Maurice in the Guernsey Press as one of the Good, Bad and Ugly

Regarding this article that appeared on March 22nd 2011 in the Guernsey Press, Maurice makes the following comments:

  1. there are some six facts that are wrong, but Americans say “any publicity is good, just spell my name right”
  2. after Maurice was nearly successful in the election in 1985, a vindictive media campaign succeeded in influencing the locals such that he didn’t try again
  3. fortunately, he considers this his luck
  4. as things seem to be getting worse on all fronts, this is just a warning of what is possible, given the power of the media on one hand and the power of bloggers on the other…

After having read the article, one of his supporters wrote this to his friends:

Dear Maurice,

I hooted with laughter when I saw the photographs of your good self, and when I found time to read the story, continued to laugh all the way through.  Thank you for sending the still attached PDF.  Other friends may like to look at it at this point, and they may need to consult this page:

You will no doubt say there are inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the story, well of course there are, but at least the Guernsey Press reporter, Rob Batiste, can condense a very long saga into one page and yet make it entertaining!

I have told you that I think you’re reckless, and inclined to bait the police, but how many times have the police in various places – most especially South Wales – charged you with crimes, and how few times have they actually secured a conviction?  All told it’s well over a hundred I believe, and the police have won on only a handful of occasions, despite corrupt magistrates and judges attempting to take the side of the police whenever they can.

I heard with my very own ears a judge admitting he was forced to stop a previous trial (though quite what the police were trying to frame you with that time I’m not sure), because members of the jury refused to listen to evidence from police officers that were obviously lying!!!

I suspect that your incarceration in Guernsey was unlawful: it would be in the U.K.  There’s nothing wrong with trying to arrest a corrupt judge, in fact it’s fast becoming a spectator sport on the mainland, and one day soon someone will either succeed in spite of police officers acting unlawfully to prevent it happening, or the judiciary will have to face up to the fact that they can’t just go on holding bogus and unconstitutional courts for the purpose of convicting the innocent without a major public outcry against them.

The soldier that raises his head above the parapet, drawing enemy fire, and thus causing them to disclose their position, would hardly be a called a fool; he would be decorated for his heroism.  I feel it’s now time for the persecution to stop; those guilty of serious crimes to be put on trial; and for you to be recognised with a medal of some kind for the valiant work you have done.  I have said the same of Norman Scarth (there are others deserving too), but alas I doubt any of us will live to see it happen: not unless a lot more people wake up and refuse to let the courts fine and imprison anyone they choose without ensuring the judges and magistrates themselves be subsequently dealt with under the ancient and good laws of our land.

Maurice, your unlawful detention and torture in Caswell Clinic secure mental hospital should be the subject of international condemnation, yet the story is little known.  That on your release you were not actually freed and those that conspired to commit those crimes put on trial, but that you were placed in prison until permitted to prove your innocence, should also be a matter for international concern.

It is widely believed that in England a man or woman is innocent of any alleged crime until proven guilty (that may have been the tradition), but sadly this is not the case.  Your trial alone clearly signals the fact that whatever our written constitution may say – yes, contrary to what the BBC keep repeating, we do have a written constitution – a man or woman must prove their innocence in court.  The fact that South Wales Police offered no evidence proves this very point.

The fact that South Wales Police charged you with possession of a machine gun with intent (or did they reduce that to ‘trading in machine guns’!?!) shows what fantasists they are.  Presumably they imagined you had a serviceable machine gun and intended to assassinate their CC, because they and she knew she had given you good reason, should you be so inclined!

But wait!  Why would a veterinary surgeon – a man accustomed to having to kill suffering animals with one shot – need a machine gun?  Surely one shot from a legally held firearm would have been all that was needed?  Much less noise, much less mess, and a greater chance of the perpetrator getting away with it; and disposing of a legally held weapon after the event must be as easy as disposing of an illegally held one!

Maurice, you have shown how South Wales Police have been siphoning off large amounts of public money to their friends (so presumably they themselves will benefit), and it’s plain to see that they have no concept that unnecessary displays of force with police cars and a helicopter are a blatant waste of public money; frittering resources that could be used in a genuine fight against crime; but of course, we aren’t dealing with rational people!

I’ve studied enough about your case to know that you have been the victim of serious criminal activity by South Wales Police, and it must be emphasised that in no way can what they have done be justified.  However provocative a member of the public might be, the police must at all times behave beyond reproach.

If ever police officers conspire to contrive evidence to convict an innocent person of a crime they haven’t committed, because they believe he or she has committed another crime, then how long before those police officers start to conspire to convict an innocent person because they think he or she might have committed a crime?

Then how long will it be before they conspire to convict an innocent person because they think he or she may commit a crime?

Then how long will it be before they conspire to convict an innocent person because they think he or she is a nuisance?  …or because his / her face doesn’t fit?  …or because they can gain some kudos for doing so?  …or because they can enrich themselves financially by doing so?  The list is endless, and one thing is clear: senior officers in South Wales Police are already a long way down that slippery slope.

In South Wales Police we are seeing people that don’t understand even simple natural law, or Common Law.  Here are individuals that don’t understand such basic concepts as the Ten Commandments.  Should they ever open the Good Book they may be surprised to find such simple teachings in Exodus chapter 20 as:

Thou shalt not commit murder

Thou shalt not steal

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

Sadly many police officers – and not just those in South Wales – have no proper understanding of such simple values, and the same can be said for members of the legal and medical professions.

Maurice, I’m going to send this to my friends; and those that don’t know about your treatment may like to visit your website:

They may not know you were recently granted political asylum in France for your safety, despite South Wales Police having labelled you as being among the top 5% most dangerous people in Britain (other friends please see the video where Maurice is wearing a flying jacket and outside in the snow).

I trust you are recovering well from your recent hip replacement in France.

With kind regards to you and all


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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  3. Anonymous says:

    i just want to say in guernsey things are not much different ,the police do as they please ,i myself have been put on trial for seriouse alledged crimes ,without charge ,i have lost my children ,my life ,they even saw to my job being lost ,and still i get hassle from them all the time .cant do a thing about it ,cant complain as ive got a gagging order on me ,if i do i go to prison ,im not the only one in this island who fights the system where it stinks of curruption .but all you get is court and prison ,
    and your life ruined by currupt judges and lawyers who make a fortune out of other peoples misery .it has always gone on here and always will .thats guernsey for you .human rights .who thought of that joke .in guernsey you have no rights .they dont allow them in courts ,thats why they hold unlawfull trials behing closed doors ,your guilty before you even say a word .even when you prove you have done no wrong ,they just dismise it as here say .but they put you in court on heresay alright ,good for them ,but no one else .guernsey,s judisial system stinks and really is currupt when you threaten there little secret soceity. you dont stand a chance .


    • Anonymous says:

      during my case the opperssision lawyer addmitted calluding with witnesses to benifit her case ,and witholding crusual evidence from all parties involved that would not have helped there case full stop .in any good just court ,this would have ended this farce of a there and then .and that lawyer charged with contempt and peverting the course of justice .
      but no not in guernsey ,in this judges great wisdom it was allowed . ,dispite the outcry
      from all other parties involved ,thats justice for you ,as i said you have no rights ,no justice ,just currupt lawyers and and a judge who always see,s that the state gets what the statye wants ,whether its legal or not .


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