14th December 2017 Sentencing Hearing

Copy to HHJ Tracy Lloyd Clarke & HHJ Keyser QC, T20170239 & 1CF03361 and counting…

Dear Dolmans, police solicitors on the ‘gravy train’,

In order to help the Court and all parties have an orderly account regards myself being on MAPPA I have twice sent the email below to Mr Nigel Rees who is head of MAPPA at SWP. I am setting out the obvious issues regards when I was and was not on MAPPA and what level of MAPPA (e.g. MAPPA 3 Level 3) and the reasons for my presence or absence on MAPPA and reason for the varying levels of MAPPA.

Despite my twice sending the email below to Mr Nigel Rees I have not had a reply. Please would you arrange that this email to Nigel Rees is fully answered as a part of the Disclosure process.

Importantly I ask HH Tracy Llyod Clarke & HHJ Keyser QC to note that if I was put on MAPPA for fair and honest reason my email to Nigel Rees would be easy for the Defendant to answer and reply to very quickly. But if I was put on MAPPA for reason of malice to orchestrate deceit then the Defendant will be slow and evasive in their reply. I will be arguing that a slow and evasive reply or not replying is evidence of malice and deceit spanning over 25 years and therefore important evidence in my cases and these two named current judges.

If I do not hear from you promptly within two days I will make an application to HHJ Tracy Lloyd Clarke & HHJ Keyser QC for Disclosure for that information and use the reluctance of the Defendant to be open and fair as an admission of wrongdoing.

I look forward to hearing from you promptly.

Thank you

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Copy of email sent twice:-

South Wales Police HQ

25th November 2017

Dear Mr Nigel Rees,


I again send this letter to you as it appears you are refusing to reply

As you may appreciate, I need to have a clear up to date summary of when I have been subject to MAPPA so that those I formally communicate with can use what you write as a reliable concise account.

Please could you reply to the five points below and also any other point you think a recipient will be wanting to know or understand when they consider my matters:- 

1) The dates of when was I subject to MAPPA 3 level 3 and the reason why this was necessary?

2) The dates of when was I subject to any other MAPPA or risk measure and the reason why this was necessary?

3) When was I last subject to any MAPPA or like risk measures and the reason why this was necessary?

4) Am I now under MAPPA or any risk measures and if so the reason why this is necessary?

5) The meaning of the different MAPPA categories worded for someone not familiar with MAPPA?

Thank you

Maurice J Kirk

Mrs Sabine McNeil to receive a Witness Summons

This Defendant, having been on the receiving end of Cardiff Cabal’s 25 year running conspiracy to have him repeatedly gaoled, for it to destroy both police and court records, he encloses a simple witness statement signed by a Sabine McNeil expressing concern in giving oral evidence in support at my 14th December 2017 hearing as the lady was an actual witness of ‘perversion of justice’ STARTING when the Claimant had first been accused and later convicted, on 1st December 2011, in Cardiff Magistrates.

hey, Sabine, you are a cracker!

What a fantastic accurate witness statement, Sabine, many thanks……but they don’t like the truth being spelt out to them that is going to be my problem, again, here in Wales.

17 11 08 Witness Statement


The Defendant applies for a witness summons to be issued at the last known address of Mrs S K McNeil known to the Metropolitan Police.



Another wasted day trawling for a lawyer to take on the Stench of Wales’ Law Courts



17 12 11 2nd crt letter Appl Adj

17 12 11 MG order




The Secretaries to                                4th Restraining Order Jury Trial    T20170239

Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd-Clarke

His Honour Judge Keiser QC                       1CF03361/C90CF012 +

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC       BS614159 +2

Crown Court

South Wales

11December 2017


Dear Sirs/Madams,

 My Psychiatrist still needs HMP Neurologist’s, Texas, French and South Wales Police MAPPA Ordered Dr Metters’ Psychiatric Reports

Since my yesterday’s letter to the court updating, I thought, possibly overlooked outstanding issues, ramifications from the police QC, this week, informing His Honour Judge Keiser of a possibility my further imprisonment until the 5th jury trial, requested by his client, my witness’s blocked evidence, at trial, is now in jeopardy.

His Honour Judge Keiser invariably ‘hands down’ his judgments of any of my hearings against the South Wales Police (1CF03361/C90CF012) within apparent nana seconds or even before I can get to the car park! This time, however, after the police QC, having failed to block the ‘machine-gun case’ for a further few years, for me to die off (the ultimate reason for the fabrication of my Caswell clinic NHS (Wales) forensic data), indicated, it appeared, there may be ‘mutual benefit’ for the civil judge and criminal trial judge ‘comparing notes’ before his judgment, this time, is ‘handed down’.

The judgment is still ‘not handed down’ for this Thursday’s hearing and yet again, the police have ‘got away’ without disclosing MAPPA/fabricated medical reports implicating my only witness in this jury trial despite when promised by the same lawyer my ‘sworn in’ witness’s evidence would have been before both this criminal hearing, Parole Board and Machine-gun civil cases long before now.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC PII blocked (without my knowledge) MAPPA data in the BS 614159 August 2012 case as he had been notified of my alleged ‘gun-running and US/ Iran arms-dealing with Brian Woodford, hiding from a US arrest warrant, at the time in Singapore, while his wife had already been caught and then languishing in a Californian gaol.

