Police Caught Lying on Tape to Extradite Maurice back to Guernsey was 2nd Trigger to Machine-Gun Conspiracy

2nd Trigger for South Wales Police Machine-gun Conspiracy

Someone from inside South Wales Police, last year, had slipped this, my 1993 ‘lost’ police interview tape, taken under caution, into the snake-pit of Cardiff’s judiciary just twenty years later after senior police officers had lied to the Cardiff magistrates, obviously in the know,  stating I had to be detained in Cardiff prison ‘indefinitely’ until my DNA or some other  such scientific nonsense could be found to identify as to just who I really was!

Audio of this mysteriously found 1993 interview tape goes ‘world wide’ on cyber space later if the police deal, to ‘settle’, falls apart

County Court seized police interview tape of Cardiff’s 1993 ‘Garrotte’ incident

93 05 20 Interview Tape

After my having told Cardiff magistrates court, in a speech of just over 10 minutes timed on the court clock, on my suggested ways most authorities would have been expected to go about establishing my identification it all appeared to have ‘fallen on deaf ears’ or as Mum would have said, “none are so deaf as those who do not wish to hear”.

So, if my frightened veterinary staff,  angry clients and myself were not being believed as to just who I thought I was then I might as well have been back in a similar environment, Guernsey, wearing  my appropriate Nazi uniform for its kangaroo courts.


One of my veterinary nurses had been arranged to be in the court that morning to take notes. She just could not believe what was going on and I saw that she was clearly frightened. This  caused both her to leave my employment along with the police interrogated similarly frightened receptionist where the incident had happened.

My veterinary nurse had been unnecessarily interrogated by the police who were now clearly in trouble for having seriously assaulted me by knocking me to the ground in front of so many people in the middle of an Ely park for no apparent rhyme nor reason.

After my arrest an angry crowd of waiting clients with their pets, some in their arms, had now gathered around the patrol car demanding an explanation with both myself and another handcuffed prisoner inside both peering out of the back window.

The incident went on for some 30 minutes and enough time to give Kirstie to be able to drive from the Welsh Office to witness the bizarre spectacle. Police records, of course, record the incident only took 10 minutes.

On acquittal on all serious charges, requiring no defence representation,  not even an apology could be mustered only yet another botched cover-up attempt.


garrotte 1993 Ely Grand Avenue site

The Cardiff judiciary had been in force in Cardiff Magistrates, that next morning, as word had soon ‘got about’ amongst my veterinary clients and as many court staff already knew me as I was one of the area police veterinary surgeons for emergencies and especially at night’

The level of vindictiveness to which the police were prepared to stoop to that day, to bully a defenceless veterinary surgeon just trying to go about his business in peace, is plainly obvious as the police well knew I had three veterinary surgeries in the area, one in Llantwit Major, one in Barry and one in Cardiff.

These bullying police had clearly been sent via Inspector Trigg after my clear warning, face to face at Barry police station, just 20 minutes earlier, with my also having given it to him in plain writing.

The inspector was told, in no uncertain terms, I was going to sue his Chief Constable if he did not immediately call off his bullies, dispatched to harass me every time I dared venture onto the road, in the Vale of Glamorgan, in any of my half dozen Guernsey registered practice vehicles.

I offer a £500 reward for a sworn affidavit from each lady if they are now prepared to come forward and give their evidence in the safety of an English law court.

As an aside I have to admit the amusement it gave me, whilst handcuffed in the dock as ‘ ‘believed to be very dangerous’ seen written on file, to see the poor CPS officer of the day, obviously knowing who I was, having to argue with a police officer to get in an inspector into the court, pronto,  to prosecute as ‘no way’ was he going to be a party to the obvious conspiracy, first by the arrest and now with ridiculous trumped-up charges.

The police had actually been trying  to get me extradited back to Guernsey without any one, including myself, knowing why, to this day!

His Honour  Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, the especially chosen 2013 HM trial judge for my substantive civil damages claims, arising from this 2nd ‘trigger’ incident and the thirty two other similarly fabricated failed malicious prosecutions, refused to recuse himself from these civil proceedings despite having been a Crown Court judge in various criminal proceedings, some within the thirty three, brought by the police same force.

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

No court has ever been allowed to hear  this story, now in earthed by the newly revealed ‘tape’, of their attempted extradition of me back to the Channel Islands.

