Round Robin Emails

10 10 12:E-Campaigning for Justice – on humanitarian grounds

10 10 15: Fighting for Access to Medical Records

10 11 04: Warrant for Arrest (for how long?) while Seeking Asylum in France

3 Responses to Round Robin Emails

  1. Riddy Parker says:

    to add to your Malfeasance try malversation,defalcate fraud perjury collusion
    corruption and all things connected to criminality.
    Corrupt judges to include Carson Bidder Regan Imbecilic Hendicott
    Sherlock, ex convict Seys LLewellyn, Phillips
    Corrupt police to include Ins,Burton, constable Rhys James. Pcso,Frost.also
    fully aware of corrupt police, is Chief constable, Peter Vaughan,and many more..
    All of the assembly including Carwyn Jones,many councillors &,10.
    Downing Street.


  2. Riddy Parker says:

    Sir, recently your office laid down, that the U.K.was the lowest country,0f all countries,in relation to fraud,that was a misleading and willfill comment to deceive we
    the public,on how hard your officers work.

    The truth is that your officers are exactly the opposite of what your office claims,Britain lost a lot of boys,between, 1939.& 1945.clearing the world of nazism.
    today we have the police acting,like Gestapo..Judiciary acting like Roland Freisler. and to top it all your office acting like Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine.

    On .13..01..2014,I forwarded documentation which showed police committed perjury at & in court,police involved were Ins.Burton..Constable. Rhys James.and
    Pcso Frost.Cardiff county court,is operated by criminals posing as judges,to include.Carson..Bidder..Regan..Imbecilic Hendicott.Sherlock..Arch criminal Seys
    LLewellyn..Phillips..All criminals we could not use such language if we did not have proof of our complaints.

    It is not justice when your office close their eyes to criminality,scandalous behaviour of Kieth Wallis..Plebgate affair show that Cardiff constabulary are not alone
    in acting like Gestapo ,we wonder when police will receive their broken cross arm bands.

    Even with our,[Right to buy leaseholders] direct and informative missives,they dare not appear at court ,to try and clear their names,show they do not have any confidence in the outcome of a true and honest judge if there be such a judge.

    We are not able to receive Legal Aid, which again is unjust, your office must change its,not our problem attitude,this problem of extortion and criminality using crown
    property to confiscate property,we leaseholders worked hard for.

    Trusting your office will come to its senses and sort this scandalous problem out , the ball as they say is now in your court….


  3. mauricekirky says:

    POLICE MACHINE-GUN CONSPIRACY 1CF03361is in Cardiff County Court in Jan 2019
    Maurice is buying the lunch

    Maurice has come out of gaol fighting having caused further unlawfully withheld 2009 MAPPA medical data disclosure by a protracted hunger strike.

    The devil worshippers of South Wales have delayed this compensation hearing for 10 years to cancel previously applied for jury and in the hope I was not still breath

    Also it’s appeal will not be allowed in RCJ but returned to Cardiff’s cabal of corruption to be buried with BS614159. 40+ failed police malicious prosecutions to get me struck off

    Remember, South Wales Police had not just unblocked the 1916 WW1 ​ Lewis gun barrel to fool the 2009 Cardiff ​ Crown Court jury the inherent liars even put a police plant in with them and painted her back to the colour of black when I had sold the DH2 aircraft! I am


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