French Houses For Sale

My Breton cottages are to be sold all just one hour from thecPortsmouth Portsmouth daily ferry

tel +447708586202 or in France 0643603622

I catch Portsmouth boat tomorrow night plenty of room if any one interested in coming?

—back in a few days

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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38 Responses to French Houses For Sale

  1. Anonymous says:


    True offender with a criminal mummy and daddy as they force other women
    Naked and rape
    For Gwen and her greed



  2. Anonymous says:

    You got to understand the brutal evil of how they do things in cardiff

    They have their favourite daughters the ones like Gwen Barry with a flat on 62 norbury road cf5 3at she gives out sham fake tenancy agreements in aid of Gwen
    And her greed the cps and police said the community must serve Gwen

    They harm others daddys big girl as together with sharif ali they hurt women as gwen said the men who groped mummy’s bottom are now on her side to force naked other women

    The cps and Police said they will hurt other women and allow daddy Barry to do perjury for his princess as
    The want other women to be scapegoats and sabotaged for gwen they said they only support Gwen
    And her greed as greedy gwen and her daddy attack ovaries of other women gwen wants a familyAnd they do that theiving off others

    The jealous as They smear and tarnish other women the invasion of pigs into womens bodies

    Mr sharif ali said rape her boys they do in pakistan he feels his culture is the best

    Daddy Barry and his Pakistani mate and Gwen as they abuse women their own gang of thieves the cps support

    Gwen thieving rent her sharif ali the poor pakistani claiming racism as they get away with misogyny and daddy Barry the beast who’s a witness for his brat and her greed

    Gwen and her landlord abuse that greed of hers she wants to buy a house as well as gwen and her greed she needs more than one property or they cry discrimination and bottom gropes and other women are forced naked


  3. Anonymous says:

    The police and cps said their plan was to make another daughter a scapegoat for Gwen Barry as the targets father hated her the cps and
    Police said for gwen they thieve off others get her naked daddy and Sharif ali and the police want to punish white skinned women.

    Smear and tarnish her name for the Barry’s as they harm women daddy Barry was portrayed as wonderful and his daughter

    The police said the Barry’s need a scapegoat the jealousy as gwen attacked her ovaries

    Gwen wants a family and they rape women to keep that face smiling

    The rapists

    The jealousy of the probation and police and
    Cps as they said her own Father hated her and now daddy
    Barry and his brat want to thieve her human rights.
    Snap her bones the cps said Gwen is their favourite and mr ali

    They rape women the jealousy of pigs

    Her father hated her and now daddy Barry and the police
    And cps said her fathers dream was men would abuse her like he beat his wife

    The Police support Gwen as she beats her tenants get them naked
    And rape big bird said


  4. Anonymous says:

    Beware 62 norbury road cf5 3at is owned by Gwen
    And she’s a rapist pig

    The pigs allow Gwen
    And support her to abuse women with daddy

    Her father hated her Gwen said so my daddy
    And sharif drag her naked and harm

    The evil of men as gwen and her needs are served by the women the community hate

    They wnat as to make her hang in 26 nov 2009
    The evil of those men for that brat their favourite

    They stole off other women for Gwen and that face to gloat of justice a pigs daughter that raped with daddy and her sharif ali a cunt


  5. Anonymous says:

    I bet bird bird Barry as she crowned herself trustee of lady garden has NEVER actually supported anyone with cancer

    Her and her father “get rid” of anyone who isn’t their dream tenant and compliant to their demands


  6. Anonymous says:

    Evil big bird and her big daddy gang bullied me when I was their tenant mum having treatment for breast cancer and not living in cardiff why I could not stay with her

    Life is shit and it’s women like Gwen Barry who shit on other women who make it shit for others shit women and their needs come first


  7. Anonymous says:

    Mr ali then said I told her she was too ugly and unemployable and with the police mr sharif ali said power would be used to section women mr ali hated

    Fuck off dirty paki the white skinned woman

    The Barry said Gwen and her greed they got the rent money and now Gwen and her police mates want to rape for a conviction

    As Gwen would not live In her own flat herself the evil woman who did occupancy fraud targeted Women to be her scapegoat for mr sharif ali as the cps and police supported mr sharif ali

    The police kidnap and harm
    Women as the police behind rotherham and grooming women for their needs

