Lazy, Lying MP has even blocked my voting for my New Prime Minister!

I have not received my ballot papers to vote for our next PM by 5pm today

But no one has told me why and where have my membership monies gone?

I telephoned, wrote and even visited my Conservative Head Office in Westminster for explanations, if not just out of spite but I was still ignored. So, when too late today, I was told it was my Taunton office that had blocked my membership renewal so was I surprised ?

And just who is still living off immoral earnings? — I asked the obvious, to Party HQ, for my money back and with ‘tongue in cheek’, my Party donations over these past 40 years but I was promptly cut off!

Police officers ‘taking to the knee’ – – what on earth is happening to our England?

Welsh police’s 30 years of unchecked illegal conduct forces the sale of my house for £100,000 …tel 07708586202 – will exchange for boat, aircraft or wife 0r for half the price near by…..

St Vran

Nearby for £130,000 4 bed town residence

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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42 Responses to Lazy, Lying MP has even blocked my voting for my New Prime Minister!

  1. jake says:

    I’ve never been allowed to vote in my entire life! After exhausting all other possibilities I initiated legal proceedings….that was 17 years ago! Guess what? Still waiting for a court date…..


  2. Anonymous says:

    Evil what they did in their inspectors grooming flat at 62 norbury RD was got a white girl to live with the mad Pakistani man the inspector daughter turned her Welsh snobby nose at living with herself as the daughter did occupancy fraud they look for scapegoats for their daughter. Rather than their daughter living In her flat not doing occupancy fraud they want a scapegoat to abuse as they scam for rent money and convictions. The inspector who cried discrimination gets the men who groped her bottom to force naked the female tenant her daughter wanted evicted and harmed. Power is used for her daughter to get her grooming flat funded as the police gang bully lone women the patriarchy said the police daughter who did occupancy fraud as she turned her Welsh snobby nose at living the mad Pakistani herself the police targeted the female tenant they abused for a conviction. Devoted to themselves that Inspector kept her daughter fully clothed and gloating as she counted the rent money her face full of confidence and power as they used power on the true victim. The police get naked the daughter her father hated and now the inspector and her husband hated and plan the rape for a conviction. The police supported the 6ft 1 beasts and his tall big daughter and the mad Pakistani she’s not called Malala so the gang said their own daughter is fully clothed as it’s necessary to force other women naked older women the police family devalue with sexual abuse as their devious daughter is portrayed as a fully clothed victim her daddy’s fat evil lying lips doing perjury for his daughter and her occupancy fraud at his daughters flat the scam to get money and convictions to fund their daughters grooming flat the police said they harm women. The daughter of the inspector targeted women she wants harmed by Pakistani men as the daddy’s hated her.

    THE JEALOUSY AS THE POLICE RAPE WOMEN FOR CONVICTIONS AND THE EVIL DAUGHTER THE SEX OFFENDER AND RAPIST IS PORTRAYED AS BEING STALKED AS SHE STOLE RENT MONEY A RAPIST PIG THAT CLAIMS she’s being stalked the devious landlord that rapes with mad Pakistani men and the police that support the grooming gangs. The justice the criminal landlord smears women about the face of hypocrisy as they harm other women the daughters of inspectors and how they get away with rape and unlawful eviction for their their devotion to themselves.


  3. Anonymous says:

    What they should do is force naked that evil inspector and her bitchy devious daughter who should have been living with the Pakistani man herself that devious bitch doing her occupancy fraud saying she’s getting older women brought to justice with the father with fat ugly lying lips doing perjury they call justice

    Occupancy fraud the cps won’t prosecute for their darling inspector as they rape her female tenants the police said they cry they been STALKED when the tenant wants a rent refund and their personal items back. The police portray their devious landlord they supported to do unlawful eviction as a victim of stalking as they do sham tenancy agreements to do the dirty and rape for convictions their devious modus operandi of filth


  4. Anonymous says:

    They don’t force naked themselves they use that power to protect themselves they rape other daughters for their daughter to get their mortgage funded why buy the flat so the mad Pakistani could be housed with a white girl the government should stop it happening

    Childish women the daughters of inspectors playing pretend professional landlords that rape and kidnap other women this so called power an abuse of power


  5. Anonymous says:

    The only people who think doing perjury is an act of devotion to stitch up another daughter for his own daughter to get what she wants

    Daddy wants to harm other daughters for his own daughter

    The inspector was patronising her husband was a wonderful man who did perjury to harm other women she’s dangerous the inspector said the men who groped her bottom now want to harm the woman they lured in as her own daughter did occupancy fraud the inspector said force my daughters tenant naked it’s protection for her daughter and how they get rent money out of women

