The Wicked Ways of the Welsh

  1. Their judicial system is rotten to the core
  2. Their custodial system is regularly in breach of Article 3
  3. Their bullying South Wales Police is shown to be accountable to no one.
  4. Their Caswell Clinic had deceitful doctors, to have me imprisoned on their knowingly false unqualified medical reports, while those ultimately responsible stood idly by and did nothing.

Over 40 of their failed malicious criminal prosecutions resulted in a string of corrupt Welsh judges refusing compensation for their police conduct or for the return of thousands of pounds worth of my property stolen under false pretences. Judges Timothy Petts and Seys Lewellyn to name just two.

The welshing authorities lost 89% of their 130 odd criminal allegations aimed at me resulting in years of unlawful incarceration simply to prejudice my on-going civil claims for compensation.

When I finally managed to get out of Wales to a civilised country, England in November 2019, the Welsh police had even falsified my forensic history for other police forces, including the fabricated criminal convictions for ‘child abuse’, ‘narcotics’ and ‘firearms’ offenses. (Now expunged from the record upon HM Parole Board investigation.

This latter spineless Welsh authorities act not only caused my M5 roadside arrest by a vicious police officer, showing off to the police women also in attendance but proceeded to viciously slam on handcuffs to maximum possible tightness as the South Wales Police, was heard over the radio, I was ‘violent and likely to try and escape’.

The very same phrase had been written back in the 70’s, for a jury trial for alleged ‘theft’ for which I was acquitted, by the then Chief Superintendent ‘Curly’ Hawkins at Taunton police station upon finding that his personal pocket notebook was ‘missing’ from his office, 3rd draw down on the left (with the broken brass handle).

He had just told the Taunton magistrates, on oath, he had personally conducted the biggest man hunt for me in Taunton which they found not even to be recorded in his personal pocket note book!

This very same phrase, violent and likely to try and escape’, has been seen written in subsequent court and custody records in both England and Wales decades later.

I have been recently gaoled only to be acquitted of all allegations for writing two anthrax like powdered filled letters, a year apart, purportedly to the bone-idle lying Member of Parliament, saying it was an act of ‘stalking’ contrary to the 1997 Harassment Act.

 The letters to an MP, apparently, referred to the prison breaches of Article 3 during the summer of 2019 when staff stood idly by while human faeces and buckets of urine were being thrown onto my bed in my prison cell. The ‘first’ letter, the jury was told, contained a mysterious ‘white powder’ when opened by the recipient.

But prison law is clear on this that a prisoner cannot be guilty of any offence with regards to posting a letter to his MP, containing a noxious substance, as each letter is first examined by a prison officer before it is sealed and in my case, as a MAPPA victim, the extra safe guard by the South Wales Police also monitoring my correspondence, telephone calls and movements 24/7 while in or out of prison.

None of my letters were answered over a four-year period to the lazy and deceitful MP, ‘living off immoral earnings’ a court heard I am now told.

Readers are invited to the current on going 1CF03361 South Wales Police civil litigation, currently on appeal, resulting from my 2010 acquittal when charged of ‘trading in machine-guns’ carrying a mandatory minimum ten-year prison term denied, of course, for the hearing to be in England.

G4S Parc prison not only blocked my letters to the RCJ, family and others they were seen doing it by other prisoners and myself piling them up for some to be returned on release!

The film prop, prosecution exhibit AJR 1, a look alike 1916 Lewis machine gun bolted on my 2000 Farnborough Air-show display Battle of the Somme replica biplane, was deemed as a ‘prohibited weapon’ by the South Wales Police but not by the Nottinghamshire police who deemed it a piece of harm piece of scrap! Despite that I was gaoled for eight months on remand until the obvious  to be acquittal before a Cardiff Crown Court jury.

Provenance of the item was never explored by the South Wales Police, of course, as a simple look down the smooth not rifled barrel alone disclosed it was a condemned barrel of 0.40 single shot shot-gun  with no gas vents needed if it had been a machine-gun or a port for receiving the 303 or 300 rounds from the rotating magazine on the top.

To date the South Wales Police have been presented, meaning you, with a fabricated one million pound legal bill within the Welsh cabal, by Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, Cardiff solicitors but only achieved by two particularly wicked Cardiff County court judges, Timothy Petts and Seys Lewellyn who excelled themselves in unlawful conduct simply for personal gratification.

Aspects of this widespread welshing skulduggery were already before well over 20 odd other Cardiff court judges, throughout 2009/10 and since, in that ALL would have known or ought to have known the heart of this particular police conspiracy was as follows:

  1. The item (prosecution exhibit AJR1) had left my possession at least 8/9 months before my arrest as it had been sold to another aircraft enthusiast who was not even interviewed or prosecuted by the South Wales Police over the modifications he had carried out on it
  • The item was then first examined by the Nottinghamshire police and deemed not a gun.
  • The item, once in the hands of the South Wales Police, failed to identify any component part of the item as part of a ‘prohibited weapon’ as the June 2010 decommissioning certificate confirmed. Police confirmed, while I was in possession of it in 2008 despite Home Office regulations stating the correct procedure, also proved the police were again lying.
  • That is why the Welsh police refused to disclose the HO regulations of filming of the item while being methodically stripped down. Huxtable at police HQ especially and lied over his handling of  it the jury were so quick to hear and understand they told me.  
  • Cardiff trial judge, Paul Thomas, of course, flatly refused to allow either myself or my gun expert, waiting in court, to examine the item letting the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’ as the jury told me in the pub after the acquittal that this was not just deceitful coppers numerous senior judiciary and Criminal Prosecution Service members were also lying.
  • The police quickly gaoled an observer in the public gallery for publishing the full name of the police ‘plant’ on the jury identified by the eight of the jury in the Cardiff pub. The police spy had refused to discuss the case at all in the jury room and always voted ‘guilty’ when a count was taken.  

