Maurice was Freed by Highbury Court, to fend for himself on crutches, with a bag of ‘prison goodies’ after the Court Usher had lied to me

Freed from HMP Cardiff, Maurice had been re-arrested, because a ‘warrant for arrest’ by the Metropolitan Police was out for him: he had not turned up in Highbury Court. Too bad that the ‘Discipline Officer’ of HMP Cardiff didn’t see that appointment. They would have had to produce him in Higybury court!

Did the cuts in public spending lead to saving a trip to London, whilst in HMP Cardiff? Or did HMP Cardiff want to hold onto Maurice longer than Monday 28th November?

On Friday, I was told by a supporter that he had left Cardiff at 10am in a prison van. In Highbury Court, they didn’t have an estimated time of arrival yet.

Nobody would imagine that a Court Usher would lie, unless you are a ‘seasoned victim’.

I’m not seasoned yet. I should have asked three different people in court to get to the truth!

And thus I went home in the afternoon, expecting Maurice in court on Saturday as I was told.

Instead he rang the bell after having had to drag his rather heavy and big plastic bad of “prison belongings” behind him across the stairs of three tube stations, being very weak and unstable on two crutches…

Money and phones had been confiscated and not returned. But he had his computer and legal papers back from South Wales Police who had taken them from his car!!!

Here is Butlin Cat’s account who supplied the picture.

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