Why the Police Machine-gun Conspiracy?

South Wales Police Machine-gun Plot was to block Their Victim’s Civil Proceedings

                                           Chronology of Civil and Criminal Cases


[ RED for police interference]

[Green for police victim’s civil court process against the South Wales police]

(sorry, red & green colours lost in the translation!)


Jan 2001

  1. 6th Jan 2001 Insp Collins’ letter of Barry Police station triggered RCVS action to curtail their victim’s income to fight police through civil courts after string of failed malicious prosecutions
  2. 29th May 2002 South Wales Police give false evidence to succeed in having their victim’s name removed from veterinary register [INSERT (Forensic Analysis-Maurice Kirk v Royal Charter Blocks His Right to Practice as a Veterinary Surgeon )
  3. 2003 The South Wales Police then set about trying to block their victim’s income by  having him  barred from the civil courts following their botched attempt to having him extradited back to Guernsey.
  4. Once Whitehall lawyers, given the task find the truth, discovered over 90% of the civil claims had been put into the Cardiff County Court were not just successful but had turned out to be veterinary bad debts mainly inherited when buying his veterinary practice in South Wales!
  5.  His civil jury trial, promised him or he would never have started the litigation against the Welsh authorities, was ordered in 2007 by HHJ Chambers QC to trigger the police into action, again, to delay civil proceedings by stepping up police harassment.
  6.  victim’s 4th Action of incidents but delays civil trial for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Actions covering the 33 failed police malicious prosecutions of some thirty odd still to be filed with the civil court.
  7. . A date was then re fixed for the civil trial in the summer 2008 This triggered, of course, the  fabrication of the Machine-gun/MAPPA conspiracy for 1st June 09 AIG meeting and 22nd June 2009 imprisonment on remand for seven months. anything to ware their victim down.
  8. The conspiracy, from senior police officers, had been hurriedly formulated much earlier in Nov 2008 when HHJ Chambers QC had then gone on and fixed a further trial date for the original civil proceedings but had ordered, upon my insistence, that the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, was to personally sign her own affidavit.
  9. The affidavit read that complete disclosure for those 33 incidents had been carried out under CPR strict procedures.
  10. This, of course, could not have been be done without a couple of van loads of police officers going to prison for conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
  11. Instead of ‘settling out of court’, as their victim’s Bristol solicitors insisted they would, Barbara Wilding hatched the ‘machine -gun’ conspiracy and when that was failing turned to playing her ‘Gulag card ‘ as Stalin used to do.
  12. 2008 Victim sectioned and deported from Texas, USA purely by SWP fabricated forensic history never revealed to their victim.
  13. 4th Oct 2008 was the Actual triggering of machine-gun conspiracy when their victim’s demand of disclosure re occurrence numbers of some 40 odd police incidents, most of which were, by now, proven as malfeasance and/or further failed malicious prosecutions with false evidence always in abundance.
  14. The potential repercussions on the Chief Constables pension, once the court order was made in the November, caused her to not just immediately hand in her notice but delayed the signing of the affidavit for six weeks until the victim had to gain entry to Adrian Oliver’s office, of Dolmans, solicitors and thump his desk with a fist until it was agreed it would be signed that very day.
  15. Adrian Oliver had not only drafted the wicked document but continues to refuse to supply his victim with a certified true copy of it for his 17th November 2017 hearing at Cardiff Crown Court.
  16. In January 2009 the SWP had been subjected their victim to a quite unnecessary FTAC investigation when hoping to having their victim gaoled again. This  proved futile, of course, following the victim having been found to only have visited the English residence of The Prince of Wales, with a humble petition seeking His Royal Highness’s intervention to stop this incessant bullying.
  17. In February 2009 the Chief Constable was therefore forced to both sign her affidavit, six weeks late and knowing it to be false by vast proportion.
  18. In May the police concocted their victim to his 1st forensic psychiatrist’s report to further delay his civil case but to this day, over eight years later, despite private lawyer intervention and requests from his own GP, he has never been allowed even sight those psychiatric reports made at NHS (Wales) Princess of Wales Hospital.
