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Maurice was Freed by Highbury Court, to fend for himself on crutches, with a bag of ‘prison goodies’ after the Court Usher had lied to me

Freed from HMP Cardiff, Maurice had been re-arrested, because a ‘warrant for arrest’ by the Metropolitan Police was out for him: he had not turned up in Highbury Court. Too bad that the ‘Discipline Officer’ of HMP Cardiff didn’t see … Continue reading

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Testing London Police Stations from Inside

I can only “grasp” Maurice (without gasping) by comparing him with Clint Eastwood.  He just comes up with different “out of the box” ideas to tackle problems. And he thrives on adrenaline. Thus he put himself out for the Musas … Continue reading

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Maurice visits Michelle Collins’ house and experiences her defensiveness

If she was innocent, why would she talk the way Maurice’s witness got her on tape? How come that she’s a Barnardo’s Ambassador? How come that, three months after her taking the five children to the cinema, nine police officers … Continue reading

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Maurice in the Guernsey Press as one of the Good, Bad and Ugly

Regarding this article that appeared on March 22nd 2011 in the Guernsey Press, Maurice makes the following comments: there are some six facts that are wrong, but Americans say “any publicity is good, just spell my name right” after Maurice … Continue reading

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Local Glamorgan Gem reports on the ‘fireworks case’

September 16: Evidence still to be called in case against police September 10: ‘Flying Vet’ Kirk v South Wales Police Previously, four more stories were published. They can all be found here.

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