Private Prosecutions: from Leeds and Manchester to Cardiff

11 06 15 NS & MJK with banner

Norman Scarth & Maurice Kirk with supporters in Manchester

It does take the intellectual input and emotional support from other victims of white collar crimes who fight as Litigants in Person to stand their ground and to decide on worthwhile legal actions.

WANTED posters were Mr Ebert’s initiative and Paulette Cooper’s execution.

Adrian Oliver South Wales Police Solicitor

Adrian Oliver South Wales Police Solicitor

Maurice’s WANTED posters are on his gallery.

On top of Maurice’s list: Adrian Oliver, as solicitor for South Wales Police the mastermind of all legal manipulations.

His next ‘favourite’: Barbara Wilding, the retired Chief Constable who spent lots of taxpayers’ money on bullying and harassing Maurice.

That culminated in getting him struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons.

And another ‘culmination’ was the firearms response, i.e. the license to kill – only to delay his court action for damages…

Retired Chief Constable

Retired Chief Constable

And then, of course, XX who falsified medical records and kept Maurice in his psychiatric clinic with a view to having him locked up for good.

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