Anybody wanting to watch Court proceedings against rogue NHS doctor causing incarceration?

Just imagine how you would feel after seven months of imprisonment, three of which in a psychiatric clinic, and then be in a court room where the judge doesn’t want to look at evidence you want him to see…

That’s what happened to Maurice when he was in court in June 2010 and, supposedly in a way that was in “contempt of court”, put the papers on his desk.

This document sets out the reasons why he is appealing:

  • XX not being qualified to give medical evidence and being in Contempt of Court by lying to them
  • His lies consisting in claiming serious brain damage if not brain cancer so that Maurice might not control his behaviour
  • the NHS withholding medical records relating to this claim so that a much needed hip replacement was delayed for months and had to take place in France.

Maybe Maurice can be forgiven for being so frustrated for acting in a way that can be interpreted as being “in contempt of court”.

But is a forensic psychiatrist who took it upon himself to get Maurice locked up for good in a high security prison not more in contempt of court when he pretends to be sufficiently qualified to give wrong medical information?

Please find out for yourself. Maurice can’t travel after his hip operation. And there is a warrant for arrest out for him! For South Wales Police stopped at NOTHING, not even a license to kill, aka “firearms response“, as indicated by a memo that leaked from that psychiatric clinic…

This document shows that he “must attend” – no matter what the context of cruelty and inhumanity may be – or his appeal will be dismissed… But his French doctors don’t allow him to travel for 2 months…

This letter from the Court illustrates what he’s up against…

You have to phone the Royal Court of Justice on Monday after 4pm to find out when and where the case will be heard – in Maurice’s absence, I’m afraid… Tel. 020 7947 7717.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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4 Responses to Anybody wanting to watch Court proceedings against rogue NHS doctor causing incarceration?

  1. VeraMaureen Jenner says:

    No human being deserves to be hounded as Maurice Kirk has been. We have entered into a dark period in the history of justice in the UK if the police can be allowed to get away with such conduct.

    I have been reading an article on Police corruption in the magazine, Private Eye. It deals with the axe murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan in 1987. I learned that just before his death, Daniel Morgan had been about to blow the whistle on a corrupt circle of police and south London drug dealers working with Irish paramilitaries. Somewhat belatedly, the Metropolitan Police admitted to his family that police corruption had undermined early efforts to solve the murder.

    Prosecutors have accepted defeat after 19 months of pre-trial hearings. Now, the judge will not have to voice his concerns about the handling of this notorious case which has seen £millions spent on five failed police investigations. The case disintegrated as, one by one, the credibility of supergrass witnesses and their police handlers – essential for the prosecution – was undermined.

    The article continues:

    ‘…The Morgan family have now been forced to renew calls for a judicial enquiry, saying they have been failed by the police, Home Office, Crown Prosecution Office Service and police watchdogs. As police investigation after police investigation failed, the case became the subject of heated debate in the Commons, with the then minister, Hazel Blears refusing to order an enquiry…’

    and concludes:

    ‘…There may be much more police corruption buried in the Knacker’s supergrass files, but don’t expect home secretary Teresa May to order an enquiry. As the Morgan case collapsed, she announced the government’s intention to extend the supergrass system to be used against terrorist suspects as a means of, -er-, improving conviction rates.’

    In the face of such revelations, what price justice in this land we were once proud to call a British democracy? We have politicans who make the laws, but are being failed by some members of the police, the legal profession and the judiciary who are supposed to uphold and enforce those laws. Worse, there is doubt hanging over the integrity of some of them. It is time to clean up the mess.


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