Rampant Welsh Court Corruption Proved in Machine-Gun Trial & Garrotte Incident

First,  the mysterious police release, after 23 years, of their interview tape, taken under caution, which you can now listen to below with the South Wales Police lying their heads off pretending they had to arrest me for my ‘failing to give my address’ when, in fact, I was never asked until I was handcuffed and locked up in custody!

They all knew my name and address, of course,  as the local police vet and with angry clients, meantime, remonstrating as to what they were doing with me outside my veterinary surgery front door.

The police were actually trying to kill time while senior officers were in direct contact with the Guernsey police arranging to have me extradited back to the island.

Audio of 20th May 1993 Police Interview

(please note the presence of a duty solicitor in on the conspiracy and knee jerk last thought reaction of my embriotomy-wire being an ‘offensive weapon, anything to keep me locked up)

CPS in court, next day, refused to have anything to do with it while the bent magistrates sent me to Cardiff prison until their police were satisfied who I was.

Incident case number BS614159 para 8.6, ‘found in possession of a (blood stained) garrotte type instrument’, just used on HRH Prince Charles’ farm.

My county court for my damages claim, in 2013, for yet another malicious miserably failed prosecution, had been supplied with a false transcript of this tape with deliberately withheld facts in order to pervert the course of justice, a habit of theirs I soon found out.

This sudden release of police disclosure of the above and of their machine-gun conspiracy indicates RCJ or some other has said , ‘enough is enough’, this police bullying must stop.


16 06 30 MG appl&ws

2063136 Defendant’s List of Documents – sent 29.09.17 (1)


This disclosure was denied my whilst defending myself from within Cardiff prison,

If it is to be believed this police list contains some of their 2009 machine-gun enquiry records  almost to the date when the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, first  hatched her ‘shoot to kill’ policy in the Vale of Glamorgan.

If that failed, then to have me gaoled under bogus 1968 Firearms Act for a mandatory 10 years prison term for trading in machine-guns.

Amongst her tax-payer funded armament, to stop my civil damages claims against her dead in their tracks, was the playing of her ‘Gulag card’, the psychology front by attempting to have our then 10 year old daughter , Genevieve, snatched by armed police.

molly + on beach

G-ASOC Gen Kirstie & Morgan

Gen & top hat

The police armed helicopter swooped into view, over head and around twenty five police, many armed, surrounded our home on that sunny June day. We were all having tea in the front garden, at the time, surrounded by our crazy dogs, all trained for the machine-gun , an excellent tool for rabbit shooting.

heli crash

Apparently, the social workers, were waiting at the top of the road in yet another police car waiting fro me to be well away in handcuff bound for Cardiff prison for the next almost eight months on remand.

Gen was to be ‘taken into care’  because I had been deemed, on the 1st June at Barbara’s IAG meeting at Bridgend HQ that I was too dangerous to be allowed any where but Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital.

Gun Dog

On the 8th June 2009 the civil trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, established that I had remarkably been registered MAPPA level 3 category 3 as being one of the 5% most dangerous in the United Kingdom!

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

No wonder he denied me a jury, rubbished my 25 year running damges claim in his idiotic judgment and using his very own court to destroy all exhibits, transcripts and court log in the hundred odd witness strong three month trial now all needed for the Royal Courts of Justice appeal.


Only a fraction of the data I have on the corruption in the South Wales Police and its disgusting law courts.

~$1026 Approved SWP Judgment KIRK v SWP

If any one studies the disclosure documents, above, it was abundantly clear all that the police needed only to send the village bobby around on his bicycle from Llantwit Major and knock on our back door.

When the door opened all was needed was to  ask where was my decommissioned WW1  Lewis Machine gun seen bolted to my 1916 replica DH2 biplane at the Farnborough Air Show?

“Sold a year ago and in a museum up in Lincolnshire and I assume still bolted to the aircraft”.

DH2 @farnborough

The simple reply given by my then wife, after my arrest, when she as first asked on the matter that same day.

DH2 Farnborough 2001 (

Oh, far to easy for the greedy bitch.

She and far too many other senior police officers wanted me dead as I had, from my experiences in another thoroughly corrupt environment, Guernsey, leant to store the damming evidence in a far off foreign jurisdiction for later.

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

Dolmans, solicitors, behind and backing this conspiracy  from the start (see exhibits on list) launched the helicopter as Adrian Oliver, in particular, could see how he could quadruple and the rest, the original estimate for legal costs , by protracting the civil  claim to an extra 20 years


peter vaughan

The current Chief Constable of South Wales, David Vaughan also  in on the act,  it would appear, from the outcome of my latest court cases in Cardiff courts, only going to show, once again, it was all Dad’s fault for refusing to worship the devil and become a freemason.

What has this police bullying cost the UK tax payer so far and more to the point, what is the daily cost to the taxpayer right now while senior police officers are burning the mid night oil, on double time, trying to cover their tracks to safe guard their huge pensions?

Current bit of incestuous nonsense driven by greed

An extract from another futile machine-gun disclosure application (Dream on , Maurice) yet again requesting disclosure of relevant police data allowed to be withheld in Wales unlike the very same Civil Procedures Rules 31.6  in England

Sample of documents indicating an over-arching view of a malicious conspiracy


  1. Crown Prosecution, Defendant and NHS (Wales) documents served on the Claimant during the course of his 22nd June 2009 arrest to his 10th Feb 2009 Crown Court machine-gun acquittal, requiring no need for defence evidence in an obvious acquittal, after its  2nd day, in the view of the jury, is indictable enough proof for an over-arching conspiracy
  2. 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th breach of restraining order jury trials, ending in T20170239, also revealing an over-arching conspiracy using fake MAPPA data to procure an application that the Claimant be incarcerated in Ashworth, indefinitely, reliant on the false information within the CPS data presented to juries, GMC, RCVS, IPCC, CCRC & foreign jurisdictions.
  3. Defendant disclosure of Claimant’s 22nd May 1993 police interview tape identifying fabricated indictable offences whilst having successfully applied to have him remanded in custody until ‘identified’ when actually delaying on the fantasy the Guernsey police would extradite their victim back to the Bailiwick.
  4. The thirty-three failed malicious prosecutions, in case number BS614159 +2 others, 4th action D00CF279, 5th action (false imprisonment), 7th C90CF012 and 8th action, all before the Cardiff County court, also contain an over-arching view of a malicious based conspiracy so easily proven by the simple disclosure of police and court records all under the control of the Defendant but repeatedly DENIED to the Claimant when DENIED in 2013 substantive trial with over one hundred witnesses.
  5. Refusal by Defendant to disclose Defendant’s Feb 2009 sworn affidavit confirming full disclosure in first 33 failed Defendant malicious prosecutions, the subject of BS614159 +2others claims
  6. The above documents within the above examples are all in the control of the Defendant


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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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    Nicely done Maurice.

    You are in UK jurisdiction and awaiting sentence but are indicating you intend to circumvent the order. Clever tactic….


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    Surprise, surprise,
    My detailed response to Pete is blocked despite several attempts to publish, so who is surprised?


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