    The police and cps said Gwen Barry was grooming women for her flat to be paid the pigs get money and rape with Gwen they smear the names of women
    As big daddy Barry said they rape others for his gloating princess

    Her sick evil face smirking she’s a trustee of the lady garden as they force naked other women their bodies harmed as gwen the landlord can’t pay her own mortgage and wont live with sharif ali
    The pigs Daughter raped then thieved money and convictions with her dirty paki mates

    It’s gods work gwen the trustee of the lady garden said as they force naked and gloat that god is great as they kidnap
    And harm and Gwen is counting rent Money how she funds her mortgages off other women they rape for themselves

    Rapist pig and her dirty paki they said women are too ugly for Gwen and sharif ali as they rape their own rape squad of evil the police and cps support

    They strip Down women and rape and torture as gwen and her greed and they want womens human rights as sharif ali said the police and him rape women of their lives the evil of thieves

    Rape her gwen said I got the rent money and I want to crown myself trustee of the lady garden for the thieving and stealing off women she does in 62 norbruy road cf5 3at

    Lets rape her daddy and They did that pigs daughter and her father the patriarchy gang bullying his bulging manhood the talk of the Crown as his daughter was prioritised they rape others gwen and her greed the charity is called the bitchy greed of Gwen and her bullying pakisnti rape king rape her boys we did rotherham we can rape and torture her the jealousy of pigs

    Stupid rapist with her pakistani as the cps and police support their rotherham rape kings

    They harm women with the rotherham Rape kings like sharif ali

    All because Gwen and her greed and she won’t live in her own flat herself with her own sharif ali


  8. Anonymous says:

    A stupid ugly man from slough was bullying a white skinned woman the police and cps support his evil mouth his brown skin

    The jealousy as they said she was too ugly and unemployable and dirty pakis and the police want to section white skinned women.

    Rape her is the plan With a mad pakistani the police said Gwen is s trusts of the lady garden she raped wirh. The cps for herself

    Beware gwen and her pakis are dangerous and they want to harm women

    Beware the dangerous inspector and her rape gang of evil

    The flat is used to lure in and force naked and harm for gwen and her greed the child needs more than others she’s a rapist that raped off others


  9. Anonymous says:

    That’s what they did those evil men kept Gwen and her gloating face clean used other women to be her scapegoat and to abuse with mad sharif ali

    The brown skinned men and Gwen had their human rights as gwen and her parents kidnap
    Women for harm and exploitation and
    Rape the jealousy they had for their target

    They smeared her name and gloated of power as they force naked and said their Christian’s

    The police said the pakistani men are in the U.K. to groom women and they have support of Gwen and big men like daddy Barry

    They did it got away with rotherham and thieving off women

    Scum who rape women for themselves rape her daddy princess Gwen said tarnish her and make her dirty for our selfish needs

    That’s what they did the scum of the earth


    • Anonymous says:

      Rapists as she raped to get ahead

      Get on and get ahead and rape the pigs daughter said rape others of their human rights

      Beware those that violate boundaries and rape others of their human rights

      The rapist pig and her parents and mad pakistani the dirty jealous pakistani rape king and Gwen

      Gwen and her rape king a Match they are both rapists pigs

      That’s how they got the conviction out of me the scum who rape

      Fuck off you got the conviction and now I hate you all and want to thieve back off all


  10. Anonymous says:

    I am thieving off the public sector right now revenge for what they did. No guilt they thieved first.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Beware the community are jealous of women
    And white skinned women are hated by Pakistani men

    Learn the lesson of an evil community And the jealousy of Pakistani men


    Beware the cps and
    Police target womens tits for convictions

    The jealousy of daddy Barry and judges and his daughter as they rape others for themselves

    Twist her bones make her get bone cancer the trustee of the lady garden gloats of justice

    Beware they are snapping bones to cause bone cancer


  12. Anonymous says:

    Beware how the Evil community talk about women they hate

    They comment on their clothes on their weight
    Women like Gwen and Shirley Barry and
    The bitches in the cps see themselves as perfect and entitled to smear other women their jealousy and the probation women jealous of the women they want to be offenders

    She’s an offender Gwen smears and said she’s not an offenders shes a rapist that rapes with pakistani men

    The noses of pakistani men should be cut off and they harmed

    Beware of the evil of a community of backstabbers and jealousy and spite

    The evil of them all

    Beware they want to thieve


    Women v women. Gwen
    And her mother want to gang bully other women. Make her a criminal. For Gwen
    Shirley said scapegoats for her devious jealous daughter



