Paris.jpg

A Madame Guillotine day diversion away  from the welsh court stench or as Lars, my Kenyan mentor and inspiration to ‘just keep going’ might say, ‘when you go black you never go back'[!

Today, in Cardiff Crown Court I witnessed 12 barristers for 12 Defendants following the Operation Nightjar raid and is a reminder of a far more efficient and less costly judicial system with ‘Code Napoleon’ lost to us due to daft BREXIT


Wilding Wanted17 07 17 Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

Family court demonstration, this week, seem to be on the increase due to their state run ‘gravy train’ carrying no accountability.

Extract of today’s email:

I did know hearing is at 10 .30 on Monday but more to the point I say again, I need my Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams/ machine gun  files, with you,  first thing tomorrow morning  as original witnesses to travesty of justice are travelling to give possible evidence on Monday……

.Relevant witness summonses are with the court while I still await CCRC COPY OF ORIG Court records, I secured from my Cardiff prison cell in a few days after 1st dec 11 harassment conviction.

This was BEFORE CPS, POLICE AND HMC&TS conspired and ALTERED THE RECORDS to concoct the appearance that I neither knew of a restraining order in existence nor that I was served one.

TOO many immune to prosecution repeatedly lied in countless welsh courts ever since, following even the jury being refused the sight of public court records on 4th May 12, where it is the norm but the evil bstds also lied in my Bristol Crown Court, England,  which will be their petard

DONT forget, in March 2013, Leverson LJ  et  al admitted in Melling J judgment Their Lordships were denied the knowledge of either jury note requesting the bloody obvious.

Burnett LJ put it well in RCJ, in Feb 16 hearing, when both Janet Kirk and Mr T Ewing  had been refused taking notes on my behalf in Newport Crown Court ( now for ECHR )  on the appalling state of Welsh courts.





Initial Statement by Eifion Edwards of Cardiff and fellow victim of Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams, now the sacked and deported chief psychiatrist of Wales but WITHOUT correcting my medical records

Court Appointed lawyer does not have the evidence that is essential for the cross examination of Dr Tegwyn Williams.


  1. Time is needed to organise evidence in support of the defendant Mr M J Kirk that is essential for court appointed lawyer to use in the cross examination of Dr Tegwyn Williams to expose Dr TW unusual dishonesty and malice.


  1. On 1 May 2012, the day before trial, the Crown Court told me they had asked Apex Chambers to provide Counsel as the Court appointed lawyer but no decisions had been taken on who would act. I need to provide very complex papers and there is now no time.


  1. I believe to proceed without my evidence that is needed to cross examine Dr TW would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.


  1. I ask that proceedings switch to focus on a re-trial of the original conviction of December 2011 & 1& 2 March 2012 because my evidence has been hidden from the Courts for their fair deliberations – despite my writing to the Crown Prosecution Service and attending both Magistrates Court and the appeal at the Crown Court. I was prevented from giving evidence on both occasions by improper ‘goings on’.


  1. The matter is so complex and lengthy I merely give the direction of my evidence at this time, and ask for time to submit more.


The direction of my evidence.


  1. I can confirm that Mr Kirk telephoned me on his release in December 2011 and when I pointedly asked him to detail the latest bail conditions or restraining order that he was under, that he was unaware of any restraining order.


  1. As in my attached letter to Mr M Curry Head of Unit at Cardiff CPS and a much fuller letter to Keith Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions I can explain why Mr Kirks actions are reasonable and lawful and that not only should Mr Kirk not be convicted, but that Mr Kirk should not even be prosecuted.


  1. I wish to explain why I believe Dr TW and parties are dishonest and malicious.


Dr TW’s breach of a High Court Order restraining Dr TW from obstructing my care and harassing me – and how Dr TW misleads the Crown Court on 1 March 2012


  1. Please see where in the transcript of 1 March 2012 Dr TW tries to imply he has no one else objecting to his actions, when I have had take Dr TW to the High Court over his endless dishonesty and now seemingly a breach of his undertaking to the High Court. Dr TW and parties have interfered in Cardiff NHS very much to try to stop me complaining to the General Medical Council about him.


