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Refused Return of Custody Tapes & Further CPS Lies

HM Crown Prosecution Service                                       Your ref 62EAO223516/RKillick Cardiff Wales 23rd April 2017 Dear Mr Killick,   4th alleged Breach of Restraining Order case no T20170239 Further to your intriguing 29th April 2017 letter it is either written by someone not aware … Continue reading

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Maurice Falsely Registered as a Sex Offender

Her Ladyship’s Court Order, confirmed this week, that Maurice can now have the 2010 Machine-Gun trial official transcript, despite having paid for it well over 5 years ago, it means he is promised the transcripts when he was falsely registered as a sex offender, MAPPA level … Continue reading

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Cardiff Court MAPPA Cover Up

I am shortly to be subjected to the stench of yet another so called law court in Cardiff where he or she will, no doubt, be promising me disclosure of its own court  and police records ordered time and time again by successive judges, … Continue reading

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11 01 17 GMC 12 05 04 RO Trial T20120090 – kirk – All proeedings – 04.05.12 12 12 12 Application NHS12 09 19 GMC Briefing REDACTED 12 10 04 CPS Br Rest Order discontinuance 12 12 12 Application NHS … Continue reading

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Cardiff Courts CCRC Conspiracy Cover-up £15,000 Reward for Public Records

There are more lies in this Chief Constable’s affidavit than in any other document the South Wales  Police has so far disclosed in their 25 years of  bullying this victim 09-02-25-chief-constable-affidavit-pdf A civil judgment and the reason behind police and court … Continue reading

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Truth will Out

The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Ladyship Eleri Rees QC, is yet another judge, now, who has been given wrong information (lied to, in other words)) about why Maurice Kirk’s legitimate request for an outside police force enquiry is urgently needed. He is … Continue reading

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Police confiscate yet another ‘breach’ of a Restraining Order Interview Tape

‘Truth will out’ Her Ladyship The Recorder of Cardiff has had to again order the release to the Accused’s Crown Court transcripts but the welsh police controlled HMCTS (Wales) cannot or the whole pack of cards of wide spread corruption will … Continue reading

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