  19. In May 2009 HHJ Seys Llewelyn QC then ordered yet another new date for an optimistic six week trial with ‘witness statement exchange’ by 19th June at. 4pm.
  20. But the police had other ideas again and so Adrian Oliver refused to ‘exchange’ but instead arranged 1st June AIG meeting at police HQ and subsequent 8th June MAPPA level 3 meeting in Barry police station, of all places. This was to have his walking ‘gravy train’ registered, not just level 3 but  the rare category 3 to be amongst the top 5% most dangerous in the land.
  21. The meeting recorded that if their victim persisted in complying with the court order and approached the Defendant, for the ‘exchange’ of witness statements,  ‘he was likely to be shot’. ( see contemporaneous notes of attending senior psychiatric Caswell Clinic nurse).
  22. On 18th June their victim obtained access into Barbara Wilding’s own private office, in police HQ but again was refused the right to ‘exchange’ witness statements but instead, had his car thoroughly searched for machine guns and live ammunition, apparently he later found out.
  23. On the 22nd June their victim was arrested, following Adrian Oliver, of his own volition, having personally orchestrated a complaint to have his victim immediately apprehended for many months with the complaint later falling by the wayside when the CPS refused to entertain it.
  24. Barry magistrates had granted initial bail, following his arrest, as they knew what was lying behind all this persecution of their local veterinary surgeon. Their Worships , over the years, had seen just under one hundred malicious prosecutions collapse before them giving the police only an 11% success rate.
  25. This latest abuse was just another vindictive move clearly driven by vengeance.
  26. Their victim was gaoled, on remand ‘as ‘extremely dangerous’, written again on his custody records and for being ‘in possession of a machine-gun’, the very one, it turned  out to be, one WW1 Lewis they had been looking just days earlier at the main gate of police HQ.  Could Enid Blyton have written better?
  27. Police had surrounded him brandishing their own machine-guns wearing flak jackets, tin hats and carrying stun grenades. So why did no one simply answer my question as what prey, was the frenzied search all about?
  28. To prolong their victim’s imprisonment they even tried an application, on 2nd December 2009, to also include the avoiding the imminent machine-gun trial they all knew was doomed to failure.
  29. The police had hatched  a new plan in their desperation, as he would not use one of their local lawyers in their machine-gun trial, now imminent, carrying a mandatory prison term of not less than ten years.
  30. Their victim, the police told the Cardiff Crown Court judge, now had a brain tumour making him even more ‘dangerous’ and requiring incarceration for life.
  31. The ‘inflicted’ is yet to be told of this significant if not very worrying fact while the supporting medical findings, already having caused him over three years imprisonment, so far but also imprisonment for a ‘contempt of court’ when seeking  an earlier Recorder of Cardiff attention into ordering their disclosure.
  32.  If not on humane grounds the court’s police continue to refuse disclose those records as they are intended to  blight their victim until the day he dies, possibly in Ashworth.[Insert 10 12 7 MJK MAPPPA Executive Summary document]’
  33.  Tottenham police arrested and had sectioned their victim based only on the South Wales Police supplied  information. Fortunately, the area magistrates would also have none of the nonsense.
  34. Summer 2013 the next police ‘trigger’ was their Mark Davenport, convicted drug dealer and GBH recidivist actually paid by the police for information about their victim but, in return, to fabricate evidence against their victim to allow yet another police malicious prosecution.
  35. This  caused many more months in prison until , once arriving at the Crown Prosecution Service all charges were dropped, as they so often do, to give him a few days release before the police concocted more trouble.
  36. The Welsh police then arranged but only on their own MAPPA medical records especially fabricated for such purposes, to have their victim sectioned again and detained, this in France, purely on their own mysterious MAPPA medical records their victim is never to know about.
  37.  Next trigger to prolong civil hearings was set down in C90CF012 Parole civil claim (See particulars of claim) fabricating police evidence re breach parole rules to effectively double their victim’s time in gaol (extra 8 months to March 2015).

