Key Documents

DOWNLOADS on Maurice’s site contains many documents of different kinds. Here I’m collating those that I consider relevant for the purpose of overviews and key evidence.

The Affidavit sworn by the then Chief Constable Barbara Wilding on 25 February, 2009, 6 weeks later after a Court Order, which Maurice only obtained after numerous phone calls, letters and eventually a visit to the solicitors of the Police.

The document leaked from Caswell Clinic

  • confirming MAPPA surveillance
  • intention to shoot
  • Maurice’s exceptional intelligence.

A transcript of seven minutes in Cardiff Court on 24 June 2010:

  • the anaesthesist requires medical evidence
  • the judge Nicholas Cooke QC does not have all evidence
  • Maurice wishes the judge to look at the documents he’s got
  • “if you speak to me politely”…
  • Maurice throughs papers at him
  • the Recorder Mr Cobbe orders to arrest Maurice.

A good piece of ‘evidence’ of how the frustrations of a ‘chronic litigant’ take over. He’s tried to learn legal procedures and wants to ‘lodge papers’ or ‘serve them’. But that’s not part of the rules…

So Maurice better be locked up!…

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