‘Heroin’ posted to Alun Cairns MP from Cardiff Gaol is Proved was only confiscated by Prison Staff for their own use!

STOP PRESS The Defendant is not allowed to publish the current situation other than the repercussions surrounding charges dropped. This does not stop anyone else or contacting him, in particular, as to what he may consider in doing in Exeter tomorrow.

His email maurice@kirkflyingvet.com Tel 07708586202 BUT this afternoon out of range planning to camp again on the Quantocks under the wing of his aircraft as having to quit current Nether Stowey Shangri-La! How they squeezed him in no one knows?

 Mr Justice Julian Lambert in Bristol Crown Court when upholding my appeal from either my ‘entering a prison (to retrieve my stolen passport) without permission’ or it was his quashing my conviction and heinous sentence when I had arrested HM Crown prosecutor, Mr Evans, for perverting the course of justice in Cardiff’s County Court.

Police sniffer dogs intercepted my letters whilst I was being unlawfully held in prison. This caused, amongst other vital mail not getting out, my two year prison appeal papers failing to get to the Royal Courts of Justice. The arrogant and vindictive judge, Tracy Lloyd Clark, sent me to prison for ‘breaching’ a restraining order that has now been proved had never been ‘served’ on me in the first place!

2nd Insulting Ankle Tag Will also be Cut Off if CPS (England) do not Intervene

More South Wales Police Bullying


HM Crown Prosecutor, Mr Evans,

I am prepared to change my plea to guilty on the condition you guarantee relevant disclosure from the Welsh authorities to which I am entitled in law.
Upon sight of my letters to MPs, I had originally sent while in prison custody, I may even overlook your CPS barrister’s bold assurance, I read about in the newspaper, promising secondary disclosure. Has he no experience of CPS (Wales) and partner the South Wales Police?

Welsh judge, Ms Tracy Lloyd Clark stated, without hesitation while handing down a quite disproportionate two-year prison term, that she did not have ‘the ‘power’ to cause the CPS standing there or anybody else to cause my hugely damaging medical reports from Caswell Clinic NHS (Wales) Glanrhyd hospital, Bridgend, to be corrected

All concocted by the South Wales Police to have me 2009 MAPPA 3 registered so I could be lawfully shot (see leaked MAPPA 3/3 minutes from Barry police station). The 2nd Dec 2009 secret Cardiff Crown court hearing , deliberately without either me or my legal representation, heard from a thoroughly corrupt CPS officer now promoted , of course to a judge, Richard Thomlow (wash your mouth out, Maurice), I should be locked up for life……..a small in site into ‘what really goes on in our UK law courts’.

The police blackmailed obtain psychiatric report was referred to to His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC. that I had ‘irreversible significant brain damage causing PPD, (Paranoid Delusional Disorder), from ‘having been a long term drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed Esq.’

11 06 10 Adrian Oliver WANTED_page001
Police Solicitor and MasterMind

Oops wrong Oliver

Ollie, remember the good times we had in the ‘garage club’ and how I had to sew you up in Guernsey, a couple of times, with all those stitches down your glass peppered arm!

                           Statement of Criminal Complaint to South Wales Police  20/04/2020

I, Maurice John Kirk, make this statement of my own free will and is true to the best of my belief in the absence of my own records stored over the past quarter century.

