Police Conspiracy to kill me foiled but will Burnett LCJ Rescue me again?

Burnett LCJ 2ndBurnett LCJ

Lord Chief Justice’s Annual Press Conference 2017


Machine gun aspx sm

Police repaint gun to try and fool 2010 machine-gun jury but not before frantically driving the antique almost 2000 miles around the UK, often with only one or two unarmed police in the vehicle , contrary to regulations because the Chief Constable had bloody well known from the start, the gun was recorded in aircraft CAA log books as decommissioned and proved , before trial by the new owner.

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

Last time, in February 2016, His Lordship had asked me to leave the public gallery and address both he and his colleague, Mr Justice Sweeney,  over my application following Mrs Kirk having been banned from ‘note taking’ on my behalf  by the South Wales judge, HHJ Crowther.

Welsh courts invariably hold me behind bullet proof glass to protect me BUT primarily to make sure I hear as little as possible in the hope their blackmail may lead to my confiding in my defence information  to one of their lawyers

Their Lordships bluntly quashed this one of manywicked practices carried out in the Welsh courts with gay abandon.

Will Their Lordships come to my rescue again , we all wonder, over the police’s attempt to having me shot on Barbara Wilding’s door step as one of the top most dangerous individuals in the UK?

Extract of email to my 112th law firm asked to protect me from incessant  South Wales Police bullying

Can you please confirm you are still acting for me in the case AND ATTENDING WITH QC I briefed in London with a witness?

I now have new information for the judge, HHJ Tracy Lloyd-Clarke for the lawyer, from a fortunate civil hearing only yesterday, 1CF03361 (machine-gun/murder conspiracy), that should lead to the release, at last, of police MAPPA and MACHINE  GUN CONSPIRACY RECORDS TO GET  MY POLICE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS FABRICATED.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC also helped stop my civil claims, following their 33 failed malicious prosecutions aimed at me. Now,this week ,this machine gun judge refused to order specific disclose just as in the first 33 failed prosecutions or the wrong people would go to prison.

The police QC was made to admit to HH judge Keiser that HH judge Seys LLEWELLYN  QC refused to release those MAPPA minutes even when they had been delivered to court in  the proverbial ‘brown envelope’ in front of me containing their plan to having me killed.
South Wales Police were now ordered to disclose HH Judge Thomlow’s documentary evidence as well that he had used at secret HH judge Bidder QC hearing in Cardiff Crown Court to have me sectioned to Ashworth for rest of my life.
Their yet to be disclosed forensic history  of me contained their Caswell clinic I had diagnosed, with PROF RODGER WOOD OF Swansea university lying,  that I had a brain tumour making me so dangerous….MAPPA LEVEL 3 CATEGORY 3 (top 5% most dangerous) … I must not be told…….and never have been since.
Police, this very week, were made to allow my box of records, created from my near eight months in Cardiff prison during the scandalous 2010 trading in machine-guns trial fiasco, suddenly to appear after  about 5 years of apparently missing
Remember , HH Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had quickly ordered the destruction of my BS 614159 etc  court records, to block a RCJ appeal, relating to my first of many substantive claims for over two  million pounds,  after he had refused need for both standard and specific disclosure arising from over 40 police incidents.
I had dutifully released 50 odd arch lever files for BS case and they produced not one of relevance and I am now expected me to release my  intricate 2009 collated prison records of their daily criminal conduct.
Now, am I morally obliged to accommodate all these delightful people with disclosure they already have and appear to have gravitated to Cardiff’s so called law courts, civil and criminal?

The lying little bastards, in 2014, again told the court there were no bail hostels available, a habit of theirs to keep me in prison, just as they did this time , for next week’s court, ‘cannot find a welsh forensic psychiatrist to assess your fitness’.…. as South Wales medics are all too bloody  scared to counter any other South Wales doctor as it is NHS (Wales) controlled and NOT NHS (England).

My sister, Celia  and another, quietly made their own enquiries as to bail hostel availability, that January in 2014 both to be told there were plenty.