  13. Anonymous says:

    The cps and police support Gwen and
    Her plan to harm women

    The gang were jealous she’s got white skin the men In power said gwen their princess wants a conviction

    The jealousy as the police cps and judges
    Said rape and torture her for a conviction. Brutal pigs as gwen said their Christian’s doing gods work

    The police said Gwen and her mother see themselves as better women as the trustee of the lady garden said get them
    Naked and attack their ovaries with judges

    It’s justice they said the pigs daughter

    Thieves who stole off others

    Get her naked and abuse her and reward ourselves the trustee was gloating that she is a supporter of pakistani men

    The police and cps and judges
    Said she needs supervision so we can lure in for the grooming gang as the police and probation said they have the best interests of others at heart

    The motto get on and get ahead and rape for themselves as hard and gaslighting like putin they use power to harm others for their own greed

    The jealousy as they force naked women
    And said the daddys want human rights off others


  14. Anonymous says:

    Fuck off you got the conviction

    Fuck off and gloat stupid pigs

    You got the conviction forcing women naked and attacking their ovaries now fuck off fuck
    And the dirty paki can Fuck off too

    She’s too ugly and unemployable and men with the dirty dangerous Pakistanis want to section her as she’s not malala

    Fuck off stupid Pakistanis

    Never hated anyone more than them in my life all of them who raped me for that conviction

    Fuck off the criminal is glad you got the conviction you wanted you pathetic scum now fuck off and gloat that your conviction free even though your evil people not having a conviction does not mean your not evil it means your so corrupt and evil you smear others and not yourselves evil people


  15. Anonymous says:

    Fuck off


  16. Anonymous says:

    62 norbury road cf5 3at isnt for sale as they don’t bully that inspectors daughter and FORCE her naked and make her do unpaid work

    They harm other women they kidnap women
    And get the naked and with mad pakistani men from slough said they too ugly and unemployable and the mad pAkistani was supported to abuse white skinned women as the brown skinned men want to play god and harm women

    Force her naked and make her do unpaid work as they abuse women

    It’s justice the men said she’s
    Is of no Value to us

    The police Judges said they want unpaid work
    Off her as they force naked and
    Punish they said god is great their evil faces gloating that they have power to harm
    Women they hate

    They force naked and harm
    And gloat and snap bones of women they hate

    The jealousy as
    The daughter of an inspector said her human rights are upheld as they kidnap and forced naked and
    Said it’s justice

    Scum who rape and harm they who have power like putin mad bullies


  17. Anonymous says:

    The cps and police made it clear as they bad charactered her for the conviction her daddy got her they later revoked

    The cps and polices said as her daddy her
    The men in power got her naked and
    Said after your daddy got a
    Conviction Gwen and her daddy and her sharif ali want a conviction they snap bones to get what they want

    The police force naked and said your daddy hated you and now Gwen and her daddy and sharif ali wnat you naked so
    They get the conviction

    Your daddy loved you do much he wanted to abuse you with the police and enable daddy Barry to her hai daughter ahead

    The police said Gwen enjoyed how then they got older women naked in a cel as Gwen
    Did occupancy Fraud the police
    Said they need scapegoats

    Stupid pigs and stupid Gwen
    The rapist


  18. Anonymous says:

    The police and cps told their target to listen to sharif ali the tenant they supported
    At 62 notbury road cf5 3at it’s cancer support mr sharif ali said white slimed women must listen to his abuse of women

    She was too ugly and unemyployable and the police said trust the mad pakistani from slough believe in his lies And his jealousy as Gwen said he was Cooking for her and Gwen said i got rent money that’s how my flat was funded

    Once we got rent Money the men who groped Shirleys bottom said big daddy a beast of a man wanted the tenant out of his daughters life she was tearful so they force naked its Gwen and her greed the cps and police have the best interests at heart

    They took by force and got her naked and said the “ plan “ the conspiracy is to kidnap and abuse
    And gift the gloating face of Gwen a conviction the policeman and cps
    Said she’s a daughter in need and daddy Barry said the other daughter was to be her scapegoat
    Get her naked Gwen said gloating the men who groped mummy’s bottom are now gang abusing a lone female for the face of Evil Shirley and her connections to the home office as the police said Gwen is a landlord she gets money and the police and her Force naked