  1. I have had disclosure of Caswell Clinic papers to confirm that a multi agency committee has been meeting based around Caswell clinic to prevent anyone lawfully complaining to the General Medical Council about Dr T Williams. Before Mr Kirk’s alleged harassment charges took place, the committee detail how they aim to get those who complain about Dr T Williams imprisoned for many years. My and Mr Kirk’s initials are on the heading of the emails that organise the agenda of these meetings. (I have no criminal convictions/cautions by 55 years and am a well qualified professional man.)


  1. The Caswell clinic multi agency committee seems to have unreasonable influence and control over the Courts, CPS and Mr Kirk’s custody at Prison, to seemingly pervert justice.


  1. I am presently organising the complaints to the GMC for both Mr Kirk and myself. The GMC have confirmed that the GMC legal team have approved a larger than usual investigation will occur regards my complaint. I now start to explain the GMC about what Dr T Williams does wrong regards Mr Kirk:-


  1. a) Maliciously denying Mr Kirk access to Caswell Clinic when the staff team of the Caswell had decided in writing that they wanted to build a therapeutic relationship with Mr Kirk. Yet when Mr Kirk would approach Caswell for staff to have opportunity to draw him in, Dr T W maliciously and dishonesty called the police etc.


  1. b) I believe that Dr T W did this because Dr T W cannot discuss the close detail of clinical reports on Mr Kirk because the reports are seemingly malicious and unusually dishonest. Dr TW calls police and falsely alleges harassment to try to cover up exceptional wrongdoing of in bad faith trying to deny Mr Kirk’s liberty indefinitely.


  1. c) That Dr T W refuses to receive questions and information to clarify or correct his reports. Dr T W refused to make a statement to explain himself in civil proceedings, to imply guilt.


Mr Justice Beatson saw an extract of what I believe Dr TW ‘made up’ about Mr Kirk.


  1. The evidence I wish Dr T W to be cross examined on is seemingly reliable of genuine concern. When I shared what I knew with Mr Justice Beatson on 19 January 2012 sitting at Cardiff Administrative Court he said in Judgement:-


“Some of the allegations that the Claimant (myself) makes about CPS policy, if supported by evidence, would be very serious. Today he has given me a swatch of papers about Mr Maurice Kirk, a litigant who is well-known in these courts. Mr Edwards relies on what he says is evidence that it was said that Mr Kirk was mentally unfit and had brain damage, which a summary of Mr Kirk’s record based on a surgery home visit report shows was not true.”


  1. I wish explain why Mr Kirk has not yet had a fair trial to explore what Mr Justice Beatson describes as “very serious” and “a ….report shows was not true”. Yet both the Crown Prosecutor and the Court appointed lawyer withheld my evidence from the appeal at Cardiff Crown Court. There are also more complex reasons why my evidence was withheld from the Court(s). I believe the Courts need to now switch to a re-trial and for the “first time” to explore how Dr T W and parties do wrong to Mr Kirk.


  1. As for example is in the attached one page extract of recent papers lodged at the High Court 18 April 2012, I am asking the High Court to refer the abuse of power (such as in Mr Kirk’s case) and where there is no Remedy for that abuse, to the Supreme Court.


Eifion Edwards 1 May 2012


17 06 19 CPS Disclosure Refusal

Just  one of the ‘niggers in the welsh wood pile’ of inherent deceit driven by avarice.

David Gareth Evans


Left 14th July Bastille Day Paris celebrations where I went to inform Presidents Trump and Macron of the dreadful move here in UK for Brexit and could they help us stop it?

I had to leave my ‘petit promenade’ around Versailles chateau to be in Cardiff court in time for the Crown Court hearing T20170239 only to find the case was cancelled and no one told me!.

It will be this Monday, 24th July where all ARE INVITED AND I AM PAYING FOR THE USUAL LONG LUNCH!.

