Conservative MP should be Gaoled

The idle deceitful animal committed perjury and had me unlawfully gaoled.


On day before HM Queen funeral on The Mall with two old gals I found in their tent I found bacon sarnies for

Two old gals on The Mall in their tent before HM Queen’s funeral, surrounded by Northumberland police, I fed on bacon sarnies

 Ignored Criminal Conduct by South Wales Police in their ‘Trading in Machine guns’ Conspiracy

  1. In 1999 I owned prosecution exhibit ARH1 film replica WW1 ‘machine gun’. In 2000 I flew item on my WW1 replica DH2 biplane at Farnborough air show. In 2008 I sold prosecution exhibit ARH1 to a RAF gunsmith who was a prosecution witness, my facing 10 years imprisonment.
  • In June 2009 Nottingham police had first examined it and deemed it pieces of scrap iron
  • But I was gaoled for nearly 9 months for breach of section 5 of 1968 Firearms Act!
  • WHY? I had just won over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions for my civil claim BS614159 requiring at least 200 serving and non-serving officers to give evidence in the summer of 2009. This was 89% failed prosecutions from 125 maliciously brought criminal allegations to have my name removed from the veterinary register to curtail my income to fight the harassment.
  • The prosecution case was already collapsing (Nottinghamshire police had subjected the film prop to forensic examination confirming it a ‘piece of junk’).  I, however, was further gaoled and sectioned under 1983 Mental Health act on fabricated ‘significant brain damage’ and so registered MAPPA level 3 (amongst the top 5% most UK dangerous) by evidence from unqualified  Dr T W himself being police blackmailed to write 30th Oct 09 psychiatric report that recommended I be incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison for life.
  • My Feb 2010 acquittal caused 10 of the jury in the pub, afterwards, agreeing their decision was after 2nd day of evidence when police HQ Huxtable admitted that the tube (imitation barrel) had been deliberately unblocked by police before passing it to Home Office expert Mr Ridyard. He had to confirm it was NOT a ‘prohibited weapon’ by which a single continuous pressure on the trigger would cause a discharge from the magazine of more than one round.
  • After trial I acquired the Home Office disclosure evidence, withheld from both jury and myself, which included a forensic report stating the exhibit was, at most, a single shot 0.410 shot gun!
  • After trial the police had sent the film prop to gunsmiths for alleged ‘decommission’ before it could be released to a new owner. Evidence revealed NO WORK was needed to be done!
  • I attended the Newport gun shop and waived the Home Office certificate under their noses. Their faces turned ‘white as a sheet’ blurting out, “Where the hell did you get that from?”.
  1. The Cardiff cabal of Judges, in these two-million-pound lawyer fraud cases, refused my N244 applications for ‘secondary disclosure’ obviously now needed from the post criminal trial examinations. A 0.303-inch Lewis round machine-gun needed a narrower diameter explaining why Huxtable’s 0.303 blanks fell out from breach to muzzle onto the floor in police HQ!
  1. BUT 4th Oct 2022 Bristol judge ordered 2ndary disclosure in case G00TA220 (G4S Park Prison Article 3 infringements of torture including human faeces smeared over my cell bed and buckets of urine thrown in my face arising from South Wales Police false criminal convictions to include narcotics, child abuse and firearms and ‘most violent and likely to try and escape’

`Maurice J Kirk BVSc

G4S’s huge team of barristers and solicitors have been ordered to disclose their home office-controlled records of my times in custody in HMP Park, Bridgend

The defendant has 6 weeks to disclose from the list below but the judge knew that even if the South Wales Police, under my 24/7surveillance as a MAPPA victim, were to release my full prison and police custody records back to the prison governor and or court, they would all be destroyed to protect the countless G4S prison staff and lawyers’ pensions.

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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50 Responses to Conservative MP should be Gaoled

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s the bent coppers of swp most of them should be in jail

    The inspector who wanted compensation for her bottom grope and her daughter harm other women that is her her mad daughter
    The plan to rape other women with her pedophile parents
    And sharif ali

    The cps and police be a good girl a dirty police family want to harm and tarnish women

    The plan of the daughter to kidnap and harm
    Like wayne couzens her plan as mummy was an inspector and the police said their daughter gets to target older women and force them naked gloating it’s justice the daughter whos mummy had her bottom groped said they see it as justice to get women naked as she counts rent money stolen we don’t jail ourselves you see

    The jealousy as the
    Men who groped mummy’s bottom said her Daughter works with the boys club to rape
    Women the cps and
    Police said some women are worth less than their inspector

    Bitchy bullying pigs that rape

    No chance of true offenders jailing themselves



    • Anonymous says:

      Pedophiles the ghislane maxwells of swp who forced me naked for their narcissistic needs

      Spiteful brat of a bent copper and her rape plans wit the boys club

      The dirty pigs who kidnap and grope for their bitchy daughter and sharif ali

      They don’t force sharif ali naked he may cry racism the boys club said the inspector gets away with it with females rapist

      Pigs that rape scum of the earth

      Kidnap and rape is the dirty pigs game with her mother who cried her saggy bottom was groped

      The stupid pigs


  2. Anonymous says:

    Learnt to live with it she’s rewarded for her nasty perjury the inspectors Bitchy daughter

    What they do destroy other lives

    Big bird and her pedophile parents the ghislane maxwell as the pigs said rape is justice

    The inspector who wanted money for her bottom grope raped other women

    Rape day the pigs said

    The inspector
    Who cried of her bottom grope said her daughter and her are the ghislane Maxwell they rape with mad sharif ali and the cps support her

    They harm they use force

    Snap her bones it’s justice get her naked it’s justice mad inspector and her saggy smelly bottom

