UK’s Child Snatching Racket Exposed

Oh do come to my 4th ‘breach of a restraining order’ Whitehall farce on12th September 2017 being acted out in Cardiff Crown Court.

See and witness how your child could be the next in your street to be snatched by the welshing authorities to fuel their tax payer funded ‘gravy train’ cabal of bent attorneys.



This man, Dr XX, was blackmailed by the South Wales Police in order to allow Chief Cuntstable bitch, Barbara Wilding, to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, into the care of Vale of Glamorgan social services, indefinitely.

11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

Specific details of the blackmail of Wales’ chief forensic psychiatrist, by the South Wales Police was scheduled for my anticipated 2018 5th and last jury trial as both the doctor and his wife, Dr Janis Hiliar, would be successfully subpoenaed to finally ‘spill the beans’.


The relevant facts in the September 2017 Cardiff trial are on exactly the same as 1st December 2011 Cardiff magistrates hearing of utter chaos amusingly put on high profile by simple little shit, welsh courts area manager Luigi Strappini, caught trying to remove all the seating before the magistrates hearing to prevent Sabine McNeill and twenty other very concerned observers from being allowed access to a UK public court.

The further chaos caused by my leaving the nonsense, half way through, to read my paper in my quiet cell, allowed the designed cunning police, Geoamey Custodial Services, Michael Williams, then clerk of the court plan in deliberately NOT serving the subsequent ‘restraining order’ on me.

So where are they for witness summonses to be served for September’s 4th jury trial?


Answers, please, enclosing a prepaid stamped address envelope’

17 08 02 Restraining order screen shot

A few days after the hearing ending in a conviction of ‘harassment’, under the badly drafted  1997 Prevention of Harassment Act, the lovely woman police sergeant, Ms, now sadly deceased, rang me from Llantwit Major to warn me of a warrant for my arrest for breaching a ‘restraining order’ I had not, until then, the slightest reason for knowing of its existence.

nicholas-cooke-wantedpeter vaughan

The restraining order had been deliberately designed to protect the criminals, photo’d above and below, who had originally set up the conspiracy in Barry police station, on 8th June 20109. to getting me shot as a MAPPA 3/3 target and thus avoiding the publication of the following and much more yet to come!

In earlier trials of same I was always arrested and locked up in Cardiff prison for many months to screw any hope of preparation of a coherent defence or obtain.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

Cardiff’s Chief HM Crown Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, now promoted to a judge, of course, following his handling for the Cardiff devil worshippers, in having me locked up for so long over his fabricated machine gun prosecution and almost successfully lying to His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, when telling him I had a brain tumour in that one of seven, so far, clandestine 2nd December 2009 hearing to try and have me goaled in Ashworth, indefinitely, without need of any risky jury trial….another evil bastard in this conspiracy to protect well over seventy bent coppers’ pensions.

09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED

09 02 25 Barbara Wilding Affidavit Lies (2)

Her excuse was that she and her private legal advisor, Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, solicitors, Cardiff, were reliant on Mr Oliver’s request for armed police with helicopter to be deployed, one sunny Sunday afternoon in June 2009, in order to surround our home while we were all out in the garden having tea with the family’s Springer Spaniels.

Auster Tugmaster Gen Dogs


Adrian Oliver Dolmans

The twenty odd police, the at least similarly armed four police cars  and helicopter were suddenly called off as their MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim was considered ‘far too dangerous and too close’ to his daughter should a stand-off hostage taking situation unfold…..

Police then locked me up for nearly eight months on remand, for having possessed an old antique WW1 decommissioned Lewis machine gun once bolted on my replica DH2 pusher, heroine in the 1916 Battle of the Somme to concoct my being mad for Ashworth high security psychiatric prison for life if their daft ‘machine-plot’ plot fell apart.

Another one of the extreme examples within our UK’s tax payer funded money making racket of ‘child snatching’ is the Nigerian Musa family scandal exposed to us in a series of bizarre court cases showing how easy and lucrative it is for lawyers, let loose and unchecked, using the Haringey Council, no less, to steal all seven of the Musa’s kids into the also UK lucrative racket of ‘child adoption’.


Sabine McNeill rang me in my village in Brittany, France, asking if I could help in rescuing the seven Nigerian children from their obvious fate due to the greed of others in positions of privilege.