On next Monday I impart an ‘abuse of process’ application for Her Ladyship to deliberate upon in that:

  1. in 2008 I had obtained a court order that Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable will, by 6th January 2009, disclose police records covering in excess of 40 police incidents that were nearly all tantamount to harassment to interfere with my civil damages claims, started in 1993, following 33 failed police prosecutions.
  2. The Chief Constable therefore hatched the machine-gun conspiracy malicious prosecution and took early retirement in order to preserve her pension should her scheming goes ‘pear shaped’.
  3. She could not disclose, of course, police records or a lot of police officers faced long prison sentences so I resisted the mandatory 10 prison sentence, when had been promised by CPS by NOT doing what you must never do in any Welsh courts. You do not, I repeat, from my experiences helping prisoners in the local prisons, confide in your defence facts with a local lawyer all under the thumb of the notorious Cardiff cabal.
  4. She had me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, without examination by a doctor and registered MAPPA 3/3 (amongst top 5% most dangerous) on 8th June 2009 so that when I approached her to ‘exchange’ my 200+ lever arch files of incriminating evidence, as Claimant in my two million damages claim, I would be ‘lawfully’ shot by her pet ‘shoot to kill policy’ she had recently introduced into her previous Metropolitan Police force before her ‘promotion’

17 07 17 ro N0 case to answer crn crt appl.

My photo of things the CPS chose to avoid:

17 07 05 MJK rebuttal to CPS


TO be continued





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£1000 Reward on Convictions of Assailants and Return of Stolen Property as Ministry of Justice Kept in the Dark over 100+ South Wales Police Malicious Acts or Omissions to delay Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA Machine-gun compensation.

Madam Guillotine day UP DATE

Dear HM Ministry of Justice Barristers,

I am assaulted Yet Again

Substantial reward  for return of my stolen property near Blandford, Dorset

I Had this missive yesterday by email, re my stolen property by robbery from the assailants witnessed by all, thinking that just because in South Wales authority is almost daily deceitful, in their own police force and law courts, one Benjamin Larsen, alias Cassidy and a Bradley Heath delinquent damaged by drugs, no doubt, in England, expect to get away with it.

Thieves at large and resident, at times, at the ? Downwood  Vinery,  between Blandford Forum UK and Ashley golf course on the left of the  Wimbourne road.

Substantial Reward for recovery of my mobile phone data Tel 07708586202

Is it right they can take the law into their own hands and steal both mine and my friend’s property when knowing they are likely immune to prosecutions.

One Benjamin Larsen emailed this:

“Left you a voicemail explaining I have a ref number regarding reporting
you as a MAPPA 3 and entering a property adjacent to mine which is illegal
as un invited and your email to me and fact my step daughter was alone in
house when you hammered at door so they’re looking for you and again I must
highlight fact that if you turn up without my permission I will see you as
a direct threat as do the police and I will remove you with force if
necessary to protect my family so you have been warned do not approach
house, gate is now shut”.


17 07 13 robbery 2nd statement

Another recent unprovoked attack on Maurice, this time in Cardiff, due to South Wales Police MAPPA/machine gun/ parole board conspiracy giving the ‘green light’ to ever hood in Cardiff until Cardiff Crown Court steps in and applies the law.

Cardiff’s HM Crown Prosecution Service, see their latest missive dated 19thth June 2017, indicate that the court records upon which the next 4th jury trial must rely and the first, 4th May 2012, jury were flatly refused by the CPS, leading to barrister David Gareth Evans’ arrest, are ‘too old’ to be relevant!

Nearly six years of relentless but systematic pursuit for the disclosure of public court records, denied to the original jury for my alleged ‘breaching a restraining order’ conviction, has proven the original clerk of the court, in the 1st December 2011 harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams, chief forensic psychiatrist for South Wales Police, are never to be disclosed to the defence.