                                      My MAPPA Machine-Gun Murder Conspiracy

  1. I am gaoled by South Wales Chief Police Constables from failing to having me shot.
  2. In 2009 Barbara Wilding had me MAPPA level 3/ 3 registered for my ‘elimination’.
  3. She conspired I was in ‘possession’ of a prohibited reactivated WW1 machine-gun.
  4. To do this she did a deal with an arms-dealer, then on the run from the US Authorities
  5. The ‘purchaser’ was also promised immunity to prosecution if he also gave evidence.
  6. On 22nd June09 police helicopter & 20 odd police, many armed, surrounded our home in order to have me killed and if fail, to snatch our 10-year-old daughter, Genevieve.
  7. She blackmailed an NHS forensic psychiatrist to falsify my medical if her ‘gun plot’ should fail so she applied I will be sectioned onto Ashworth high-security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely, due to significant brain damage, possible cancer, having ditched in the Caribbean or having been a ‘long term’ drinking partner of actor, Oliver Ree
  8. The machine-gun case could not be stopped as no UK psychiatrist would support her so she painted the ‘gun’ a different colour to fool an already ‘police planted jury’.
  9. She also dreamed up ‘Foxy’, a transvestite, purported to have contacted us to ‘buy’ it!
  10. After the acquittal, requiring no defence, she refused any complaints be investigated as ****** was set up as my ‘harassment target’ after GMC had been ‘warned off’.
  11. He had trusted in Professor Rodger Wood who had lied throughout my incarceration.
  12. Interesting, as FTAC/CPS had already ‘thrown out’ South Wales Police’s allegations as experts had already ********* & Wood with my clear brain scan reports.
  13. Interesting, as my damages claim against her was imminent as she refused any idea of ‘settlement out of court’ despite having lost 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions.
  14. So I filed civil claims against the police doctor for ‘perverting the course of justice’ by conspiring with his Chief Constable that ended in this machine-gun total fiasco.
  15. I now find my 90’s police incident claims returned from RCJ to Wales to be quashed?
  16. Its no surprise the ‘gun’ civil claim is now delayed another year, 9 times for access to a courtroom and now delaying the scandal over10 years, just waiting for me to die.
  17. Dr ******* was promised prosecution immunity so why didn’t anyone else tell me of his blackmail induced cancer/PDD conclusion or at least, offer me palliative care?
  18. I’m gaoled to block 300 witnesses for motoring incidents, ‘smuggling in Irish pigs by aircraft’, imprisoned as ‘unidentifiable’, ‘low level’ helicopter chase, on HRH’s farm with ‘garrotte’ type instrument, all as samples from her 89% conviction failure rate
  19. Now G4S blocks this Litigant in Person’s prison ‘spends’ to finance this RCJ appeal.
  20. I was ‘harassment’ charged so Dr ******* could not ‘correct’ my 19th Oct 09 p10&11 medical report as both court & Caswell Clinic evidence had been destroyed.
  21. No 1st ‘restraining order’ was served, irrespective of my ‘defence in law’, both proved
  22. 2nd R/O trial collapsed as Dr ************’ arson allegation proved a pack of lies
  23. 3rd R/O trial jury did not know police had driven me to ‘drink’ to have telephoned 101
  24. 4th R/O trial proved police blocked my hospital & court appointments for prison recall without even need of evidence, a parole board or even a 28 day ‘review’ hearing.
  25. 5th R/O jury may also request, as 1st was denied, my ‘gate arrest’ and custody records.
  26. MAPPA denying hospital biopsy has the potential of the policewoman’s bullet again.

Cardiff Crown now openly admits it never had ‘authority’ to intervene in a simple correction of a ‘patient’s medical report so, without Code Napoleon influence post BREXIT, our English judiciary will very soon be mimicking the accepted version of ‘justice’ here in South Wales.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                          Cc The Secretary of State for Wales HMP Park.                                                                                   Walter Sweeney & John Smith                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Bridgend.                                   mauricejohnkirk.com                RCVS, GMC, CCRC, HMCPS                                       

hose medical reports were written for a succession of Welsh Crown Court Judges in the hope that one, at least, would send me to Ashworth psychiatric prison for life.

Anything to stop the then 2010 imminent ‘machine gun’ jury trial already doomed to ridicule. Their joint judge/chief constable / HM prison governor criminal conspiracy collapsed just like their latest one is now falling apart. Why? This time, because the English authorities had blindly assumed the welsh prosecution data, from the respective welsh authorities, had been gathered honestly….oh, dream on.

