The Medical Issue

If it wasn’t for the current need for a hip replacement, the medical issue might never have seen the light of day.

So why doesn’t the NHS release the medical records required by the surgeons to operate?

I studied relevant files from the Downloads section on Maurice’s website and wrote this one-page summary.

Since then, I’ve gained a deeper understanding:

  • in the attempt to get Maurice locked up for life, reports were produced that claimed he had serious brain damage and possibly brain cancer
  • such falsified records were handed to South Wales Police (the Defendant in his current legal action for civil damages) and the Crown Prosecution Service, but not to him or his GP
  • neither he nor his MP got an answer from the CEO of the Health Board, hence I sent an email – as McKenzie Friend and web publisher – and at least got a prompt acknowledgment
  • supposedley, some legal representatives are acting on behalf of the NHS – but when will they contact Maurice???
  • Maurice sent a serious letter of complaint to the General Medical Council – without getting an answer of course.

2 Responses to The Medical Issue

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