Forged Cardiff court log by HMC&TS staff

15 05 03 altered 1st Dec 11 court log


12 05 04 Judge Ignored  Jury Note


Remember, the clerk has been caught re writing the original records as no restraining order was ever served on their victim or even told of its very existence so, by deduction, on the remaining withheld court, police, HMP Cardiff and Geoamey Custodial Services on Monday’s crown court hearing, for which I am told I need not attend , three years in prison’s worth of ‘breaching a restraining order’ sentences must be quashed.

Police provoked attack on Maurice to stop him pursuing his civil damages claims.

Click the following video:



That is exactly what my one million pound claim against your clients, HM Justice  Ministry and HM Parole board is all about if you continue not to disclose the fabricated evidence HM Crown Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, unlawfully put before His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009 in my equally unlawful forced absence as he knew Dr Tegwyn Williams would crack under my cross examination.

The Welsh authorities failed miserably in trying to get me locked away for life as a MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim when it was proved by experts that Caswell Clinic medical records were fabricated under blackmail of Dr Tegwyn Williams.

17 06 19 CPS Disclosure  Refusal.jpg

Police provoked attack:

“not in my view disclosable”

This latest attack and threat on my life also needs to be before Her Ladyship, Judge Eleri Rees, at the very earliest convenience NEXT WEEK at Her 17th July 2017 pre-trial hearing.



You attended in Cardiff County Court recently to be paid by the UK tax payer in the hope of smothering the ever increasing  foul odours emanating from Cardiff’s courts from drifting across the Severn to pollute my English air space….Good luck.

Cardiff’s cabal, incidentally, has now put off my next machine-gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA  conspiracy hearing until March 2018, started in 2010, to be immediately blocked by His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC as irrelevant to the ‘over arching’ act of persistent bullying and inaction about my personal injuries, all just waiting from the inevitable result from their preventing my attending hospital appointments while in Swansea prison during 2014 and 2015.

Even when I was out on parole (only for one hour at a time as police had recorded me so dangerous),  ‘for fear I may ‘hot wire’ an aircraft and flee the country’, MAPPA hostel staff told me, the police had again refused my prison medical department’s pre -arranged appointment at Cardiff’s Llandough hospital from going ahead.

Police were already in possession of my confidential HM Ministry prison medical records on the grounds I was in the top 5% most dangerous in the UK as a MAPPA registered level 3 category 3 victim of their chief constable. Dr Tegwyn Williams the CPS told HHJ Neil Bidder QC, on 2nd Dec 2009, my irreversible brain damage was from a possible brain tumour and having been ‘a long time drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed’.

peter vaughan

South Wales Police had gone further, now causing my own country huge expense and quite unnecessary time due to, it would appear, generating the stench in Cardiff courts.

Sabine McNeill, a harmless survivor of the WW11 Dresden bombings and other worried Mackenzie Friends were all blocked from speaking to me on the prison telephone for my  preparation of criminal appeals and ongoing civil litigation all caused by the South Wales Police.

One such case was the now notorious unlawfully blocked Mr Justice Gilbart typical scandal re Jan 2015 ‘state a case’ over my arrest of a prison officer who the police had told not to return my passport on release.

Proof I have at least one passport and with a rare stamp in it some may understand is rare but needed to get out of the country without being shot!

south sudan visa.jpg

17 07 12 RCJ gilbart

This case , with many others, will go onto the European Court of Human Rights, a complete joke of a system but there to be challenged.

Police prevented my having my legal papers in court before His Honour Judge Crowther or allowing Janet Kirk and another to take notes , on my behalf, in the public gallery.

I was present in the Royal Courts of Justice when Lord Justice Sweeney et al made scathing remarks, on appeal, as to the state of the Welsh Crown Courts

Police had ordered the prison staff to wheel me off the prison van, on the way to Cardiff’s High Court, so as not to be able to attend Mr Justice Gilbart’s hearing leading to the overturning of my prison sentence for my private person’s arrest. I was first arrested, remember, for entering a UK prison without permission!

HMP officer Rogan found it amusing refusing to return of my passport as it was to prevent my returning to Brittany for Dr Tegwyn Williams/Chief Constable 33 failed malicious prosecutions now in the civil courts in London for exemplary damages.