What Finally Pulled the Trigger?

In November 2008 His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC ordered Barbara Wilding, personally, to swear on oath that I had been given full police disclosure behind each of the thirty three malicious police incidents.

This  only meant, in order for her to preserve both police pension and loss of liberty, she had arrange for me to be ‘eliminated’.


This now disclosed 20th May 1993 police interview-tape of the Claimant’s  concocted charges, the CPS refused to touch, alone indicates why Ms Wilding, schemed to having me shot by her marksmen at her home in Ogmore by Sea. (Court exhibit, 8th June 2009  MAPPA contemporaneous notes by Elisabeth Paul, Senior Caswell Clinic psychiatric nurse).

Maurice is ‘likely to be to be shot’, the court exhibit reveals.

Police orders will reveal, only in ‘self defence’ against her personally registered MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, following her bizarre  1st & 8th June 2009 MAPPA clandestine meetings in both police HQ and Barry police station desperate to do anything to block Civil Procedure Rules ‘exchange’ of witness statements in our civil damages cases together, BS614159 +2others.

Then, when that possible assassination failed, she personally concocted the machine-gun conspiracy for, at least a mandatory 10 year prison term to frustrate ‘due process’ in the civil courts.

The content of this clearly leaked interview tape proves the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, not by mistake but a deliberate act.

The audio clearly records the two police officers clearly lying, in front of their hand picked duty solicitor, over their pretence as to my identity and ownership of the 1000cc Guernsey registered BMW motor bike now smashed following their loading into the back of a police van.

The 1st ‘Trigger’ for eventual ‘Machine-gun’ Conspiracy was hatched in 1992

The Barry police station area commander had me hauled in for possibly arson charges following local low life having burnt out my garage housing, at the time,  my WW2 Piper Cub and an extensive collection  of veterinary priceless memorabilia  the Kirk family had been collecting since long before the 2nd World War. (see court exhibit December 1992 ITV interview)

The library, alone, was of very old veterinary books dating back to the Victorian era.

The 3rd Trigger

Was in the Autumn of 1993 when Sgt Booker contacted the Guernsey police, again in great detail to understand , if nothing else, the venom exuding from that island when an outsider has dared  find their insular authority, wanting, really wanting.

My old friend from Llantwit Major police station had given chase, one day, to arrest me for riding my BMW without an apparent driving licence. ….now, perish the thought.  I was not only arrested but gaoled as the sergeant ‘got it wrong’, is their story twenty years later in the civil damages hearing, as their  national computer, not once, not twice but three times then has me arrested simply to disrupt my veterinary practice

IF there is anyone left in doubt, within the balance of probabilities, then the listening to the tape, below, of deliberately lying pre briefed police officers, many hours after talking to Guernsey police before my interrogation, identifying both the BMW motor bike owner  as myself then what will convince anybody?

Guernsey police had obviously asked the South Wales Police to ‘put the boot in’ for them over their numerous ignominious defeats in public courts, one not yet quite decided.

I was never told of the outstanding ‘arrest warrant’ , the subject of the extradition warrant sought, until I had the chance to cross examine Sergeant Phillip Thomas and his colleagues, both Sergeant Crutcher, the custody officer that night and the officer who also knocked me to the ground from behind, PC Beer.

1st Action 8.6 GarrotteHRH Pr Charles incident PACE Breaches

93 05 20 Garrotte PACE Breaches

1st Action 8.6 Sgt Crutcher PACE 1984 Breaches


Why the police withheld my interview tape

  1. It reveals the police were lying as to who I was
  2. what was my address
  3. who owned the BMW motor bike
  4. why they were delaying , for Guernsey police, by concocting criminal allegations
  5. the police had never asked for my identity until in the police van in handcuffs

A judge had this case summed up ‘dead right’ back in 2000 in Bristol Crown



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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. Jake Maverick says:

    i hope you have made many many many copies of that tape, buried them in a field somewhere, dozens of copies hidden all over the place…..i’m sure you’ll know what they do! and i’m sure you are also aware that when you publish you need to find a server somewhere well out of their reach….my best guess now would be a Russian one….? Don’t count on the Germans anymore…..


  2. mauricekirky says:

    Thankyou , many around the world, also worried about their own judiciaries also driven by greed, have already warned me.


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