Proven Fraud by Police lawyers’ Dolmans’ Adrian Oliver & Lloyd Williams QC

Bent Lawyers and Cops published 1,264 cases in 34 stories. I appear to be only one of the few who fight back…

Application to a both competent and compellable UK Court of Law to do something about my Seven Years of Applications re medical record correction

Please note:

  • First came the MAPPA Issue – published here in 2010 – the mechanism to get me from prison into Caswell Clinic;
  • then came the Medical Issue – also published here in 2010 – where unqualified doctors made wrong claims about my brain condition;
  • and then came the secrecy surrounding my MAPPA registration as highest level terrorist so that a ‘shoot to kill’ licence could be produced;
  • on 16th October 2017 not even the Ministry of Justice knew about my MAPPA registration as they say in this paragraph 5!


HM Crown Prosecution Service                                                                                 T20170239      Cardiff                                             (4th alleged breach of a never served restraining order)

23rd October 2017

To whom it may concern,

                           South Wales Police induced Fabricated Psychiatric Reports

I defy the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) or anyone else for that matter to produce, for Her Honour Judge Lloyd Clarke on 17th November2017, any proper evidence to support that there was ever a need, on 22nd June 2009, that I be detained in custody at all following the ridiculous use of an armed police helicopter and no less than twenty odd police officers, many also armed, followed by countless police cars as ‘ up’ in an attempt to snatch our then, 10 year old daughter, Genevieve to be taken into care.

I then suffered three months of sheer terror 24/7 trying to stay awake at night, not to get a ‘liquid cosh’ stuck in my rump, while during the day, as a human guinea pig for the arrogant idiot, Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, for his quite unnecessary radio isotopes experiments needing to be given to me at least four times, intravenously. All this on the pretext of i) my being an old drinking partner of the actor, Oliver Reed, ii) I had ditched my WW11 cub in the Caribbean and iii) flown all the way in the cub to Australia without a map!

Then, without even appropriate medical qualifications concerning my specific brain scans taken on 28th September 2017, this very same NHS police doctor, who had me sectioned in August 2009 before His Honour Judge Llewellyn Jones QC without the need to even to attend court, further attempted to have me sectioned, on 2nd December 2009, for an indefinite term in custody simply because I had refused to use a free local lawyer that would, of course, of carried all its inherent dangers within any Cardiff court of law by adversely affecting my defence.

I was further registered, but now indefinitely, as a MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, still without me even knowing!

Meanwhile, your best client and the defendant in my BS614159 police civil damages claim, re forty odd failed malicious prosecutions, continued to have me banned from attending the public counters of the Cardiff law courts without even the need of a court order! Just anything you lot can muster against an Englishman so daft to have crossed the Severn Bridge in the first place.

Barbara Wilding had actually had me so registered level 3 category 3 as far back as 8th June 2009 in Barry police station where you had even set up a CPS office, it was rumoured, just for my ninety odd failed criminal allegations scandal to cover-up at your regular masonic cabal meetings.

You lot crippled me as amongst the top 5% most dangerous in our community in order to having me set-up to be ‘lawfully’ shot. This was revealed, as you very well know, at that first clandestine MAPPA meeting all for one purpose, to protect your pensions, all clearly now in jeopardy.

I only found all this out after much time and expense following my freedom by the predicted machine-gun acquittal, on 10th February 2010. This was despite your then client having inserted a ‘police plant’ on the jury, arranged a miraculous ‘Ms Foxy’ sex-change for her under-cover agent, had arranged to have the ‘gun’ painted a different colour to try and fool the jury and finally by calling both the seller and buyer of the alleged ‘prohibited weapon’, when. As the jury remarked, why were they not also both in the prisoner’s dock with Mr Kirk.

Your very own local authorities had gone on to falsely inform the English, US and French authorities, causing no less than ten unnecessary terms of my incarceration, in their misguided believe that I suffered from a possible ‘brain tumour’ causing irreversible but ‘significant brain damage’ which would most likely get worse if I persisted in pursuing my civil claims due to your successive Chief Constables’ bullying.

I am yet to see sight of or be told from whence such medical information came?

Do any of you in Capital Tower have the moral fibre to disclose that medical data to Her Honour on the 17th November 2017?

Will you now disclose the incriminating medical reports to me despite knowing both the GMC and CCCRC have already refused as they have already had sight of the incriminating material?

Do you intend to do nothing about it despite both sets of documents having been redacted, falsified and/or re written under blackmail by those we expect to control any HMC&TS official in our Cardiff’s magistrates and county counts and control a level 12 forensic psychiatrist paid to give medical opinions in a court of law?

Successive Cardiff judges have, of course, promised me those medical records, specifically written after the doctor’s ‘opinion’ page of his 19th October 2017 report that you need to study in considerable detail as it is unambiguous in stating I never was a danger to the general public, in the first place, only to the police if I continuing relying of civil redress through a welsh court.

Who remains ultimately responsible, if not you, as to what will obviously occur next with the wicked Professor, for example, if you do not get your own house in order?