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Similar to the manner in which the South Wales Police refused the prison right to produce me at a London court on 28th Nov 2011 re Musa Nigerian 6 children unlawfully snatched by the Haringay Council . Police then used my non attendance to successfully oppose my bail for many years after recall, the litigation the ladies from London now have to defend.



Photo of me arrested by ‘gate arrest’ , no less, on the 1st December 2011 when failing to attend my previously set up hearing, over bent lawyers milking the legal aid system, for the Musa parents to get back their children two days earlier. Could you make it up? Yourevil, evil deceitful welsh bastards all laughing as immune to prosecution in any welsh court process where an Englishman is concerned.

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

Release from HMP Swansea

HMP Swansea release

Ladies representing Her Majesty,


I am prepared to settle ‘out of court’ in my one million pound claim for damages, for  the malicious conduct committed by so many, this time, in an attempt to paper over the cracks.

I mean right now via the court mediation process something Dolmans, solicitors of Cardiff, have always refused to do ever since 1993 for that would be the ‘end of the line’ for their very lucrative tax payer paid ‘gravy train’, accountable to no one but Their Maker.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

16 09 07 Parole amended ParticularsofClaim

17 07 12 Parole Futher Particulars Pt1

17 07 12 Parole Further Particulars

PS  ‘nigger’, incidentally, is not an ethnic slur any more than ‘golly-wog’ is  or ‘ poor white trash’. I have many coloured both Christian and non Christian friends I would fight for, any time, especially if their own laws, in their own country are infringed deliberately BUT that is this the way our ridiculous environment is moving.


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Further Witnesses for Restraining Order Trial


9 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans (2) 

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response

17 06 28 CPS throw in the towel

2nd July 2017                                                                                             C90CF012

FAO Cardiff County Court                                                                     BS614159 +2


Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police, HM Justice Ministry & HM Parole Board

False Imprisonment and Perversion of Justice

Dear Sir,

  1. At the last hearing I asked for judgements/orders etc to be sent by email address.
  2. At my April/May 2016 default judgement application (first form error for correct case number, corrected by 2nd hand written) neither Parole Board nor Justice Ministry filed defences unless you now say otherwise? What was the result, please?
  3. I enclose my first 2016 claim enclosing Article10 inadvertently left out of my 7th Sept 2016 amended particulars and ask for proof it was filed with the court last year?
  4. At the last hearing, by sheer chance that I even attended believing I was legally represented, I left more confused over a purported judgement of last summer, by a judge North? Please send me copy confirming it had been originally sent by email?
  5. At the last hearing, if my poor memory is correct, Defendant or Defendants denied knowledge of my 7th September 2016 amended claim being received when it was served on the court and I was told any fee paid. Has my lawyer been nobbled?

6, Now I have sent again to your court another copy, as per court direction, of my 7th September 2016 particulars and request proof of service as I have asked for proof of service, in the past, for my original application for full default judgment in 2016.

  1. I remember last time I was so stupid to sue HM Partnership, the reason for remaining in the EU for protection us from HM widespread abuse by underlings, Cardiff County Court apologised to itself saying, “perhaps, the service of particulars of £50,000 claim on HM Governor of Cardiff Prison’ was overlooked!
  2. ‘A likely story’ when the Co-Defendant, the police, acknowledged receipt of service
  3. You still refuse disclosure of those simple records in my first HM Partnership skirmish (5th Action) and since then have wrongly closed ranks with your police to prevent my expediting both my civil and criminal cases while continuing this disruption by not allowing me to stand at the public counter for ‘due process’.
  4. Your court refuses to let me have sight of the BS614159 +2 Maurice Kirk v Police claims court records who’s appeal is now filed in the RCJ also requiring copy of court log, exhibits, evidence and all court refusals, especially key witness subpoenas.
  5. Is it any wonder the RCJ appear to continue to not process my appeal, as a ‘can of worms’, while your court has even confiscated, over a year ago, my police interview tape, because ‘indictable and not under caution’ from one of my 33 successful defences for malicious prosecutions of many due before your ‘system’.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202