    The mad landlord said her needs come first the spite and malice as daddy Barry said the police want to punish women as Gwen Wants them to live with her sharif ali and listen to his abuse as gwen won’t live in her own flat wirh mr ali
    The police said as part of Gwen and her plan they force naked said she’s not malala and Gwen and the police want unpaid work
    It’s a democratic decision gwen said force her naked as gwen and her parents count rent money

    Getting away with forced nakedness unlawful eviction
    As the men who groped mummy’s bottom gang bully for their inspector the face of Evil gloating her and her daughter and their needs are served first

    The police said daddy Barry has his clothes on as gwen his princes and him supported to do perjury they tore at her knickers and said Gwen wants to get away with her crimes and make other women scapegoats as she crowned herself a trustee of the lady garden they gloated that Gwen and her daddy together a team in crown court wanting other women scapegoated as gwen can’t pay her own mortgage and didn’t want to live with shaif ali in her own flat so they force naked and said they want to force convictions for gwen as she can’t pay her own mortgage

    They gang bully women for their inspectors and her husband and their mad Pakistani men the police said Gwen crowned herself a trustee of the lady garden as she and the Pakistani men attack women ovaries and the men on wales online Tarsnish women for the lies and perjury daddy Barry did she’s a princess the other daughter is naked and being harmed as gwen was gloating justice the needs of Gwen and her mother come first for the cps and police as they harm other women
    The jealousy of women v women Gwen
    And her daddy a beast of a man and her sharif ali

    She’s a racist the inspector said the men who groped her bottom said gwne and her morher
    Want the other women punished snap her bones like a cancer and harm her the police
    Said Gwen is their favourite

    The police said they kidnap and force naked women Gwen and her daddy hate and sharif
    Ali thieved off that

    The police said after they force naked the community wants unpaid work the jealousy of Court and probation as like wayne couzens they take by force what they want for gwen and her greed

    The charity in Cardiff is Gwen and her greed whether it’s mummy’s bottom being groped or her tenants assaulting her the charity is Gwen and her greed as the police said big daddy wanted to stitch and bitch on women
    She crowned herself a trustee of the lady garden as her daddy helped her stitch other women up. The patriarchy don’t like women unless their Gwen then they force naked as she’s not called malala the U.K. don’t like her and Gwen calls women racists when they don’t do what Gwen wants

    They kidnap and force naked white women are hated by men the police and their inspector want to harm women that Gwen is jealous of they stripped her down of hosing rights and said Gwen and her daddy are thieving by force
    The police said she got to crown herself a trustee of the lady garden as her violent parents and her gang bully

    You be safe here the face of evil said and they enjoyed harming women for gwen and her greed.

    That’s right they got the conviction in the end the evil misogynistic bullies
    They forced naked and abused the faces
    Gloating their abuse paid off
    The Barry’s now think forced nakedness is justice as the warped evil mind of Shirley Barry said so she said Gwen and her get to wipe
    Their bottoms
    On other women they kidnap
    And force naked as gwen and her greed

    Shirley said the men who groped her bottom do favours for her and her daughter they are allowed to wipe their smelly bottoms
    On women they hate as Gwen said kidnap and forced nakedness is her entitlement the Barry and the police invade womens bodies and gwne said it’s different when it’s mummy’s bottom they grope and not My tenants

    Daddy doing Perjury for his princess and her grooming flat

    The abusers of me got the conviction beware don’t share with dirty pakistani men the Jealous of a bitchy community

    The abusers got the conviction they wanted they used force they snapped bones and they got it finally they gloated their power worked
    The abusers were gloating gwen and her mothers smelly bottom need protection so
    Other women are tortured and forced Naked as Gwen wanted to harm women with her parents

    The abusers won they stripped down one daughter and said daddy Barry wanted the other daughter punished for his princess the abuser won as they use the police system
    For themselves and their greed

    Get her naked it’s all for the conviction and gwne and her greed

    The abusers forced her naked and said Gwen said your mad and they took by force as gwen said it’s justice as mummy had her bottom groped daddy wanted to do a stitch and a bitch for his princess lying his vile heart out

    That’s what they did they got what they wanted

    The big bullies by force getting justice

    They snap bones of women to make Shirley have that gloating face and for Gwen they thieve off others

