My Torture in G4S Park Prison South Wales

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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3 Responses to My Torture in G4S Park Prison South Wales

  1. Anonymous says:

    At the victim of police brutality eulogy it will be spoken of how that police their daughter her parents and the mad pakistani from slough invaded her body and forced her naked to the delight of their inspector and her brat the police use power to harm those they hate the victims father had a hatred of her from birth his desire to stop his daughter getting what she wanted the police found out about and their inspector her daughter and parents with the mad pakistani from slough got her raped for money for the inspectors daughter the daddys gifted a conviction to their inspectors daughter she’s a rapist that doee rapes with mad pakistani men.
    The U.K. government support the men to form rape gangs to harm women. The inspector at 62 norbury road cf5 3at target women to fund her daughter. Once her greedy daughter gets the rent money they harm women they stalk women at the flat they cut the Internet the mad pakistani is respected as they degrade and devalue women to the delight of Gwen and Shirley the female rapists who kidnap and harm as Gwen in counting rent money the police said Shirley said the Victim was dangerous that entitled the police to gang july and allow Gwen to take what Gwen wants the jealousy of a police family as they rape and harm for themselves. Gwen is the Landlord and the police said she did not want to live with her darling Sharif ali herself she wanted a white girl that they could gang bully.

    The police said Gwen did her occupancy fraud and the police and Gwen gent bully as part of the rent stolen off women to fund her grooming flat. At 62 Norbury road cf5 3at Gwen did not want to live with her chosen sharif ali so once she got the rent money her big beast of a daddy said to the boys club let’s rape the white woman so Gwen is protected and we use her for our narcisstic needs the abuser with fat ugly lying lips arranged with sgt Williamson his own wife cried of a bottom grope so Gwen said harming others by lying is justice her eyes shine with delight as the police and cps share her plan to force naked women with assured tenancy as power is used to fund the daughter who could not pay her mortgage so she planned that sharif ali would live with the white woman whilst Gwen did her occupancy fraud and went to london to be far away from her parents. The police found out that the female tenants Father hated her so they said lets tell her she’s mental and Gwen is s landlord with power
    And her mother is their inspector so they rape for themselves.
    The bitchy daughter fullly clothed as the police said Gwen got the rent money and now wants to help rape those women who fund her the police said the inspector cried about her bottom grope and now they want to rape and devalue and strip naked older women the inspectors daughter wants to harm.
    The police support Gwen and her pakistani she’s not malala he called her ugly and unemployable and he’s crying racism as gwen did her occupancy fraud.

    The police said Shirley and her husband siad the entitlement to rape other women Gwen was born with the police said as a landlord they force naked bad character and rape women for their brat

    The police said after they got the female tenant arrested gwen was counting rent money her devious face as she smiles that the police support her and her daddy and their like their own grooming gang with the mad pakistani as they harm women their own rape gang of violent bullies who force naked and said the men of swp see her as toilet paper.

    The police and cps and bitchy probation said she’s toilet paper for the inspector her daughter and her mad dangerous Pakistani that thinks women are to be harmed like malala and the daddy with thick ugly lying lips his heart so full of jealousy as the police and cps devoted to Gwen spent thousands to fund Gwen and her grooming flat as they tarnish women that Gwen wants raped for a conviction
    The police allow Gwen to get away with unlawful eviction assault with her big beast of a daddy as she did occupancy fraud the police support the mad pakistani as they did misogyny to women. The mad pakistani from slough was in wales to gang bully with the inspector who cried her bottom was groped and her daughter and her needs for funding her grooming flat at 62 norbury rd cf5 3at were more important than treating women with respect

    Beware the daughter of inspector shirley Barry a tall capable of violence daughter will assault and use force to get what she wants and her devious lying family turn to the police for support who kidnap and arrest and harm women for their daughter

    Gwen who did occupancy fraud at 62 norbury road cf53at did not want to live with her mad pakistani so the police and her picked a white woman they wanted to target for convictions and harm.