    The inspector Said the lone female 5ft 5 was dangerous as her husband the 6ft 1 beset was supported by the men who groped her bottom all because her stupid daughter had a flat they had to grovel off others to fund

    Bitchy inspector who gets women forced naked and cried about her bottom grope they enjoy harming other women the face of hypocrisy as the female inspector who cried about a bottom grope gets men like Wayne couzens to harm women her and her bitchy daughter claim are dangerous as they get away with unlawful eviction their own daughter is fully clothed as the police inspector and her daughter said forced nakedness of older women is justice the evil of the evil inspector and her daughter like Wayne couzens they harm for their needs narcissistic needs of evil women


  6. Anonymous says:

    * Beast not beset jealous beast the police support to gang bully for his evil daughter call him daddy the judge said daddy is more credible they said daddy is the husband of an inspector and power is used for his daughter as they harm other women the beast and his evil rapist daughter the pig she’s a stalker the rapist said

    RAPIST pigs with a bitchy daughter who called herself a trustee of the lady garden as they pretend the forced nakedness didn’t happen cheeky evil cows mummy’s bottom was groped but forced nakedness of other women is justice the patronising pigs and their daughter the face of OCCUPANCY FRAUD AND DECEIT AND DEVIOUS EVIL


  7. Anonymous says:

    Perjury isn’t harming other women the inspector and her husband harmed other women for their daughter

    Make her hang daddy the evil brat who did occupancy fraud said get rid her big beast of a husband with fat ugly lying lips said he’s a wonderful man the inspector said si they harmed and did perjury the evil as bitching for a hanging for an imaginary assault is justice

    Evil people devoted to themselves as they do harm to others harm her daddy the daughter cried I’m more special she cried

    The police said daddy was so devoted to his daughter they did perjury to harm other women like a child abuser the daddy and the police harm others harming other women the inspector said her husband was a wonderful man and the woman was dangerous as the police were the ones that wanted to murder women their husbands 6ft 1 beasts the police support to HARM women it’s not harm but protection of a police family they said the patronising pigs that rape for themselves she’s not Malala so they threaten to section women mad Pakistani men that the police and inspectors support to harm other women they hate and do misogyny on it’s not misogyny but racism the daughter of a pig said as they force naked the spite and malice of a female gang rapist pig 🐷


  8. Anonymous says:

    She’s not wonderful the bitchy inspector said about ME her daughter targeted and bullied ME as their position as a landlord was abused they forced naked and said sexual abuse is justice the evil as the wonderful man did perjury his flat ugly lips wanting a scapegoat as the police said it’s justice when they harm women

    I am wonderful and the husband a 6ft 1 beast and his daughter and his inspector wife are dangerous evil scammers the bitchy evil inspector abused power for her bitchy daughter as they kidnap and harm women a police family who abuse and take like Wayne couzens did kidnap and harm other women all because their daughter did occupancy Fraud at 62 Norbury rd cf5 3at


  9. Anonymous says:

    I am a wonderful woman who survived their devious sexual abuse and kidnaps etc dirty evil landlords who abuse with sham tenancy agreements and their other evil


  10. Anonymous says:

    The police said their inspector and her daughter are dirty pigs who did occupancy fraud so they can harm women the cps and police support their Inspector and her daughter as the police said occupancy fraud is allowed as the mothers bottom was groped the daughter said making other women dirty is justice the evil as they did perjury she wants a family the inspector said the police support their daughter as they attacked the ovaries of the other woman she’s not wonderful let’s harm her the police as they tore at her knickers the jealousy as the Inspector got the rent money for her daughter the police said the plan was to groOM FOR A CONVICTIONS

    THE INSPECTORs daughter said the only birthday that matters is her own as she and the police want to kidnap and harm the other women the jealousy as the police said their inspectors daughters birthday is more important as they stitch and bitch and harm other women the jealousy as the police said their inspectors husband was a wonderful man and his plan to harm women his wife and daughter hate is justice

    Harm her daddy as the police harmed women the inspectors daughter said it’s justice finally the men who groped mummy’s bottom are harming other women the evil daughter was gloating her daddy was wonderful his perjury was justice the evil of a daughter that they kidnap and harm women for

    The inspector kidnaps and harms women for her daughter the face of hypocrisy and occupancy fraud a devious evil family of pigs that rape to get ahead the evil of Power as the daughter said let’s harm. And rape her the pigs and the powerful landlord who raped women with her parents


  11. Anonymous says:

    Your an offender the police and probation said I said your a gang of evil lying rapist pigs you and your judges