    Get her naked and harm her was their “conspiracy” Shirley and Gwen kidnapping women cos her daddy don’t like like the police and cps said Gwen and her daddy want what she has . The police said as her father hated her brown skinned men want to smear her

    The home office get brown skinned men to harm her in 2015

    They got her naked in 2009 for Gwen
    And her daddy they enjoy the abuse


    The police said they will do anything snap bones to get a conviction that Shirley and Gwen wanted to thieve off women the jealousy that women have for other women


  19. Anonymous says:

    The police and cps said the Barry’s are incapable of harm to their female tenant
    Big daddy a 6ft 1 beast said get the older woman naked Gwen got the rent money the next “plan” was to smear women she’s 8 years older and Gwen and her parents said they want to harm the other daughter as the force don’t like women and she’s used as the scapegoat

    The abusers said Gwen and and her assured tenancy agreements are assured to rape older women that Gwen devalued

    They don’t respect women they use Force and violence to get them naked and daddy lied to get a conviction and they all smear the lone woman and Gwen and her gang gloat that as a reward for gang bullying women naked in 2009 they crowned her trustee of the lady garden

    Daddy Barry wanted to abuse the other daughter for his princess

    The cps and police said it’s a fair fight big daddy 6ft 1 and his big princess their sharif ali 3 of them gang bullying as gwen said we are Christian’s getting convictions god is great Gwen said god supports Gwen and her Greed

    Get them naked and harm women smear and Tarnish and gloat how they bring women to justice they see themselves as god like and their lies as the truth

    She’s too ugly and unemployable the police and cps and their support to their Pakistani sharif ali

    The jealousy as their tenants come in clean and Gwen does a big shit on women as she does her occupancy fraud and can’t fund her own mortgage so they abuse women

    That’s what they did 2009 to 2019 systematically abused me snapped my bones forced me naked twice made me listen to the tears of my abuser and her daddy as they lied and did perjury they tortured me for hours brown skinned men they used force to get the conviction they smeared me and they congratulated themselves

    Evil bastards and Gwen and her greed
    Finally the evil abusers cps and police got the conviction

    Force her to do unpaid work the police and cps said she’s a slave Gwen and her sharif ali said she’s a slave for our needs to abuse

    The police said the Barry’s are not really tall bullies their vulnerable midgets

    Gwen wants the men who groped mummy’s bottom to get her female tenant naked as part of her unlawful eviction scam
    She’s most unladylike when she’s bullying with dad

    They don’t like women who stand up to the patriarchy they want women who allow their trustee of the lady gardens daddy to harm other women.

    Get her naked and abuse her the Barry’s said the cps and police said we all have her best interests at heart

    The Barry’s have the best interests of others at heart their smears are for love not a hate Crime

    Forced nakedness is an act of love not abuse by a landlord and the police that’s what they say and why they got the conviction

    Moral of the story they bully long and hard and then they get the conviction and smear. Finally the label of a criminal keeps them satisfied gods work is done the good Christians Remain conviction free for their unlawful eviction scams.


  20. Anonymous says:

    Beware Gwen Barry and her mother Target women they want to kidnap and harm

    They claim big bird Barry was assaulted and her big daddy who said he had a
    Big dick saw

    Big dick and the cps said get the female tenants of Gwen Barry naked as she does her fake arrests in her grooming flat

    They use power to kidnap women. The jealousy as the inspector who cried of her bottom grope said Gwen can’t fund her own mortgage they want to rape and harm women with their Pakistani rape mates

    No privacy as Gwen the landlord and her parents kidnap with the force get her naked
    The police said fake Gwen who crowned herself trustee of the lady garden wants a conviction as big daddy said he saw his princess being assaulted they lie and harm for Gwen. And her greed

    Rapists get her naked Gwen said daddy and sharif and the police gang bully the daughter
    Of a bent copper said it’s HR transformation she’s an expert in the rape of white women

    Gwen and her mother who cried of a bottom grope said when other women are forced naked it’s justice to the evil mind of a bent copper and her parents

    He’s a wonderful man Shirley said how they kidnap and harm women that Gwen and her mother want to harm as landlords “power to protect victims of stalking “ the police and cps said Gwen Barry isn’t a criminal landlord who raped women for money and convictions the police and cps said she’s
    The Victim getting away with unlawful eviction she claims she’s being stalked poor Gwen and her mother everyone else is kidnapped as they harm women it’s Gwen and her greed

