Judge Andrew Keiser QC, Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, Barrister Lloyd Williams QC and Dolmans’ Adrian Oliver hatch a variation from their joint Machine Gun Conspiracy – Maurice the Drug Dealer

FAO Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Dear Sir, the South Wales Police have again made a complete fool of your honourable West Country police force but what are you going to do about it before I do on this website very shortly?

My current MP, Ms Selaine Saxby, has caused the welsh Parc Prison to answer as to why the South Wales Police, following Maurice’s January 2020 detailed criminal complaint, has not yet returned his ‘machine-gun’ legal papers, 1CF03361, ordered by Judge Beard to be lodged with the Cardiff county court

This is why!


Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, notorious for wiping out Maurice’s BS614159 two-decade running civil claim for compensation, following South Wales Police having lost over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions, suddenly this month, crawls out from ‘under a stone’ from retirement, in a frantic attempt to also stop their struck-off vet’s 1CF03361 ‘Trading in Machine Guns’ conspiracy further civil claim for a 2nd one million pounds


Many readers will already be aware of the forthcoming retirement of His Honour Judge Anthony Seys-Llewellyn QC, who has been the Designated Civil Judge for Wales since 2008 No wonder it took him 16 months to be finely made to court seal his scandalous judgment in BS612419 for the RCJ to accept it ….deliberate malfeasance.

Since 2013 Cardiff Barrister David Leathley, has been struggling through the shyte the welsh authorities are throwing at him to stop his obtaining my lodged appeal in RCJ progressing, so desperate are they to cover up their illegal antics. Barry police station senior officers were conditioned, remember, to harass their own force registered veterinary surgeon 24/7 for over 20 years because of the lies he exposed each time he had been subjected to attend a criminal court well over a hundred times.

All emanating from a1970s incident when Maurice was forced to ‘purloin’ Chief Superintendant ‘Curly’ Hawkins personal notebook which he kept, 3rd drawdown with a broken brass handle, deep inside Taunton’s old police station opposite a crown court.


He had been waiting for the law to change so Maurice’s appeal could only be heard in Wales! How much more incestuous can this be …..Oh read on by those around the world and see here how his successor boasted via police QC he would not tolerate another Kirk claim( always exposing our filthy tactics on the English) and promised to dispose of the 1CF03361 machine gun claim, with 40 witnesses, within 5 days!


Contrary to English police conclusions after extensive investigations these vermin from Bridgend Police HQ had not only unblocked the barrel of a once 1970s decommissioned 1916 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun, the designer a friend of my grandfather, they had even painted it a different colour back to the colour when Maurice had owned it to try and fool the jury!

HM Crown Court Cardiff, another welsh pit of depravity incidentally, also stinking of intrigue and dishonesty currently sports, as judges,

Judge Richard Thomlow and Tracy Lloyd Clark being fine examples of ‘what really goes on in our welsh law courts. Wicked Judge Paul Thomas (another ‘quaintly corrupted’) should of stopped that disgracefully brought ‘machine gun’ prosecution but he was also under demonic pagan orders that still exist their unusual but sad country.

Incidentally, the once valuable 1970’s decommissioned Lewis (no chopping-up of barrel or welding together of internal moving parts) had, over the years, been quietly replaced by a mischievous thief by stealing the original gun barrel to be replaced for a piece of water pipe and much of the rare internal mechanism. No wonder judge Paul Thomas would not allow the defence team’s experts or even their victim, Maurice, to even touch the piece of scrap iron.

The machine gun trial required no defence what so ever for acquittal as it was designed purely to have Maurice incarcerated for nearly eight months, without out a penny compensation. This was simply to frustrate his £1000,000 damages claim following the police’s lost 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions while he was trying to practice veterinary science in the Vale of Glamorgan South Wales. It only need a 6th January 2001 police inspector Collin’s letter of complaint to have Maurice struck off when referring to the 11% out of 113 criminal allegations thrown at him that stuck ( imagine an Englishman’s chances in a welsh court with only welsh police officers as the prosecution witnesses, on mainly driving allegations when stopped late at night on the way to an emergency?

Recently our similarly corrupt Cardiff county court even heard from welsh police’s QC’s very own lips the level of depravity these so-called ‘officers of the court’ now seem to be prepared to stoop to in order to cover-up their 2009 MAPPA 3/3 plot to having Maurice shot during their aborted attempt to snatch his then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, into council care as Maurice was so dangerous. Their blackmailed police doctor had failed in his Taffia orders to have Maurice incarcerated for life in Ashworth’s high security’s psychiatric prison and had been, instead, banished to the other end of the world, South Island NewZealand.

As Maurice lay on his bed on the Quantock Hills in Somerset watching his remote civil case 1CF03361 (machine gun) in Cardiff County Court live, a week or so ago, the level of deceit and illegality Maurice then witnessed on his mobile phone, in the collapse of the welsh police’s latest allegations in a Devon HM Crown Court, that Maurice had sent possible heroin to the Secretary of Wales, Alun Cairns MP, from his Cardiff prison cell last year, fell into insignificance and obscurity compared to Cardiff county court’s remote hearing to bury, once and for all Maurice with his 2nd £1000,000 compensation claim for yeat another malicious criminal prosecution.