    The inspector with a saggy smelly bottom wants to wipe her bottom on other women she’s a criminal
    The bitchy inspector said get her naked and snap her bones

    The daughter of the inspector with a saggy bottom gets other women kidnapped and harmed for convictions a dangerous landlord who harmed women with her pedophile parents the inspector the ghislane maxwells of swp

    The inspector smears other women she’s dangerous the jealousy of a mad old saggy bullying rapist pig

    Now you know that they get away with it scum


  3. Anonymous says:

    The true rude offender the evil rapist Inspector that saggy evil arse as her and her daughter
    Force other women naked

    Harm her the plan of Shirley is they hurt women whilst naked

    Is she pregnant
    They ask as the police want to harm women while pregnant

    The daughter of the inspector is a mad landlord she harms women with her mated sharif ali

    Like a rape gang let’s get
    Her naked the inspector said her human rights are
    Less than mine as she wants to wipe her saggy dirty Bottom on other women with her mad daughter and her mad sharif ali

    The true offender gloating of power as they force naked and
    Get the cps to
    Charge after the rape

    The inspector said it’s a rape day of another daughter for her daughter a pig that raped and thieved

    The bitch and her filthy bottom as she shits on women with her evil Rapist family


  4. Anonymous says:

    I given up they lie and they twist the truth as much as they twist arms and they won’t get put in prison for it

    Still pretending to be better than everyone else

    Nobody goes to jail for harming me that is what narcissistic people did portrayed themselves as victims . No legal agreement is upheld if it’s to hold the law up for my benefit. Blah blah I am so over it my headstone will say molested by swp the true offenders and not cherished or respected blah blah

    They actually had cheek to say I was obsessed with them never forget the blatant violation and Perjury the violence the bullying just horrific it’s true I won’t forget it’s like demonic satan was in my life


  5. Anonymous says:

    Think about it I am unlawfully evicted in 2009 faced two trials based on perjury eventually acquitted after being forced naked and sexually molested and robbed of half my stuff and rent

    I file a civil claim for rent refund etc as was told to by swp as she did not provide a serviceable address as is law supposedly for a landlord she didn’t discover my civil claim till 2015 when they kidnapped me in Gatwick airport cos they allege I am a dangerous stalker who was on beach in Dominican Republic on holiday. It is so fucked up. I am kidnapped and held 52 hours and they do nothing but lie and lie and lie so they get away with their crimes like unlawful eviction and the cps don’t charge the ones in their own click

    Just accept life is unfair people are shit there are innocent people right now in prison for sure

    They don’t care they are narcissistic people


  6. Anonymous says:

    Beware it’s always the women who cry of their bottoms being groped who then help other women be forced naked

    When it suits it’s sexual harassment of them but “justice” to other women the double standards it’s all depending on whether those with the power see you with contempt or not

    Anyway even i am sick of it 2009 I still get flashbacks still the terror in my stomach when I see uniform the speeding heart the dry mouth the sweaty skin. I will always have it flashbacks hyperarousal they have such little empathy they think everyone forgets their malicious acts

    I wish I could delete them from my Brain and wish I had never ever met them


  7. Anonymous says:

    Remember that Shirley will smear other
    Women as dangerous but her and her daughter happy to keep
    The rent money they thieved off other
    Women her eyes full of spite she’s dangerous but her money isn’t
    As the police said the daughter is counting the rent money

    You would think they would say here is the rent money back after having the cheek to do a stitch and bitch not them They are Full of greed and malice the double standards

    Same as they will force unpaid work slave Labour

    If your pregnant like your gonna trust
    The gang who forced you naked
    With your baby they probably
    To recruit the next baby for their grooming gang if they disable the mother the child
    Gets put into care fresh meat for them to get abused wit their sharif ali is my theory

    I just wish I had never met them a police family worst nightmare
    Of their warped justice look at Wayne Couzens everyone thinks
    I’m lying about their capability


  8. Anonymous says:

    Finally she resigned as trustee of the lady garden her Pretending to support other women

    In 2009 Santa had a plan the inspectors daughter was good and Santa said another daughter had to be punished the cps and police
    And judges said her body was invaded and harmed for the police family to fund their daughter the police forced naked their target and Said Santa had a special gift the police would rough her up for their daughter it’s justice the cps and police said
    As they brutalise
    And snap
    Bones of women its justice
    The trustee who is like a
    Cancer in womens lives said

    All because she bought 62 norbury Road cf5 3at Santa gave a Christmas present to Make you sure god is an evil bastard and make you an atheist

    God is an evil man who made me
    Remember how evil people are at Christmas how they want to make women hang for Christmas in SWP and the trustee of the lady garden feels no guilt for her evil perjury

    Remember all they wanted for Christmas with the cps was to make me hang. The lies a little present from Santa and his little elves the secret Santa gift from trustee of lady garden


  9. Anonymous says:

    What you want for Christmas this year. Hm to have my assured tenancy agreement upheld. My human rights respected oh i forgot that is too much to ask. I remember now my human rights get walked all over.


