Police Questions over My Machine-Gun!

From the start, my application that any prosecution against me was ‘an abuse of process’, heard before The Recorder of Cardiff in July, told me quite bluntly that I was never going to be allowed to bring evidence on oath before any jury in Wales to properly understand the level of criminality the authorities had stooped to in their cover-up.

Just who  should be the one in the dock facing criminal proceedings, today, instead of yet another predetermined jury trial for the continually harassed victim due to the seriously fabricated MAPPA material concocted by the South Wales Police just to block civil proceedings against the Chief Constable?

Their MAPPA level 3 category 3 registered victim invites you, world wide, to contribute to this apparent request for information apparently unknown to the current Chief Constable of South Wales Police!

The South Wales Police’s Machine-Gun Conspiracy Starts to Unravel

17 09 29 MG Police Denied Disclosure in 5 trials R

17 10 07 CPS Discl Req T20170239

The 4th May 2012 ‘jury note’, deliberately withheld from both Their Lordships and myself , may be viewed below,

Once their 2010 machine -gun trial collapsed, exposing both NHS fraud and gross perversion of justice by the police painting the gun a different colour  to try and fool the jury, putting a police plant amongst them and even switched the under-cover police woman witness, code name, ‘Foxy’, to a man  then dreamed up  their next attempt to block my civil redress through the Cardiff civil courts.

How?  By now fiddling the 1st December 2011 Cardiff Magistrates court records

As the saying goes, ‘truth will out’ as long as I remain breathing on this planet

A series of videos taken before during and after to indicate my need to acquire only one conviction in order for this public scandal of gross abuse be placed before Their Lordships in a proper court of law in England.

The other three criminal allegations last month , incidentally, were thrown out by the learned judge some where along the way as one or both of us only needed one to eventually to get out to an English law court.

There, of course, publication will be allowed big time, hopefully, to warn off any other unsuspecting next victim stupidly contemplating  the idea of crossing the Severn  bridge to come and work in The Principality

The level of depravity here in Welsh law courts and their law enforcement agencies appears to have no boundaries and is accepted as the norm but now I understand why.

I could not but fail to notice, in these past 25 years since I have been living in South Wales, the extreme extent of their deceit within its various authorities as they are obviously answerable to no one.

Am I wrong? Am I now suffering from a paranoid delusional disorder, I ask myself, from decades of incessant police persecution causing me significant brain damage with the devastating effect in my life it has caused me by  their deliberately having falsified my MAPPA forensic history?

Do I, indeed, need urgent medical attention as now recommended by Peter Weston, see his comments  below? Peter appears to have access my MAPPA data, denied me by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC despite successive police, prison and psychiatric hospital incarcerations unlawfully denying my right to know the facts prior to release.

I will pay Peter or anyone else, for that matter,  £5000 for a copy of my MAPPA records, successive Cardiff courts have denied me, with ‘no questions asked’ and all in used notes in a series of  ‘brown envelopes’.








judge read out:

120504 Jury request rwritten down by MF

Your comments published below on this web site, via maurice@kirkflyingvet.com or via telephone +447708586202 would be gratefully appreciated……thank you

DH2 @farnborough

Dad and Kirstie at the 2000 Farnborough International Air Show

At last, after eight years in the asking, a police list, if only limited, of that they really have. On inspection it is plainly obvious that had this evidence, under their control, been disclosed before my spectacular MAPPA arranged arrest, using many armed police and an expensive also armed police helicopter in 2009, there would not of been a need for the thoroughly deceitful 2010 jury trial!

The police aborted and came back the next day so what do you think that cost you?

They aborted in anger, I saw their faces, with the crashing of gears as numerous marked and unmarked police cars violently reversed back down the hill and away from our front gates.

Apparently, they aborted their ‘Operation Chalice’ because Gen was ‘considered’ too much under threat, the evil bastards, as sitting too close to her dad at the table while we all enjoyed our afternoon tea in the sun shine with the family’s spaniels.