    Your an offender they said

    Your a gang of rapist lying pigs I said with a daughter of an inspector who raped in her grooming flat the dirty evil police family and their unlawful eviction as their daughter gloats of power the stupid brat who’s mummy’s bottom was groped she’s crying about how her tenant won’t be evicted so they do it unlawfully and rape and the police said their inspector and their daughter get away with rape on other women

    It’s not harm the inspector said these men are wonderful and changed since she cried about her bottom


  12. Anonymous says:

    Got to say part of my eulogy and on my head stone will be gang bullied by swp etc don’t bother me their criminal conviction of me they only got it through force and bullying and rape / forced nakedness / kidnap / assault sad pathetic bullies and hope more are sacked she’s an evil inspector and her daughter inherited her evil

    Sack them don’t convict me for their inappropriate touching


  13. Anonymous says:

    How the police and Gwen Barry target women as Gwen needs her mortgage funded
    The pigs daughter did not want to live with sharif ali herself so she Picked an older woman to abuse

    The police said she’s the landlord 8years younger the police
    And cps trust her as they gang abuse older women she’s mad the daughter of the inspector whose mummy cried my bottom was groped

    The police said Gwen had a plan to get the money and cry she was assaulted so the police force naked older women they want to harm

    The police said Gwen is not kidnapped but they pick women the inspector and her daughter want to harm

    The jealousy as Gwen said the police and my mother said I am more special and deserving as Gwen said the plan was to kidnap and harm women her and her mother make dirty

    The police said power is used for gwen to do get away with assault and unlawful eviction as a devious brat

    The police said Gwen kidnaps and Harms women it’s justice the daughter said they force naiad and bully
    The police said that Gwen is jealous and they are landlords who thieve off women for their daughter

    The police rape women for gwne and her parents as Gwen counts rent money the police rape

    The evil as the police said they kidnap and abuse women that Gwen is a landlord for its justice the bitchy daughter said her body is naked as Gwen is gloating of Justice

    Evil as Gwen was touching women the police support Gwen and gang bully the rapist pigs

    Scammers as they fund Gwen and her grooming flat

    Sack then and don’t compensate Shirley and her bottom grope the bitch


  14. Anonymous says:

    What they do for their daughter is harm other women.

    Gwen was tearful the police and Barry’s said so to make Gwen feel good they harm other women the daughter was a landlord and the police help her evict tenants and rape
    Them and smear them

    The police said Gwen comes first the cps and police said to get what she wants they force naked and harm women the daughter was gloating how the police do forced nakedness on women its not inappropriate touching its for Gwen the daughter whos mummy cried about a bottom grope

    It’s justice then the scammers said the power used to scm’s others off their lives

    The scam the police had to harm
    Naked women for their Daughter a pigs Stupid brat


  15. Anonymous says:

    I remember it well 12.00 26 nov 2009 the judas like betrayal of Gwen when they kidnapped and harmed me for her devious lies about me about how she was assaulted and her evil daddy saw

    And how those bastards who kidnapped me forced me naked for that Evil brat who should not even have been a landlord she’s fully clothed gloating it’s justice me and my mother are wonderful more wonderful than her the bitchy woman said

    Perjury and forced nakedness the brutal pigs and their daughter as they plan to kidnap and harm women


    • Anonymous says:

      How she and her evil mother get what they want is they are hard women like men they bully women

      The big hard daughter assaults her tenants to enforce rent money out of them

      The police then support the mother and daughter to get the vulnerable female tenant forced naked she’s like a hard man the brutal forced nakedness they inflict on women for themselves

      The evil as they rape and take rent money hard evil people and she pretends with tears in those shit coloured eyes to be tearful manipulative devious bitchy brat and her mother who said rape is justice it’s just my bottom grope that’s important as her and her daughter target women to rape for convictions like men in the force they harm women

      The jealousy as Shirley said her and her daughter kidnap and harm women and call it Justice the big birds the Barry are as they harm women with force and violence

      The Barry’s a hard nosed violent police family of abusers and liars

      Lets harm her the daughter said as her big daddy licked his fat ugly lying lips and Said Gwen wants her tenant Arrested for imaginary assaults the jealousy as the police pedophiles touch women up for their daughter the devious landlord who raped her female tenant


  16. Anonymous says: They denied all inappropriate touching of my body first time

    26/11/2009 12:00 two male officers arrest based on lies by Barry’s force me naked by cutting up back of jeans

    1/1/2012 again fake arrest kidnap and forced naked

    19/1/2015 false imprisonment in Gatwick cos the Barry’s from 26/11/2009 who were my landlord and evicted me found a civil claim asking for rent money back so the inspector got a warrant

    Apparently all these incidents of forced nakedness is normal behaviour

    Despite living and owing a house in different areas to london and norbury rd the daughter claimed she’s been stalked. So my ex landlord who actually raped me / forced me naked gets to call me a Stalker and she’s not a rapist she is a rapist nothing more than a rapist pig and her flat should be seized