  10. Anonymous says:

    The police force supported the daughter whose mummy was an inspector
    The cps
    And police
    The public are to serve the
    Needs of the daughter to get her grooming flat paid for

    The police said she got her flat and the plan with her pedophile parents was to get others
    To fund it a family in need her mothers bottom claim failed so the police said other women must pay to support their more deserving daughter

    Those that won’t do what the inspector wanted are forced naked the power used to harm and abuse for her more entitled daughter

    All we want for Christmas the criminal inspector and her evil daughter said is to rape other women

    The police said a bottom grope of their inspector is more of a crime than forcing
    Other women naked

    The jealousy as the police said with mad and evil sharif ali the dream was to make women hang the disgusting daughter whose mummy cried of a bottom grope said they use force and power to get Money for her more entitled daughter they abuse housing rights and said their daughter is fully clothed and the police support her plans to rape her female tenant

    Kidnap and force naked is the plan of
    The police and their inspector for Christmas the Christians lied on oath make her hang the daughter Said the men who groped mummy’s bottom are harming women for the daughter the demonic brat of Evil

    The police destroy lives for their more entitled princess the cps
    And police said they did a rape on women for their police family
    The face of evil said they rape for their Family

    Rape is in the tool kit for a female inspector to get revenge they rape women force then naked and with sharif ali abuse

    He’s a king of domestic violence and evil the Christian inspector said her demonic daughter is a landlord and they rape women for money and convictions the dangerous daughter said she’s supported by the cps and judges to harm women

    The police said they want to hurt women for their daughter to fund her flat it’s a grooming flat she gets away with abuse of power as a landlord the evil as Christians said for Christmas their daughter is fully clothed as they force naked and said it’s justice mummy’s bottom was groped they harm women and said it’s justice do perjury and make her hang the Evil of a rape gang

    The inspector had her own gang that force naked and harm others her criminal daughter a landlord that rapes other women

    The evil as the police said their inspector kidnaps and harms women for her narcissistic needs they get away with rape

    The inspector her daughter the cps and their Sharif ali as the police and probation said their daughter is a landlord who raped other women for money and they portrayed her as a Victim her landlord Fraud as she did her occupancy fraud as she did not want her sharif ali herself

    That’s double standards claiming for a bottom grope and getting other women to live in her daughters flat with sharif ali as her Daughter did not want her own flat or Sharif ali so they put women to live with their domestic abuser and did a rape for Christmas as the daughter of an inspector
    Needed to be funded merry Christmas the rapist pigs said their daughter has Santa’s support other daughters don’t and are naked self harming as the inspector lied and lied and lied and used force the evil of a rapist

    God and Santa are wonderful the police said


    • Anonymous says:

      The claims are now that the daughter and her helium are copy Catted so the police arrest and snap bones of women for their daughter

      The police are like a cancer that snap bones on women for their daughter

      They see themselves as Christians she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden as she’s like a cancer her evil spreads
      Into the bodies of other women she’s a cancer the trustee of the lady garden

      The cps and police place her needs her wishes above the rest she’s a trustee of the Lady garden they kidnap
      And harm women with police men in the lady garden

      The trustee of the lady garden gets men to sexually abuse women while naked and harm them for convictions the police said human rights is done on the rank order of the police and her daughter is a trustee who brings other women down and gets them raped they call it justice the evil of a trustee of the lady garden as they lied on oath and did perjury she said it’s justice for me and my plan to get my flat funded by other women and for them to life with my Sharif ali

      The police said their daughters Plan who lives with who in their flats as they don’t want to live in their own flats

      Beware 62 norbury road cf5 3at it won’t be a normal tenancy and your only assurance is to be forced naked and groomed for convictions by the inspector and her mad devious daughter


      • Anonymous says:

        They come around my house snap my bones to stop me working. I can’t go to london as her And her evil mates plan more kidnaps and harm her demonic evil is never ending she’s evil

        London now is hers they kidnap and harm women to keep her turf war against women on shes
        A rapist pig that kidnaps with her parents and Sharif ali

        Scum she calls herself a Director as the police support her plan to get away with rape as
        Part of her unlawful eviction rapist pigs who assault and hurt women the inspector is a female rapist pig


  11. Anonymous says:

    The policeman and their inspectors daughter kidnap and snap bones and get away with it
    The dream in 2009 was to make women hang the daughter of an inspector and her grooming flat and her sharif ali as they destroyed lives

    They kidnap and harm Women it’s Justice
    The police who kidnap by force and fraud for the inspector who cried of her bottom grope with her demonic daughter of evil

    As they kidnap and harm other women they call it justice


  12. Anonymous says:

    The inspector and her demonic daughter should be in prison

    The female kidnapping pigs


  13. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget that god for Christmas supported
    The inspector and her fully clothed Daughter

    They harm women the men who groped her mummy’s bottom said Santa said they force naked for their inspectors daughter other women as the inspector said they know who’s good or bad they said rape her for h the conviction

    The boys club said sharif ali was fully clothed they cry racism otherwise so the inspector got the men who groped
    Her bottom to touch up her daughters female tenant it’s justified she said it’s for my my daughter a landlord that is more entitled to force naked than others it’s justice they harm they use force

    Kidnap and get her naked and make it a Christmas she won’t forget their evil faces it’s 2009 the year your female landlord did a rape wit her pedophile
    Parents they smart and harm the demonic brat of evil

    They kidnap women in London too for her needs the rapist pig


  14. Anonymous says:

    She calls herself the trustee of the lady garden as they pretend to smash the patriarchy when really it was the trustee of the lady garden whos Father crushed my human Rights with sharif ali and forced me naked that is the face of evil who pretends to smash the patriarchy

    Her double standard face fits in she pretends to smash the patriarchy really she is just supported by others to force naked for convictions they destroy lives


  15. Anonymous says:

    On my headstone will be mistreated by swp scum bags

    Hate them and their trustee of the lady garden
    Make her hang daddy the daughter said it’s smashing the patriarchy full of shit she is a demonic spiteful pretender she’s not smashing the patriarchy she gets women arrested and kidnapped for speaking out about abuse her and her father did to women abusing power as landlords with sharif ali their favourite tenants who supports her plans