If nothing is done before close of play, on 17th November 2017, about the correcting of my seriously damaging NHS (Wales) medical reports conceived by your neighbours, Dolmans as the private police lawyers in my damages claims, irrespective of their other past use in order to try and avoid the already doomed malicious machine-gun jury trial, then those specific individuals responsible will be targeted without further warning.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to Cardiff Crown Court

Yes, Len, fellow pilot, we also have those type of quasi shrinks here in South Wales, chasing the money and this sample of human detritis, washed up in Swansea Bay, is Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University. not even a doctor but persuaded another to use me as a human guinea pig for pointless brain scans in Caswell clinic while using NHS equipment both you and I contributed payment towards.
 wood R Prof
14 01 23 Bautiful Brain

HMP Swansea Brian Scan

Please keep Sabine in the loop, Len, on all this you just e-mailed me, as I have always said what Welsh Authority did to me they will go on to use on many victims in England, if I let them get them get away with it……..
I need key docs and short summaries of other 1993 Mental Health abused victims’ experiences having also been dealt with the dreaded ‘Gulag card’
17 10 21
CPS (Wales)
Dear Mr Killick,
Just found this below letter in ‘draft’ and not sure if you ever received it?
In any event I have still not seen a copy of your proposed new restraining order required to continue the covering  up of fraud by Dolmans, solicitors, by your client maintaining my fabricated forensic history including the seriously damaging Caswell Clinic NHS (Wales) 19th October 2009 MAPPA psychiatric report.
Mr R Killick
5th October2017
Dear Sir,
Proposed Draft Restraining Order
My telephone call today was to again seek disclosure for Criminal Court of Appeal, ECHR and Civil Appeals Registry, as to which, when, why and where purported restraining orders were ever served on me in the first place?
I recall no restraining order having ever been served on me until an alleged  breach of it was stated by the South Wales Police on the telephone by my favourite Llantwit Major female police sergeant, Ms Lucas.
 Only one draft, in all these purported ‘variations’, may have been attempted to be served on me if the evidence on oath of the original CPS barrister, in Bristol Crown Court, is to be believed. That draft is also requested, please.
The Court of Appeal, on considering of the 1st alleged Dec 2011 ‘breach’, was misled into believing (see transcript) that the 4th May 2012 jury had not, via their jury note, specifically asked for CCTV , geoamey custody and magistrates records of ‘service’ in side my cell surrounded by no less than four guards protecting their manager.
I was, at the time and unbeknown to me, MAPPA level 3 category 3 the court and custody arising from my grossly fabricated MAPPA records purely to interfere with civil litigation against them.
The other reason for maintaining my false psychiatric reports was to allow Adrian Oliver of Dolmans to make an awful lot more money out of it, over one million pounds so far, with police QC, Lloydd Williams, just as long as they both kept putting their names, since 1996, to erroneous court witness statements, affidavits and S9 witness statements.
Adrian Oliver’s instructions, via one of his drafted MG11/s9 witness statements to knee jerk, too quickly, enticing their client to have over twenty police officers, many armed, to swoop on our home by helicopter and squad cars.
This was on the 22nd June 2009, for the main purpose in trying to legitimately snatch our then 10 year old daughter Genevieve, just to hurt me, on the pretext I was so dangerous our young lady was to go into council care until of age.
I was soon charged with trading in machine guns, anything to block my now 25 year running damages claim for the first 33 failed police malicious prosecutions.
This next document Dolmans drafted when knowing or should of been knowing wa a tissue of lies and recently again proved in the latest leaked 20th May 1993 custody interview tape proving when the conspiracy ratcheted up a gear from Guernsey.
09 06 23 MG cutting

Concocted by Chief Constable  Barbara Wilding and Adrian Oliver to having me ‘lawfully’ shot

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

He made a lot of money out of defrauding me…

Lloyd-Williams QC

Oliver Lloydd QC (Quaintly Corrupted?)

molly + on beach

Gen’s last time on the the beach with her dad and the gun dogs

13 02 12 files from France

Over 200 arch lever files on the thoroughly corrupt South Wales Police & Law Courts

Gun Dog

Alex with Snipe just before my DH2 WW1 replica with decommissioned Lewis machine gun flew at the 2000 Farnborough International  Air Show following a specific order from Captain Brian Trubshaw of 002 fame.

When all that disgusting police conspiracy was doomed for failure, by my not falling for that old welsh trick of the standard ‘police plant’ on the jury and defence barrister blackmailed, if he or she wanted work in The Principality, as he or she to report daily to the CPS (Wales) as to how I intended to defend myself.
The evil short arsed bastards therefore set about using the influence of their masonic devil worshipping trade, within their courts and NHS (Wales), by fabricating police victim’s medical reports in order to lock them away, indefinitely.
This NHS freemason, Paul Williams, was but one up to his own neck in his own excreta scheming to late into the night, in 2009, with Barbara  and one particular forensic psychiatrist that often frequented Caswell Clinic prison, Bridgend. But who bloody cared? All three were answerable to no one even to this day.
An indictment in itself … the last page of my 19th October 2009 Caswell Clinic psychiatric report …….. May I suggest you read carefully the last few paragraphs always avoided, incidentally,  by successive the HM Crown Prosecutors as they are a ‘give away’  as to who are the true villains in all this.
A doctor, during my 2009 s35 incarceration in Caswell even identified to me this great chap, Norman Scarth Esq as the reason for my need to be moved to a high security psychiatric hospital to avoid any possible contact with this WWII war hero now, for his safety, in refuge in Eire.
16 05 07 Norman Abbeyshrule
Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth
11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable instantly handed in her notice when knowing I would make her eventually sign her affidavit ordered the year earlier by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. guy matthews says:

    Yup from what can see Adrian oliver @ lloyd williams are hand to hand in this i expect they are earning minimum wages as well .wonder whos paying for that .



  2. Pete Weston says:

    Ever thought that the reason you can’t get a psychiatrist is because they’ve seen how you pursue those people who disagree with you?


    • mauricekirky says:

      PETER , there is only one forensic psychiatrist I have ever disagreed with , so far, where the level of seriousness in the permanent damage he has caused is concerned so easily reduced by correction of his medical reports of me.

      ARE you suggesting there is another psychiatrist I know with whom there is not harmony between us?


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