Why is Maurice in Court?

Summary of Trial Kirk v South Wales Police

Maurice suffered countless time consuming and expensive incidents instigated by the police, in the early 90s, until, in 2002, when police complaint achieved his name being removed from the veterinary register. Very little harassment has taken place, since that date, until the 10 week trial date was fixed in early 2009 when ‘all hell let loose’.

Maurice lays claim that his high rate of success, approximately 90%, in the criminal courts and apparent unheeded complaints, for the police to investigate properly an excessive number of crimes committed against him, his family and his veterinary practice, during that same period, are all down to police ‘special treatment’ reliant on ‘targeted malice’ and numerous ‘false imprisonments’ all condoned by the most senior of police officers, in his locality, the Vale of Glamorgan.

Maurice has now started the trial with substantial unequivocal evidence, before the Cardiff County Court, for appropriate damages, but  with the outstanding problems from the scandalous ‘machine gun trial’, earlier this year and years of MAPPA covert police surveillance and falsified medical evidence before ten Crown Court judges, to oppose his bail. Police failure in stopping that criminal trial means there is now a vast quantity of ‘failed disclosure’ of evidence remaining under the control of the current Chief Constable.

Maurice has been deemed ‘medically unfit’ by his local GP and several England based doctors, accepted by the court, to proceed with the trial, to no fault of his own because ‘authority’ continues to refuse to ‘put its hand up’ over falsified medical evidence, tendered by the police and Crown Prosecution Service, at the 2nd December 09 Crown Court hearing, in their last ditch attempt to send Maurice to a High Security Psychiatric Prison, IPP, ‘Imprisonment for Public Protection’. Or should it have read ‘Police Protection?

But Maurice was to continue attending the 9th Day of the trial, on Wednesday, 22nd September 2010, whilst on Morphine Sulphate and numerous other medication, due to the delayed ‘total hip replacement’ operation, urgently needed, as he has been warned the case will continue without him.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
52, Tynewydd Road
Barry CF6 8AZ

UK 07907937953 Brittany 0033296284741

www.kirkflyingvet.com www.wacl.org.uk
( g-kurk@hotmail.co.uk)

8 Responses to Why is Maurice in Court?

  1. mymouths2big says:

    They treat murderers and terrorists better. But without an informed jury of his peers, the law and our unethical, and unaccountable judges will walk all over him.
    The denial of the sovereignty of Common Law, Magn carta, and the Bill of Rights has become widespread, and some judges apparently setting themselves above the Law of the Land, and abrogating it with impunity.


    • I’m afraid you’re only too right.

      Exposure, exposure, exposure seems to be our only option. May all those responsible google and find that exposure. Eventually…

      Meanwhile, we can sleep with a clear conscience.


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  5. Pete Weston says:

    No. Maurice is his own worst enemy. He’s fighting battles already lost at massive personal cost. His stupidity in playing games at court guarantee losing any iota of sympathetic treatment and his lack of honesty or integrity has cost him dear over many years.

    Give it up and get back to Africa.


  6. Yolande Kenward says:

    Maurice is in court so many time since 2010 thanks to Sabine McNeill

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  7. Yolande Kenward says:

    Typing error above. Maurice Kirk is in court so many times and in prison now thanks to Sabine McNeill who has no legal experience but has been motivated since 2010, along with others to keep us apart when it comes to court and prison matters – due to knowing that I could have stopped all this nonsense in 2010

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