The Denials and Cover Ups of Royally Protected Criminals

If it wasn’t so tragic for the victims concerned, it would be a farce and a comedy:

  • the 27 allegations that Haringey Council invented to criminalise the Musas as VICTIMS of child snatching.

Maurice helped them, because in 2009, Social Services had threatened his wife to take his daughter into “care”, when blackmailing her into playing along their false imprisonment and incarceration in Caswell Clinic.

It is most unfortunate that he ended up in prison since 21st September because of that involvement. But that is NO reason whatsoever

  • for NOT getting his bleeding ulcer attended to
  • NOT getting his prescribed medication
  • NOT getting the endoscopy that the Princess of Wales hospital was going to do on him
  • for 17 prison officers dragging him from the hospital to the punishment wing
  • and for prison officer 395 saying to him “we will break you f…ing b..t..d”

On Monday, Maurice had left this on my ansaphone

The prison chaplain on Tuesday didn’t want to believe me and called me back asserting Maurice’s “aggressive behaviour”, another chaplain called this morning when this conversation was recorded. Maurice keeps talking about HM Partnership: the close co-operation between HM organisations that are protected by Royal Charters. They  have been protecting organisations from prosecution ever since they started in 1067 – with the City of London! The Bank of England and the Law Society followed suit!…

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