21.  Parole prolonged [July 2014] (see written admissions by HMP Swansea) as no forensic psychiatrist could be found in Wales prepared to sit on parole board.

Vexatious Litigant Registration Attempt 2

Claimant’s 11th August 2016   Position Statement refers to these separate civil and criminal actions arising from the continuing police persecution of their victim

Case numbers include:

BS614159 / CF101741 /  CF204141 /  7CF07345  / 1CF03361 /  C90CF012 /  T20097445 A201102902012 / 3241? / D2 A2014008 / T20130801 / T20131144 / A20140005 / A20130139 / 8CF02269 / 62EA0223612 / 3CF01374 / 62EA0223612 / JDB C70CF041 & outstanding CCRC Judicial Review Applications


This list is far from exhaustive


Victim’s BS614159 +2 other Damges Claims Delay to Royal Courts of Justice

22.  Cardiff courts’ refusal to disclose to the Claimant corrected and/or sealed judgments as requested by the Court of Appeal in its 1st June 2016 letter and on 1st December 2011, from the court cells, whilst being assaulted by at least four Geoamey Custody Services goalers.

23.  Cardiff courts’ refusal to allow the Claimant’s attendances, no less than seven times, during the duration of these particular three Actions while held in custody within their jurisdiction

24.  The Cardiff courts’ refusal to disclose to the Claimant the court logs, clerk of the court’s notes, his court exhibits, his lodged files, original custody interview tapes and copy of content remaining within its red ‘moth-eaten’ court file marked, ‘Maurice John Kirk – ‘Potential Vexatious Litigant’, following its return or not from the HM Solicitor General’s Office.

25.  None of the Claimant’s Mackenzie’s Friends, of which there are many, can comprehend, without further clarification of the wording within the purported 26th October 2015 judgment, as to whether the extreme conduct of the Defendant in recent decades, simply to prejudice his position, is to be under the judge’s consideration under CPR rule 44.

26.  The Cardiff court’s failure to lift its seven year stay, until now, on the ‘Lewis Machine Gun’ no 1CF03361 case, the later Parole Board’s fabricated nonsense, no. C90CF012 and most importantly, the police scandalously concocted MAPPA 3/3 similar conspiracy, will only run the real risk of similarly being rubbished in a Cardiff court as they ALL need criminal investigation by an outside police force.

An apparent misconceived Cardiff court order prevents publication of the truth behind this gross abuse of process and flagrant breach of human rights that will continue until this victim has his personal medical records appropriately corrected.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc


And the standard missive before any  next  Cardiff Crown Court hearing relating to bent police leaning on bent lawyers to blackmail members of the either medical or veterinary profession to succumb.

Cardiff Courts Manager                                                                                                                       1CF03361


16th March 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

Corruption in Our Law Courts


In the light of little if no disclosure of the evidence you control being given up to me, for trial, may I then be expected for a candid and detailed reply to the following for any further potential hearings?

  1. After my acquittal requiring no defence evidence for the South Wales Police’s malicious prosecution, re ‘being in possession of a machine-gun’, I and members of my family received alarming feed-back from nine of the disgusted jury.
  2. All of them were extremely suspicious of the only juror who had refused to discuss the case each day, over two weeks and appeared to be the ‘police informer’. Coupled with the ‘Foxy’ faked police officer, trying to buy the ‘gun’, it is in keeping with other such conduct I seem to witness in your so-called ‘courts of law’.
  3. I require the Ministry of Justice’s procedure laid down for selecting judges and jurors and a copy of the actual records of when you selected them for my January 2010 Crown court trial.
  4. I also require copy of the transcript and court log for any future case relating to it.
  5. Previously jurors have asked for sight of court records only to be refused. Why is that?
  6. On no less than seven occasions your courts have denied my access to any of your buildings despite my being a party in the proceedings without legal representation. Why is that?
  7. Following the concocted ‘machine-gun’ trial your court continues to protect the South Wales Police by not allowing me any effective civil redress or remedy. Why is that if not perverse?
  8. Following the ‘machine-gun’ trial I was mysteriously no longer a dangerous MAPPA level 3 category 3 registered victim nor suffering from a psychological disorder to concern the Civil Aviation Authority. Why was that if not also concocted by the Crown Prosecution Service?
  9. Following acquittal, I was diagnosed with ‘no cancer’ nor ‘significant brain damage’ and even found a surgeon now prepared to carry out my long overdue hip replacement. Why?
  10. Are you prepared to give evidence, on oath, in these matters without subpoena?


Maurice J Kirk BVSc



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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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