  16. Anonymous says:

    All the same those men working in the home office and police Sly murdering scum like that trustee of the lady garden who pretends to smash the patriarchy as they kidnap and get other women forced naked she’s
    A trustee for how she tarnished women with hat parents and sharif ali their own grooming gang the daddy of the trustee of the lady garden as for Christmas 2009 they wanted
    To do perjury to get women to hang that’s why she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden and they arrest women who speak out about her precious daddy those that smash the patriarchy are arrested / kidnapped so that is why they have a more compliant face to be the trustee of the Kay’s garden


  17. Anonymous says:

    The trustee of the lady garden and her daddy got me convicted in 2009
    And I had to appeal their lies

    If you appeal or Speak out about your landlord and how they harm you when your the tenant they get you kidnapped they don’t want women to speak out about the patriarchy the patriarchy want to be seen as better more truthful even the women who claim to smash the patriarchy believe in it in court


  18. Anonymous says:

    The inspector got a warrant is she pregnant they asked as the men who forced naked and touched my body in 2009 wanted to harm me once again after my holiday in Dominican Republic

    The plan of the inspector and her daughter was to harm me and my baby of pregnant they said your dangerous so the Inspector wanted a miscarriage in a cell as the U.K. police support her plans to harm

    The men in Bethnal Green who kidnap for thr inspector and her daughter
    The dream to make women hang she’s Been to the Dominican Republic the police Said the dream of the inspector in 2009 was
    To make her hang the demonic evil

    The police said their inspector
    And her daughter get away with rape on other women she’s the landlord the cps and police said and sharif ali was more favoured by them that’s just the way it is like Sadiq Kahn and his escalator ad how they escalated men up and throw women down the stairs

    In 2009
    The police and their inspector
    Said throw her down
    The stairs get the lift for the bitchy daughter of an inspector it’s her rape day they did let’s get away with rape the pigs said

    The trustee of the lady garden raped women to get ahead she’s brutal she’s hard she’s a great pretender of supporting women with. Her sharif ali remember Sadiq Kahn they kick women down the stairs in the courts it’s justice they said

    Sadiq Kahn like that evil sharif ali same scum bags


    • Anonymous says:

      Getting a warrant as if I speak out about their abuse it’s malicious communications sick evil people

      My face don’t fit In the U.K. Australia or New Zealand more women friendly suit me


  19. Anonymous says:

    That’s what she did got the men who groped her bottom to sexually force me naked and molest me when her daughter who was my landlord wanted “rid” her plan of renting one room to me and the other to Sharif ali did not work out as he hated me so they arrested me and Forced me naked but it’s not sexual harassment apparently but justice when the men who groped her bottom touch me up she apparently calls me dangerous and they strip me of my human rights


  20. Anonymous says:

    As soon as I bought a house In swp they sent men around to kick door down make it insecure they want women to have no doors on their homes toxic people full of spite and malice

    They assaulted me in my new home like the inspector and
    Her daughter did to me when she was a landlord

    It’s not harm the Toxic mouth drips it’s justice

    Hate them all for what they did to me


  21. Anonymous says:

    The evil police enjoyed the game their daughter was a princess

    The inspector and her daughter and her evil 6ft 1 bullying husband and their devotion to the Pakistani sharif ali that the daughter did not want to live with herself instead their plan was to harm women

    The police said get her naked invade her body and do harm to her

    The judges were gloating that they treat men like kings fully clothed as they harm women that are not the daughters of coppers

    The evil as the police said it’s rape and discrimination day for women they supported rotherham the inspector who cried discrimination about her Bottom grope said my daughter wants her naked and her tits picked on the jealousy as the police said their disgusting daughter is leader of the gang they get women naked and daddy wants to harm her

    The evil as mad Pakistani men from slough said he’s into hR transformation and it’s rape day the evil as they forced naked and harmed and smeared the evil of men who are supported by the police to harm women daddy was lying his thick ugly like smearing as his bitchy daughter said the police let her count money she’s thieved off other women and the plan was to get women naked its power the face of evil said

    The police said their inspector wants money for her saggy smelly bottom grope as her bitchy daughter said they set women up for rape for money

    Jealousy as the inspector said they enjoy harming women for their evil Pakistanis men

    The jealousy as the inspector who cried about her bottom grope said she wants to wipe her Evil bottom on women that her and her daughter hate as the targets Father hated her the police said rape for a conviction was the dream

    The Police said their daughter is fully clothed as a sign of respect as they show off the women they hate and want to harm and abuse

    The evil of a rape gang led by the inspector as she and her disgusting daughter said they empowered by the home office to rape other women it’s justice and harm the lying dangerous police said
    Make her hang that face of evil said to her daddy and devious Pakistani From slough

    She’s a criminal and we are not the evil daughter said the face of evil
    As rape is their Plan the rape gang that wants money and convictions for themselves
    The smell of evil shit as
    Their fulfil of evil


  22. Anonymous says:

    Don’t work hard remember they called you a criminal

    At the end of this no god is waiting they created hell
    With the evil pakistani as they raped
    For convictions as they play god the evil as they raped
    For a conviction as a coppers daughter could not fund her own mortgage

    The rapist pig and her evil rapist daughter and the men of slough
    She’s too ugly they said

    The rape gang and the daughter of a pig that raped women
    She won’t make it to manager if we rape her the pigs said for their daughter
    It’s pulling rank their daughter fully clothed as they devalue women.