14 08 11 particulars of claim

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response



Brittany cottage field andBritanny farm house and field £40,000

carp lake for only £30,000

Resident pig and Genevieve extra (just caught her first carp)

Brittany March 275.JPG

Fr aug 07051.JPG

Another just one hour from St Malo boat for only £30,000 (carp lake, opposite, is extra)

tel _+447708586202


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Witnesses for the forth coming 4th Jury trial

include:  Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams



Dr’s wife,  Dr  Janis Hilliar

Her 2012 statement to the police re Maurice found, at the dead of night, at her home with a cans of petrol

Menage-a-trois Mr Eiffion Edwards

12 05 01 eiffion edwards statement

11 11 08 Curry REDACTED

Caswell Clinic  Ms Elisabeth Paul

Her eight MAPPA level 3 meetings notes

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans (2)

10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED

Caswell Clinic  Dr Ruth Bagshaw

Full file on Professor Rodger Wood’s spectacular findings

Caswell Clinic   Dr Gaynor Jones

full Caswell brain-scan records castigating Dr TW and lying Wood

9 12 1 medical Kemp

SWP retired liar Barbara Wilding

Her specific orders to kill me in order to preserve her pension

NHS (Wales)  masonic Paul Jones

the obvious

NHS scavengers, Morgan Cole solicitors

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response

the vivid account by Dr Tegwyn Williams re police finding their victim , ‘in the dead of night, with cans of avgas lurking in a doctor’s garden’

Dolmans solicitor, Adrian Oliver

The overarching conspirator  using doctors as porn (spelt right?)

police man, Mr David Vaughan

his orders not to disclose Visor/custody police records over 25 year period

ex CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans

and the rest not said by him in Bristol Crown Court

Crown Prosecutor Mr Killick

the full CPS files on machine-gun/MAPPA/ Caswell clinic conspiracy

Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University

10 05 26 NHS Deny Rcds Exist

Judge Richard Thomlow

Judge John Curran

just for ‘starters’

this list is far from exhaustive

Frank Werren at Caswell Clinic jpeg

Police led by Mr Frank Werren at Caswell Clinic in search of a suspected burglar out to steal his own medical records.


vulture HQ 4.jpg

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Mad as a Box of Frogs

Corruption in welsh institutions is not just confined to the South Wales Police, not by along chalk!

For example,

Morgan Cole, solicitors, financed by tax payer to protect Dr Tegwyn Williams in my a £840 claim due to blocking my already arranged appointment at caswell clinic with Dr Gaynor……………

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response

Refused court transcripts4 1 10

A typical false missive from the corrupt Luigi Strinnati

10 07 26 Luigi Stranati refusal to Cardifrf Courts

Police ‘assault’ charge against me was lost at appeal but ex police officer’s assault on me in Cardiff Crown Court, when breaking my leg by pushing me down the stairs, entered the pleadings of my two million pound claim against the Welsh authorities last month.

And Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) destroying the incriminating evidence

12 12 21 CPS Dicken RO

Totally disproved Lee Barker witness statement by cross examination of him and lying HM court clerk saying I was coming down the corridor, on crutches, when I had the restraining order served on me that was also proved fictitious.

Barker_Statement (1)

The 21st Dec 2012 CPS letter admitting the 1st Dec 2011 court ‘draft’ restraining order, for my consideration, ‘can no longer be found’ is topped, by misbelief with this, their latest fairy tale of public records are 6 years old and therefore not discloseable!

CPS Throw in the Towel

and following the 4th May 2012 jury, asking to see court proof I had ever could have  known about yet alone was served a restraining order, Cardiff’s HMC&TS, under the control of Luigi Strannati, frantically tried to alter the court log but made a right botch of it. (all twelve hearings squeezed on to one page).

15 05 03 altered 1st Dec 11 court log.jpg

Luigi Stranati, incidentally, the South Wales area court manager and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University have a substantial reward on their heads for what he and his cronies have done to my family over these past 25 years. We need their whereabouts at home in order that they have a visit, unannounced.

