Fabulous letter by Welsh whistleblower in support of English prisoner in Cardiff

Dafydd Morgan has been there himself: false imprisonment and sectioning. Now he writes this fabulous letter to a most remarkable list of official recipients. May it inspire you to follow suit! Maurice has lost 20 kg since he entered prison on 23rd September.

To Whom It May Concern:

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
Veterinary Surgeon
Tynewydd Road

There is an old saying: “When in a hole, stop digging”

I am given to understand that Maurice Kirk whilst being held against his will at Cardiff Prison, has yesterday been sectioned under the mental health act and is due in Court tomorrow for further directions surrounding such matters.

Maurice Kirk, as self made man, staunch royalist and a full believer in natural justice has been tangled in a war with so called chiefs at South Wales Police and has been brutally harassed, beaten and bullied by these so called authorities for over 30 years.

This case is far from isolated and has been going on for considerable time throughout theUnited Kingdomand where in later years as the same scams are now out of control, are rapidly appearing in Her Majesties colonies.

The nature in which each and every individual deals with the matters they find themselves wrapped in will naturally vary and in Maurice Kirks cases, himself quite a colourful character who is not afraid of voicing his opinions, naturally lead to further needless ambushes which have affected his health and well being, let alone financial constraints which such a proud and self made man should not be subjected to.

Detaining Maurice Kirk will and never will bring a conclusion to the varying injustices that he has suffered at the hands of so called Authorities who are power crazed and blatantly out of control and through desperation will do anything within their powers to conspire, collude, call it what you want to block a significant insurance claim (as these authoritarians, due to the fact that even the Chief Constables have had their hands in the pie), are uninsured. This saga is nothing more than trying to break him in order to cover up what ignorance which is already within the MAPPA documents – some of which I have included.


This situation has become more aggressive as, as Maurice is now surrounded with more and more supporters, his website is gaining more attention and the British Authorities are being embarrassed abroad – Sectioning under the Mental Health Act is never going to be the solution. Maurice is neither ill nor in need of any such further nonsense and this latest calamity is a further ploy to try and distort criminality – and we have all seen it before – many times.

Maurice has needed hospital treatment after being beaten up by Prison Officers, put in five complaints against not being able to have paper and access to a computer to prepare his defense. The police atCardiffBay stole his laptop credit cards, money and defense papers and refused to return them.

Having been aware of all the Kirk case since c2005 and in many ways been subjected to the same underhand vicious tactics, as have many others who have run along side this case, struggling with almost identical abuse in a mirror image of the Kirk case. Whilst it is all too easy to accuse particular sectors of the community, the truth is that we have all been bullied by localized gangs whom are nationally connected i.e. tentacles everywhere and where the Police et al have, as they are uninsured, been running a closed shop to protect their own Status Quo.

These matters sooner or later will result in a total breakdown of self respect and law and order.

May I therefore offer the following points as a form of proposal for the immediate settlement of the Maurice Kirk cases:

Maurice Kirk to be freed on immediate bail pending the dropping of these continued malicious allegations

  1. All the Kirk cases to be immediately frozen pending a full public inquiry
  2. Kirk has met two officers from the Metropolitan Police whom have a grasp of his (needless) gripes – These two officers to be brought in and implement the inquiry
  3. These officers to interview at length Kirks supporters so as to get a better understanding of all the issues, to include supporting members from the Llangunnor six (which also involved Kirk) and got rid of the crooked former Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police Terry Grange as well as others who have been familiar with this case.
  4. Treasury Solicitors to be instructed that a claim is underway and that the claim is to be settled by the “Crown”
  5. Public purse to grant Kirk an immediate grant/subsidy, call it what you want so that he can book into a hotel and relax whilst this inquiry is ongoing

It’s about time that the Police, CPS and the other authorities right across South Wales got a grip, got real, used some common sense and stopped milking the taxpayers in the wastage of over a million pounds to date in persecuting individuals to protect the integrity of some whose public conduct is nothing short of appalling.

Should the Court wish me to come and give evidence, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Yours sincerely

Dafydd Morgan

Sales & Marketing

National Coordinator for Stand Your Ground – www.standyourground.co.uk

Founder and CEO of soon to be established International charity – The Rebecca Organisation

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