    Get them naked and say poor Gwen was assaulted so daddy and his princess get to gang abuse women with their sharif ali it’s Justice as gwen and her daddy and her sharif ali get women raped and smeared for convictions he’s a wonderful man Shirley said how daddy harm women Gwen and her parents want to thieve human rights off rapists

    The rapists said get her naked and harm her rape her of her human rights as gwen said she’s a trustee of the lady Garden supported to abuse her female tenants they kidnap
    And abuse like wayne couzens
    And Carrick Their sick evil faces gloating they are rapists who groom
    Other women for convictions the jealousy of haters and Liars and rapists

    They kidnap and harm the jealousy of a police inspector and her daughter as they rape
    Women and said it’s for Gwen and her greed and her jealousy as she won’t live with sharif ali herself they want to kidnap
    And rape other

    Like Carrick Gwen and Shirley said other women are dogs that Gwen wants naked and her big daddy wants to harm

    The police and cps said daddy with a big dick wanted to harm another daughter for his big bird princess daddy and his wife smear women their princess is a victim
    As they kidnap and force naked and gang bully women the police said Gwen Barrys a landlord who’s an angel she’s their favourite as they help her torture and harm other women her jealousy as Shirley said they enjoy power for Gwen to bend
    The they harm and rape women.

    Power to protect Gwen as she’s a landlord they protect to abuse women as a landlord
    They portray their Gwen as the Victim as the cps and Police harm Women that Gwen and Shirley wnat to rape with her Sharif ali the rapist they protect and groom Women with

    Beware Gwen is looking for fresh women she can rape as mummy was an inspector they use force to get women naked
    To get what justice that fake bully wanted the spite And malice as they kidnap
    And torture With Gwen Their rapist

    Big dick is dead his evil lies and his big dick


    • Anonymous says:

      Big dick and his wife wanted more money for their princess to get more flats to groom women in for their needs their greed


    • Anonymous says:

      Beware she’s watching for women she
      Can rape with men like her big dick husband and their mate sharif ali as they claim their big daughter whos a fake trustee of the lady garden was assaulted

      She’s watching for women she can gang abuse with Gwen they want to lie
      And harm other women get them naked and harm them the jealousy as they kidnap and abuse women. Shirley likes
      To watch as her and her daughter are fully clothed gloating rapists that
      Other women are dogs they lock in cells for their Needs power the daughter said to get what Gwen the abusive landlord Wants.

      Fake arrests and kidnaps and she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden
      As mummy watched for women
      They can harm


      • Anonymous says:

        Big dick and his manhood the judges respect him only force naked the tenant his daughter hated


      • Anonymous says:

        He’s got a big dick so the judges believe when he claimed he saw his daughter the landlord was assaulted so they get to remove the tenant and abuse human rights
        It’s not harm Gwen and Shirley gloat to get the older woman naked as the police said Gwen is their favourite they rape older
        Women and gift gwen her conviction gloating of power as they harm

        Big daDdy and his big daughter as they kidnap and rape women the power of rapists


      • Anonymous says:

        The cps and police said big daddy and his princess want to harm their tenant as Gwen gloats shes got the rent money it’s in her bank the eyes of greedy Gwen shine and now they want a fake arrest and harm the tenant

        The police said Daddy Barry with a big dick wanted to harm another daughter so his daughter got ahead his daughter was fully clothed as they force naked and harm
        Women he’s a wonderful
        Man The cps and police gloat they harm women for his princess she’s only 6ft he’s only 6ft 1 their more vulnerable than the female tenant

        The police said Gwen wants power to kidnap and harm women as mummy was an inspector they get jealous of other women and want to harm them

        Big daddy Barry and his bulging manhood as with the judges the police said daddy wants to harm
        Women his daughter is jealous of

        Kidnap and harm her the modus operandi as gwen the rapist and her daddy with a big dick and his wife the inspector get away with abusing their female tenant

        Use force get her naked as daddy said his big dick is allowed to groom women his daughter and her sharif ali is Jealous of

        The police and cps said trust the Barry’s they are incapable of lying about other women

        The jealousy as Gwen said she wants to harm
        Women with her daddy he’s 6ft 1
        And the police said his big dick
        And his big daughter get to harm other women

        The face of Evil as gwen said the trustee of the lady garden harms women with her violent daddy a pig of a man who raped with his bitchy evil daughter the rapist pig