Please contact by email or telephone

This Luigi was seen desperately trying to remove all the Cardiff magistrates chairs from my alleged harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams November 2011 trial to try and stop my helpers, such as my sister over from Jersey, Sabine McNeil over from Germany, the notorious Llangannor Six, a retired law lecturer from London and many, many more from entry to a UK public court.

(Interestingly, I noticed private lawyers for NHS, Caswell Clinic, police and Dr Tegwyn Williams were all allowed into the hearing with reserved chairs to witness no retraining order, they will deny, was ever mentioned to be taken from the court room and served on me in my cell.

Many there witnessed it was the part CPS typed, part Judge John Charles hand written draft ‘restraining order’ by the sacked CPS barrister David Gareth Evans who was made to admit it on cross examination in Bristol Crown Court, that was brought to my cell for agreement but unable to be even read rolled up in Lee Barker’s fist!

Gareth had to first go down the tortuous route of a private person’s arrest  in order to the get the above evidence on oath.

David Gareth Evans

Gareth Lea Barker, below, will be my key defence witnesses at next month’s 4th jury trial on the same matter.

Lee Barker 1st Dec 2011 Custody manager.jpg

All these eighty odd police malicious prosecutions stemmed  from my civil damages claims against the police, started in 1992, and it was he, Luigi Strannati, that was tasked by the police to have all my court lodged files in Cardiff courts, around 130 by 2002, to be sent to HM Solicitor -General to have me registered a ‘vexatious litigant’ with obvious consequences for blocking any civil redress


The Tegwyn saga was dreamed up by Barbara Wilding as my civil claims endangered her lucrative penson. She therefore deceitfully swore, six weeks late to His honour Judge Nicholas ChambersQC’s order, the following witness statement but only by my getting into Adrian Oliver’s office and thamping on his desk very hard until it was done.

09 02 25 Barbara Wilding Affidavit Lies (2)

Adrian Oliver Dolmans.png

The following extract  from the Tom Gruchy collection of videos capture the Llantwit Major police video they failed to have destroyed in time catching then Sgt Nicholas Kilberg lying to the custody sergeant that I had been swearing in a public place. The officer on the right would not substantiate that fact was further proved by unlawfully shredded police statements in the civil trial, now on appeal with 32 other malicious police incidents blocked at the RCJ these past two years!

That is the true state of our UK law courts, pre Brexit, so god help you lot, without EU law but I will be long gone

Kilberg went on to give further lies against me in several motoring cases that the royal college used to have my name removed from the veterinary register for life.

Watch another police video clumsily doctored showed my being assault by police, dragged out of my car, without arrest, to obtain a false motoring offence the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons used to remove my name from the veterinary register for life,


10 11 24 GMC Complaint_0001

12 01 20 Remand Warrant &12 02 22 Judge Curan Court Order

10 10 17 GMC Wales complaint REDACTED

11 11 15 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates REDACTED

12 05 01 eiffion edwards statement

10 06 16 CAA Medical

9 12 1 medical Kemp

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans (2)

11 01 17 GMC

NHS Court Order Scan-14-Feb-13

Norman Scarth Esq I first met when watching a Patrick Cullinane Esq case I’mn Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, a navy veteran who witnessed the sinking of the German North Sea raider, the Scharnhorst.  He has been hounded out of his home in Yorkshire by the authorites, rather like me, having to flee to Eire for his personal safety.

16 05 07 Norman@home.jpg

Norman Scarth Esq, the renowned ‘Breaking-in’ Expert at 90 something!

and Dr Tegwyn Williams’ written excuse in his October 2009 MJK psychiatric reports describing Norman, Patrick and Mr Oakes, as a very dangerous men to the doctor, no one else, snatched upon by bastard HM Crown Prosecution Service Wales Richard Thomlow, to be able to successfully apply to have me locked away in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely. Could Enid or Brothers Grimm have made a better fairy tale than that, I ask often myself.


Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

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