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Maurice is kicked out of Prison, while Tony Farrell hands himself in

Maurice was imprisoned once again, clearly to prevent him from handling and winning his ‘machine gun case’ adequately. But to kick him out after a robbery and beating, is a bit much for a 67-year-old man whose life has been … Continue reading

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Fabulous letter by Welsh whistleblower in support of English prisoner in Cardiff

Dafydd Morgan has been there himself: false imprisonment and sectioning. Now he writes this fabulous letter to a most remarkable list of official recipients. May it inspire you to follow suit! Maurice has lost 20 kg since he entered prison … Continue reading

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Your friend is being hacked – the changeover from court wars to cyber wars!?…

Maurice has a friend who looks after his mail in France. This morning when he tried to send emails, a window popped up that said “your friend is being hacked”. He now can’t send or retrieve emails that he had … Continue reading

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Private Prosecutions: from Leeds and Manchester to Cardiff

It does take the intellectual input and emotional support from other victims of white collar crimes who fight as Litigants in Person to stand their ground and to decide on worthwhile legal actions. WANTED posters were Mr Ebert’s initiative and … Continue reading

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“Legislation” has become another form of taxation

“Legislation”, used by politicians, judges, the legal profession and court staff, has become another form of taxation, to steal people’s houses, pensions, savings and 9 times out of 10 involves orchestrated deception and judicial bullying and / or the legal … Continue reading

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Maurice is not alone: “Corrupt” South Wales Police in the firing line

Here is an article in the Guardian from October 2000, that starts with “Britain’s worst case of institutionalised corruption involving a single police force”… So far, I had learned about South Wales Police through the bullying and harassment that Maurice … Continue reading

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Pre-Flight Planning Expertise – in Action for Getting South Wales Police to Bow Down – but they Intended to Kill

Maurice tells me he is known in the piloting world for his skills in pre-flight planning. He shows an example of this skill by digging out a document from January 2009 that he produced to get the affidavit from the … Continue reading

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Judge Puts Pressure on Maurice over the weekend!

Trying to clear his head and get away from it all, Maurice likes to go to his little place in solitude in Brittany. That’s where he opened his email last night to find that he should produce a particular document … Continue reading

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