10 10 12: E-Campaigning for Justice – on humanitarian grounds

Hello Everybody interested in Justice, Fairness and other “classical” Values,

This is a little request for a big act of help: I would be most grateful, if you felt like sending an email to hearings@cardiff.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk, with a copy to Cardiff.crn.cm2@hmcourts-service.gsi.gov.uk simply asking the Clerk to the Court to RELEASE MEDICAL RECORDS to Maurice Kirk, on humanitarian grounds. You could refer to Case no CF101741 and Cc maurice@kirkflyingvet.com to let him know that you care enough to act.

Maurice is the pilot and veterinary surgeon who has been harassed by police in Somerset, Guernsey and South Wales since the 70s, presumably simply because he avoided being caught speeding, by taking small planes to visit his clients. A well known brain specialist explained that such irrational behaviour occurs, when organisations think they lose control over individuals.

You will find on his biography what an adventurous spirit he is. But there is no chronology yet about the number of incidents and legal actions resulting in 7 months prison, including 3 months in a psychiatric clinic, and even being struck off the Register of Vetererinary Surgeons.

Worst of all, his hip was supposed to be replaced on July 22nd. But his surgeon refuses to operate without accessing the records of doctors who claimed that he has serious brain damage and possibly brain cancer. Can you imagine why these records don’t get released, while he is on morphine and other medication?

Unfortunately, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC still thinks Maurice is fit enough to defend himself from home during the current “preliminary matters”. But he does think he is not sufficiently fit for the complexity of the trial to come later. The trial started on September 7 and has currently been adjourned until Friday 15th or Monday 18th. It is supposed to last 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon this video by Joe Dowling on Crooked Lawyers that explains a simple and obvious act of theft by solicitors. The length that “authorities” and public bodies go to, when they prefer to cover up, pass the buck and deny than face up, take responsibility and practice honesty and justice is astounding, but also very disturbing!

This video is like the core theme of the many variations that Maurice has endured. You may find it an eye opener and an aide to understanding what more people seem to have experienced than anybody will ever know.

With many thanks in advance,


Publisher, Victims Unite!

The Pilot and Veterinary Surgeon fighting for justice as litigant in person

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