£400 Rewards for Prisoner Witness Statements

Maurice Kirk offers £100 plus, in cash, for information from witnesses with reference to his illegal two years incarcerated in Welsh prisons, Cardiff, Parc and Swansea relating to any of his facts published in his £500,000 Particulars of Damages Claim against G4S & South Wales Police

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DRAFT                                                                                              Case number G00TA220

Bristol County Court

Maurice J Kirk


G4S Care & Justice Services (UK) Limited (HMP Parc)

Draft Statement 25 March version by Maurice John Kirk BVSc

For requesting Disclosure of around my stay at HMP Parc

A request for copies of the obvious paper trail that the Defendant expects me to have in my possession

  1. The typical standard administration of all prisons in the UK involves that a prisoner must communicate with the prison staff in writing by a written Application or Complaint using only a standard form. The prison staff replies are also in writing.
  • Applications can be a request for example for his shoes where many simple requests are in writing on the standard Applications Form. Any complaint minor or serious must be in writing on a Comp 1 Form or Comp 2 if confidential. All replies to written applications and or Cmp1 and Comp2 forms in writing are replied in writing/ A confidential complaint is on a Form Comp 1A. There is therefore always a paper trail.
  • If the prisoner is not content with the replies for an Application or Complaint there is an escalation process again by all recorded in writing. The escalation process has a number of stages each with the prisoner submitting written forms with written replies.
  • All prisons keep copies of all records indefinitely
  • My copies of my prison paper trail were confiscated while in both HMP Cardiff (see leaked prison officer Daryl Davies witness statement) and in HMP Parc (see witness statements of G4S prison officers) to try to prevent me having my records of events to bring this case. On my 1st November 2019 release none of my papers from either prison were returned to me until august 2021 but some of my prison letters, addressed to me or addressed by me, were returned to me while recovering in a waiting car directly outside of the prison main gates.
  • The Defendant claims to have returned my copies. I say they have not. Regardless it is not unreasonable that I now be given copies from prison files of all written exchanges that I sent into staff while a prisoner at HMP Parc and any replies from the prison staff to me.  
  • Several times prison staff, in both prisons, stated that the South Wales Police had entered my prison cells, sometimes with search dogs and took away my written documents. This matter was raised before the T20200177 Exeter Crown Court trial judge, His Honour Judge Johnson, HM Crown Prosecutor, solicitor Mr Nick Evans and CPS barrister during my many requests for my papers back and especially recordings of my communications with various MPs before the obvious acquittal.
  • These papers will give a structure to events and facts that are needed to draft a Particulars of Claim and a structure that the Court needs to see by 30th March 2022.

Similar Request to a Subject Access Request

  • All prisons keep careful records on all prisoners’ daily progress for various reasons including to justify any responses or interference in rights. I was already marked down for ‘special treatment as a MAPPA level 3 serious danger to the Chief Constable. My record included ‘extremely violent and likely to try and escape’!
  1. I wish copies of all records where control is exercised over me either by an action or inaction
  1. We are well aware that the power of the state can lawfully interfere with rights under Articles 3 and 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 if there is justification or good reason.
  1. All of a very full approach to this information is needed to avoid wasting the time of the Court because we must avoid the potential of me claiming a very long list of interferences when with my poor health I am simply not remembering when there may have been a reason for staff to interfere.

A broadest approach compared to a Subject Access request 

  1. The case is based in my being in dispute with other agencies who exaggerate or invent ‘risk’ even to spectacular levels to try to cause me harm and loss.
  1. I was not only declared MAPPA level 3 category 3 but even a Whitehall FTAC ‘Critical Public Protection Risk’. This means I am supposed to be one of the very most dangerous people of all in the UK. But not only is it obvious for reasons of common sense that that is untrue it is difficult for the various authorities, reliant on South Wales Police CRO false records, to be consistent with such an invention.        
  1. The Court needs to know the consistency with which HMP Parc staff viewed me and whether HMP Parc staff even further exaggerated any of these very many aspects of the defamatory attacks and how that may have caused bullying by staff and prisoners .
  2. Or did the G4S HMP Parc reject what other authorities said and make up their own approach? So was that approach fair or an explanation of how bullying arose? 

Obvious mischief by the Defendant to justify Disclosure

  1.   A prison makes a record of a MAPPA prisoner’s correspondence, sent or received  even admitting the Claimant had a volume of papers but during the Exeter MP trial the jury were denied those prison letter records, the primary cause of my acquittal.
  1. The evidence before the Court is that the Defendant said in their main defence reply .
  1. Point 17 e “He was carried to a car. He left with his property.” CCTV alone will confirm the blatant lie.
  • a level playing field ?

to be continued 

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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