SERIOUS TERRORIST or Common Criminal – is that the question? Maybe he knows too much!???

14 08 13 MJK Offender Manager_0001I know one woman who has changed from victim to starfighter and Super McKenzie Friend after “she knew too much”. Hence she was put away into HMP Holloway and released with a ‘community treatment order’, i.e. an injection every month. Maurice and Norman Scarth call it the Gulag Card. 

Here, on the left, Maurice writes about ‘Abuse of Process’ to the Offender Manager, HMP Governor, Alun Cairns MP, the GMC and Cardiff Crown Court: 

  • Maurice was registered MAPPA level 3 (serious terrorist) on 08 June 2009 and de-registered on 17 December 2009
  • on 04 June 2014 he was re-registered level 3 and reduced to level 2 (common criminal) on 18 July 2014.

This year’s MAPPA exercise seems to have had one purpose only, to be able to ‘recall’ from his ‘bail on tag’ where he was only ‘free’ for one hour at time. 

On 21 August he writes that 

  • he was driven to Bristol Crown Court, but turned back at Newport
  • he saw a new doctor who ‘appears concerned’.

14 08 21 MJK Alun Cairns MPAnd here he writes to his MP Alun Cairns: 

1. On 4th July 2014 I was ‘released on licence’ from HMP Cardiff and escorted by three MAPPA (South Wales) staff and two prison officers to a Swansea MAPPA 2/3 official residence. 

2. It was made clear, more than once, if I did not comply to my legal papers being separated from me, I want back to gaol! 

3. It was apparent my sudden release was to prevent my being able to continue typing, in my cell, data for various courts. 

4. My not being told that my new GP, to assist in preparation for the 17th July exploratory examination under general anaesthetic, because it was all controlled by MAPPA purely to have me recalled. 

5. But recall required still more but up to date psychiatric reports but as with Caswell Clinic and ABMH Health Trust in 2009, no psychiatrist was prepared to do it as the South Wales Police Chief Psychiatrist was now sacked, so a nurse does it. 

6. 5th Aug MAPPA manager letter identifies the ‘end game’ of the Police. 

7. My enclosed 13th Aug letter to ABMH simplifies those identified in the conspiracy. 

8. My Court designated McKenzie Friend is not allowed to speak to me on the prison telephone or even take notes on prison limited visits. 

10. Both CPS and Courts continue to refuse to disclose even public records.

11. I am often confined to a wheelchair due to gut pain with my having lost over 20 kg despite my GP’s recommendations last September.

12. Both IMB and Llamdough Surgical Team have been lied to as to the facts.

13. ‘Evidence of similar fact’ to delay civil claims is now well documented.

14. HMP Governors have blocked even telephone calls by Chaplain, other prisoners or staff on my behalf and ignore applications. 

15. I was due in Bristol Crown Court yesterday. So why was it cancelled? 

16. ABMH ignore enclosed proposed corrections to my South Wales Police concocted 2 Dec 2009 medical records (sample enclosed). Can you intervene, please? 


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