My Machine Gun Civil Claim Blows Up in Police’s Face!

South Wales Police have produced 16 arch lever files (over 8, 000pages) simply to defend my claim against them for 2009 malicious criminal prosecution that I had been ‘trading in machine guns! Remember, readers, when it was leaked by a whistle blower that the Nottinghamshire police had already decided it had not been a Lewis machine gun bolted on the front of my replica 1916 DH2 biplane I flew in at the 2000 Farnborough air show.

The police’s QC pleaded with the new judge in the case that I , personally, should not be allowed the 16 odd arch lever files of defence material, despite being the Claimant in the case, for fear that any one else, except a court registered UK lawyer, can read their content to understand the level of criminal conduct by senior South Wales police officers over the past 28 years.

I wonder if this is the moment of mutual benefit that I seek legal aid today in order to assit in the aspirations, yet unseen, from the welsh masonic brethren who, in reality, pull the strings?

The 3rd August 2020 Cardiff County Court heard from the QC and huge trailing legal entourage for the Chief Constable, that the judge, Keiser QC, had already indicated that I would not be allowed a civilian jury….oh surprise , surprise!

So someone had told the judge or had supplied the judge with the defence’s 16 odd files files but when? Was it last May when my prison correspondence was stolen by G4S that has now been proven as stolen by MG11 South Wales Police officers statements that I was told were working within the prison, would you believe? An abuse of basic human rights whether on remand or not.

Oh, is this prison authority deceitful as well? Oh Maurice, perish the thought. Surely not but court proceedings have revealed that my fabricated and leaked May 2020 OAsys report from police HQ, just over the wall, identied me , that I had previous convictions.

OASysis assessment had recorded falseconvictions including ‘child abuse’, firearms and a string of narcotic related ones. All fabricated around this month of May 2019 the timeI had sent urgent legal papers to Alun Cairns MP, my MP of some 10 years standing and Secretary of State for Wales.

Alun, prison officers told me in May 2019, had received from me a letter at that Wesminster staff had believed was heroin. Interesting, when I have now read drug sniffer dog officers’s statements.Interesting, is it not, that I cannot obtain the prison interview concerning the then secretary of State for Wales or copy of my statementsmadeat thetime.

Could this apparentlty unusual police interest in my personal welfare have anything to do wit almost two million pounds paid out to Dolmans, solicitors and their QC to defend my BS614159 civil claim arising from well over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions?

My next learned judge I get to see is going to be asked how the South Wales Police had managed to stop my release in May 2019 from Parc prison, Bridgend without my knowledge or permission from any court or parole officer?

Ah, Judge Seys LLewellin QC, of farcical BS614159 substantive trial all swept under the carpet in2013, late last week surprisingly emerged from retirement to block this already 12 year running machine gun compensation proceedings for yet another year! The QC and my self had been court ordered to ‘exchange witness statements on the 3th august 2020, yeaterday,’ which would of made publice of the nefarious conduct, if not criminal conduct, of Dolmans’ Adrian Oliver and QC Lloyd Williams simply driven, as usual, by avarice.

On 1st Novemeber 2019, remember, I had been ejected from prison by eight G4S bullies using hand cuffs behind my back purely to deprive me of myvital medicaiton ans Caswell Clinic fabricatedpsychiatric and Professor Rodger Wood’s reports for Ashworth incarceration. So, is anyone waiting for me to die?

Oh, Maurice, is this for fear that my next jury may have an inkling that the welsh police have been bullying and harassing me contrary to 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act?

Incidentally, my next possible jury trial will include 17 members of G4S police controlled Parc prison, staff, just for startes, to expose once and for all malfaesence on an epic scale because of the inherent deceit rife in welsh so called ‘authority and their unexplained hatred of the English.

The hearing is designed, partly, to inform the world wide web, on behalf of other members of the public who have suffered serious injustice, just how my being harassed , over 27 years, has taken wife, almost my life, my health, wealth and damned near my sanity!

The QC, on Monday for the Chief Constable, has been ordered, not by Mr Keiser, of course, to hand over the 16 odd archlever files, forth with, which will reaveal still more evidence, as if I need it , that 17 plus welsh judges, in the past decacade, had obtain ordered five years of my lifein gaol and had conspired, with malice aforthought, to having me shot (see leaked MAPPA records) and if that had failed , have me locked away, for life in Ashworth, reliant on the Professor Rodger Wood’s falsely written medical report, when totally unqualified.

“Dear Ms Enid BlYton, does any of this Taffia misbehaviour inspire you to write another mind boggling fairy tale “?

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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