I apply, as I did to numerous civil courts in the past and refused, the disclosures of :

  • My MAPPA records including ‘minutes’ of each hearing (8th June 09’s indicate I was to be shot)
  • My NHS (Wales) withheld reports including 18th Sept 2009 Prof Rodger Wood emails to Caswell
  • Michael Williams’ court log, before altered (CCRC copy), ‘contemporaneous’ notes of evidence and ‘service’ of my 1st restraining order, re chaotic 1st Dec2011 ‘harassment’ conviction, admitted to be still in existence by both Bristol CPS barristers, Mr Paxton and Mr M Smyth.



Maurice J Kirk BVSc     copies to Burnett LCJ, Criminal Court of Appeal, Court of Appeal & RCVS

4th Restraining Order Jury Trial    T20170239

For the attention of the secretary to

Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd-Clarke

Crown Court

South Wales

10th December 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

 My Psychiatrist still needs HMP Neurologist’s, Texas, Breton and South Wales Police Ordered Dr Metters’ Psychiatric Reports

Further to my 17th November 2017 letter to the court referring to my psychiatrist needing disclosure of the original Dr Metter’s, Texas, Brittany and Dr David Seely medical reports, as with previous courts, the police continue to refuse their disclosure as it will clear my name.

Despite my repeated visits and letters to the Cardiff Crown Court on this matter and my needing the court instructed Birmingham doctor’s contact telephone number, for an appointment, I still remain in difficulties without them. No information on any of the above has yet been disclosed to me. Why, please?

A new complication arises in this week’s Cardiff County Court delay in my machine-gun damages claim judgment, 1CF03361, being issued when originating simply to have me shot if their fabricated forensic data failed to have me incarcerated, for life, in Ashworth.

Your County Court has refused my access to the public counter without lawful authority for almost a decade to coincide with your police force first hatching the machine-gun, MAPPA conspiracy to fabricate my medical reports, the heart of the matter for any future criminal or civil proceedings, as they were also for disrupting my dozen civil claims against them.

My Cardiff Crown Court refused defence witness requires a court issued witness summons, I am now informed, if he is going to be able to list the increasing number of incidents where lying was occasioned within Caswell Clinic to comply with the South Wales Police’s wishes.

I forwarded to the court my letter to CPS on 26th November 2017 asking what, if anything, remains on my website identifying the South Wales Police fraud implicating so many judges but not my fault, was it?

Lastly, I obtained no guidance when I asked  last time in court other than there must be no identification or contact with the doctor/complainant if the court or is it the police or is it the CPS or is it only the complainant, himself, considers all this as still relevant despite this long space of time and simple inescapable fact that the complainant’s credibility is now in grave doubt, he having been proved a liar by more than twenty doctors in the field all based on the original 2009 police blackmail due to their 50 odd failed fabricated malicious prosecutions now in your local various civil claims courts for smothering.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copies to both Criminal Court of Appeal and Court of Appeal.

MG chron R.jpg

00 01 28 High Court Remark.jpg

20171210_090906 (2).jpg

and the real reason for my US deportation in chains from President Bush’s Texas ranch

Might even tell the judge about this on Thursday as I bet your ‘bottom dollar’ the local police have not told Her  Honour all about that need for MAPPA registration simply to have me shot.

I all came out in the machine gun case and hushed up by the local press from Cardiff court orders…………


Dear Sir,

This Thursday’s Crown Court Hearing

We have been patiently waiting, a very long time now, for your responses and delivery of documentation requested and promised after our conference in barristers ‘ chambers.

All is needed for the ongoing T20170239 trial before Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd-Clarke and if it is your intention not to act, at this late stage, then there is even more urgency for the data and money back, less cost of conference time, to instruct another firm of solicitors for the hearing and importantly, other directly related hearings as were identified below:

The other cases for this week’s Crown Court hearing, that were spelt out to you, include:

  1. RCJ’s T20170239application to appeal already with the single judge for some reason
  2. This Thursday’s T20170239 application to ‘strike out’ my current purported restraining order or orders, as irrelevant and proved as ‘never served’ ij the first place. In the light of new evidence, even since the trial, from my only defence witness necessitates legal representation.

That witness was refused to be allowed to give evidence, on oath, before my September 2017 jury due to no barrister attending, I now understand, despite it having been arranged many weeks, if not years, beforehand!

The sensitive Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, material, still unlawfully being withheld by the South Wales Police, of course, despite court orders, will reveal, if aided in court by this lawyer or another barrister, once and for all that continues to plague my life, for my NHS (Wales) medical reports to be simply corrected.

This could never have happened in one of your English courts, of course, as nine years ago I would never have been falsely diagnosed as ‘so dangerous’ that I needed to be shot.

  1. A2/2017/2747 RCJ Min of SOS/Parole/ South Wales Police Civil Appeal as having suffered a double prison term on the premise, quoted twice at HMP Swansea, only because no welsh forensic psychiatrist was prepared to sit on my parole board hearing for my immediate release. Why all now proved by 17 + doctors that one had lied on oath on several occasions due to police back-mail as no one in Cardiff has the moral fibre or testicles to rectify.
  2. BS614159 and 40 odd Damages Claims arising from both unusual and extreme police bullying from the moment I bought a veterinary practice in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales back in 1992




Maurice J Kirk BVSc


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