    The police said Gwen got away with rape of her female tenant the police said they force naked for Gwen to get rent Money it’s not kidnap or rape the police said it’s for Gwen it’s gwens dysfunctional rent agreement the devious daughter as she gets away with harming women trampled over human rights

    The police allow the mad pakistani sharif ali to stay fully clothed as
    They target women like in rotherham the home office policy of women are toilet paper and Shirley who cried about her bottom grope said my daughter does her occupancy fraud and expects those women not supposed to be living in her grooming flat to be forced naked and raped for themselves

    Shirley said they don’t arrest and force naked her daughter as gwen is the face of hypocrisy the police use scapegoats to get that flat paid for their daughter

    The landlords that are police that force naked and harm women the police said it’s protection of Gwen to get rent money and then kidnap and arrest for imaginary Assaults daddy said he saw his thick ugly lying lips as he wanted to harm women for his bitchy daughter

    The police said Gwen is fully clothed as they kidnap and force naked her and her mother said the men who groped mummy’s bottom are now harming women naked and Gwen is delighted she’s a landlord and it’s part of her eviction the evil plan of Gwen and the poles and cps to rape women keep women down who are not police for themselves as they rape and harm

    Get on and get ahead is her motto as her and her daddy as landlords said other women are toilet paper and Gwen gets ahead by forced nakedness as her mother cried about her bottom grope they patronisingly said it’s different when it’s our Bottoms our human rights the supreme women who think they are entitled to rape others of their Human rights they kidnap women they take and destroy human rights they are sick evil people out for themselves.
    They call others racist when they won’t live in their own flat with the pakistani sharif ali themselves so they rape others for convictions for themselves AND they keep the rent money so you pay rent to be kiddnapped at 62 norbury road cf5 3at

    At 62 norbury rd cf5 3at they befriend you and rent a place you pay them to abuse you. Once they want you out they arrange based on lies and fabricated witness evidence to get you kidnapped and forced naked and they basically get away with theft of rent money and stitching and bitching for convictions and if you try to get your stuff back or request rent refund she tells everyone how your a stalker the devious spiteful brat the cps and police allow to give fake Tenancy’s to and theft of money as you pay for them to kidnap you and force naked as their own daughter is fully clothed gloating Her sick evil face of spite smiling like a sick psychopath

    You pay to be kidnapped abused by mad Pakistanis men at 62 norbury rd cf5 3at all because the inspectors daughter did occupancy fraud bitch with her mad pakistani the police kidnap and harm women with

    Shirley gets a warrant to kidnap other females her daughter had done an assault and unlawful eviction on they keep the rent money you pay them to gang bully you and force you naked when Gwen is a landlord it’s the disturbing deal the police and Gwen have as she takes rent money they then rape for a conviction poor Gwen was assaulted the police said and her daddy with thick ugly lying lips claimed he saw so they wanted to hurt women for his princess


    • Anonymous says:

      Shirley who cried of her bottom grope said as her father hated her it’s acceptable to kidnap and force naked women for her daughter to get away with her occupant fraud as Shirley said I get to invade other womens bodies as my own bottom is off limits to the force and her own daughter is kept fully clothed as the police said she gets tearful if they try to remove Gwens clothes but the police said Gwen and the police get away with kidnap and forced nakedness as Gwen said it’s an abuse of power to get my flat funded by women we see as toilet paper. The evil eyes of a rapist pig and her daughter. Don’t expect respect of them and don’t give them any. Nothing more than evil kidnapping sexual thieving offenders the police support them.

      Shirley = a dangerous kidnapping bully with a needy brat who bullied like mummy who cried of her bottom and their sharif ali who tells women how ugly they are as he thinks he’s a supermodel the police and him so full of themselves she’s not malala let’s tell her how ugly she is the home office won’t protect her they will help prosecute her cos she’s not Malala

      She’s mad the inspectors daughter said the police said their daughter and her kidnapping mother is not mad she’s crazy the inspectors daughters bitchy friends say as the landlord kidnapping and Abusers for themselves we Gwen did occupancy fraud

      Mad Gwen the abuser Said the plan is to make women hang for herself as gwen wanted children the inspectors said they make other women hang so Gwen gets away with it as a landlord they want scapegoats

      The police said Gwen claims she Can’t come back to cardiff as the tenant will kick her head in as poor Gwen is portrayed as the Victim
      They kidnap
      Women the police inspector and her daughter wanted to harm . They think since 2009
      Someone would want to kick her pathetic head in lying pathetic bitch

      Wish I had never met you toxic poisonous cow and your kidnapping evil mother


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