    Rape day was 26 nov 2009
    The daughter of a pig executed rape day her face was smiling a sick evil smile
    As they rape
    Women for themselves they force naked and devalue
    And. Strip down housing rights
    The face of evil and her mad pakistani as they said other women are abused for the daughter of a rapist pig

    Ugly men from evil slough the evil ugly men from slough like
    Sharif ali the scum of the earth

    Hate them that is all that is in my heart for them


  23. Anonymous says:

    The devious bitchy daughter was up in the podium
    In court her devious daddy supporting her lies as the police said they did not believe her mummy’s
    Claim of bottom grope but they will harm women for her daughter

    The police said as the targets father hated
    Her and wanted her dead the police support the family that want to Murder her led by their own inspector and the plan to harm women
    With mad men from slough

    The plan to force
    Naked and strip of Housing Rights by the inspector
    And her daughter it’s rape day the police
    Said pigs
    Want to rape and call it justice
    Men from slough are fully Clothed as they devalue

    The police inspector and
    Her daughter attack
    The ovaries of other women with mad
    Pakistani men and said
    She’s too ugly and
    Unemployable the evil
    Of men who stink of curry lets section her the smears of evil men and women who
    Force naked and harm
    Women they hate
    The evil of men and women who harm others and call it justice

    The inspector
    And her daughter Christians who lie on oath and said Santa believed in us the good people and
    For Christmas 2009
    Santa delivered a rape and a trial for the heart of the bent coppers daughter and her mad pakistani man from slough the police
    Support to harm women. The rapist pigs


  24. Anonymous says:

    Born in the U.K. they force naked
    Women the inspector hates
    It’s only Ukrainian refugees they house they evict British born women house men from slough and use force on women the inspector
    To harm

    They force naked in 2009 she’s got no human rights the inspector said she’s not a Ukrainian refugee so the inspector and her Daughter thieve money and force naked
    It’s justice
    The mad evil pakistani said
    She was too ugly for the men of swp but
    His brown ugly face
    Smiling as they stole off women for him the police said the dangerous pakistani was in their club as the inspector labels women. As dangerous her
    Mad men from slough are supported as they fund her daughters mortgage
    The landlord that rapedWomen for convictions by lying with daddy

    It’s her rape day the police and their daughter gloated devious people full
    Of spite and malice and a desire to harm
    Others for themselves

    The evil
    Of a rape gang and 62 norbury road cf5 3at


  25. Anonymous says:

    All she wanted for Christmas 2009 Santa delivered. Up on the podium the assured short hold tenancy removed and her wonderful pakistani fully clothed as they got away with forced nakedness the men who groped her mummy’s bottom harming women her daughter and husband “wanted rid of” she was born in the U.K. but just like putin takes human rights off Ukrainian women they force naked and harm women for themselves and their daughter and her pakistani men

    The men that the daughter did not
    Want to live with herself

    Bet she’s not having a baby with Sharif ali as she’s a racist the smears other
    Women are racists when she won’t live in her own flat with her sharif ali they target women
    To do it for her

    The police said men from slough are
    Better than welsh born women

    She’s too ugly the police mocked
    Their evil daughter said the judges and her
    Rape women for convictions and call it justice

    When it’s Ukrainian women forced naked by putins troops it’s wrong but when it’s for their inspector it’s
    Justice the rapist is gloating of power

    They want to house Ukrainian women but British born are not liked by the police
    Or their Pakistani men from slough she’s too ugly they mock and ridicule
    The mad
    Men from slough are gloating
    The police support
    Their plan

    Stupid people


  26. Anonymous says:

    If only she had lived in her own flat with her sharif ali herself I would never have suffered

    Not wanting to live with her Sharif ali in her own flat she owned i had to put up with a mad man from slough that smelled of
    Curry telling me how ugly and unemployable I was and how the mad police
    Like wayne couzens would
    Section me after Abuse

    The police allow their inspectors daughter to get away with assault shes s big bird and hard and the police said she assaults her tenants and daddy said it was his princess assaulted as she counts
    The rent money the police said it’s justice our daughter had the law bent for her needs
    She made it to Director all that law bending as they keep other women down

    The police keep women down with forced nakedness and their own daughters Up

    Mad men from slough are
    Fully clothed
    As the police said
    They are wonderful men who hate women and their misogyny is supported as they cry racism as the daughter of an inspector did not want her sharif ali

    The evil
    As the police
    Her father hated her
    And left his evil legacy for
    All men to abuse and harm her and
    Allow the nasty dangerous daughter of a copper to do her unlawful eviction

    Daddy hated his daughter the
    Police wanted her to
    Know all people would hate her like
    Her father sharif ali was supported like her Father to harm
    Her the evil of men like sharif ali and the daughter of a
    Pig that took rent money and they forced naked
    The first time

    Power the pigs said as their daughter did not
    Want to love with her sharif ali they said your being raped by the state for their daughter

    Your not a Ukrainian refugee so the men lined up
    Mad pakistani men to abuse women its U.K. justice do to U.K. born women and pretend it’s safe for Ukrainian women here

    She’s too ugly the men mocked the judges and police bullied and abused with men who stink of curry


  27. Anonymous says:

    Not wanting to live in HER own flat with her own sharif ali and because my father hated me once she got the rent money out of me it was getting a conviction out of me

    It’s justice the judges supported her bitchy plan as mummy’s bottom was groped the daughter said lets get her naked like she’s a Ukrainian and we are Russian troops wanting to force what we want the hypocrites who said it’s justice

    The police said as she did not want to live in her OWN flat with her sharif ali they had to use other women and once that woman was not liked by Sharif ali the plan was to get away with Thieving and forced nakedness
    The inspector said it’s not harm
    It’s justice it’s for
    HER daughter her needs to get HER daughters flat funded as HER daughter did not want to live in 62 norbury rd cf5 3at herself

    That’s life what they do to others

    Anyway fuck them


  28. Anonymous says:

    I am just glad I don’t have a police inspector and her daughter as a landlord and I don’t live with sharif ali

    Thank you


  29. Anonymous says:

    26 Nov 2009 that was day I understood how truly evil the people in U.K. are. I knew in my heart the mala fides of them all. The not liking I understand it’s the no respect it’s forcing me naked of my human rights. Anyway I learnt the lesson.