. “I am just going outside and may be some time.”

Let us, before boarding, start considering HHJ Tracy Lloyd -Clarke’s Cardiff Crown Court’s hearing this week on Thursday or Friday, I forget which for the moment.

How police can withhold the truth, for eight years, surrounding my machine-gun incarceration now set up in both my T20170239 criminal & 1CF03361 civil cases to maximise world publicity of accepted routine deceit and corruption in the welsh law courts, alas, still part of the United Kingdom 


my stolen property out of spite

extract from 2009 court transcript:

my mistake.jpg

“My mistake” lying Thomlow mutters.

Lying welsh judge, Richard Thomlow, in my forced absence in cells below, informed the July 2009 court that both the seller and purchaser of my Lewis machine-gun were known to the police more than 6 months before my trial but kept me locked up to cause maximum disruption in my civil proceedings against them for their losing the first 33 malicious prosecutions, at that time, aimed against me.

As nine of the jury commented after acquittal , “Why were they not both also in the dock with Mr Kirk?”

Answer, because the court was presided over yet another corrupt welsh judge , Paul Thomas.

11 06 11 Paul Thomas QC

09 06 23 Foxy mg11.jpg

more extracts later




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12 Responses to Police Conspiracy to kill me foiled but will Burnett LCJ Rescue me again?

  1. Anonymous says:

    They are liars their inspectors are bullying women Inspector Shirley Barry said hands
    Off my bottom and punish strip women for my Gwenllian Elin Barry the Inspectors
    Said don’t touch my bottom but punish strip
    Women in the Way of my evil child and her smear campaigns

    The police said Gwenllian and Shirley are up
    Their bottoms and Shirley and Gwenllian said we are the elite of Cardiff as the compassionate Care is done for Gwenllian her eyes are full of tears as she got another woman punish stripped her own mother a hypocrite that her bottom was touched but the rules are different for the Barry women their out to punish others as they tortured and sexually abuse

    Gwen Barry is so caring she demands other women are Punished as her mother was upset about her bottom grope they like to abuse women the hypocrites don’t do as Shirley does but do as Shirley and her child demands the Force can discriminate when it suits Shirley and her daughters heart their out for themselves

    Gwen Barry smears their to be sectioned their In my way and it’s my way only as Gwen
    Barry demands and the police execute for her jealousy and her evil and her 6ft 1 daddy and his lying heart

    Remember the inspectors complain of sexual humiliation and discrimination but they love it when it’s executed in the interests of their wonderful corrupt child

    The police serve the interests of themselves and their bullying spawn that grow up smirking that the criminal police gang are on her side a corrupt and evil and vindictive force

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    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Get out the way of inspector Shirley Barry and her child Gwenllian Elin Barry or you will be punish stripped

    Remember only Shirley Barry and her child can claim sexual discrimination in the mans world it’s always about their lies their needs

    If your in the way of Gwenllian or Shirley they will get you punish stripped as the establishment serve her supreme bottom Shirley is up her own bottom
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    Gwenllian is like I’m an Inspectors child that makes me more entitled and more supreme and the jealousy of her as the police said get her clothes off and brutalise her Shirley and her child have needs more supreme than other women

    Get out the way of Shirley and Gwenllian as they will rape you of your human rights and enforce their dehumanising of other women by the sexual discrimination that distressed Shirley but she does to other women in her hypocritical campaigns

    The horrible woman that has vendettas on her own force and against women that her and her family don’t
    Iike her husband a 6ft 1 bully portrayed as a vulnerable midget by the bent bullying coppers of South Wales disgusting poeple

  3. Anonymous says:

    Remember Inspector Shirley Barry has her vendetta against the force but when it suits the force has a vendetta against women

    Gwen Barry was able to prosper as the police never forced her naked rather they took the side
    Of the police inspectors daughter they just arrest their way ahead anyone in their way can be arrested doesn’t matter if the allegations are false you know they only need someone to be a witness a false witness and the inspector claims we have prima facie to launch a trial so Gwen Barry can get someone in prison just like mummy did as they punish strip women

