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Mr Justice Julian Lambert’s Judicial Review Draft Alternative?

IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE                                     QUEEN’S BENCH DIVISION (EXETER DISTRICT REGISTRY)                                                   B E T W E E N:        MAURICE JOHN KIRK BVSc              Claimant                                              – and – G4S PLC                                                    Defendant _____________________________________ PARTICULARS OF CLAIM _______­______________________________ This is a … Continue reading

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Dolmans Solicitors Police Fraud

Adrian Oliver, senior partner, continues to enjoy immunity to criminal prosecution, only because he is in Cardiff and because he is defending the South Wales Chief Constable in Barbara Wilding’s 2009 ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy when attempting to having me shot. To … Continue reading

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‘Heroin’ for Alun Cairns MP & John Graham from my Prison Cell

The South Wales Police again conspire to pervert the course of Justice yet again by having me gaoled for almost all year only to withdraw the two charges under the Terrorism Act, would you believe! Anything to prejudice my ever … Continue reading

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How the Welsh Authorities lie to the English?

Maurice may be out of circulation shortly as he is publishing as to ‘what really is going on in our UK law courts at the moment Last month in this prison the welsh police admitted it had been stopping my … Continue reading

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South Wales Police Steal Vital MP Letters for Imminent Jury Trial

xxxxxx Street, 1CF03361TauntonSomerset The Chief Constable of South Wales ConstabularyPolice HQCowbridge Road,BridgendCF35 3SU 27th August 2020 Dear Sir/Madam,Deliberate Perversion of Justice UNLAWFUL STOPPAGE AND DETENTION OF PRISON LETTERS AT HMP PARC and HMP CARDIFF – LETTER BEFORE CLAIM – TORTS … Continue reading

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Judge Andrew Keiser QC, Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, Barrister Lloyd Williams QC and Dolmans’ Adrian Oliver hatch a variation from their joint Machine Gun Conspiracy – Maurice the Drug Dealer

FAO Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Dear Sir, the South Wales Police have again made a complete fool of your honourable West Country police force but what are you going to do about it before I do on this … Continue reading

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‘Heroin’ posted to Alun Cairns MP from Cardiff Gaol is Proved was only confiscated by Prison Staff for their own use!

STOP PRESS The Defendant is not allowed to publish the current situation other than the repercussions surrounding charges dropped. This does not stop anyone else or contacting him, in particular, as to what he may consider in doing in Exeter tomorrow. … Continue reading

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My Machine Gun Civil Claim Blows Up in Police’s Face!

South Wales Police have produced 16 arch lever files (over 8, 000pages) simply to defend my claim against them for 2009 malicious criminal prosecution that I had been ‘trading in machine guns! Remember, readers, when it was leaked by a … Continue reading

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South Wales Police’s Criminal Conduct is Exposed yet Again

On the top of the Quantocks where I camped with the cub just before flight to Africa Thankyou supporters, yet again , for picking up deliberate abuse of process by ‘authority’. I have just read also, at 3 in the … Continue reading

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Maurice Released from Exeter Prison for Hospital

Today, 25th July 2020 English police have unearthed welsh police prison statements of a year ago identifying the welsh bstds already had evidence I had, as usual , posted letters to MPs around the UK that had previously indicated ‘concern’ … Continue reading

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