  30. Anonymous says:

    As dangerous as Wayne Couzens the police
    And cps support the daughter of the inspector who did occupancy fraud at 62 norbury road cf5 3at she did want to live with her sharif ali in her own flat so the cps and police support her plan to use other women and exploit them for her needs

    Once the evil daughter of Shirley gets rent money out of women the plan is to get away with assault and with her parents and the men who groped her mummy’s bottom to get women naked in a cell the women who cried discrimination are now planning the harm to others

    The evil as the police said warped justice is their daughter counting rent money as she does her occupancy fraud the desire to kidnap other women she’s a female wayne couzens the ghislane maxwell of swp the pimp at 62 norbury road cf5 3at

    The evil as the police said their daughter gets away with abuse of women she’s a landlord that lured women In for the cps and
    Her to abuse she gets the met and swp to abuse for her women naked as her and her parents lie and do perjury the jealousy As the men who groped her mummy’s bottom are kidnapping women for her

    The bitchy lies as she said women are copying her helium
    And her hair colour it’s fake blonde and she claims women copy her as her mummy’s saggy smelly bottom was groped

    The daughter whos mummy cried discrimination is now targeting women for the boys club to kidnap and harm for her sick evil games the police said she’s a landlord they support to abuse female tenants for her needs the cps and police said as her mummy’s bottom
    Was groped they are empowered to force naked other women and smear them in the political games of the daughter of a Bent inspector as they kidnapped other women and harmed them both swp and the met for her to get Away with unlawful eviction thieving rent and harming women her sharif ali didn’t like

    The men who groped mummy’s bottom seen as wonderful when they arrest and abuse her tenants as she didn’t want to live in her own flat with her sharif ali so it’s everyone else’s fault but hers as she did occupancy fraud kidnapping and harming Women with the men who groped her mummy’s bottom


  31. Anonymous says:

    The plan of the inspectors daughter is to target other women her mother and her want forced naked she calls it warped justice as the men who groped her mummy’s bottom harm other women

    Their daughter said the men who groped my mummy’s bottom are tearing at the knickers off other women as the men who groped mummy’s Bottom want to believe the lies about other women that I’m a Landlord to and that she was assaulted

    The evil as the men. Who groped her mummy’s Botton tore at the knickers for her daughter to get rent Money

    The cps and police tore at other womens knickers as they said their inspector and her daughter expect other women to serve her needs and pay her mortgage at 62 norbury rd cf5 3at she kidnaps and harms women with the boys club and said it’s warped justice my mother and her saggy Bottom getting warrants for us to abuse women we wanted to play landlord games with


  32. Anonymous says:

    That’s her the same fake inspector with her daughter with fake blonde hair as I was not Ukrainian they force naked like putin and harm other women as her daughter was a landlord grovelling for rent money off other women

    As soon as I bought my own home
    The evil swp invaded it the jealousy of men as they wanted to get control of My new home make it dirty as Shirley and Gwen
    Were Jealous only interested in homes for Ukrainians nor U.K. born women the police can’t respect women they invaded their homes their daughters assault tenants the toxic venom dripping From her evil mouth

    The mother and Daughter supported to rape women. A mad dangerous pakistani that wnated to harm women portrayed as the Victim

    Getting away with rape counting the rent money a rapist pig and her Gatwick arrest as the police said she’s a landlord they support to f*** women over as mummy had her bottom groped they all decided to level up and do a rape day on another woman the jealousy lets hope she has children and they are destroyed

    Evil rapists she’s all mates with Francesca Cole’s she’s used be abused by a Bangladeshi too

    Rape day don’t forget force and sexual abuse for the inspector and her brutal hard nosed daughter she’s a leader of her own Rape gang

    The fake blonde hair as the police said they murder women. Their daughters hate she’s copy catted my hair lets rape her the bitchy copper said

    Female police who rape other women

    The police like Russian soldiers invaded her home and her body and they respect mr ali they degrade women they want women to sell their homes and to see their daughter as more Entitled

    The jealousy as she said she copy catted my helium rape her make her homeless the landlord said

    The police rape women. Their daughter wants to rape them of their business her helium must be a monopoly as they said she’s not a Ukrainian human rights abuse are justice the face of hypocrites gloating

    Just leave your front door open lie on the floor naked and let the police walk over you and smear you as a criminal it’s a dictatorship not a democracy their inspector and her daughter are dictators dangerous women full of spite and malice and a desire to harm


    • Anonymous says:

      When your their tenant they abuse you buy your own home the abuse continues

      They welcome Ukrainians with warm welcoming smiles and smear and harm women born in the U.K. their daughters hate

      It’s a democracy to kidnap and arrest women and force them naked for their police inspector they rape and abuse women mad men who support the police family who rape other women with sharif ali

      The police said mr ali and the cps said it’s all part of their plan to harm women bitchy cps women and the police said they hate women the bitchy women In the cps and the inspector Jealous of women

      The plan is to get the Met to harm women after the holiday In domicnan republic make their lives full of the toxic Evil of Gwen and her mother the rapist pig for Gwen to abuse her tenants with sharif the rapist

      Rape days started on the 26 nov 2009 only the privileged daughter of an inspector was respected as
      They invaded the body of her tenant and said it’s justice for


  33. Anonymous says:

    Anyway I won’t ever forget it how they got away with abuse and managed to torture me for years afterwards and portray their daughter as a victim unbelievable but like Santa some believe the lies

    I will always be known as a bad person and that’s great live up to that I’m a criminal and proud like the suffragettes they abused too

    Hate them the rapist pigs


  34. Anonymous says:

    Santa is a cunt god is a cunt remember what they did on 26 nov 2009
    The selfish devious scumbags the rapists

    Santa said the police are wonderful

    God is a cunt and don’t forget that

    Santa don’t come to me that was made clear in 2009 I am a bad woman and their daughter is a good girl
    They respect as they drag other women naked she sits gloating of justice her Bitchy Brutal face her fake blonde hair as she cried their copy cats arrest them.

