Maurice on Video

The latest video on Maurice’s site comes from a CCTV camera that recorded an ‘incident’ in 2001. It is of poor quality, but very significant, if you listen to his narrative.

There are many videos about Maurice’s flying achievements on his site here, together with a gallery of photos.

Here is the video about the London to Sydney Air Race in 2001:

In June 2009 Maurice was interviewed on the occasion of a wedding of his niece in Jersey – one week before he went to prison – for seven and a half months.

Out of prison, Maurice speaks to the British Constitution Group in July 2010 in Stoke on Trent.

Here he introduces himself to a meeting of the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords, on March 9, 2010.

And there is a YouTube channel.

1 Response to Maurice on Video

  1. mauricekirky says:

    Spineless Greedy Little Buggers 22nd June 2015

    This week my 4th South Wales GP medical practice, this time Ely Bridge, Cardiff, refused to have me as their patient any longer from the moment I had raised the outstanding matter of their local police’s psychiatrist’s fabricated 2009 report of me needing to be rectified as it was again denying my chances of flying to South Africa in my 1943 D-Day Piper Cub.
    The then Crown Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, with the blackmailed police doctor, Dr …… …….., in their especially convened clandestine 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court, had applied that I be gaoled in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely and without trial. This followed the South Wales Police’s failure in successfully prosecuting me for, ‘trading in machine guns’, ‘being in possession of live .303 ammunition’ and ‘threatening to throw’ a legal file, attached to a ‘girt brick’, through a Cardiff solicitor’s window.
    The police doctor had, with the arrogant and equally deceitful Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University diagnosed me with ‘significant brain damage’ caused by my having a) ‘flown all the way to Australia without a map’, b) had ‘ditched in the Caribbean’ and c) I had been ‘an old drinking partner’ of Oliver Reed, the eminent late actor! My brain scans, taken just two weeks earlier and interpreted in both Bridgend’s hospital and Southampton University, by three experts, indicated a completely contrary view.
    Whilst being denied ‘right of audience’ the frustrated CPS (Wales) barrister went further indicating that the doctor believed I had a possible brain tumour. I had already been registered many months earlier, interestingly, two weeks before my dramatic arrest by armed police and helicopter as amongst the top 5% most dangerous in our UK community. I was registered as their MAPPA level 3 Category 3 victim.
    His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC was having none of their nonsense as ‘no back-up doctor’, to sign my fate, could be found to support the Caswell Clinic’s chief psychiatrist’s concocted allegations. South Wales Police, CPS (Wales), HMP (Wales) and NHS (Wales) have had ‘other ideas’ for my persecution ever since. They have gone on, ever since, to further destroy family life, my health and legal right to fly.
    The two previous GP medical practices, incidentally in Barry and the Cowbridge Health Centre, in the Vale of Glamorgan, had similarly refused to examine me once the police psychiatrist report was raised, with the latter having even threatened to call the police if I did not immediately leave the premises.
    No surgeon, in 2010, could be found in South Wales to conduct my urgently overdue need for a total hip replacement meaning I had to have it done, privately, in Brittany. Successive Welsh anaesthetists and GPs feared, my being a patient, that might affect their own cozy tax payer funded ‘gravy train’. This was despite the CAA’s leading psychiatrists, at Gatwick HQ, having now rubbished the South Wales Police Police National Computer records. The police conspiracy, with Cardiff area doctors, was to prejudice my now 23 year running claim for civil damages for their blatant harassment and malicious prosecutions.
    Dolmans, private solicitors to successive Chief Constables, continues to refuse even to discuss ‘settling out of court’ because guess who pays their untaxed inflated legal bill either way? I need a solicitor but where do I find one having now approached over one hundred since I first settled in South Wales?


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