In Search of Girl, missing for over a year: knock, knock at the door of Coronation Street Actress

Trust Maurice to dare to do things that others wouldn’t dream of, let alone do: at 8.20am he knocked at the door of the actress who is shown with the M-children on his website here.

All he wanted to know is when she had last seen the girl called F. She didn’t volunteer, called it harassment and wanted to call the police. She used foul language and was overheard telling some staff that there is someone looking for those “f…ing children”…

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1 Response to In Search of Girl, missing for over a year: knock, knock at the door of Coronation Street Actress

  1. Corgisnapper says:

    Having only once, by accident, glimpsed Coronation Street and its ‘characters’, I cannot say the behaviour of this actress surprises me.

    In view of recent developments, the police might turn their attention to the possibilities of this girl having been abducted and ending up in the British slave industry, currently featuring in the news.

    Much has been said and written about the shameful abuse of our fellow human beings, but pathetically little has been, or is being, done to bring justice to those who suffer while there is little or no retribution for those who perpetrate these evils.

    That this country has a broken society is attributable to the example of our leaders who have shown how well they best serve their own interests while turning a blind eye to the suffering of the people they profess to serve. This malaise of self-seeking indifference is common to all – from the highest in the land to the most insignificant civil servant – notwithstanding promises made and oaths sworn to uphold truth and justice.
    Sick society. Sick Britain.


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