      • Anonymous says:

        Is she pregnant the police and cps ask ? As gwen And her mother have no boundaries with the police they want to harm other women

        The cps and police said trust daddy Barry and his daughter and her sharif ali as they want to harm
        Women like they did in rotherham
        The jealousy as the police said daddy Barry wanted to harm women for his daughter

        Is pregnant as gwen
        Her shairif
        Ali wnat to harm
        The baby and with social workers Groom
        It with Pakistani men
        For Gwen and her jealousy of women

        Trust us the trustee of the lady garden said we will just rape you for convictions and groom your baby


      • Anonymous says:

        Fuck off big dick and your bitchy dangerous daughter and bitchy inspector wife and cry baby sharif ali as his brown skin enables him to cry racism. I would have paid to NOT live in your disgusting flat and been abused for so called safe accommodation horrid abusers.

        Beware the rapist landlord and her lies as they harm women for gwen it’s called Gwen
        And her greed the charity In cardiff they rape women with Gwen the cps and police and judges support her conspiracy to kidnap
        And rape women for convictions with the cps as mummy was an inspector they kidnap
        And rape and call themselves trustees of the lady garden


  21. Anonymous says:

    The policemen said the Barry’s get to
    Rape other women Gwen attacks ovaries and
    They crown
    Her a
    Trustee of the lady garden
    As her big dick daddy lied to
    Harm another woman and they abuse women she pretends to be a trustee like they did a fake arrest / kidnap as Gwen pretended she’s been assaulted and daddy lied for his princess and her dream of power the rapists and bullies like Carrick and couzens the police
    Cps support


    • Anonymous says:

      Big dick Barry as they talk about their manhoods and they abuse women get her naked and rape the pigs said

      Big dick said his daughter won’t live with sharif ali so they blame the other white Skinned woman no support they harm and force naked the evil
      Of pigs who rape with Gwen


  22. Anonymous says:

    Gwen Barry
    The police said they decide what white skinned women are racists and
    Part of the punishment given is forced nakedness

    Power is used as Gwen won’t live with sharif
    Ali herself the inspector and
    Her daughter targeted a white skinned woman
    And they harmed her they stole her housing
    Rights they thieved the Jealousy

    Gwen was writing statements with her daddy And sharif ali the abusers conspiring how to get the conviction that Gwen wanted the spoilt brat

    The police said they serve Gwen and
    Her jealousy get the white skinned woman naked and harm her

    She’s a racist let’s kidnap And abuse her gwen and
    The police said

    The plan is Gwen is portrayed as the victim as the get women kidnapped the police force naked as Gwen And her daddy said Gwen and her sharif ali Have more human

    Gwen said her daddy with a big dick
    And their sharif ali want to force naked
    Harm women
    Power the police said

    She’s a racist Gwen Said daddy and
    I and Sharif wants to rape
    Her the abuser said she’s a trustee of the
    Lady garden the police and cps said the
    Women who abuse other women
    Are portrayed
    As so caring and altruistic they use force they get other women naked and they smear
    And tarnish its paki
    Power and Gwen the rapist in

    The police
    Said Gwen and her daddy get women forced naked she’s got the rent money let’s abuse her gwen
    Her sharif ali

    Her for the conviction the police said Gwen is a Christian and with big dick
    They harm women as the force harm women
    Gwen said they did it for her and her Jealousy of women

    The female rapist who won’t live with sharif ali she raped women for her mortgage payments



  23. Anonymous says:

    It’s like putin v zelensky the Barry’s want rid of women. That Gwen and Shirley hate
    The people in power in the U.K. support Gwen and her dream of power

    They kidnap
    Women they want to harm
    The woman that Gwen abused
    In the tool kit is forced nakedness

    The police like to show off the support for gwen fully clothed gloating they force naked and rape women

    Daddy who had a
    Big dick said his bitchy daughter wants a conviction out of women she’s jealous of they force naked and gift to gwne that face of
    Evil they call
    Her the trustee of the lady garden as the trustee is a fake that raped other women with her daddy with a big dick

    The men with big dicks decide who is convicted as
    Gwen gloats daddy had a big dick
    They harm
    Women that Gwen lied and does
    Perjury for to Harm with her lying daddy

    The police rape with Gwen
    Parents the female
    Tenants Gwen
    Thieved off the rapist pig


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