    Finally justice the jealousy they should sack sgt Williamson Paul Thomas ps Lea to name
    But a few

    The mad inspector deserves nothing for her bottom grope and her daughter should be banned from ever Being a landlord

    Because of them I have been systematically abused

    Force naked your darling Gwen Shirley don’t smear and lie about me you and your bitchy daughter

    All of them the same lying abusers whether male or female

    Pigs and the daughter of a pig who thinks she’s entitled to smear and Tarnish me the wonderful woman that I Am
    They are not wonderful at all they are liars


  17. Anonymous says:

    Anyway don’t waste my life on their evil anymore

    Quite happy to live without their inappropriate touching in my life

    They got to label me a “criminal” when the true sex offender violently forced me naked for Gwen as the police said she’s a landlord and her mother and her decide that pakistani men are wonderful the jealousy the police said the plan was
    After being forced naked that Gwen and her daddy did a stitch and bitch so his Brat got a conviction she’s more tearful the police said and
    Mummy’s bottom was groped so they force naked women for her daughter

    Wish I had never stepped foot in her grooming flat the devious daughter. Wish I had never met her and been stripped down of my human rights

    The police said their daughter and her Mother get away with rape of other
    Women the jealousy that Gwen had As the police and her plan women that Gwen wants kidnapped and harmed the jealousy of police
    Families who inappropriately touch and force naked bitchy and spiteful it’s different to when mummy had her bottom groped the stupid hypocrite said

    Sack them all

    The police said Gwen was more vulnerable that is why they did an unlawful eviction and blamed the other female for gwen not being able to pay her own mortgage the police abusers of power for themselves

    Just writing this speaking out about it probably get me arrested their plan to control women and stop them from speaking out against police and their tactics to get what they want


  18. Anonymous says:

    What they wanted to do as Shirley said I was obsessed wit her family.

    I said hard to forget my enemies who want to kidnap and force me naked / rape

    But what she wanted from me was to say how wonderful her husband was and to Thank him for excellent perjury to harm me so his daughter can gloat her lies and abuse are believed the devious spiteful enemies out to sabotage me

    Apparently she was furious I celebrated her husbands death like I was going to be upset that the beast who bullied me was dead

    Be a good girl the Patronising pigs said Gwen and
    Her daddy
    Want to abuse you for convictions and Shirley is furious you celebrated his death the man who was wanting to harm women for his princess

    Left like a piece of rubbish on streets with no access to my stuff no respect to give me notice as per my tenancy and I’m the so called criminal

    Yeah I celebrated his death what can I say I don’t pretend my enemies are suddenly my friends


  19. Anonymous says:

    Being arrested in Gatwick for supposedly stalking my ex landlord who threw me out like a piece of rubbish was best

    I filed what I believe to be a legit claim for rent refund as she threw me out like rubbish once again my housing rights human rights abused

    Kidnap and arrest it’s like they treat me retarded said no human rights

    Just vile people and act all outraged when I said they kidnapping me they c****

    Leave me alone don’t kidnap me this is what happened my view I can speak my view and it doesn’t have to be to their liking


  20. Anonymous says:

    Also they were trying to say I have Aspergers. I’m like before I met Gwen Barry nobody forced me naked or abused me perhaps my issues are anger from the abuse

    From a brat 8 years younger a landlord who abused me and got me raped me a conviction before I met her :

    1 never been forced naked
    2 never had tenancy agreements voided
    3 never been assaulted by a landlord
    4 never had pakistani men cry racism after telling me how ugly and unemployable I am and how the men want to section me the abusers they are
    5 never had stuff put into big yellow and told to fuck off until trial
    6 never had a landlord stalk me cut Internet etc

    Wish I had never met her don’t want to stalk the bitch I wanted a rent refund as a landlord but what they do is harm women got themselves abusing power as landlord etc


  21. Anonymous says:

    The police Serving the interest of the Barry family as they want other women to sacrifice
    Their human rights

    The police said as the father of the victim
    Of the assault by the landlord hated her they wanted to harm her

    The police said listen to the pakistani man. And trust him as the police joined in with the mad landlord and her parents and the mad pakistani to undermine. And erode the female tenant

    The police said the plan was to harm
    Women she’s naked the police said their inspector and her daughter said the police are on their side as they want to rape her for a conviction

    It’s justice they said to harm women the lies and perjury as the police said it’s how their daughters are funded off others

    The jealousy as the police inspector and her daughter got the rent money and kidnapped and harm women for the needs of their evil daughter

    The police and cps said to the woman they trust the pakistani and the inspectors daughter more than the woman as the police said their inspector is a jealous bitch and the police follow her orders to force naked and harm women for themselves

    Spite and malice as a dangerous Pakistani had his clothes on the police said they are perfect men and they use women as scapegoats that is their misogyny their plan to harm women for themselves the Evil as the police said their daughter is not arrested as they have women on their list to harm for their thieving daughter

    The use of force to get what their daughters want.