Auster Tugmaster Gen Dogs

Then, as I was being hauled-off up the road, in handcuffs, to be interrogated for nearly two days, in a deserted Port Talbot  police station,  a second set of police cars pass down the hill to our home on their ‘Operation Tulip’ or daffodil, was it, to snatch our Genevieve and have her locked-up in some social services safe-house ‘for her protection’!


Genevieve and her dad filing a humble petition with HM Privy Council’s judicial committee against the RCVS for refusing to even convene a hearing, to consider my reinstatement as a veterinary surgeon only  based on South Wales police fabricated MAPPA forensic history.

The walking-sticks and morphine sulphate every day for nine months was only because no one in Wales would operate for my total hip replacement, so urgently needed, as each GP and anaesthetist, in turn, was told I had ‘significant brain damage’ due to a possible brain tumour and the very reason used by the HM Crown Prosecution Service, on 2nd December 2009 when applying for me to be incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital with the likes of ‘the moor murderer’, Brady.

I eventually had to travel to France to have the operation privately done rewarding me also in that the precursor of brain scan found little, if nothing between the ears, to worry about.

My seven months in prison, awaiting trial, could also have been avoided  before the predicted acquittal. Nor did it need for my being thoroughly terrified, each night,  trying to stay awake to stop those men in white coats holding me down while inflicting compulsory injections in my rump.




An extra three months in Caswell prison, Bridgend, Wilding and at least four Cardiff Crown Court judges had ordered, HHJ Llewellyn Jones, HHJ Morris, HHJ Vosper & HHJ Nicholas Cooke and if not enough, these bastards had me, quite unnecessarily, to suffer the intrusive act of being subjected to radio-isotopes up my arm whilst forced to be detained for the deceitful Professor Rodger Wood to use me as his ‘human guinea pig’ so very much against my will.

prof liar rodger wood

This bastard, so far, has got away with blue murder, from ruining Dr XX’s and my family life…..and I am looking for you, you evil little shit arsed ignorant man and as I will find you….. bitch, Wilding, without warning, who  quickly surrounded your house with machine gunned armed  police to protect you from your illegally signed 25th February 2009 sworn affidavit.

So, having been refused this police data until eight years later, please note it was even withheld during the jury my trial then leads us to an interesting set of questions warranting some obvious comments, please.

And the police have requested their list of questions, in return, also screaming out for comment by the general public, world wide, as you, yes, you, may be next to have the State ‘Gulag card’ served on you or on a member of your family just to protect their pensions.


1st doc referred to is currently being redacted, off shore, in order to suit any new restraining order police may propose on 17th November…..Police disclosure of these awaited 34 pages of damming evidence itemising the day of conception for Barbara’s conspiacy over the machine gun plot was all over this document signed under court order when ALL knew the affidavit was false.

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

Her solicitors, Dolmans refuse, each time, to supply me with a copy of her deceitful affidavit, of course, for fear it would enlighten the reader as to what really is going  on in our UK law courts and not always behind closed doors!

The Chief Constable’s 25th Feb 2009 False Affidavit

Her signature had caused the immediate need for the machine-gun conspiracy to yet another plot, to having me incarcerated, for life, in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison as she had now failed to having me ‘lawfully’ shot, as an unlawfully registered  a rare MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim  at proposed witness statements ‘exchange’ at her home…….to be continued

09 02 25 SWP False Affidavit

17 06 23 MG 1CF03361 Req for Further

When the South Wales Police and Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) had failed to having me sectioned, for life, locked up in Ashorth they set about trying to cooking the imminently to be heard machine-gun trial by first painting  the gun a different colour to try and full the jury and introducing a 2nd machine-gun to convince them that that one was also once mine!

Gun Dog

Extract from my recent complaint to the Metropolitan police

I consider that the emphasis should be on an objective standard and that the starting point is that alleged harassment primarily involves making a request which has reasonable foundation, that is, reasonable for thinking that the information sought, to be simply corrected by a single Crown Court judge for example, would be of significant value to the requester and be in the interest of the general public or any section of the public.


About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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10 Responses to Police Questions over My Machine-Gun!