To be continued

N244 Application notice   For help in completing this form please read
the notes for guidance form N244Notes.   Find out how HM Courts and Tribunals Service uses personal information you give them when you fill in a form:
Name of court County Court at CardiffClaim no. CF03361
Fee account no.
(if applicable)
Help with Fees – Ref. no.
(if applicable)
Warrant no.
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Claimant’s name (including ref.) Maurice John Kirk
Defendant’s name (including ref.) Chief Constable of South Wales Police
Date12th Sept 2021                                                               sept2021 

1.    What is your name or, if you are a legal representative, the name of your firm?

Maurice John Kirk
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3.    What order are you asking the court to make and why?

An Order for Specific Disclosure of documents as set out under CPR 32.12.and for the issuing of witness summonses.

4     Have you attached a draft of the order you are applying for?                                                                                     3  Yes                                                                                    No

5.    How do you want to have this application dealt with?                                                                                     3  at a hearing                                                                                    without a hearing

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6.How long do you think the hearing will last?2 Hours      Minutes
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7.Give details of any fixed trial date or periodNone
8.What level of Judge does your hearing need?District Judge
9.Who should be served with this application?Dolmans solicitors on behalf of the Chief Constable of South Wales Police
9a.Please give the service address, (other than details of the claimant or defendant) of any party named in question 9. 

10.  What information will you be relying on, in support of your application?

 the attached witness statement

 the statement of case

3  the evidence set out in the box below

  The defendant to disclose 422 witnesses:   Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of Operation OrchidAll records re police helicopter flights re Operations Chalice and OrchidAll Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff records of Operation ‘Orchid’ & ‘Chalice’  Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of Operation ChaliceGold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of Operation BridgerAll minutes relating to Gold Groups are retained locally by that ‘OCU’.     (These documents must include closure reports, Gold Group logs and other
      material such as Critical Incident Management Logs). Nottingham police records relating to Operation Chalice and exhibit ARH1Scott Arms records relating to Operation Chalice and exhibit ARH1Duxford Museum records relating to ARH1Bedford Shuttleworth Air Museum records relating to Operation Chalice (five machineguns)Chepstow Forensic Scientific Services records relating to Operation Chalice and ARH1RAF records (2000 Farnborough Airshow and Lynham airfields) of exhibit ARH1Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of ‘Foxy’Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of PC Nigel BrownFull content of all police and retired police personal pocket notebooks of Operation ChaliceFull content of HMP Cardiff & G4S run HMP Parc records of Operation Chalice & OrchidFull content of HMP Parc stolen Caswell Clinic medical records of claimant re Operation Chalice and civil claim 1CF03361Andrew Huxtable Prosecution exhibits AH1 &AH2Andrew Huxtable’s Home Office controlled video and photographs of his examination of ex ARH 1Litts of Newport gun shop, South Wales, records relating to Operation Chalice and ARH1Medica lrecords of bridget Craddockre Operation chalice and OrchidMedical records of Dr Metters re Operations Chalice & Orchid     The Cardiff Count Court to issue witness summonses, to the following, to attend 1CF93361 civil damages claim on behalf of the claimant:   Tim Dodson, clerk of court, with the claimant’s defense statement for T20097445 and court logKirstie Kirk with records of her Operations Chalice and Orchid involvementGenevieve Kirk with records of her Operations Chalice and Orchid involvement‘Foxy’, under cover police officer, with his records of Operations Chalice and OrchidNigel Brown of South Wales Police with his records of operation Chalice and OrchidRetired DC James Philips with his records of Operations Chalice and OrchidRetired inspector Phil Davies with his records of Operations Chalice and OrchidPolice officer Kerslake with his records of Operations Chalice, Orchid & BS612159 damages claimPolice officer Redrupp with his records of Operations Chalice and Orchid & BS612159 damages clPolice officer Williams with his records of Operations Chalice Orchid & BS612159 damages claimPolice officer Andrew Rice with records of Operations Chalice Orchid & BS612159 damages claimPolice Officer Davidson with his records of Operations Chalice/Orchid & BS612159 damages claimPolice Officer Morgan with his records of Operations Chalice/Orchid & BS612159 damages claimPolice Officer Dyson with his records of Operations Chalice/Orchid & BS612159 damages claim Appropriate Adult Mr Reeves who witnessed Operation Chalice and Orchid helicopter raidRetired Chief Superintendent Stuart McKenzie OIC of Operations Chalice and Orchid   This list is far from exhaustive            

Statement of Truth

I understand that proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against anyone who makes, or causes to be made, a false statement in a document verified by a statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth.

3   I believe that the facts stated in section 10 (and any continuation sheets) are true.

The Applicant believes that the facts stated in section 10 (and any continuation sheets) are true. I am authorised by the applicant to sign this statement.


Description: Description: signature1

3 _  Applicant

_ Litigation friend (where applicant is a child or a Protected Party)

Applicant’s legal representative (as defined by CPR 2.3(1))


Day Month Year
12th September 2021

Full name

Maurice John Kirk

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About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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