    Remember Shirley considers herself more deserving than other women she says the law of the land and has her sergeants and Constables serving the interests of herself and her daughter the spiteful Gwen Barry and her evil eyes

    The police deliver her wishes devoted to the bent will of Shirley and her child as they punish stripped women as Shirley Said she’s toilet paper for me and my child and my Bottom as Shirley said
    She’s got a bottom that is so groppable and the force can’t stop sexually discriminating on her

    The police said Gwenllian Elin Barry or Gwen Barry is like her mummy looking for women to exploit and punish strip as she’s a vindictive woman and the police empower these vindictive bastard women whose daddy’s rape for his brat

    The police said the needs of Shirley and Gwen Barry are more important than others they are ruthless for their inspectors and their children

    The target after being punish stripped for the evil
    Heart of Gwenllian Elin Barry or Gwen Barry has to listen to the tears of the heart of corruption the evil heart of a bent Inspector and her agenda to make others hang for her daughter

    Hands off the bottoms of Shirley as her and
    Her daughter wipe their supreme
    On women like a cancer spreading their evil

    Just like her mother the police show off the bent coppers brat Gwen Barry and those eyes hungry for a conviction like a cancer spreading her toxic poisonous evil and she’s the heart of the injustice they deliver for her evil heart

    The police said they serve the interests and the hate
    Of the Inspectors daughter she’s a vindictive woman

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just like jimmy saville the police said don’t worry we will fix it for
    Gwen Barry Shirley’s Child

    The police said Shirley will fix
    It for Gwen Barry and her daddy to destroy women

    The police said Shirley and her daughter get women punished as they take revenge for Gwenllian Elin Barry the child of the Inspector and her disgusting bottom

    Gwen Barry is like mummy doesn’t like sexual discrimination but we do it for my interests as the police adore the way that Gwen Barry smirks that her clothes are kept on as the police force punish stripped as they tortured for her

    She’s a racist the evil Gwen Barry said and the Pakistani and me want her punish stripped the
    Police said These Pakistani men come here and think they can rape their way ahead and Gwenllian Elin Barry and her mother Shirley Barry Support the punishment of women for the interests of Gwen
    Barry and her Pakistani as Shirley screams hands off my bottom get the woman my daughter and my husband and her Pakistani tenant complain about naked as the psychopaths in power for Shirley and Gwen Barry said women are toilet paper only good
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    The police make the woman traumatised after the wishes of Gwen Barry and her evil mother are done listen to the tears of Gwen Barry women are punished for Gwen Barry and her evil heart

    Forced to listen to her as she claims she’s the victim and other women must suffer for Gwen Barry and Shirley as Gwen Barry screams I want her out and punish stripped and the police devoted to her are evil and executed her evil heart onto women

    The face of Gwen Barry smirks we are bullying and I love it make her hang as I want justice the injustice my mother serves as Inspector Shirley Barry

    The police said inspector Shirley Barry and her daughter have connections devoted to her and her evil plans to punish other women

    The police worship
    Gwen Barry and her dreama of women in prison like her mother did to women like a cancer spreading their charitable evil in the world

    The evil the bent Barry family did to women they are a vindictive cancer in women’s lives eroding and
    Destroying lives

    Revenge is all Shirley and her disgusting daughter want as they torture and discriminated on women the dictators of the Barry women

  5. Anonymous says:

    Look into the eyes of evil Gwen Barry and you will see a dictator and a bent coppers brat look in them
    The police will portray her as altruistic as the evil bastards punish stripped women targeted
    For her and her heart

    Daddy Barry claims he saw Gwen Barry assaulted and he said I’m. A big 6ft 1 bully that wants Gwenllian to get ahead
    Her mother is Inspector Shirley Barry and she decides what women are senior
    In the uk and her child is a senior from 16 as mummy is an Inspector and she makes the wishes
    Of Gwen Barry come
    First mummy makes Gwen Barry get ahead they lock women up in the way of Gwenllian the child of evil