  1. Ben says:

    You need to locked up your crazy your a risk to everyone drunk driving constantly in uk and merdrignac France your a risk to everyone you come in contact with as you are genuinely nuts, you antagonise the police, you harass people constantly and wonder why you get in trouble, your a fantasist and knowone obviously cares as knowone comments


  2. The Scots Aviator( You profess not to know me? ) says:

    Maurice, You are definitely as nutty as a box of frogs…..You do seem to have a penchant for upsetting the Authorities & that really isn’t doing you any favours……. With regards to your Machine Gun case I am sure that having a decommissioned machine gun isn’t an offence in it’s own right, however with your perceived instability I am sure the powers that be are able to use it as leverage whenever your name comes up in a Courtroom. I am surprised they have you listed as MAPPA 3 !!!! You are more of a hazard to yourself than you are to anyone else…… Do yourself a favour and give up the pointless runnings with the Authorities, just cut your losses & start enjoying your remaining years……there is far more to life than going toe to toe with the Authorities at every opportunity….. Trust me, if you were really a MAPPA 3 they would have popped a cap in your arse by now. ( Bear in mind, Marksmen don’t know their Arse from their elbow, so they might mistakedly take a headshot )


    • Peter Weston says:

      Maurice hasn’t been MAPPA3 since 2009 – he keeps saying he is


      • mauricekirky says:

        Interesting, Peter, I was never told when I first became a MAPPA level 3 category 3 very rare animal, never told when I was then not so registered and never has it been disclosed to me why and then, why not?……So I have to be nothing but curious as to the fact that you knew any of this when it was illegal, in the first place, to have wittheld the above information from the registered person whilst on remand for ‘trading in machine-guns’ !

        Leaked MAPPA records, since, indicate it was all fabricated by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, fresh from her her Met Police ‘shoot to kill’ policy as she had been court ordered by His honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC to to sign her own Feb 2009 affidavit, there had been full police disclosure in her 33 failed malicious prosecutions when she knew it was false.

        The recent release of my 1993 police custody interview tape disclosing how her predecessor tried to have me extradited back to Guernsey while having me locked up inCardiff prison, as unidentified, is a clasic example of the level of corruption accepted in the Cardiff law courts, is it not?


      • butlincat says:

        Please show your evidence that qualifies your statement. Anything will do!


      • butlincat says:

        my comment is to Peter Weston


  3. Ben says:

    To butlincat, we need to communicate/ meet as I have some very interesting knowledge on conspiracy/ corrupt etc, Kirk has my email get Intouch


  4. Peter Weston says:



  5. Peter Weston says:

    Butlincat. The evidence is in Maurice’s own stock of transcripts and emails. He was fully aware of the period for which he was registered as MAPPA 3 and when it ended. There are sufficient documents stating this so that I can accept this is the case.

    Maurice does have a way of ‘bigging-up’ things. I don’t know him and have never met him but his postings do tend to overstate his case and wilfully misinterpret things.

    I fully accept he feels hard-done by, but he has been tried, found guilty and lost appeals on numerous occasions and yet wants to revisit the original cases time and again. Heaven knows what it has cost him and the public purse.

    Looking at the recent video clips I am concerned as to his well-being. He does not look or sound a well man. He is fighting on too many fronts and the stress will not be good for him, regardless of the rights and wrongs of the cases.

    If you are a true friend, please advise Maurice to pick his fights with care. Not that I expect him to take such advice.

    With that, I now leave the discussion and will not revisit the site


    • butlincat says:

      “Peter Weston” or whatever your real name is – “Empty Vessels”.
      Your’e statement lacks logic or even common sense because you’re saying MK embelllishes his posts and you’ve not met him, and never attended any court hearing so how can you claim what you claim? By knowing not very much about the true nature of things to say “he has been tried, found guilty and lost appeals on numerous occasions…” and should lie down and accept everything and not utter a word, – including being wrongly imprisoned for over 5 years – is ridiculous as you completely omit the utter corruption – amongst other things – involved that’s lasted 22+ years, making your comments total poppycock, to put it mildly. With due respect, if you know next to nothing about the gargantuan amount of legal and illegal processes involved in scores of cases, you shouldn’t say anything, and I for one wouldn’t have to waste my time pointing things out as I have so others aren’t misled by your nonsense!


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