Background Pages for Posts as Updates: how do you inform your readers before the next #Trial?

Bloggers learn about ‘permanent pages’ for websites and ‘dynamic posts’ for blogs. Pages need menus. Posts need ‘widgets’ to have their titles published. And thus we grow up on the web, learning by doing.

Without realising the difference, Maurice put together these three pages:

They are all under Why is Maurice in Court?

A proper summary would count

  • the number of criminal and civil hearings he’s experienced;
  • the number of appeal hearings he’s challenged;
  • the number of cases he’s won [well over 80%!];
  • the number of £s paid for transcripts and court fees;
  • the number of YEARS he was falsely imprisoned;
  • the quality of LIFE he’s lost due to the false removal of his professional licence;
  • the loss of his HEALTH, WEALTH and MARRIAGE due to the utter cruelty, torture, shenanigans and criminality of everybody involved. They know who they are!!!

But times are changing: the web has a memory, while we are just getting older. Yet the veterans among us remember Bent Lawyers and Cops. It mentions the “amazing story of police deceit and the hounding of the flying vet” as well as “the Strange Case of Maurice Kirk and Police Victimisation.”

This most remarkable site also makes it clear that the level of corruption that Maurice has experienced in his life can ONLY become possible due to conspiracy, collusion and / or corruption at all levels NECESSARY to keep hounding.

The strange questions to find answers to are:

  • how do individual freemasons influence those who work in HM Partnership organisations such as HM Courts?
  • how do authorities organise career development and perks such that the result is such a deep level of corruption that enough officers become whistleblowers and leave the Force?
  • Who benefits?

Only Maurice, with his indomitable tenacity and incredible spirit as THE adventurous explorer he is can count the tale…

But he’s one of the Llangunnor Six [in the picture above] who’ve taught many not to be silenced – despite victimisation and traumatisation, but to Stand Your Ground!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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3 Responses to Background Pages for Posts as Updates: how do you inform your readers before the next #Trial?

  1. guy matthews says:

    yes ok talk is cheap how many will arrive in a court of law on the 12 -09-2017 ?



    • Yes, by now we should have armies of ‘McKenzie Angels’ ready to show up as ‘flash mobs’ in public galleries. But ‘the public’ only gets concerned when they are hit themselves, it seems. Yet court cases are truly the most un-believable theatre real life could have invented…


  2. butlincat says:

    Every post MK has uploaded online, and many that weren’t, are here, going back years: MAURICE KIRK: DESPICABLE: SERIOUS ASSAULT BY CARDIFF MAGISTRATES STAFF 26 AUG. 17 + archive VIDEO


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