    Thank daddy and tell him how wonderful he and the pakistani is and that your a criminal

    The men tell her she’s a criminal and they are wonderful as they. Rape her for themslevs

    Money and convictions as they force naked and rape the jealousy as the police said power is used to keep the pakistani fully clothed and his daughter fully clothed

    The police said the beast was 6ft 1 licking his gay ugly lying jealous lips let’s rape her he said to the boys club her father hated her and now it’s daddy Barry’s turn to get a conviction for his princess as the police said they use her as a scapegoat for themselves

    Evil bad dangerous lying evil people who rape for themselves

    She’s our slave the police said make her work for free unpaid work exploitation like the Barry’s exploited rent money the police said you pay to get raped for a conviction when you pay rent money to the Barry’s in their grooming pad as the police said daddy said it’s justice his thick ugly lying lips moving In a disgusting way as he lies for him and his princess to get ahead

    Get on and get ahead gwen said getting ahead scamming others as a landlord


  22. Anonymous says:

    Get your hands off my bottom and kidnap and harm my daughters Female tenant

    The jealousy as force is used and the police said listen to your father listen to sharif ali and listen to Anthony Barry men that hate you and want to harm you fir themselves as the police place the well-being of Gwen above all others

    She’s a more vulnerable daughter of their inspector who gets paid rent to force women naked and harm them

    That is evil Shirley and her bitchy bottom full of jealousy of other women

    Getting a warrant to harm women for her more precious daughter

    The scam is that Shirley and her daughter take rent money and women are made into criminals they pay for gwen to lead a prosecution on women she’s a landlord the police support they support Pakistanis and they destroy white skinned women that Shirley and her daughter take rent money off and rape for themselves

    The female rapist pigs kidnapping and harm that call is
    Justice the disgusting jealousy of a gang bullying for themselves

    Force naked and kidnap and harm gwen Shirley keep your jealousy bitchy hands odd women and make Gwen live in her flat with her wonderful sharif ali the man they support to abuse women she’s too ugly and unemployable the mad pakistani men said she’s not malala Lets assassinate her in the U.K. to show how their culture is welcomed here the use of force on women by the Barry as the police said their so vulnerable they need to hide behind a screen to do perjury the spite and malice of women v women and their wonderful pakis


  23. Anonymous says:

    It’s different when Gwen wants rid of a tenant then Shirley said forced nakedness is Justice as my daughter likes to harm women and if they don’t comply with the demands of Shirley the boys club force women naked as Gwen her own daughter is fully clothed gloating of power to protect Gwen and harm other women it’s justice the men who groped her mothers bottom groping or her women as Gwen counts rent money and said daddy and the police said I’m a good girl and are using abort woman as a piece of meat to force naked for a conviction for me
    The landlord to get ahead

    Forced nakedness isn’t harm when it suits Shirley and her family remember the patronising words of Shirley


  24. Anonymous says:

    It’s karma the bitchy daughter who did occupancy fraud at 62 norbury road cf5 3at as her mummy the mad dangerous inspector cried of her bottom grope the police said as landlords they have no boundaries and they force other women naked for the daughter to get rent money

    The jealousy of a narcissistic disgusting pig that rapes other women for convictions

    Mummy’s bottom was groped and the police said her daughter who originally lived with her sharif ali wanted another tenant she could harm with her pedophile parents the jealousy as the inspector who cried Of her bottom grope said lets harm other women for my daughter to get her mortgage paid

    The police and cps place the well-being of their inspector above other women as rhey tore at her knickers they said it’s the morality police of swp getting a conviction for big bird Barry’s and her beast of a daddy outnumbered the smaller female was forced naked as the police said daddy wanted to harm other daughters for his more precious special daughter the brat who’s mummy cried her bottom was groped

    The jealousy as they groom and force naked women for money and convictions the evil of rapist pigs

    The police said trust Gwen Barry she’s a supporter of other women she gang bullied with a mad pakistani and their dangerous no boundaries as she kidnaps and harms with her grooming pedophile mummy and daddy

    Groping and grooming and forcing naked for their evil and devious disgusting daughter devoted to her and her needs she needs stability back in her flat the narcissistic bitchy landlord that raped for money and convictions

    Tell daddy he was wonderful the rapist pigs and cps said as they force naked and said they want a conviction

