The MAPPA Issue

MAPPA is short for Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement. See the first blog post for more!

Suspecting being under surveillance is one thing. Checking it and finding confirmation over and over is another. Hiding it from your family is particularly important.

But then comes

  1. a written denial of any surveillance by HM Prison
  2. a confirmation not just of surveillance, but of the most dangerous category
  3. the total lack of information about the surveillance by the “co-operating agencies” which is against their own laws and practices.

The Police is proud of how they are ‘managing’ serious offenders. Here’s the 2008-2009 MAPPA report for the South Wales Area.

But the reality of this leaked report shows rather more sinister aspects of the extreme efforts the authorities made to get Maurice – dead or alive – but then locked away for good, please…

8 Responses to The MAPPA Issue

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a mappa too as I just come out for conspiracy to abduct my own daughter. The government are sick and need an overhaul


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