I knew little of family courts back in 2010, a problem for the vast majority of UK families until it is too late and the difficult choices their judges had to make compounded now after the Haringey Council ‘Baby P’ case and mushrooming cyberspace nonsense of family fairy tales distorting the facts. I finished up speaking on behalf of the Musas as a McKenzie friend only to be arrested for tape recording.

This was quickly proved false with police apologising but the Haringey Council lawyers, who lodged the false complaint, had achieved what they wanted– to leave the Nigerians completely helpless before Mrs Justice Atkinson when parents were simply requesting access to their children never to be seen again.

Sabine outside the crooked bent Musa lawyers Kilburn offices following my first but abortive enticing of the police to arrest the crooks to obtain the unlawfully withheld Musa’s legal papers by these unscrupulous solicitors in on the nation wide act of ‘legal aid’ knowing they were of answerable to no one.


Powell Spencer, corrupt family solicitors of Kilburn High Street, London, were instrumental  in the Musa parents being goaled for seven years simply for their foolishly administering a single unlawful dose of an opiate type drug to their then youngest child all  for a quiet night!

A simple deportation of the parents, after a two year prison sentence as a deterrent to others, was never in the minds of the countless lawyers I witnessed now swarming around the honey pot all jumping on the ‘gravy train’

If there was to be any hope, at all, into getting those legal papers back to their rightful owners I had to return to the solicitors on my own and search the building to guarantee my arrest.

Well, it worked but many months later my London court hearing for the comical charge contrary to the a race relations act was concocted for the 28th November 2011 deliberately right in the middle of the Dr XX ‘harassment’ ongoing summary hearing.

South Wales Police ordered I not be allowed to attend the London criminal hearing in order to fabricate yet another allegation of my failure to attend court.

South Wales Police instructed the French police in January 2013 to have me sectioned in Brittany to affect my imminent civil trial for damages against them only for it to collapse in ignominy.

South Wales Police ordered I be taken straight to London and be convicted of’ failing to attend’  real Enid Blyton stuff but who in the Welsh judiciary bloody cares?

Small sample of other police malicious prosecutions but failed despite the police lying and cheating over their usual relied on failed disclosure of Visor and other records.

Smuggling pigs to Ireland

Action 2 claim 2-9th Feb1996 flight to Ireland

Action 1 claim 8.13 stolen motorcycle not returned.

action 1 claim 8-23 HORT Martin activan v2b

16 06 01 Def MG ps

Action 1 claim 8.23. 95 15th May 1995 Driving Veterinary Ambulance

Action 1 claim 8.5 24th March 1993 stopped by PC Jane Lott. 

Action 2 claim 7 – 4 July 1999 the police helicopter

Action 2 claim 8 – 8 August 1999 stop at Pontypridd Road Barry

THIS next police incident  successive judges continue to block being heard due to its damming content of Cardiff courts’ almost daily misconduct by altering summary court records following an acquittal or successful appeal.

AA Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at G

action 1 claim 8-23 HORT Martin activan v2b

Working RCJ AppealAction 2 claim 2-9th Feb1996 flight to Ireland

Action 2 claim 5 2nd Oct 1997 speed camera St Nicholas F

Action 2 claim 6-16 16th March 1998 Southay Street Holmes

Action 1 claim 8.26 6 June 1995 the Gafael incident..doc 

Action 2 claim 11 stop at junction of Newport Road and Albany Road Cardiff 5 April 200

Action 2 claim 4 21st Jan1997 Link Road Barry stopped by PC Roch.

Action 1 claim 8.18, 8.19, 8.20, and 8.21

Action 1 claim 8.17 10 August 1994 Triumph Spitfire arrest for driving whilst disqualified

Action 2 claim 3 – 12 May 1996 overtaking cyclists.

Action 1 claim 8.16 9th August1994 re-arrest for alleged damage to wing mirror

Action 2 claim 9, 1 December 1999 detention of Mr Kjrks vehicle

Action 2 claim 10 23rd Jan 2000 stop of BMW on Ely link road

Action 2 claim 13 – 8 September 2000 Church Street, Llantwit Major

Action 2 claim 14-20th Dec 2000 Breath Test required at Cowbridge Road West Surgery

Action 3 claim 4.1-13th Dec 2001 Audi Estate Car stopped Merthyr Mawr Road, Bridgend

Action 2 claim 14-13th Dec 2000 campervan outside Cardiff County Court

Action 2 claim 10 23rd Jan 2000 stop of BMW on Ely link road

Action 3 claim 2 Stolen cheques from veterinary surgery

Action 3 claim 6.1 arrest at West Gate, Cowbridge 23 May 2002


The subsequent Sabine McNeill et al arrival in court provoked sudden reduction in my maximum prison sentence, 6 months for ‘harassment’, meaning my immediate release from prison and magistrates cell on 1st December 2011 to my wheel chair only to be ‘gate’ arrested up-on my being dragged out of my cell when refusing to leave.