Judge Keiser Bill and Dolman’s senior partner, Adrian Oliver and Lloyd Williams QC for the chief constable of South Wales Police, the stunned Cardiff court heard, had got themselves into a cabal huddle in the corner of some gents loo or where ever they do their dirty work and had agreed the following:

Maurice was not to have a civilian jury, on any account. Why? In so simple a case of criminal conduct, all of the above named parties were a party to ‘perversion of the course of justice’, multi-million-pound fraud and malfeasance -but just who bloody cares in such a perverse executive and insular judiciary?


Police’s QC and the judge Keiser had put their heads together and agreed , without the Claimant’s prior knowledge, to concoct 16 arch leaver files of about 10,000 pages of deffence innuendo to make the claim appear ‘document-heavy’. Due to the repeated thefts of Maurice’s legal papers by the very same ‘authority’ that had had him, single-handed, ‘struck off’ the veterinary register, for life, (see Mr Judge Julian Lambert’s predicted CO/3982/2019 comments) Maurice could only, therefore, submit the machine gun trial transcript to support his claim as the police had refused to retrieve his legal and medical papers, pleaded for by his Taunton MP, following the serious G4S assault on him after having put both his hands behind his back in handcuffs.

(Maurice’s Judicial Review application was from the prison’s refusal to return his medical records asked for by his Taunton Gp, his machine claim papers, clothes and even their wheelchair).

Following yet another collapsed malicious welsh criminal prosecution, due to deliberately withheld welsh police interrogation, caught out on their own tape recorder, there is now still now more proof of the years of welsh prisons having stopped Maurice’s mail as an LiP unable to obtain independent legal representation from such an incestuous environment of hatred of a tribe next door. 

Lloyd Williams QC in at the beginning of this near 30 years of South Wales Police persecution not ever advising to ‘settle out of court, of course, for such an ongoing uncontrolled lucrative living needing to do little or no work when knowing he had both seys Llewellyn and Keis Bill both already in his pocket.

The Cardiff Civil Justice Centre ( what a joke for a name) court heard, last week, the very reason why the Cardiff prison had fabricated what looked like heroin to the then HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP letter from Maurice. It was in order to steal all Maurice’s legal papers before they had handcuffed his hands behind his back in his cell so he could not carry his files while so violently being ejected from HMP Parc on 1st November 2019.

Maurice’s precious medical records, sent to him by Dr Doctor Gaynor Jones from Caswell Clinic for his Taunton GP G4S at HMP Parc Bridgend refuse to release.

G4S/South Wales Police refuse to release anything at all from their Bridgend prison as the Caswell Clinic portion of his medical records are part-fictional to obtain his then MAPPA 3/3 rare status (amongst the top 5% most dangerous people with in the British community). This was in order to having him ‘lawfully shot’ during their June 2009 police armed helicopter raid on his home, code-named Operation Chalice and Operation Daffodil (snatch daughter into Vale of Glamorgan Social Services’ care). The sacked NHS doctor’s fictional medical records were only obtained under direct blackmail by the then Chief constable, ‘shoot to kill’ Barbara Wilding. – (ie ‘terrorist level). Maurice’s view of that doctor was, all in all a good one, under the criminal circumstances forced upon him.

Many readers will already be aware of the forthcoming retirement of His Honour Judge Anthony Seys-Llewellyn QC, who has been the Designated Civil Judge for Wales since 2008

Maurice’s solicitors, in Bridgwater and current MP for North Devon continue to be ignored by the South Wales Police and G4S when they both made enquiries as to why Maurice cannot even have his wheelchair back!

Is there a judge of any law court in England, may be, that might be able to help him?

This brief account about the welsh authorities’ notorious inherent deceit will be continued, if Maurice is not back in custody, this time all about the South Wales Police’s latest lies and flagrant deceit based on a near fictional event acted out in Cardiff prison in a forth coming toothpaste advertisement even Enid Blyton would have been proud to have authored.

Rumour has it Maurice is hanging out for the best offer between Colgate and Tesco’s own brand issued to prisoners for , amongst other things, as glue for sticking up on their cell walls their pictures of the wife and children and in Maurice’s case a page of the 2nd December 2009 crown Court transcript his magistrate siter, Celia, managed to obtain, against all odds, as it had been just one of nine, so far, illegal secret Cardiff court hearings without their victim, Maurice, present.

The tape had caught lying little bstd Richard Thomlow , then prosecutor in the machine gun jury trial T20097445 there in court to try and stop it, as it was already doomed.

Thomlow used the now banished Caswell clinic doctor, who cannot be named (until a side deal is successfully negotiated), to tell the court Maurice should be locked away , for life, in Ashworth due to his ‘significant brain damage’.

The lying arrogant idiot, Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University and equally wicked Caswell’s Dr Roger Thomas supplied false information to his Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC that the brain damage and PDD (paranoid delusional disorder) had resulted from Maurice ditching his beloved WW2 D-Day piper cub, reg G-KIRK, in the Caribbean and from having been a long term drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed Esq

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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