Lying little bitch

This evilness percolating through the South Wales judiciary, its penal institutions and police force has led to their stench now wafting south wards, across the Bristol Channel, to pollute those living in England. But are you lot going to do anything about it?

I await going back to prison following the tagging company stating, last night, that they had made an 11pm surprise visit to my bail address, in Nether Stowey on the Quantocks only to find me not there. All quite untrue but why?

My bail conditions included I reside within a 12 foot by 12 foot room between the hours of 8pm and 6pm so I assume my recall to Exeter prison sometime today. The fact the whole allegation is just another wicked way of covering up as what really is going on in those Cardiff court rooms may not ‘grab’ you instantly but to many I have had interviewed in three welsh prisons, they know alright. No wonder the amount of bullying and suicides in G4S’s HMP Parc.

 The Glorious 12th

And I have already ‘bagged’ something today, a brace of lame ducks, regurgitating ‘porky pies’ as I have them appropriately dispatched. HM Crown Prosecution Service deny I have ever applied for a bail variation! Lying little bstds. My first of at least four applications was on the 4th June from Exeter Gaol before I even reach any crown court.

The Taunton magistrate had considered, on the usual false South Wales Police information, that I was/am very dangerous and a risk to interfering with Alun Cairns MP who will be, at some point, confirming the unusual content of my decade of letters to him for my next possible Wales concocted prosecution.

Now, there is a statesman if ever I saw one.

Exeter Crown Court even remembers my 4th application, just two days ago, being sent on from the Exeter court office to HM Crown Prosecution Service (South West) with even an email, back to me, directing that I desist in having the court involved with a CPS matters (I assume until it is before court).

But that is exactly why I have to copy in 3rd parties for my own survival to withstand almost 30 years in their stench of law court criminality. Why, then, this apparent inherent deceit and unexplainable hatred of the English since Offa’s Dyke?

For an English man to win in a welsh court, too often, means he is doomed. These petty small-minded ‘authorities’ then quickly turn their guns, in unison, to train on their unfortunate victim and fire. But do they ever learn from yet another failed maliciously brought criminal prosecution? Apparently not.

50 odd South Wales Police failed prosecutions, as the record now stands and as I tell the prisoners in my lectures, it is far easier to win if you had never committed the offences in the first place! Common sense is a rarity within the welsh judiciary. If you have an irate hornet flying around your kitchen you do not keep swatting at it with a rolled up newspaper- You simply open the window and let it fly away.

Today, for example upon enquiry, no one in the court building could identify just who the CPS in court last week was, representing Her Majesty The Queen. Meanwhile, CPS Bristol, Taunton and Exeter offices have continued to ignore my phone calls and emails for weeks because I am a forced to be ‘Litigant in Person’ the pariah of any corrupt judicial system. Guernsey is a classic case in point and not an LiP by choice. No way but from desperation resulting from past bitter experiences of legal representation.

I employ a lawyer to do what they are instructed to do. This time with £2000 up front to simply obtain ‘disclosure’ of the relevant evidence for acquittal the police are hiding.

But on the first signs of this latest welsh police bullying is exposing the short comings of the true state of our UK ‘s judicial system, she makes a bee line for an exit. She was last seen galloping off into the sunset still firmly clutching my hard earned cash.

The £2000, just for starters, was for:

1) obtain the release from the robbery at HMP Parc, Bridgend, of my medical records, ‘machine gun’ papers, clothes and wheelchair

2) obtain CPR primary disclosure unlawfully hidden by numerous welsh authorities

I remember my first letter to the young lawyer, from my welsh prison cell, clearly stating the obvious that if I get that unlawfully withheld disclosure of police evidence then I invariably win but if I do not then I may just be lucky on the day.