    The police funded that evil family so Gwen Barry gets the best as they shit
    On women as the police shit on women for
    Gwen Barry and her disgusting mother the Bent so

    Gwen Barry has women she wants to see hanging and the police adore her dreams
    For them such a vindictive woman is what the evil bastards in power love the traitor that she’s to
    Women the evil she does in their lives

    Don’t meet Gwen Barry she will destroy your life like a cancer

  6. Anonymous says:

    Their always the
    Women to bully and torture the police and
    The inspectors daughter are making
    Women hang
    It’s justice the jealousy of Gwen Barry said my vagina is better then her it’s equality the police said

    One vagina is better than the other as Gwenllian Elin Barry said get her clothes off her and rape
    Her for
    And my father as Gwen Barry said only my baby would
    Be beautiful other women are ugly as Shariq Ali came
    Slough to teach women

    The police said the trustee of the lady garden foundation wants another woman’s clothes cut Ltd and they execute and torture for that vagina as Gwen Barry said my vagina is a designer vagina that is vindictive and executed an unlawful eviction as the said that smirking face of Gwen Barry wants dead women as her vagina is a more deserving vagina it twitches as she bitches and
    Wants to murder with the home
    Office her eyes like a cancer spreading her toxic evil

    The police and the trustee decide who to punish with cancer as they tortured and twisted boned for the smirking face of Gwen Barry let’s make
    Her hang the evil evil bastards and Gwen said

    The trustee wants and the trustee gets and the bent coppers love her bullying make her hang the eyes of Gwen Barry are hungry for death and torture

    Ha ha ha the police support me she smirks like a vindictive cancer

  7. Anonymous says:

    The police are like Gwen Barry and her allegations are believed as she’s so
    Truthful and a trustee of the lady
    Garden foundation with the best interests of other women’s hearts in her heart
    The police decide it’s in the best interests to sexually abuse and humiliate women Gwen
    Barry hates as revenge as she gets their clothes off them and they all said poor Gwen Barry is a Victim

    Shariq Ali said she’s too ugly and unemployable lest Section her as the police said her brain is full
    Of dementia and they need to Section her to punish her as men like Shariq Ali said her brain is too ugly and her tits are too
    Small for his taste and they want women to cut
    Open their bodies and stuff them
    With fake tits too satisfy the gratification of men like him with fake brains

  8. Anonymous says:

    The daughters
    Of South Wales police inspectors are like we are the hillsborough In their lives the ego
    Of Gwen Barry and her mother as they said we torture women for
    Fun the evil that Gwen Barry does as
    The police and her get bones twisted we are the hillsborough hypocrites that murder Gwen
    Barry and her dangerous mother and their
    Jealousy as the said their inspectors want women
    In prison for Gwenllian and her
    Mother as the corrupt Coppers
    Twist bones for Gwen Barry she’s the hillsborough in the lives off women and the jealousy of her as the police said she’s a wonderful woman a trustee of the lady the garden foundation that targeted women for
    Cancer the police twisting bones for her evil heart

    Gwen Barry said me and the police make them hang for my heart as my mother is a tax payer funded
    Slag of a copper
    And we do hillsborough disasters on women as Gwen Barry and her disgusting mother are

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gwen Barry as she came
    Of the vagina of inspector Shirley Barry is do
    Of her own
    Perfect she gloats
    And the rest of the public are criminals that face of torture Gwen Barry as she smirks
    That the police and her to unlawful evictions
    And cripple
    The bones
    Of women as the cps support that face of evil that trustee of the
    Lady garden foundation they cover up and twist
    For her and
    Say it’s not
    Gbh it’s malicious communications and we are the hypocrites and victims
    They claims

    The hypocrites and Gwen
    Barry are like we twist the law and torture women that Gwen Barry hates and the jealousy of the
    Lady garden foundation doesn’t
    Stand for all women she’s a vindictive hypocrite that murders
    With the police the force of evil
    And Gwen Barry and her hate campaigns like a cancer spreading her
    Charitable work disgusting people

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