WANTED prison law lawyer for cash/legal aid or NO WIN NO FEE……please ring me on 07708586202

G4S conduct in Parc prison Bridgend with the South wales Police was contrary to Article 3 etc

£500 reward for witness evidence from 2019 HMP Parc &HMP Cardiff prisoner evidence leading to appropriate successful prosecution of my civil and criminal claims

I suffered months of this as in HMP Cardiff in 2019

I am prepared to hand over Brittany property deeds (in photo) as security

If bought within a month …..£45,000

FOR SALE £45000

The Law Society

Chancery Lane


6th May 2022

Conspiracy between South Wales Police, G4S Parc Prison & my MP

Dear Sir/Madam,

Lawyers, Holborn Adam of London and Horsey Lightly of Newbury have conspired to steal my £10,000

The background

South Wales Police conspired with Cardiff law courts to hush-up their part in the conspiracy following my arrest and imprisonment for the alleged criminal allegation, carrying a mandatory 10-year prison sentence, that I had been ‘trading in machine guns’ contrary to the 1968 Firearms Act.

The item, no longer under dispute, was simply a piece of smooth bore metal piping crudely bolted to a piece of wood to imitate a WW1 Lewis machine gun for the film prop in ‘Gunbus’ bolted my then replica DH2 biplane I had even flown and displayed at the 2000 Farnborough Air=show.

Why the criminal conspiracy?

Whist trying to run my Barry veterinary hospital in the Vale of Glamorgan, in the 90s, despite the Welsh police’s fabricated 24/7 surveillance excuse, to frighten  off my clients, I succeeded in crushing 89% of their 120 odd fictitious criminal allegations with neither apologies nor appropriate compensation.

My ensuing civil claims, including BS 614159, resulted in a combined cover-up by no less than 20 odd Cardiff judges with Judge Seys Llewelyn the ringleader deliberately white washing the evidence.

In 2018 a visiting judge from England ordered the disclosure of all police relevant records in the faile malicious criminal prosecutions cases despite my usual Subject Access Requests for the data over the next 20 odd years.

 All my requests were ignored, of course, until last week when a Bristol judge ‘stuck his head over the parapet’ and ordered the G4S run Parc prison to disclose as to why my ‘machine-gun’ legal papers had been violently stolen from me in my prison cell leaving me with need of yet another hospital visit.

The answer was exactly the same as to why, in 2009, my ‘BS614159’ claim was listed for that summer for a substantive hearing for an estimated 200 odd police officers (many retired) and 200 odd other eye witnesses all having seen the sustained bullying of an unrepresented Englishman stuck in a Welsh cabal of deceit due to their apparent unexplained  hatred of a man from the tribe next door.

In June 2009, therefore, the then chief constable, Barbara Wilding, launched a MAPPA level 3 police helicopter raid on our home with 20 odd officers on foot to surround us and have me gaoled for eight months until and including the farcical jury trial started at Cardiff’s Crown Court purely to block my access to defence witnesses.

A string of prosecution witnesses, some posing as experts, then lied to the jury, eight of whom agreeing with me in a pub following the obvious acquittal.

Even my own MP has refused to communicate following my pleas for help for, at least, the return of my property stolen by G4S on behalf of the South Wales Police who started this criminal conduct in the first place.

London solicitors, Holborn Adams, snatched my £5000 cheque and in the same breath promised written advice and return of the whole case file but I have received nothing despite regular requests.

Similarly, Horsey Lightly, solicitors of Newbury have also refused to disclose their ‘use’ of my next £5000 stupidly given to the legal trade when so clearly there is a pattern here due to the Law society’s track record of protecting ‘their own’ when criminal conduct has been occasioned.

This solicitor conduct is also tantamount to fraud so do you report it to the police or do I?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


General Form of Judgment or Order In the County Court at
Claim Number G00TA220
Date 5 May 2022
st Claimant
st Defendant
Before District Judge Taylor sitting at the County Court at Bristol, Bristol Civil Justice Centre, Number 2, Redcliff
Street, Bristol, BS1 6GR.

Upon asking the court for directions on whether the time of the court is much better used if the disclosure hearing
of 25 May 2022 should be relisted to occur after the Data Protection Subject Access Request for Disclosure has
been processed with records disclosed to the Claimant by the Defendant


I must apologise to a Mr Baker, solicitor  who I just spoke to at your Stratford on Avon office today as gave him some wrong information.

…..I received the client ‘machine gun’ file in February 2022  but it is devoid of the most important Chris Daw QC’ verbal and written advise and the equally vital notes taken down by your clerk on the 1st and second visits promised to both Mrs Sabine MacNeil and myself

Mrs MacNeil was a witness for the purpose of being a witness of shady conduct anticipated..

i clearly must turn to the courts for redress if something is not agreed as  the case is now in High Court, requiring the withheld notes, proving the alleged prohibited weapon was not only just a piece of water pipe stuck on a piece of wood for a film prop  it had me unlawfully gaoled and  destroyed my marriage.

cc Mrs Sabine Macneil

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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7 Responses to WANTED prison law lawyer for cash/legal aid or NO WIN NO FEE……please ring me on 07708586202

  1. Peter Barnes says:

    From Peter B. Wed 3May22

    To Maurice

    Thanks for your email, a good way to find a solicitor or barrister whom is knowledgeable on the subject of law you want is to find case law.

    You then contact the solicitor and or barrister whom acted in the case. It does not matter whether they were prosecution or defense, as you know they should be experienced in the subject.

    My suggestion is you contact someone whom has access to an internet subscription database on case law, such as Terry and Maria and ask if they would be willing to look up case law on prisoners suing for compensation and send you copies and then you contact the solicitors/barristers whom acted in any cases. The case law you can hopefully also use to support your case as well.

    Regards Peter B

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________


  2. Anonymous says:

    Maurice, mate. Sounds like you’re struggling to get effective help and you’re being taken by the legal profession. But you’ve spent years abusing them, so you might find cheap help quite difficult.

    And given that Sabine is just out of chokey, I don’t think she’ll be of much help.

    You’re obviously not in the best of health, so take care of yourself


  3. Anonymous says:

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