Our gun dogs in Llantwit Major controlled on hand signals and a silent whistle as dad had taught us

With the learned HM Recorder of Exeter, His Honour Judge Johnson, now rebuking me for clogging up an already under funded and short staffed Exeter court complex with my too long applications to vary insulting bail restrictions, if not to quash the absurd indictments, it does not detract from the fact CPS (England) is appearing to mimic the one in their Cardiff office.

In Wales, countless of my revealing emails tend to be deleted within their respective judicial establishments. I remember a £50,000 judgment in my favour against HM Governor of Cardiff prison only to be ignored. County court staff lied that they had ‘forgotten’ to serve the summons on her! They even refused to return the court fee as an example of these thoroughly disgusting people (I mean the ring leaders, of course, with the rolled up trouser legs NOT their minions doing the hard graft just to keep our legal systems afloat.

Another classic example of welsh courts deliberately destroying their own records was in 2010 when the Cardiff Crown Court jury had specifically asked, in writing, for copy of the prison guard’s, magistrate’s, private security staff’s and clerk of magistrates’ written record of any restraining order having been served to me in the cells?

CPS had already confirmed there was no such thing as it had not been discussed yet between parties for mutual benefit as is the normal laid down procedure

But oh no , too many of welsh ‘authority’ had already lied so it I was to be sacrificed.

Judge Curran had the brazen nerve, in total panic his orders from the Taffia may be scuppered, stated the record as to whether or not I even knew about a ‘restraining order’ having ever been handed down, in my absence , was , wait for it…….’irrelevant’!

We all know current allegations  against me are already ‘dead in the water’ because the alleged victim refuses to be cross examined by me worried I will raise other sensitive issues.  CPS refuses to release from Wales the key documents and is why I was robbed of all my property and wheelchair on1st November 2019 on violent release from Park prison.

Now, since the unlawful conduct by Bridgwater police refusing to discuss even the returning of my two cars at the public counter, it is of no surprise with them laughingly stating I cannot prove I own them , you have no driving licence or valid insurance for either the refuse to assist in the Justice Ministry ankle tag causing my foot to swell up.

When I ring the private ankle tagging dept to refit it, I obtain no answer.

Ah, I don’t take no for an answer so I rang Plymouth tagging office today again to wait another almost 30 minutes only to be told I was not in my room at 11pm last night so expect two (police men) to escort me back to prison later tonight



The thought crossed my mind to attach remains of the tag to a piece of drift wood and drop it over the town bridge into the river Parrett at 30 minutes before turn of tide……but the fun caused would have been naughty


Just before I cut off my very painful HM Justice Ministry ankle tag
An option, had I not had such respect for the principle behind ‘tagging’ those of interest to our HM Justice Ministry applying the surveillance GPS, was to wander down to the bridge over the river Parrett in Bridgwater and wait for the exact 30 minutes before turn of tide tide.

I imagined, having dropped the said object over the bridge, no longer around my leg but now attached to a piece of drift wood as I sat in my deck chair sipping a cool cider, watching the ‘men in blue’ running up and down the river banks once again more than concerned about my welfare! Oh, what it is to be loved.

On last two recalls to prison for a total of about a year no evidence was ever needed nor disclosed to me such is the hatred of the English. No access to any law court, of course, for redress, oh no, to test the veracity of these disgusting morons, oh no……it is a huge money making racket and totally out of control but our unique legal aid system, like the NHS that, itself should be scrapped and the latter made private now before our country goes bankrupt.

At 7am I have telephoned the tagging company ‘a really nice chap’ on the other end unlike Keith yesterday who I contacted NOT the other way round.

Keith was obviously hell bent on having me back in gaol on having told me I had had a 11pm visitwith a letter bing left on the mat.

It turns out the two night visitors had gone to the wrong house while Keith, it turns out, had really worried so many , unnecessarily, that was going back to prison, He even lied that I had been telephoned in my room. Anyway I am cutting this tag off as I am not going through another unnecessary painful day just because the taggers only work at night ( inside curfew hours).

to be continued though out this day before ‘les mannots’



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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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