    It’s the morality police of swp and they harm women who won’t do as the men want and the daughters who rape other women as mummy’s bottom is more
    Off limits the no boundaries of a rapist pig family that rapes others for themselves bitchy grooming pigs and the disgusts daughter who kidnaps and calls it Arrests

    Toxic morality police

    Not just Iran they treat women
    Like toilet paper in South Wales what’s her name they said it’s offender theirs is rapist bullying pig and evil cunt for the cps and judges that is their names

    Force the judge naked and force Gwen the brat naked she’s a rapist pig and the daughter whos mummy cried discrimination she deserves to be forced naked for her toxic landlord games


    • Anonymous says:

      The police said Gwen and
      Her mummy daddy think other women are toilet paper as gwen said with mad pakistani men she wipes her bitchy bottom on other women the jealousy as her own mother cried about a bottom grope the bitchy dysfunctional daughter said it’s justice when we Harm
      Her the jealousy as the police said they use power and call it protection for gwen to rape other women for their inspectors bitchy lying Daughter

      Kidnap and rape as the inspector with no boundaries gets warrants for women her family do unlawful evictions on as they use
      The police system to Kidnap and harm
      Other women. The jealousy of a toxic family

      They don’t kidnap and force naked their darling Gwen the rapist pig the ugly and evil rapist pig

      The female police inspectors big tall women looking for other women they can
      Kidnap and get abuse by their male mates

      The police said the rapist pigs Daughter called herself a trustee of the lady Garden as it’s cancer support to force other women naked in a cell to get her mortgage paid the greed of a rapist pig

      They rape others for themselves Bitchy big bird and her mummy and pedophile daddy

      The police said it’s Justice as they force naked and harm their rapist pig family gloating their daughter is fully clothed as
      Mummy’s bottom was off limits the police said no boundaries Barry’s are raping others for money and convictions

      They call it protection of Gwen the rapist pig as she wants to harm other women with mad pakistani men the home office said are wonderful like wayne couzens was trust and listen to know it all Gwen and
      Her mother that Kidnaps and harms

      No boundaries they invade other womens bodies let’s rape her gwen the pig said

      Her name is rapist pig big bird Barry and her mummy and daddy pedophiles who groom with dangerous mad pakistani men the evil of those men and that daughter who won’t live with sharif ali herself

      She won’t live or Marry sharif ali they want to enforce their will onto other women

      The rapist pig as the police gang bully and abuse remember your rape day and why it happened who was the owner doing occupancy fraud a pig that rapes


  25. Anonymous says:

    Deal with all mad Pakistanis and those kind of people with a long stick keep your distance nothing but dangerous abusers full of evil

    Never trust a copper or their daughter if the guy is so wonderful why is she moving to london the rapist pig

    She’s full of herself said she’s a supermodel who’s a trustee of the lady garden as she sees herself as a good person for the Perjury and raped she did on others with her fake blonde hair and claims other women are copycatting her she’s just a female rapist pig
    A female wayne couzens who kidnaps and Harms women with her mother who cried the men groped her bottom the dangerous jealousy of a rapist pig family of liars who harm women


  26. Anonymous says:

    The inspector was upset I celebrated her husbands death
    They celebrated my forced nakedness they celebrated when they harmed me and smeared me for convictions

    Remember the ones who celebrated my conviction celebrate when bad things happen to them and remember their your enemies they want to harm you

    They want to force naked and mutilate your body for that conviction that is what Evil people do that even work in the police

    Celebrate the mens deaths who did perjury and evil to harm me for a so called conviction

    Hate them all that narcissistic daughter who lies to get ahead how they kidnap and harm me for themselves

    Hate them celebrate their deaths toxic poisonous people


  27. Anonymous says:

    They won’t force Gwen naked as the police said Gwen and Shirley believe their entitled to kidnap and harm other women as the jealousy of women comes from Gwen

    She wanted money off other women and once she’s got it the hard nosed violent daughter gets women force naked
    In victory big bird was tearful her fake blonde hair perfectly styled for court as with daddys help she wanted a conviction

    The jealousy as the police said it’s Gwens modus operandi to get money and convictions for herself her selfish narcissistic needs

    As the police said Gwen is counting rent
    Money and it’s rape
    Time as they want to gift Gwen a conviction

    The Toxic poison of a landlord that harmS women her jealousy as they gang bully

    The police said Gwen gets other womens knickers torn off them as she gloats the police who groped her mummy’s bottom
    Now harm women for her the jealousy of a pig that used
    Power to harm other women

    It’s not the men of the police it’s the bitchy women and their needy daughter who can’t pay her mortgage

    The police kidnap and harm
    For their landlord Gwen the dangerous rapist pig and her mummy who cried of w bottom grope