The HM clerk years later altered the court log when attempting to cover up the fact I was neither told of its existence or was served a copy by the court

15 05 03 altered 1st Dec 11 court log


Not the first time in the stench of a Cardiff court room have I witnessed ‘HM’ immune to prosecution not being sent to prison for ‘contempt of court’ or plain perverting the course of justice.

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

A wheel chair complication was due to repeated doctors in South Wales refusing, over nine months, to operate for my ‘total hip replacement’ due to Dr XX and evil shyster Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University both lying when neither qualified in diagnosing my irreversible ‘significant brain damage’ due to a possible brain tumour.

The deceitful Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University who falsified my medical records for cash from the police.

wood R Prof

To date, no one has ever officially informed me of this medical diagnosis or that I was, at the time registered MAPPA/3 (which is illegal) despite it having been uttered to the Ministry of Justice Parole board  and a string of Cardiff Crown and magistrates judges.

The Cardiff cabal is now rumoured in threatening to stop of my next jury trial, due to new evidence acquired by me and my friends and as I am seriously considering legal  representation ready for my 33+ police failed malicious prosecutions civil damages claim, now at the RCJ, with a two million pound Ministry of Justice/police damages claim coming , shortly, over the horizon.

“Oh! what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”


So desperate is the Cardiff cabal to cover-up their thoroughly backed ‘tangled web of deceit’ Lord Justice Leveson, Mr Justice Males and apart from at least twelve other Cardiff Crown Court judges so far that even the Recorder of Cardiff, no less, from last month’s hearing, have apparently all been ordered by Ministry of Justice HM Partnership to sweep the truth under the carpet and away from the next jury the first jury oh so close became so embarrassingly exposing.

Recorder of Cardiff

One of two jury notes hidden from me in the 4th May 2012 Cardiff jury trial

12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Note

This Cardiff cabal appears to have upset one of two in the Justice Ministry in London and understandably so.

17 07 31 D2 Part 18 Request

Deceitful police officers are not just found in South Wales

Sheida Oraki scandalous lawyer ‘inside job’ @ Isleworth Crown Court this week

RCJ Sheda

The ongoing Sheida and Ramtin Oraki motoring appeal, I attended last week, heard how all three policemen had confirmed, again, that their apparent unlawful ‘stopping’ was just to bully both Ramtin and his mother.

Their evidence on oath  was that the car had a completely flat rear tyre!

Interesting in that Sheida, after release from custody, took another  police officer to the impounded car in the secure police compound to video, for herself, two perfectly legal rear car tyres on her vehicle.

The appallingly inaccurate Times newspaper account could not have been so wrong with the uninformed reader ‘comments’ from the general public reflecting, yet again, how ignorant the ‘sheeple’ are as to what ‘really goes on in our UK law courts.

All three swore on oath  that the car was being driven on a flat rear tye to such a degree that the rims were no more than one centimetre off the road surface.

Interesting, I thought, in the remarkable consistency in their evidence, PC Furneaux, PC …names later, gave but I met a witness purporting to have heard all three in the police officers’ witness room discussing the evidence while one was part cross examined and Furneaux was yet to give prosecution evidence in chief.

17 07 31 MJK police collusion s cr

17 07 31 MJK statement re blatant police collusion 2 (2)

At least watching someone else’s criminal court case, last week has brought my blood pressure down whilst in my hospital bed.

17 08 02 BP

0CF03922 NHS One Million Pound Claim REDACTED

I smiled as it reminded me of my veterinary secretary, Diane, during my tiresome thirty  odd failed police malicious prosecutions.

Diane was charged with following all ‘just heard’ police officers in the witness box, even into the lavatory to avoid such routine collusion that always goes on when ever there is a ‘bent’ copper about.

A sample, below, of my civil damages claims that caused Barbara Wilding in falsifying Ministry of Justice MAPPA victim records so as to carry out on her ‘patch’ her Met Police ‘shoot to kill’ policy at the moment I attempted to ‘exchange witness statements’ ordered by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC for that same week as the helicopter swoop was done in an attempt to block it, by having me ‘lawfully’ shot.


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