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Judge Petts Appears to be a Flagrant Liar as well as me?

I again invite feedback from the general public, especially from others that have suffered under South Wales injustice. I have already received on phone, emails and comments on my regular blogs depicting the sheer scale of South Wales Police’s malicious … Continue reading

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I appeal South Wales Police Machine-gun Conspiracy

As predicted in such a thoroughly corrupt welsh judiciary my eleven year running civil claim against the South Wales Police machine gun bloody nonsense conspiracy, the T2009745  criminal jury laughed out of court despite the police plant amongst them they … Continue reading

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MP ignores gal-17149915 Conservative Party Head Office London                                                                                                                   29th September 2021 Dear Sir/Madam My MP is still ignoring my letters for help over South Wales Police G4S Robbery Despite guidance from my judge, His Honour Judge Johnson in Exeter Crown Court, … Continue reading

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INTERIM ARTICLE for those following the wickedness of some in the South Wales Police now moving to the London law courts . The MUSA article is to warn others our judiciary is not as it hopes to appear to be … Continue reading

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AS if the Taunton MP ridiculous and insulting escapade was not stupid enough now this South Wales Police Operation Bridger (Joe Cox MP) conspiracy is all to stop my civil claims and especially my one million pound South Wales Police … Continue reading

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Police Deliberately Destroy Incriminating Bodycam Until such time when I find a proper judge will anything be done about the high level of crime within both the welsh judiciary and welsh penal system

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South Wales Police Machinegun Conspiracy Judgment

The Cardiff County Court judge’s trial judgment of the South Wales Police’s, thought to be their last ‘throw of the dice’ to have me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act and gaoled in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital indefinitely, … Continue reading

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Police Operation ‘Orchid’ to Snatch our Genevieve

Tomorrow morning in the machine gun case the QC for the South Wales Police will have ‘arranged’ that no more damaging evidence comes from his remaining witnesses He will be allowed to oppose an adjournment for PC Brown and Foxy … Continue reading

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Knife M5 Exeter Jury Trial Dropped

The deliberate destruction of the highly revealing police officer’s bodycam was to bury the false South Wales Police data that was passed to PC Oliver Sevlik, on the roadside to obstruct the on going fascinating, even for me, machine gun … Continue reading

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Andrew Huxtable Also to be Arrested for Perjury

Andrew Huxtable proven as South Wales Police Liar for ‘Targeted Malice’ In the Cardiff County Court’s today’s 4th day of unlawfully restricted trial, while denied a jury, my inalienable right in so simple case of proven police malicious conduct, police … Continue reading

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