    The jealousy of no Boundaries as the police
    And Gwen said their coffins are off to heaven being transported up from the earth with the power of the police when they die their supreme the bitchy brat with her grooming flat 62 norbury rd cf5 3at


  28. Anonymous says:

    Remember the female Inspectors their own bottoms are off limits but they will help harm other women in custody

    Look what they did to dr duff other females they follow mens wishes

    They lack empathy for anyone else but cry about their Bottom gropes

    She’s a dangerous rapist that inspector cried about her bottom grope and is getting Warrants to kidnap and harm other women resulting in broken bones etc just evil scum

    Don’t feel sympathy for any of those women in that force they all help molest other women and then cry when the boys club pick on them


  29. Anonymous says:

    Put on evil Anthony Barry grave that he is a rapist pig that does perjury for his bitchy brat and they use brutal force on women for his gloating pig

    The cps and police said the inspector who cried about her bitchy saggy bottom being groped had her bitchy eyes on women her and her daughter wanted dragged naked its justified the pig said my daughter and her father hated her and Shirley said it’s time to inflict the justice that mad Shirley wanted
    The inspector switched sides she said the men are now wonderful and the men her own daughter did not want to live with from slough was wonderful

    The police said they invade the bodies of women that Gwen wanted to harm the jealousy as the cps and police said they trust the Barry’s and the plan to harm women they hate and see as inferior

    The stupid bitchy women as Gwen said lets tear at her knickers the narcissistic bitch no boundaries as Shirley said her bottom is off limits but not other womens bodies the police supported Shirleys plan to harm women for her disgusting daughter to be fully clothed Counting rent money talking of justice like the mad cow she is scum of the earth


  30. Anonymous says:

    The police cps and Barry’s did toxic harm
    To a female they hate she was smaller and
    The police said their daughter is a landlord who gets away with assault and unlawful eviction as they rig the system for themselves and their bitchy daughter

    The plan was they do a rape for a conviction as they call it justice

    They smear her as toilet paper she’s not going to be a mum or respected the police and Barry’s tore at her knickers and said their daughter is bitchy and wanted to see women harmed

    The Daughter is a dangerous landlord that stalks with her daddy and they get away with rape and unlawful eviction

    The police said their daughter is a lady as they use force to harm the other female the evil as they did a rape on women
    The daughter hates

    Lets Harm her Shirley said the men who groped my bottom support my daughter as the police mock and ridicule with their bullying daughter she’s a lady and
    A landlord as Gwen said power is used to harm Women

    Shirley said her husband
    Was wonderful so they are a gang that force women naked as Gwen said get a conviction the daughter is nothing but bitchy pig that raped as she can’t
    Pay her own mortgage the stupid brat

    The pigs said Gwen
    Is a landlord that got away with rape and calls it justice we her and her bitchy daddy said they prefer mad pakistani men to women and Shirley said she sees the force discrimination on women for her daughters needs and she’s so happy and delighted

    Pigs that got away with a rape on single lone women
    Like wayne couzens the inspector and
    Her daughter kidnap and harm for their narcissistic needs

    That’s how I was convicted and told I was toilet paper that is the evil
    They did


  31. Anonymous says:

    Would love to leave the U.K. entirely and finally feel safe from their harm and kidnaps etc

    I would feel much safer their a dangerous family who make things up to justify an arrest and wish I had never met her in 2009 it was like meeting satan if there was a hell

    Landlords who get away with the dirty including forced nakedness / rape / sexual molestation what ever terms u want but only reason I in custody as she needed her mortgage paid and did occupancy fraud and I was the victim of a dodgy landlord who then lied about an assault


  32. Anonymous says:

    Big bird Barry is a 6ft violent landlord the narcissistic landlord turns up with 6ft 2 daddy the husband of the wife who cried discrimination

    The daughter was a daughter in need 62 Norbury road cf5 3at they had a plan to get their daughters flat funded getting away with occupancy fraud she rented to her wonderful sharif ali and the police said he had home office approval the daughter said she wants sharif ali to live with someone else
    And pay her mortgage the demands of the police they enjoy power and harm others
    For themselves

    I want you out the narcissistic brat of a copper said towering over the smaller 5ft 5 female tenant grabbing at her phone the daughter of satan said I want you out and your human rights and housing rights taken as the brat can’t pay her own mortgage

    The police said the plan was after living with her sharif ali herself and turning her welsh snobby nose up at him she and her mother target a single white female the toxic disgusting daughter wanted to live with her sharif ali the plan was that they wanted him to direct her life as sharif ali was not the man for Gwen she was living in harmony with him but wanted to move to london so she issues her fake tenancy scam with no landlord address and her wonderful sharif ali the king of domestic violence to control women the police and mad pakistani were behind rotherham the grooming by Gwen and her parents to harm women for themselves

