Maurice is not alone: “Corrupt” South Wales Police in the firing line

Here is an article in the Guardian from October 2000, that starts with “Britain’s worst case of institutionalised corruption involving a single police force”…

So far, I had learned about South Wales Police through the bullying and harassment that Maurice has endured since the early nineties.

Now we can read that he is far from being alone. So one has to ask: what is it?

  • pure racism against Englishmen?
  • a better network of secrecy?
  • better bribery?

Up to 30 South Wales police officers have been subject to temporary suspensions since 1982. But the Chief Constable under whose leadership Maurice was imprisoned and incarcerated in the psychiatric clinic is now safely receiving her pension…

And yet, Paulette H Cooper writes of her experiences with Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Police in a whole book: Volume 2 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud.

What’s the problem with the Keepers of the Rule of Law and its Enforcement???

On this page, an article of 13 June 1999 in the Daily Express covers similar aspects of the South Wales Police: Shame of force that decided it was above the law

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