    Arrest those in the way of her daughter make life easier for their daughter to get ahead and lock those up they hate so they have nothing

    The police lock up
    To harm women to hurt them they hate and they want to lock me up to force me to sell and see the U.K. as toxic and evil

    I must sell my house as the men in the community want to harm me it’s not safe for me now after they kicked down the door to harm me like brutal Russian soldiers remember like putin they want to harm their enemies

    I am a Ukrainian to be destroyed in the eyes of the police their daughter their inspector their cps their judges Etc etc dangerous women and men who use sexual abuse as a tool forced nakedness and torture to get what they wanted


  35. Anonymous says:

    Ashanthi Jade Walton and Jenny yeo cps bitches who assist the true offenders

    The Rapist pig who kidnapped
    And forced naked as her big lying husband
    With his daughter and her Sharif ali said it’s rape day mr sharif ali doesn’t like her skin colour so the police and their inspector and her daughter said they want to harm women.

    Get her naked and sexually abuse her as ashanthi Jade Walton. And Jenny yeo said it’s Justice for the gloating inspector

    The boys club said their inspector and her Daughter kidnap and the force get women naked as ashanthi Jade Walton and Jenny yeo said it’s justice to abuse women when their female inspectors and her daughter Target older women she’s 8 years older and. The police said their inspector had got the Rent Money to
    Fund her daughter so the boys club force naked as big daddy with thick ugly lying lisp said as she’s not malala they force naked for a conviction

    The bitchy daughter was gloating In 2019 rapist pigs got a conviction the face of evil and her mother gloating and ashanti Jade Walton and Jenny yeo as they support and collude forced nakedness is justice the boys club want a conviction

    Keep her down Boys get her to do unpaid work for the evil community the Judges and inspectors pay themselves as out of Jealous they want to force her to sell her house and do unpaid work for a bitchy community as the cps and police discriminate on women

    The police said they want others to fund their thieving daughter as the police said she’s a landlord and they rape other women as she counts the rent Money thieved

    A bitchy community wants unpaid work out of other women as the inspector and her daughter get other women to fund their mortgage and with mr sharif ali they force naked and said the home office said inspector has a certificate in kids watch she watched other women she and her daughter want kidnapped and removed they want women they can harm and force to do unpaid work as they pay mr sharif ali

    She won’t live in her own flat herself with mr sharif ali they want other women to live in her flat with him the police said they force makes and punish women for their inspectors and her daughter

    The police admire their daughter as she attacked other womens ovaries and said she’s a trustee of the lady Garden they gave her the title for attacking other womens ovaries with big daddy and his fat ugly lying lips the jealousy as they cry of their bottom being grabbed and kidnap and Force naked other women their inspector wants tortured

    Ashanthi Jade Walton and Jenny yeo help convict women the boys club force naked
    It’s justice
    They gloat the deal being the boys club won’t force them naked if they help pick and bully other women and Richie garners wife is safe if they all help the boys club get what they want

    Rapist pigs


  36. Anonymous says:

    She’s the “offender” the smugly smiling daughter of an inspector said

    It’s a competition who the judge likes
    The cps and police is already on the side of the daughter whos mummy cried discrimination the daughter smugly smirked it’s a fresh woman’s discrimination day as they teamed up the police cps walesonline the same newspaper who reported about mummy’s bottom they formed a team with mr Sharif ali as the police said they got rent money out
    Of the target for their inspector who
    Cried discrimination and her daughter now with mr sharif ali it’s the forced nakedness the bitchy daughter Dias she not malala the home office support her plan of forced nakedness she wants to buy a house a flat isn’t enough mr
    Sharif ali isn’t enough for her thieving pigs want forced nakedness

    They won’t forge their inspector or her bitchy daughter naked they support them the police cheer on their daughter as she attacks other womens ovaries she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden her big daddy lied and did perjury for his brat to get money as they harm women she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden smirking that it’s cancer support to get women kidnapped and forced naked and have their daddys do perjury she calls herself a trustee of the lady Garden pretends she’s a supporter of other women when sharif ali doesn’t like them


  37. Anonymous says:

    When I bought my own house after the abuse the violent pakistani and the inspectors daughter had for me

    The boys club sent violent men around jealous of my my new home they kicked down the door like violent Russian soldiers to
    Invade my safe place to make
    Me understand I wasn’t
    Safe In an inspectors daughter flat and the violent men want my home their muddy thieving boots as they damaged my door to spite me the evil of British police swp thugs full of jealousy and spite

    Force her to do unpaid work for the community and to sell her house
    Men were jealous of as they planned for her to live with sharif ali

    The police were so jealous of her home force her to sell her sofa and do unpaid work for the men who are jealous of her

    They force her body naked and invade it they said it’s not sexual harassment it’s justice only Shirley and her daughter can cry sexual harassment as big daddy was lying on oath to do a stitch and a bitch for his daughter the jealousy they all have the human rights abusers