    The big bird was portrayed as more vulnerable than the female tenant the devious devoted cps said they hurt women for the inspector who cried discrimination and her wonderful more superior daughter as they said sharif ali was so wonderful Gwen lived with him before going to london

    What big bird Barry does is as landlord the power goes to the toxic evil head and they don’t comply themselves to the legal tenancy agreement the police said their landlord takes human rights

    Use force and power the toxic poisonous disgusting brat said.
    The jealousy as her narcissistic needs
    To get her mortgage paid as she does her occupancy fraud are forced on others. The police said as part of the eviction they kidnap and harm for their police inspector and her selfish daughter they befriend women they want money from pretending their trustee of the lady garden

    The plan is that whilst fully clothed themselves the power is used to force other women naked the mother and disgusting daughter see as inferior and they rape for that conviction and get rent money

    The jealousy as the police said she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden
    Pretends it’s cancer support when her and her big daddy lie about their more vulnerable tenant big bird stole money off the jealousy as when women “smash the patriarchy” Like the trustee of the lady garden claim they do the disgusting daughter is forcing women naked using power she’s a landlord the boys club and cps said she sees herself as like god
    Her mother said it’s off limits to have her bottom groped but the narcissistic brat said to the boys club they can get away with the dirty on women and say it’s cancer

    The cps and police supported big bird Barry she’s a daughter in need and they harm other women the jealousy as they smear women with the Toxic poison of big bird and her daddy and their lies as gwen
    And her flat with her sharif ali is hell

    Dangerous scum bags predators who force women naked their inspector
    Is kidnapping and harming for her bitchy jealous devious disgusting daughter devoted to her the cps and police support big bird and her evil daddy to get rent money and then evict as they treat others like toilet power the scum that can’t pay their own mortgage


    • Anonymous says:

      Big bird only likes women who she can harm for herself the jealous as when the patriarchy is smashed big bird wants her daddy seen as wonderful
      And they lie and do perjury to harm women its cancer support to get money and convict for safe accommodation at 62 norbury rd cf5 3at the grooming flat of the grooming gang of kidnappers they call themselves good people as they home office support Gwen and Shirley to harm
      Women they hate with pakistani men tell daddy he’s wonderful as they do
      Perjury to do a stitch and Bitch the Brutal pigs and the jealousy of a toxic drama queen landlord at 62 norbury road cf5 3at


      • Anonymous says:

        Calling herself a trustee of the laud garden you can only stand up
        To the patriarchy if you pretend then Gwen gets tearful she wants power to force other women naked to Gwen that is justice her evil gloating FAce as her and her daddy do a stitch and bitch the Face of occupancy fraud as they rape women for convictions she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden stupid bitch


      • Anonymous says:

        Big Bird the dodgy landlord is in London now she tried to murder her female tenant with south
        Wales police and
        Cos she did occupancy Fraud was in London getting wayne couzens Mates to rough women up

        Big bird and
        Her scam
        And dangerous tenancy you are assured to be harmed by big bird and
        Her jealous as fully clothed they force naked and harm
        Big bird
        Wants a conviction. Her assured tenancy agreement is for big
        Bird to get away with. Unlawful eviction and forced nakedness as she is a pig that raped women and pretends
        She’s a trustee of the lady garden she’s
        Tearful so
        The police
        Harm other women

        One Daughter is more entitled
        According to the cps and police
        More entitled to be fully clothed and not filthy pigs touching their body


    • Anonymous says:

      Be aware of big bird and her tenancy scam with swp


      • Anonymous says:

        You are ASSURED to be messed up and kidnapped by big bird who will change from i want you out to all tearful when she gets the police to kidnap women based on her mad lies. As a LANDLORD she and the cps will destroy your housing rights she will greedily count the rent money as they do a stitch and bitch she’s a landlord who harms women
        And the police then claim her ex female tenants are lesbians who are stalking her not that she’s a devious landlord harming women and abusing assured tenancy agreements


    • Anonymous says:

      She needs supervision big bird and her mother said they are the experts behind rotherham trust them to supervise another disaster

      Supervision to be harmed by them


      • Anonymous says:

        Big bird as a landlord gets women forceD naked she’s tearful the police said so the men who groped big birds mummy’s bottom are now forcing naked other women

        Levelling it up for big bird to get ahead they abuse women And said big bird said it’s part of cancer support as a trustee of the lady garden to do things such as arrests in Gatwick the drama of it all as apparently big bird claims she’s being stalked whilst the stalker is in the Dominican Republic on the beach that’s big bird and her London stalking claims


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