    Makes them feel like real men and their manhood swell as they harm women she’s a racist let’s rape her the bitchy women full m of spite and Jealousy

    Force her to do unpaid work she’s a slave harm her the police said it’s justice to hurt her for
    The men who hate her
    They invaded her home like Russian soldiers to make it dirty for her for their own evil spite

    We want to kick down doors spend £1000s on damage to doors to get women to do unpaid work it’s justice

    Jealous of her new home of her bike thieves who harm women their daughter is fully clothed gloating of justice a sick devious pig


  38. Anonymous says:

    It’s how the boys club do children
    In need or daughters in need
    The police inspectors daughter is fully
    Clothed as the police
    Said the plan is to harm women for the daughter of an inspector it’s children in need the daughter of an Inspector gloats as
    They force naked and harm other women big daddy said it’s daughters in need and with mr sharif ali they gang bully women for money and convictions
    And the police and cps said
    It’s daughters in need for their more favoured daughter
    The daughter of a
    Police rapist pig and
    Her thieving needs
    With my ali
    The rapist

    The police said their daughter didn’t
    Want to live with mr ali so the pigs Harm

    The pigs daughter said they force older women naked she’s not malala lets rape her the Barry’s said
    Tarnish her name
    The jealousy of evIl pigs

    The power of forced nakedness as
    The daughter gloats that daddy Said
    It’s for
    His princess
    As they thieved off other daughters children
    In need in Cardiff


  39. Anonymous says:

    It’s children in need mr Barry said his daughter was more in need as they thieved off other daughters

    Housing rights
    As the police said Gwen got the rent money it’s forced nakedness next for their princess it’s daughters in need and the
    And cps have their favourite Daughter

    The pigs daughter gloats as they force naked older women and said it’s justice

    The pigs said their daughter wants to buy a house her
    Flat isn’t
    Good enough for her like
    Sharif ali
    Isn’t good enough for her

    The pigs that thieved off others

    Daddy with thick ugly lying lips said
    His daughter was a princess as they stole and arranged
    Sexual abuse of another With the evil sharif

    Daddy was wonderful the inspector said and
    She’s not a princess but my daughter is the inspector said as
    They abuse power
    To get her daughter ahead the pigs and the power as they snap other womens bones like a jealous cancer into their
    Bodies invasion of pigs


  40. Anonymous says:

    It’s daughters in need in cardiff crown court the inspector who cried about her bottom grope her more precious more entitled daughter is a daughter In need as Shirley was gloating the force were gifted a new target to treat like toilet paper

    The police said daddy Barry and his daughter wirh mr sharif ali are going to wipe their saggy smelly bottoms on other women

    The police said it’s daughters in need and the cps and police said their inspectors daughter is more needy more deserving

    Devoted to her and her needs as they did daughters in need they gloated they harm other women for her needs the jealousy as all the men In power wrote lies to defame and destroy another daughter for their favourite

    The police and cps said they do daughters in need they violently force naked and harm
    Women it’s justice

    The police said counting rent money the inspector was gloating its daughters In
    Need the other woman was naked and the police said it’s daughters in need one daughter is more needy than the other and the police do justice for their daughters they take rent Money and then plan to force naked and do their unlawful eviction

    It’s daughters In need as they abused another daughter for their inspectors daughter

    The men who groped her mummy’s bottom full of spite with her as fresh female bait is Brought for the police and judges to abuse for their spiteful vindictive daughter

    It’s daughters in need and
    The invasion of a pigs daughter and her needs and how they thieve off others

    The smile of the inspector as they finally discriminated on other women for her princess
    The police said their inspectors daughter wants a family after they thieved off other women the family the police harm
    Other women

    Daughters in need one daughter enters a police flat and leaves stripped down of her human rights Sexually abused and harmed as the more needy daughter was fully clothed gloating how her father and her were supported in daughters in need and how they wrote a article tarnishing women the men who groped her mummy’s bottom tarnish women for their more needy inspectors daughter


  41. Anonymous says:

    Anyway I am a proud criminal they forced me naked to get the convictions and I will die a criminal how they labelled me those evil men. Feel nothing but hate for them. The true offender the inspector and her daughter got away with it.


  42. Anonymous says:

    Santa said it’s daughters in need and for Christmas 2009 Santa took one woman and forced her naked and mad and dangerous men touched her adult body with no consent

    The pigs invasion of her body for their daughter it’s daughter in need the police said they take money off other women it’s daughters in need

    They take another daughter and forced her naked and Tarnished her name they abused her for their more favourite daughter the jealousy of a force as they force naked and said their inspector and her daughter want justice as they wrote lies in wales online the more precious daughter gloated of sick Justice by a rapist pig and her pedophile parents

    The thieves as they said it’s daughter in need the landlord was counting rent money that they want of other daughters and they call that justice a warped

    The war on women is led by female police and their plan to thieve off other women
    For their daughter to get ahead

    Get on and get ahead they arrest those in the way of their daughter it’s daughters in need as they drag naked one daughter the other gloats of justice a pigs daughter who believed in thieving human rights grew up
    With a mother who thieved off other women


  43. Anonymous says:

    No decorations for Santa this year the evil men of cardiff said I am a criminal and remember not to help those that labelled me that the evil of those scum bags

    Remember those men said she was too ugly and unemployable for them and how they raped for a conviction

    Remember those thieves those bullying pigs and a pigs daughter and her bullying mother who cried of her saggy smelly bottom those thieving pigs

    Bet the inspectors daughter will have a wonderful Christmas all that confidence and money thieved off others over the years her mother and her did

    I remember who Santa is got the message in 2009 he’s a cunt of evil


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